OIAA: Chapter 30

Early the next morning, Meyan and his party left.

Yi Jiamu had a morning class and didn’t go to see Yi Jiaqin off. He could only send a farewell message.

Since next week was the opening day of the College Abilities League, Lu Zexiu reduced some of the training tasks to prevent over-training affecting the performance of the preliminary match. This left a lot of time for them to train their source vein space.

Today’s training ended very early. Yi Jiamu had just finished filing all the recent data when he turned and bumped in Zhou Ming. Fortunately, he quickly protected the information and didn’t stage the tragedy of them all scattering. Zhou Ming quickly stepped back to maintain a safe distance but the contents of his pocket shook and fell to the ground.

Yi Jiamu looked down and saw a crystal-clear red ore. He became slightly stunned. “This is…”

Zhou Ming stooped down and picked it up. He noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and handed the stone to him with a smile. “You haven’t been taught about it in theory class yet? This is an ability stone and is used for auxiliary training. This red one is the B type and it is difficult to find on the market!”

It was unknown what Yi Jiamu was thinking as he stared at the stone in front of him “It is difficult to find?”

This type of ability stone was also used when training the source vein space and people rarely carried it on their body. Zhou Ming saw that this was the first time Yi Jiamu had encountered it and thought it was understandable. He smiled and pulled out a blue piece from his storage space. “This blue stone belongs to type C and is relatively common. Even so, it isn’t cheap as long as it is an ability stone.”

He spread out the two stones on his palm and couldn’t help frowning. “However, all the schools are training their abilities to prepare for the league. I wanted to get a few more C types but it is troublesome since the price has doubled.”

Zhou Ming was planning to go to the practice room for the last time. At this time, he carefully placed the red ability stone in his pocket and was about to say goodbye. Then he looked up and saw that Yi Jiamu’s hands were filled with stones he pulled from somewhere. Green, blue and even a few red pieces that were clearer than his stone…

He couldn’t help being stupefied. “You… where did you come from?”

“These should all be ability stones right?” Yi Jiamu thought about it and showed the stones to Zhou Ming. “You helped me out the last time when my heat came. You can pick any piece. It is my thanks.”

Zhou Ming was shocked by such wealth. “You want to give it to me? Do you know how much an ability stone is worth on the market?”

“I don’t know.” Yi Jiamu honestly shook his head and smiled. “It doesn’t matter about the market price. Senior, you can pick whichever one you want. In any case, I still have a lot.”

“You still have a lot?” Zhou Ming couldn’t help touching the red stone in his pocket and his mouth twitched.

Could this younger school brother be a rich second generation from a family of ability masters. Otherwise, why would a theoretical student carry so many stones with them? However, based on his reaction, it seemed he just discovered the real purpose of these stones…

Zhou Ming’s source vein space was growing and he couldn’t withstand the temptation of auxiliary training. He took a small B type energy stone and spoke in an unprecedented solemn tone. “Mumu, if you need any help in the future, please remember to come to me!”

“Thank you, Senior. Now that you said this, I do have one more thing…” Yi Jiamu took back the remaining stones and looked up. “Can you tell me the current market price of these stones? In addition, what channels can they be sold through?”

“……I’ll tell you slowly.”

Half an hour later, Zhou Ming came out of the lounge and it felt like his entire body was floating.

This feeling started when Yi Jiamu pulled out a few boxes of stones in front of him. It started to sublimate when he saw the appearance of the golden A type ability stones and finally, it reached the peak when a piece of high purity glass coloured stone was pulled out. This was a priceless S type stone in the entire universe…

Even the top ability families would rarely have such excellent stones. If this was known, it would cause considerable shock to the current ability stones market. He took back his previous words. How was this a rich second generation? This was simply having a mine at home!!!

In fact, Zhou Ming didn’t know that it wasn’t just him. Even Yi Jiamu was very shocked by today’s unexpected discovery.

Tower Star where Yi Jiamu was born was a private planet under his grandfather’s name. It wasn’t very large and was in the furthest corner of a remote galaxy. There weren’t even clear coordinates on common interstellar maps.

It was estimated that since Yi Jiamu had a passive type ability that didn’t require any training, his family watched him pick up the stones by the seaside to play with and never thought about reminding him. Thus, the ability stones that ability masters were competing to buy naturally become beautiful stone toys.

After all, who would think that the small coloured stones found everywhere on his planet were so valuable? It was only after listening to Zhou Ming’s explanation that Yi Jiamu finally understood why his grandfather insisted on him bringing a few boxes of stones with him when he left Tower Star.

At the same time, a problem that troubled him for ages was solved.

It was clear that his family members didn’t have much money in their Star Network online banking account. However, every time they went to the market, they always had enough money for some reason. Now it seemed that they had sold the stones…

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. Then he took out his communicator and sent a message: [Grandpa, can I sell those stones?]

The old man was quite idle today and replied almost instantly. [Of course they can be sold! Baby, did your teacher finally teach you how to use the ability stones? Great. I was thinking about how I should explain it to you. Sure enough, leaving it to the school to explain is the most reliable!]

Yi Jiamu’s fingers paused on the communicator and he didn’t know what to say for a while.

Then his grandfather sent him another message. [In short, you can casually sell these broken stones. If you don’t have enough, tell Grandpa and I will send you a few boxes! You also know that there is nothing on our planet except these stones!]

Yi Jiamu, “……”

He was still for a moment before slowly typing: [It is enough for now. Don’t send it.]

Grandpa: [Don’t forget about the examination to determine the rank of the ability master.]

Yi Jiamu: [Rest assured. I will wait for registration to open before going to submit an application. I will get the S-grade certificate of qualification.]

He could feel the old man’s joy from across the screen. [Our family’s Mumu will definitely be able to do it! Grandpa will wait for you to take over my broken planet!]

Many planets had now been privatized. The only condition for registering a planet as a private asset was that they must be an ability master with an S-grade certificate. This was the main reason why Yi Jiamu left Tower Star to study at Sublime Star. It was just that before today, he never imagined the barren planet he considered his home would have such a secret.

Yi Jiamu put away his communicator and stared at the various stones on the table. His eyes shook before a bright light filled them as he finally accepted this new discovery. It seemed that he had accidentally made a fortune…


Yi Jiamu wasn’t in a hurry to exchange the ability stones for money on the market. Instead, he gave it to the other members of the association first.

In recent times, the ability stones on the market were scarce and everyone’s training was a bit difficult. They didn’t expect the assistant to supplement all their needs at once. The urgent matter was so easily resolved that every time they saw Yi Jiamu, it felt like a pair of angel wings were waving behind him.

Among them, Xu Yi directly changed the name to ‘Little Angel Mumu’ and the disgusted Gu Yesheng kicked him on the spot.

Although the ability stones were a necessary method to train the source vein space, the specific consumption was based on their own training progress. Therefore, after the association members bought Yi Jiamu’s stones based on the market price, the actual quantity sold wasn’t even one-eighth of the total.

Even so, it was enough to make Yi Jiamu’s purse bulge. He happily put the stones back in their boxes as he thought about setting up a stall. Then he suddenly thought of something and turned to Gu Yesheng. “Senior, don’t you want any?”

All the members of the association, even Lu Zexiu had bought some. However, only Gu Yesheng remained silent on the sofa as he watched them eagerly purchasing the stones.

Gu Yesheng heard the question and looked over with a smile. “No, my current problem isn’t the training of my source vein space.”

Yi Jiamu remembered his brother’s previous words about how Gu Yesheng’s source vein space was very complete.

Therefore, he didn’t ask much. He put everything back in his space necklace, glanced at the current amount on his Star Network card and issued an invitation to Gu Yesheng. “Do you want to go drink milk tea? I’ll pay today.”

This was the first time Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu taking the initiative to treat a guest and he made a strange expression. He learned from Xu Yi’s new title as he said, “Little Angel Mumu is rich. Are you ready to invite everyone to drink?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at the others who had gone far away and lowered his voice. “I’m only asking you.”

This look fell into Gu Yesheng’s eyes and it was like something was scratching at his heart. After a moment, his lips curved up noticeably and he lowered his voice in a cooperative manner. “Okay, let’s sneak away.”


The most troublesome link in the association had been resolved and the training of the association members was greatly accelerated. All of them had more or less improved before the College Abilities League started.

In accordance with past practice, the school had two substitute places in addition to the seven official players.

In light of the fact that the current substitute members were far from the level of the official players, Gu Yesheng took this opportunity to take Yi Jiamu along.

Originally, Lu Zexiu’s personality meant he would have rejected it. However, he thought of Yi Jiamu’s recent understanding of the members while working as an assistant and the huge help provided by the ability stones in the final stages. Then he saw Yi Jiamu’s expectant expression and had to nod blankly. “Then I will trouble you to do the logistics work.”

Two days before the start of the league, everyone received leave from their counsellor and boarded the space car to head to the airport.

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu getting in the car and patted the spot next to him. “Come and sit.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t think too much. He walked over and sat down, the backpack in his arms carefully placed in front of him.

Gu Yesheng placed an earbud in Yi Jiamu’s ear in a natural manner and glanced over. “What did you bring? Why don’t you place it in your space necklace?”

Yi Jiamu slightly opened the backpack and showed half of the cactus hidden inside. “This is Cici. It is alive and can’t be placed in the space.”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze fell on ‘Cici’ and he paused slightly. “…The name is pretty good.”

The author has something to say:

Cici: Since it is a three-person movie, I must have a name~

Who says that Mumu is poor? Obviously, he is just a little miser. Although he doesn’t have money, he has a mine!

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The lfe of rich little master, don’t have much money but an uncountable amount of riches

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They are probably filthy rich and influential family especially his grandpa 🤣 poor baby he grew up thinking they are average.