OIAA: Chapter 3

Yi Jiamu walked into his dormitory with his backpack and saw his new roommate unpacking. The person heard him, looked up and greeted him enthusiastically. “Hello, my name is Sang Bei. Please take care of me in the future!”

Sublime Star’s dormitory consisted of double rooms. Sang Bei was an omega like him and was a freshman of the School of Theory with no ability.

Yi Jiamu introduced himself briefly and slowly took off the diamond-shaped necklace from around his neck.

It had long passed the age where people needed to drag luggage around. The small crystal on his necklace was actually a storage space with a huge capacity. Several boxes were taken out in a short amount of time.

Sang Bei looked on a bit enviously. “The space in your necklace is really big and it looks good. Where did you buy it?”

Yi Jiamu carefully folded his clothes. He heard this question and didn’t raise his head. “I don’t know, my brother gave it to me.”

He had an older brother. Unfortunately, his brother was so busy that he couldn’t remember how long it had been since he saw his brother. Yet strangely, Yi Jiamu missed him.

Yi Jiamu looked very leisurely while putting away his things. He carefully stacked one piece of clothing in a neat and tidy way before slowly starting the next one. His skin was white and clean. The stellar luster fell through the window frame and added a layer of light. Combined with the silver-white hair, he looked like an elaborately carved porcelain doll, lazy and unique.

For the first time, Sang Bei looked at an omega and was a bit dazed. After standing there for a moment, he remembered. “I’ll help you clean up!”

Yi Jiamu wanted to say ‘no need’ but before he could, the figure next to him was already moving with great efficiency. His apricot coloured eyes blinked and he formed his first evaluation of his roommate: extremely enthusiastic.

Sang Bei helped him clean up and casually asked, “Did you also enter Sublime Star through the examination?”

“Yes, my family let me come so I came.”

“Indeed.” Sang Bei nodded. “In the current state of the United Nations, being engaged in ability-related industries is indeed more popular than other fields. However, Sublime Star’s School of Theory isn’t easy to test into. Millions of people crowded into one place to do the test yet you actually entered through the test. You’re amazing!”

Yi Jiamu spoke politely according to this logic. “Then you’re also amazing.”

“I’m not that great. I’ve been preparing for this year’s admissions exam for several years.” Sang Bei couldn’t help feeling sentimental. “I’ve always admired ability users since I was a child. I dreamed about becoming a member of the Abilities Association. However, I didn’t awaken an ability so I can only come to this School of Theory to have fun.”

Then his tone became happy again. “Fortunately, my efforts weren’t bad and I ended up passing the taste! If I don’t have an ability then I don’t have an ability. It is still very satisfying to work in the field of abilities after graduation!”

Hearing this, Yi Jiamu gave a cooperative hum. At the same time, he added a new evaluation in his heart: extremely enthusiastic with words.

The two people unpacked and the efficiency was much faster. In the blink of an eye, all the things brought by Yi Jiamu were organized.

These things were stuffed in by his grandfather before leaving the house. At the time, Yi Jiamu just placed it in his storage space without looking. Now that he cleaned up, he found that all his daily necessities were present and it was amazingly complete.

Sang Bei was about to move back when he saw Yi Jiamu bend down to open his backpack.

In fact, Sang Bei had noticed it from the moment this person entered the door. Yi Jiamu had such a high-end storage space yet he was carrying this bag. It was unknown what treasures were hidden inside.

Sang Bei couldn’t help feeling curious. Then he saw Yi Jiamu pull out a pot from it. Sang Bei couldn’t help choking up. “This is… a cactus?”

Yi Jiamu carefully placed the pot on the window and turned back with a smile. “Yes, it is called Cici.”

He stared at Sang Bei brightly. There seemed to be faint expectations in the light apricot coloured eyes.

Sang Bei hesitated for a moment before smiling and waving to the little green thing. “Hello, please give me a lot of advice in the future Cici.”


On the first day of Sublime Star Abilities College, the main thing was to report in and enroll. The freshmen would only formally gather the next day.

Yi Jiamu and Sang Bei were classmates. After receiving the notice, they went to their designated classroom for the first class meeting. The freshmen class meeting actually had no real content. It was basically to let the students get to know each other before symbolically choosing a few people for the class committee. Then it was over.

Yi Jiamu wasn’t interested in the entire process and sat there in a daze. He managed to make it to the end before standing up sleepily, “I will go to OG.”

OG was a milk tea store on the other side of the West Campus. Yesterday, Sang Bei had taken him to buy a drink after dinner and he had directly become addicted.

Sang Bei was too lazy to move around and wasn’t polite when he heard these words. “I’ve gone there all the time. Can I trouble you to bring me a cup! Oolong milk tea, love you!”

Yi Jiamu’s attitude to doing things was always casual and there was no reason to refuse this easy matter. He slowly walked to OG, bought the milk tea and slowly walked back. He was usually a bit lazy and sometimes needed to force himself to move properly by setting a goal in this way. It was said that if you didn’t move for too long, you would become fat.

He thought about it while walking at the same frequency. Just then, his communicator rang. He looked down and saw ‘Wu Qingji’. He remembered that the other person said he would come visit once his busy schedule was over.

Yi Jiamu was preparing to check the message and didn’t notice a person suddenly appearing in front of him. He directly ran into this person. Papers were scattered all over the place.

Yi Jiamu held the two cups of milk tea steadily in his hand and opened his mouth. “Ah, I’m sorry.”

The effect of force was mutual. It was unclear who had bumped into who but apologizing in advance could often avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. He was afraid of trouble.

This person’s temper seemed very good and he only said “It’s fine,” to Yi Jiamu’s apology. However, he was a bit distressed looking at the documents all over the place and he asked Yi Jiamu, “Excuse me, little school brother. There are too many documents. Can you help me deliver them to Building G?”

Yi Jiamu was very casual. “Okay.”

Not far away, two people stood in the corridor of the third floor of the teaching building and saw such a scene.

Xu Yi glanced at Gu Yesheng next to him and smiled. “Yo, isn’t this the little school brother you showed pity to yesterday?”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes narrowed slightly and his tone was a bit sarcastic. “Why is it that your words can never be separated from love matters?”

As he spoke, his eyes fell on the slender figure. His eyesight was quite good. Even at this distance, he could see the delicate side face with some sleepiness. He looked well-behaved carrying the large stack of documents. Perhaps it was because Gu Yesheng’s interest was successfully aroused yesterday. He clearly hated such good students on ordinary days but at this time, he couldn’t help looking a bit more.

Xu Yi whistled. “I want to give you a reminder but since he isn’t your love partner, forget it.”

This tone was clearly to awaken Gu Yesheng’s curiosity.

Gu Yesheng had always been too lazy to care about this person but at this time, he vaguely felt there was something. He leaned lazily against the railing and made a morbid smile. “If you want to improve the wound healing ability of your mind, I can do my best to lay a foundation for you.”

“No, I don’t want to try it. you can keep your ability to yourself.” Xu Yi was very sad about this bad behaviour of threatening a friend. He pointed to the figure that had gone far away. “Don’t you remember this person? Jiang Hean of the School of Elements. He is usually very close with Gu Xiucheng.”

Once Gu Xiucheng’s name was heard, the surrounding air pressure was much lower.

Xu Yi glanced at Gu Yesheng’s expression and the tone of his voice elongated a bit with interest. “Tell me, this child is being targeted. Is it really just a coincidence?”


Yi Jiamu followed, occasionally looking at the milk tea in the bag hanging from his fingertips in a distracted manner. It wasn’t until he was taken to an empty classroom that he looked around. “Senior, did we go to the wrong place?”

Jiang Hean smiled kindly. “It isn’t the wrong place. Little school brother, you’ve worked hard. Just place it on the table.”

Yi Jiamu put down the documents. “Then I’m going.”

Just then, he heard the door behind him suddenly close. Yi Jiamu finally realized that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right. Looking back now, it seemed he was brought here deliberately. He looked up at the person in front of him in a puzzled manner. “Senior, how have I offended you?”

The light coloured eyes were very clear and he looked even more harmless.

This obviously wasn’t the reaction a student should have to being suddenly threatened. Jiang Hean was slightly stunned by this gaze. It took him a while to recover and he made his tone harder. “Offended? Don’t you know? I would advise you to confess. What is the relationship between you and Gu Yesheng?”

Yi Jiamu was even more confused. “Who is Gu Yesheng?”

“Are you still pretending to be stupid?” Jiang Hean’s face grew cold and fire started to appear in the palm of his right hand as he walked toward Yi Jiamu step by step. “Gu Yesheng isn’t a person who would be merciful to freshmen. If he didn’t know you then how could he easily let you out of the warehouse? I advise you to be honest. Otherwise, it would be a pity if such a pretty little face was damaged.”

Yi Jiamu watched this person approach. There still wasn’t much expression on his face. This crimson flame belonged to the fire type and it was also the lowest grade. Nevertheless, he understood one thing. Gu Yesheng was the one who touched him in the warehouse yesterday, the alpha with a particularly evil appearance.

Jiang Hean saw that he didn’t respond and thought he was scared stupid. Jiang Hean played with the fire in his hand and threw it at him with a sneer. Unexpectedly, there wasn’t a scream. There was only a bang as the closed door was kicked open from the outside.

Gu Yesheng walked into the classroom, saw Jiang Hean’s arrogant demeanor and smiled happily. “Yo, I found you.”

Jiang Hean clearly wasn’t happy. His face turned white the moment he saw the visitor and his entire body started shaking.

Gu Yesheng saw this person look like he had seen a ghost and couldn’t help laughing. “I haven’t even started and you’re already like this.”

Jiang Hean suddenly reacted. He turned and ran. Before he could take even two steps, it was as if he was shrouded in an extreme fear. He held his head tightly and curled up on the ground. A black cloth covered his eyes without warning.

Indistinctly, the figure of a spider emerged in his mind little by little. A sticky liquid flowed from its side and the dark single eye stared at him in the darkness. Then the greasy fangs slowly opened to reveal blood red poison glands.

Jiang Hean called out, “Don’t come here… stay back! Don’t! Ah—!”

Hoarse screams filled the air.

Gu Yesheng’s ice blood eyes seemed a bit deep. The tear mole at the corner of his eye was morbid yet charming. He was obviously enjoying this extremely twisted appearance. “Gu Xiucheng’s dog, haven’t you learned to raise your tail yet? Are you a human?”

Jiang Hean obviously couldn’t hear the words anymore. The cold sweat on his pale face wouldn’t stop and his hands seemed to be looking for something invisible. In his despair, he could only let his nails desperately dig into the palm of his hands, causing a bloody mess.

He was nearly suffocated by this fear that dominated him only to feel the sense of oppression around his body relax. The hellish images in his mind started to disperse one by one. Yet even if he felt the light around him again, he had just experienced an endless abyss. He still firmly remembered the bone-chilling despair. Jiang Hean curled up on the ground for a long time, shaking. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

Gu Yesheng watched him for a while before feeling a bit tired. He was too lazy to bother making a deal and turned to look in Yi Jiamu’s direction.

The scene that entered his eyes was a figure crouching down sullenly.

Gu Yesheng thought he was frightened. After all, this kid was involved because of him. In a rare manner, his conscience was pricked and he prepared a few words of comfort. Then he approached and realized it wasn’t what he thought.

Yi Jiamu might be crouching there but his bright eyes didn’t look frightened at all. Rather, he was frowning and was obviously unhappy. Gu Yesheng was intrigued and walked over to crouch down next to this person. He asked humbly, “Why are you crouching down here?”

Yi Jiamu looked up and showed the bag that had a hole burned through it. His expression was dull and his voice was a bit aggrieved. “My milk tea was spilled.”

One cup was 10 star coins. It was very expensive. He was silent for a moment before reaching out to grab Gu Yesheng’s sleeve. “Compensate me.”

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Gu Yesheng: ??? Touching porcelain?

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