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OIAA: Chapter 29

The meal time was scheduled for evening. Gu Yesheng rested a bit before going back first. Yi Jiamu returned to his dormitory without any problems. The moment he entered the door, Sang Bei turned around and looked over.

Yi Jiamu was stunned by his shining eyes. “What is it?”

Sang Bei’s mouth moved silently before a smile appeared. He mysteriously placed the terminal screen in front of Yi Jiamu. “In the morning, did you and God Ye have breakfast together?”

Yi Jiamu raised his apricot coloured eyes to see the two people standing next to each other in the photo. He was holding a rich breakfast in his hand while Gu Yesheng smiled brightly at him. “Yes, it was Senior’s treat.”

Sang Bei heard that Gu Yesheng took the initiative and he became even more excited. He was about to say something when he saw Yi Jiamu frown and ask quietly, “Who took this photo? It’s so boring.”

Sang Bei’s enthusiasm went out like a pot of water was poured on his face.

“No one, just a friend…” Sang Bei’s lips twitched. Facing such a cold attitude, he even lost his desire for gossip. He turned around back to the bed, lying on top of it and fiddling with his communicator. Then he continued to devote himself to his previous passionate chat.

The moment this photo was sent out, the gossip group had been discussing it for a long time and the messages were still madly appearing.

[Tell me, why is it this freshman student again? From the start of school to now, what a show!]

[Gu Yesheng seems to like him quite a bit. This attitude is so different from his attitude to others.]

[So what is the relationship between the two of them?]

Sang Bei secretly glanced at the person in his dormitory and started to quietly type to test expanding the next CP. [Does anyone think this is also a very good AO love?]

The message flashed by quickly in the chat but some people responded to his words.

[No one thinks so.]

[Don’t joke. There is AO love but is God Ye an A that an ordinary O can afford to be with?]

[Don’t be shaken by the wind and the rain. The Shen Ze CP has been standing for many years and one O that appeared out of nowhere can’t shake it!]

]Isn’t an AA love not sweet? Isn’t it sweet to attack each other? I refuse to tear down my CP and reorganize.]

Sang Bei, “……”

He was hesitating on whether to fight again when he felt his bed being knocked on by someone. He lowered his head and met Yi Jiamu’s gaze. “Bei Bei, I’ve finished reading all the stories you sent me last time. Do you have any food left?”

Sang Bei almost wanted to cover his chest. “…Yes, you wait.”

After sending a few more stories and seeing Yi Jiamu hold the communicator with satisfaction, Sang Bei suddenly felt that all his fighting spirit had disappeared. It was replaced with deep confusion about the future. Even the main one involved was nibbling at other CPs. Could his Yemu CP really be saved?

Sang Bei’s gaze fell on his communicator and finally stopped on the ID of Muxiu Linshen. He silently opened it and sent a few photos over with the message: [Sister, newly released out-of-print photo of our CP. Nibbling!]


At the same time, someone’s communicator in the student apartment vibrated twice.

Xu Yi was searching through the wardrobe. He saw Gu Yesheng being indifferent to him and even playing with the communicator and he finally couldn’t bear it anymore. “Hey, hello? Who was the one who asked me to come here? Can’t you value this free consultant?”

“Yes, I’m paying attention to you. I’m cheering for you” Gu Yesheng responded casually but his attention wasn’t on Xu Yi at all.

He looked at the photo he just received and slightly smiled. He touched the save button and returned a message: [Thank you, Sister. I’ve received it.]

He sent it and placed the communicator on the table. Then he turned back and happened to see Xu Yi picking out a delicate wine-red casual suit from the wardrobe full of dazzling clothes. He couldn’t help asking, “Surely you don’t want me to wear this to go?”

“Aren’t you asking for my opinion? From my aesthetic point of view, you will look absolutely special wearing this suit.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help thinking of Lu Zexiu’s evaluation last night and stared at Xu Yi with no expression. “I’m going to eat, not spread open my tail.”

Xu Yi hummed and ridiculed him. “It’s hard for you to not spread open your tail when your looks are so handsome.”

Gu Yesheng thought about it. “A bit more low-key is better.”

Then he slowly stood up from the sofa, walked over to his closet and finally picked out a set that seemed normal. He changed in his dressing room and asked, “How is it?”

Xu Yi stared for a while and evaluated it seriously and objectively. “In fact, it isn’t bad. It is just that you used to be so bright but now you’re so boring.”

Gu Yesheng had a headache. “…Okay, that’s it.”

Xu Yi couldn’t hold back his desire for gossip. “God Ye, can you tell me who you are going to see so solemnly?”

Gu Yesheng, who could compete with the stars every day, actually wanted to be low-key. It was amazing! However, Gu Yesheng looked away coldly and mercilessly. “You don’t need to know.”

Xu Yi complained. “…Am I being thrown away after running over?”

Gu Yesheng smiled brightly and pushed Xu Yi out the door. “This is the case.”

Then he closed the door gently.

Xu Yi stood a long time in front of the closed apartment door and finally couldn’t hold back. “Gu Yesheng, you have no heart!”


The place for the dinner was a buffet restaurant with a good reputation in front of the school. Yi Jiamu had a few classes in the afternoon. He went there directly after class and was half an hour earlier than the agreed time.

He thought that he would be the earliest to arrive. Unexpectedly, he saw a familiar figure in the distance that seemed vaguely different from usual. He was used to Gu Yesheng’s dazzling appearance usually. Now that Gu Yesheng changed to such ordinary clothes, it inexplicably made people want to look at him more.

This was the time when the buffet restaurant had the most business and there were endless people around. The two of them waited until a waiter led Yi Jiaqin over and then they picked some food according to their own tastes.

Gu Yesheng was sitting alone on one side. Yi Jiamu was going to sit directly opposite him but after being gently patted on the shoulder by his brother, he moved to the inside position. Yi Jiaqin sat down calmly and handed the juice he grabbed to Yi Jiamu. Then he spoke with the attitude of a master. “Mumu, try this raspberry juice. You should like this taste.”

Yi Jiamu took a sip and licked the corner of his lips while his mouth was full of sweetness. “It is too sweet. Milk tea is delicious.”

Yi Jiaqin wasn’t angry and smiled in a doting manner. “When did you start to like drinking milk tea?”

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help glancing at Gu Yesheng as he replied, “My roommate took me to drink it once and I fell in love with it.”

Gu Yesheng could feel that Yi Jiaqin was deliberately ignoring him. He played with the glass of soda in front of him and didn’t say much.

After a while, Yi Jiaqin suggested, “Mumu, there are many different foods on the second floor of the buffet. Would you like to have a look?”

Yi Jiamu naturally had no opinion. He had just stood up when he thought of something. His gaze turned to the two people left behind and he told them, “I’ll be right back. The two of you should remember not to fight.”

The two people might not have much communication from beginning to now but this didn’t mean he couldn’t feel the subtle atmosphere. Yi Jiaqin rubbed his head with a smile. “Relax. There won’t be a fight.”

Yi Jiamu glanced at Gu Yesheng again to make sure this person wasn’t too unhappy before carrying a plate towards the stairs. The moment the figure walked away, the pleasant atmosphere cooled down.

Gu Yesheng stopped playing with the glass in his hand. Since Yi Jiaqin didn’t speak, he took the initiative. “Brother Qin.”

Yi Jiaqin glanced at him and smiled slightly. “Isn’t it too early to call me brother?”

Gu Yesheng also smiled. “They are all brothers as long as they are older than me.”

Yi Jiaqin’s eyelids lowered slightly and he circumvented the topic directly. His hand holding the cup rubbed gently as he talked. “Do you know why I invited you to dinner?”

There was a short pause before he continued. “There hasn’t been much contact between us but I feel your care for Mumu. As his brother, I am very happy that he has a senior specifically taking care of him like this. It is naturally necessary to express my gratitude.”

This was a very polite tone but due to the excessive politeness, many of the words left a slight aftertaste that wasn’t so polite.

Gu Yesheng thought back to the previous matter and knew it wasn’t strange if he offended this person. He did a good job with his psychological construction. “You don’t need to say that. Mumu is so likeable and more care should be taken.”

Yi Jiaqin took a sip of water and nodded. “As long as it is within a reasonable range of care, I should thank you.”

This sentence implied: be careful not to care too much.

Gu Yesheng stopped talking and took a few sips of soda.

Yi Jiaqin’s eyes were always on Gu Yesheng and he clearly saw the facial expression changes. It wasn’t difficult to see from the previous brief contact that this was a sharp person. Such a person was controlling himself so much that Yi Jiaqin’s conjecture was more justified.

Yi Jiaqin sipped some juice and slowly spoke. “To be honest, I was a bit surprised this morning. I know a lot of mental type abilities but it is the first time I’ve seen a domineering one like yours.”

Gu Yesheng replied politely. “It is just rare.”

Yi Jiaqin glanced at him. “As far as I know, mental type abilities are very powerful but the process of training them is often more difficult than other abilities. Judging from your state after today’s training, if I’m not mistaken, your ability should have a strong backlash when using it?”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected Yi Jiaqin to see through it instantly and was surprised for a moment. However, he didn’t conceal anything. “It isn’t a complete backlash. I can just feel part of the image that the person received.”

He paused before adding, “I’m used to it.”

Yi Jiaqin pondered on the meaning of the word ‘part’ and nodded. He calmly commented, “It might be strong but it is a very dangerous ability.”

He was silent for a moment before reminding this person, “It is best to pay attention step by step when training later.”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected the other person would give him such an objective suggestion. He was slightly stunned before replying sincerely, “I will pay attention, thank you.”

Yi Jiamu came back and heard the two men engaged in such a serious ‘academic exchange.’ He casually asked, “Thanks for what?”

“Nothing.” Yi Jiaqin couldn’t help laughing when he saw the plate full of food. “It seems you like to eat this food.”

“It’s good.” Yi Jiamu picked up some sushi and placed it in his mouth. He didn’t forget to ask, “What were you talking about just now? Tell me?”

“Brother Qin guided me with an ability training problem.” Gu Yesheng downplayed it and handed over a piece of eel from his plate. “If you like sushi then this tastes good.”

However, he hadn’t placed it in the bowl when he was stopped by Yi Jiaqin. “Mumu doesn’t like to eat things with this fishy smell.”

Then he pushed a piece of steak to Yi Jiamu. “Eat this.”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment before asking, “Then do you want to try this soup?”

Yi Jiaqin told him, “It is too sweet and greasy. Mumu likes to drink salty soup.”

Gu Yesheng stood up. “What type of fruit do you like? I’ll go and get more?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at the fruit platter his brother just delivered to him and said, “Ah, no need. This is enough.”

“…I’ll just take a look.”

Before he left, Yi Jiaqin shouted at him. “Can I trouble you to bring back some beef? Thank you.”

Gu Yesheng took a breath and held the polite smile on his face. “Is there anything else you want me to bring?”

Yi Jiaqin thought about it before smiling gently. “For the time being, there is nothing.”


Today’s dinner wasn’t a very pleasant experience for Gu Yesheng but Yi Jiamu was very satisfied. Probably the biggest benefit of the buffet was his full stomach.

Since Yi Jiaqin had to leave with Meyan early in the morning, Yi Jiamu reluctantly sent him back to the hotel. Then Yi Jiamu walked back to his dormitory with Gu Yesheng. The two people were finally alone. Yi Jiamu glanced at Gu Yesheng walking next to him and asked, “What did my brother talk with you about regarding your ability?”

Gu Yesheng heard his question and suddenly understood. His expression flickered slightly. “Did you request this of him?”

“Yes! Don’t look at how my brother hasn’t done the test to get the certificate of an abilities master yet. In this respect, he is an expert. I don’t know how many people have asked him for advice.” Yi Jiamu seemed very interested in the specific content of the conversation. “Do you have a recording of the conversation just now?”


After all, he hadn’t known that Brother Qin was so powerful.

Yi Jiamu felt regretful. “Well, it’s okay if there is no recording. You just have to remember it.’

The nagging child was also very cute.

“Don’t worry, I remember it.” Gu Yesheng responded but he couldn’t help looking up at the starry night sky.

Gu Yesheng thought this brother didn’t have such a bad impression of him if he was willing to give sincere advice. Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected him to be entrusted by the child.

In this way, the second half was probably his true attitude. It was difficult.

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