OIAA: Chapter 28

Since there would be many training activities in the near future, Yi Jiamu didn’t stay outside for a long time. He accompanied Yi Jiaqin to walk around the campus for a while before returning to his dormitory.

The next day, he went downstairs and was surprised to find a familiar figure waiting there. It seemed that Gu Yesheng hadn’t slept well. There was faint exhaustion in his narrow eyes but he smiled when he looked up. “Let’s go have breakfast.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t know what type of medicine this person had taken but there was no reason to refuse someone’s invitation. He readily accepted. “Okay.”

There was still some time until class so there weren’t many people in the cafeteria. It was just too eye-catching for these two people to appear at the same time and people couldn’t help glancing over.

Gu Yesheng was thinking about things and turned a blind eye to this attention. By the time his mind returned, Yi Jiamu had already filled up a dish without caring about politeness. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you taking two shares?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him. “No, these are for me.”

Gu Yesheng glanced at Yi Jiamu’s small body and couldn’t help smiling at such an excessive amount of food that didn’t match his body. “Why don’t you order a bit more to bring back to Brother Qin?”

He saw Yi Jiamu’s doubts and cleared his throat. “Mr Meyan will come to our association in the morning for training and guidance. Brother Qin should also be coming with him.”

Yi Jiamu nodded but his expression was strange. “By the way Senior, when did you care so much about Brother? Didn’t you dislike him?”

“…Who did you hear that from?”

Yi Jiamu’s apricot coloured eyes stared directly at him. “My brother told me last night.”

Gu Yesheng was silent. Yesterday, he had acted too obviously. It was no wonder why this child never smiled at him since they met. Gu Yesheng’s smile faded and his brow furrowed. He made a rare serious expression. “This is definitely a misunderstanding. I think it is necessary to find time to explain it.”

Yi Jiamu blinked before finally smiling. “That would be great.”

He had also found it strange. Why didn’t his senior like his brother when it was the first time they met? Now it seemed to be a misunderstanding!


Since Meyan was personally coming to teach them, all the Abilities Association members, including the substitutes, arrived very early and waited for the training.

Yi Jiamu saw Yi Jiaqin and Meyan walk out of the elevator together and he enthusiastically delivered the breakfast to his brother’s hands, attracting the attention of the association members.

Zhou Ming went to Xu Yi’s side with the desire to gossip. “Since when did our little assistant have an alpha? This temperament and appearance are very good at first glance!”

Xu Yi knew the inside story in advance and looked lightly at Zhou Ming. “What are you thinking? That is his blood relative.”

As he spoke, he glanced in Gu Yesheng’s direction. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his laughter. Gu Yesheng was lying lazily on the sofa and looking at the magazine as usual. It wasn’t until he took a drink from the table and sipped it that he found the glass was empty. He had already drunk all of it.

“……” He got up silently to pour some more water and seemed to carelessly raise his gaze. He saw Yi Jiaqin opening the packaging of the rice balls and couldn’t help smiling slightly.

The morning’s training content was actually very simple. All members of the association just needed to enter the holographic virtual platform and complete the designated content according to the characteristics of their training.

Meyan was a temporary guide and would make further adjustment suggestions to everyone based on their performance.

Lu Zexiu was the president of the association and he was the first to enter the virtual platform. After 15 minutes, the program was completed and he walked out of the virtual cabin. Xu Yi quickly connected…

The members received guidance one by one and time passed. The last person to enter was Gu Yesheng. Everyone thought that the morning’s training program would end successfully, only to find that over 30 minutes had passed. However, the two men in the cabin weren’t ready to leave the virtual platform.

Xiang Zhuo’s eyes stayed on the virtual cabin for a long time and he couldn’t help asking, “Why haven’t they come out? Is there a problem with the equipment?”

Lu Zexiu replied calmly, “Gu Yesheng’s ability is the mental type. The use of a virtual platform isn’t very different from actual combat so his training is more special. Mr Meyan previously said that he wants to improve Gu Yesheng even more.”

Zhou Ming spoke softly, “Is this giving preferential treatment?”

However, everyone was relieved after hearing Lu Zexiu’s words and rested for a while. Then they started to increase their understanding of today’s training results.

Yi Jiaqin saw Yi Jiamu always standing in front of the data panel and walked over. “What’s wrong? Are you worried?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment before he pointed at the wildly fluctuating data on the panel. “This is the first time I’m seeing data like this. Are there really no problems when the fluctuations are so large?”

Yi Jiaqin followed his finger. Once he saw the indicators that were still rising, he couldn’t help freezing for a moment. He thought about it before replying, “In this case, Gu Yesheng’s source vein space must be very complete.”

“Is it as complete as mine?”

“Yes, as complete as yours.” Yi Jiaqin couldn’t help patting his brother on the head before his gaze fell back to the data values. He had to continue explaining.

For an abilities user who wanted to be a master, the integrity of the source vein space itself was a very critical thing. However, how many people in the world could have a complete source vein space like Yi Jiamu? Most people needed to train through their own efforts to complete this space little by little.

Such a small space looked brilliant but it was difficult to imagine the efforts required. Not to mention, the difficulties and torments that needed to be experienced during the process of growing it.

In fact, for the vast majority of ability masters, it was already very good if they could successfully develop over half their source vein space throughout their lives.

Gu Yesheng was only a junior student. If he wasn’t as gifted as Yi Jiamu, what type of inhuman training had he gone through to achieve such a higher degree of completion? Yi Jiaqin was afraid to think about it closely.

Since today’s targeted teaching didn’t use the external mode for the virtual cabin, no one knew what the two people were doing. They just watched the indicator light beat wildly as it neared a critical point.

Yi Jiaqin’s eyes lowered and he saw Yi Jiamu’s tense look directed at the indicator light. He sighed helplessly and patted Yi Jiamu on the shoulder. “Relax, Teacher is inside and nothing will happen.”

Yi Jiamu heard these words and slightly released his tense state. He met Yi Jiaqin’s tender eyes and suddenly remembered one thing. “By the way, is today’s breakfast delicious?”

Yi Jiaqin heard him mention this and smiled. “I had forgotten to ask you. How did you remember to bring me breakfast?”

“It was Senior Gu’s treat.” Yi Jiamu showed a slight smile. “Senior said that he doesn’t dislike you. Brother, you were mistaken last night.”

Yi JIaqin was surprised for a moment before things became clear. “It’s not that I was mistaken. It should be that he finally understood.”

Yi Jiamu blinked, obviously not understanding. He was about to say something when he heard a click from behind him and the door opened.

The other members hadn’t been paying attention. Then the moment the words ‘It should be that he finally understood’ emerged from Yi Jiaqin’s mouth, they felt like a cold wind was blowing. Immediately after, they hadn’t yet realized what was going on when they started sweating due to an unknown sense of fear that was stirred.

Fortunately, Gu Yesheng wasn’t too aggressive in his current state of mind. He might be passively attacking but he didn’t allow the fears in his mind to be embodied. This was within the normal tolerance range. Even so, it didn’t feel good.

Xu Yi looked up and was about to complain when he saw Gu Yesheng’s current state. He couldn’t help freezing. “Are you okay?”

Several people had been trained by Meyan. Although the specific content was different but they knew it was basically using a mode of stimulating potential under oppression. Even so, it was clear that the gentleman was a bit ruthless when it came to Gu Yesheng.

The current Gu Yesheng seemed to be soaked in sweat and even the steps as he came out of the cabin were a bit weak. The originally dark eyes were more like a deep, deep lake. His entire body was shrouded in a somber air and his ability repelled everyone from approaching.

Xu Yi spoke but no one dared to step forward. There was sudden silence in the space.

Due to the close distance, Yi Jiaqin couldn’t help taking a few steps back from the low air pressure. Then at this moment, the figure beside him flashed forward and he saw Yi Jiamu walking quickly without hesitation.

Once stepping down from the last step, Gu Yesheng seemed to step on air for a moment. His foot was just about to touch the ground when the approaching person opened his arms and hugged Gu Yesheng tightly.

At this short distance, the green plums scent was very light. This made Gu Yesheng’s originally chaotic vision sway slightly and he gradually recovered from his thoughts.

Yi Jiamu didn’t notice it at first. However, his body was tightly pressed against this person and he found that Gu Yesheng’s hand was shaking uncontrollably.

He placed Gu Yesheng’s hand on his shoulder, changed to a firm posture and took a slight breath. “I’ll help you to the lounge.”

Gu Yesheng endured the headache and let out a low hum of agreement.

Meyan walked out of the virtual cabin on the other side. He had apparently consumed a lot of mental power and his expression was very tired. He happened to look up and saw Yi Jiamu walking into the lounge with Gu Yesheng. A light flashed in his eyes as he stared in a stunned manner.

Yi Jiaqin retracted his gaze and greeted Meyan. “Teacher, you worked hard. Take a break.”


The lounge was quiet.

Gu Yesheng had gradually returned to his usual appearance but he was looking down at his trembling hands and it was unclear what he was thinking.

Yi Jiamu handed over a towel soaked in hot water and examined this person’s expression. “If the training intensity is too high, you should tell Mr Meyan.”

In his impression, Gu Yesheng had never trained with the association. Now he trained with Mr Meyan for so long in the holographic platform. There was a high probability that he couldn’t adapt to such intensity, resulting in a situation of losing control.

Gu Yesheng wiped his face with a towel and shook his head. “We have used this intensity before and there is no problem. He is just trying to force out my potential for my good. I can bear this much.”

“You seem to have unconditional trust in him.”

Gu Yesheng’s movements paused slightly and he looked up at Yi Jiamu. “I have always believed only in him.”

In fact, Yi Jiamu wanted to say this type of trust wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Then as soon as he looked up, he met Gu Yesheng’s eyes. He saw Gu Yesheng was staring at him and couldn’t help wondering, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just been a long time since I’ve been treated like this. Previously, forget even handing me a hot towel. Those with no loyalty ran away as far as they could.” Gu Yesheng unknowingly smiled. It sounded like he was complaining but it actually had a different meaning.

He slowly reached out a hand to Yi Jiamu and acted like he didn’t think there was anything wrong with his request. He was calm and collected as he tried to get more than small gains. “So little friend, can I borrow your hand for the time being?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t know what Gu Yesheng was up to but seeing the expectant expression, he only hesitated for a moment before walking forward and obediently placing his hand on the other person’s wide palm.

Gu Yesheng’s fingers slowly grasped his hand and the force of the action gradually increased. He lowered his head and his fallen hair covered the expression on his face. For a time, nothing was said.

Yi Jiamu might not be able to see Gu Yesheng’s expression from this angle but he could feel from the faint tremors in the fingertips that this person was fighting something.

Yi Jiamu stood there motionless. His eyes shook with a strange look and a thought came to his mind. No matter what training would be carried out in the future, it was necessary to connect the specific data of the virtual cabin to the main brain in advance for better control.

Gu Yesheng didn’t move in his chair and there was a still silence around him. Nevertheless, the low air pressure seemed to be quietly fading little by little in this silence. In the end, it was gone. A breeze blew in from the window and the air in the lounge returned to its usual peace.

Gu Yesheng still maintained the same posture as his fingers gently kneaded Yi Jiamu’s little finger. Yi Jiamu had agreed to lend his hand and he naturally stood quietly in front of this person. His eyes fell on Gu Yesheng’s soft hair and he didn’t know why but the thought of wanting to touch it came to his mind.

Just then, the communicator in his pocket vibrated twice, breaking this silence. The irritability in Gu Yesheng’s eyes had already eased a lot. A flame seemed to be burning as he held the child’s fingers, making him a bit reluctant to let go.

Yi Jiamu looked up while touching his communicator with his other hand. It seemed that if the message wasn’t important, he could keep this posture and lower his head again to maintain the previous action.

However, Yi Jiamu pulled it out, glanced at it and showed the newly received message to Gu Yesheng. “My brother wants to invite you to have a meal.”

He was a bit puzzled by the polite exchange between these two people. One bought breakfast and the other bought lunch.

Gu Yesheng instinctively wanted to grab the child’s hand back. His eyes flickered and he didn’t move. Then after a while, he solemnly responded, “Tell Brother Qin that I will definitely go!”

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It doesn’t have to be so miserable…

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1 year ago

That professor is very dodgy. However much you’d want to train someone, you always have to bear in mind their wellbeing. To push them to a point they might end up losing their sanity is a no go. That’s not training anymore, it’s torture.
I wonder if this Meyan guy is the one who appeared in GYS’ mind when he was having the susceptible period – the person with the crutches who told him he’d be nothing without him or something along those lines. Was that a memory or just an insecurity that was a result of his ability?
Maybe YJQ is studying under him but is actually undercover keeping an eye on him? Those mecha accidents were obviously not simple so someone should be behind them, not wanting to see the advancement of technology for fear ability users would lose their influence. It would make sense if it was this professor, pretending he’s a good guy when he’s actually not.