OIAA: Chapter 27

The brief exchange created a somewhat subtle atmosphere. Meyan’s eyes shifted between Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng thoughtfully.

Based on Gu Yesheng’s original character, he obviously wasn’t making any moves because he was taking care of his elder, Mr Meyan. However, he saw the two people sitting opposite him and the smile on his face faded in an instant.

The waiter knocked on the door of the box and various dishes were brought in. The gazes of the party members wandered around the box before they all formally started the dinner. The main character tonight was undoubtedly Meyan.

“It’s rare for me to go out and have a good meal at a hotel.” Yi Jiaqin selected many dishes for Yi Jiamu in the blink of an eye. The small bowl of food was like coaxing a cat at home. “Try and see which one you like the best. I’ll learn it when I’m free and I can make it for you later.”

Yi Jiamu tried them one by one and his eyes brightened. “They’re all delicious.”

Yi Jiaqin laughed. “Wait. I’ll ask the waiter for a menu later.”

Gu Yesheng was sitting diagonally across from the two of them while playing with the wine glass in his hands. His expression was blank but the direction of his gaze was clear. Every time the two people had an intimate interaction, the light colour of his eyes would fall imperceptibly.

Alphas themselves had a strong sense of possession. Perhaps it was because of the omega pheromones he took in during the susceptible period that made him irritable when he saw the intimate appearance of this little friend and another alpha.

He had never felt this before. He realized that he didn’t know when he had produced such a desire to possess.

Yi Jiaqin wasn’t a dull person, not to mention the glare from the other side was like a laser poking a hole in him. It was really difficult to ignore it completely. He picked out the small fishbones in the bowl and handed it to Yi Jiamu with lowered eyes. Instead of looking at Gu Yesheng, he spoke softly, “Mumu, the senior of your abilities association seems to care about you.”

Yi Jiamu showed a satisfied expression as he chewed on the tender fish. “Yes, everyone is a good person.”

“Everyone?” Yi Jiaqin pondered on these words and smiled. “You are having a good time in school.”

The two of them were sitting close together and lowered their voices appropriately so it made their exchange seem closer.

This type of scene entered Gu Yesheng’s eyes. The more he saw, the more his heart felt blocked. However, there was no way to stop it in Meyan’s presence. He drank all the wine in his glass and immediately poured another cup.

Next to him, Lu Zexiu noticed his strange appearance and reminded him. “Don’t drink too fast. Be careful not to get drunk.”

Gu Yesheng smiled coldly. “I can’t get drunk.”

After three rounds of drinking, everyone started to shift the topic from Meyan. As a highly praised student, Yi Jiaqin naturally entered the game.

Just in terms of looks, Yi Jiaqin was a very high-quality alpha and in line with people’s imagination of a great talent. Even if such a person didn’t have Meyan’s introduction, he could still attract everyone’s attention. Now this harsh gentleman had given such a high evaluation.

Yi Jiamu saw that Yi Jiaqin had become the focus and pulled his chair back slightly to separate himself. He gained a certain amount of space and lowered his head to eat the salad in the bowl. He was quiet from beginning to end, plus Yi Jiaqin didn’t seem to want to involve him. This made people curious but they didn’t lead the topic to him.

Soon after, Yi Jiamu finished the salad and raised his head to see what else was delicious. He just happened to meet the eyes of the person diagonally opposite him and was a bit stunned.

Gu Yesheng was gently supporting the side of his head with one hand and he fiddled with the wine glass with his other hand. He looked lazy and had a unique temperament. His eyes were lowered but he had been staring at Yi Jiamu for a moment.

Perhaps it was due to the alcohol but his eyes were blurred as he firmly fixed them on one place. He noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze so he pulled out his communicator and shook it. Only then did Yi Jiamu notice that he had an unread message. [Little friend, do you have time after the meal? I’ll take you to drink milk tea.]

Yi Jiamu’s gaze fell on the words ‘milk tea’ for a moment. He looked a bit reluctant but he didn’t hesitate to reply: [Next time, I have something on tonight.]

Gu Yesheng saw the change in Yi Jiamu’s attitude and the corners of his lips lowered slightly. He continued to type: [What is it? I will accompany you and buy it for you after.]

Yi Jiamu froze for a moment. [No, Brother rarely comes here and I want to accompany him.]

Gu Yesheng saw the intimate title of ‘brother’ in the message and his teasing mood disappeared instantly. His eyes lowered and he finally snapped the communicator shut.

Some ABO couples like to call their partner ‘brother’. Now his little friend was calling another alpha ‘Brother’? If he remembered correctly, he was only called ‘Senior.’

Once again, he drank the wine in the cup. Gu Yesheng stared at the residual red liquid in the empty wine glass and felt something crazy fermenting in his body.


After dinner, the school arranged for Meiyan to go to the science and technology building to continue the exchange. Everyone else was free.

Yi Jiaqin might’ve been talking to people but he still noticed Yi Jiamu’s small movements of playing with his communicator. After walking out of the box, he draped a coat over Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and asked with a smile, “Is there a friend looking for you? If you have something on at night then I’ll be fine going back to the hotel first.”

Yi Jiamu shook his head. “It’s nothing important. Naturally, the most important thing is to accompany you!”

He had just finished speaking when Gu Yesheng walked out of the box. His footsteps paused and he looked over. He wanted to leave but somehow, he changed his mind and ended up walking over.

Yi Jiaqin was facing the box and saw the entire process. He asked in a calm tone as Gu Yesheng approached, “Does the Sublime Star side need something else?”

Yi Jiamu looked back when he heard this and consternation flashed on his face. “Senior, you haven’t gone back yet?”

Gu Yesheng’s expression froze slightly. He glanced at Yi Jiaqin and spoke slowly, “I was going to head back but the president asked me to remind you. There are still many training programs tomorrow. You need to go back early. In order to maintain a good mental state, remember to go back to the dormitory this evening. It’s not that I want to interfere with your private space but you need to remember business matters.”

Lu Zexiu heard this conversation from where he was waiting at the door and looked over.

“Don’t worry, I remember about the training.” Yi Jiamu watched Gu Yesheng in front of him and was silent for a moment. Then he spoke in a puzzled tone. “However, I’m only an assistant. I’m usually responsible for recording the data. Do I need to maintain a good mental state?”

Gu Yesheng leaned slightly closer and his eyes curved as he smiled. “Of course you need it. The president said that the assistant’s job is also very important.

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Okay, I know.”

Gu Yesheng stood upright again with satisfaction. Then he seemed to remember that Yi Jiaqin was next to him and his mouth curved in a meaningful arc. “Brother… Qin, right?”

Yi Jiaqin calmly waited for him to continue.

“It is right to be a good host but as you’ve heard, Mumu is very important for our association.” Gu Yesheng slowly straightened his back, took the coat off Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and returned it. Then he took off his own coat and gently adjusted the collar. His eyes narrowed as he smiled. “So please remember to send him back early tonight.”

Yi Jiaqin looked down at the returned coat in his hand and gave an unclear smile. “I know, thank you for reminding me.”

“Then I wish for the two of you to have a good time.”

Lu Zexiu stood silently at the door. He didn’t seem to care about the things that had been played in his own name.

It wasn’t until he left the hotel with Gu Yesheng and walked back to the school that he suddenly asked, “Do you know what you just looked like?”

Gu Yesheng asked absent-mindedly, “What is it?”

“A peacock with sharp edges.”

Gu Yesheng, “?”

Lu Zexiu’s pace was constant and his tone was calm and objective. “You just spread open your tail.”

Gu Yesheng, “……”


The Lost Traces Bar that was full of lights.

After a whole day of training, Xu Yi was ready to lie down in bed. As a result, Gu Yesheng called him and he couldn’t help complaining. “What is going on with you? Didn’t you go to accompany Meyan during the dinner? What happened? The school leaders were so stingy that they didn’t fill you up with a meal?”

He wanted to force out more words but he was blocked by Gu Yesheng’s eyes.

Gu Yesheng opened a bottle of whiskey and looked indifferent. “If Lu Zexiu wasn’t in such a hurry to go back to his dormitory and rest then I wouldn’t have called you.”

Xu Yi laughed. “You’re too much! How can a serious heir to the family of an orthodox abilities family like the president come to such an unorthodox place like a bar?”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t possibly miss that this person was saying he wasn’t decent but at this moment, he wasn’t in the mood to refute it. He looked up indifferently and took a sip of the alcohol. “Speak less nonsense.”

Xu Yi was probably frightened by the excessively low air pressure around Gu Yesheng and the smile on his face disappeared. “What the hell is going on?”

“The child was abducted by someone who came out of nowhere. He happily called this person ‘Brother.’” At this time, Gu Yesheng’s air pressure was approaching zero. “If I didn’t happen to meet him for the dinner, I wouldn’t have found he could act so flirty.”

Xu Yi froze for a moment. He couldn’t help being reminded of the message he saw this afternoon and exclaimed, “You actually bumped into him?”

Gu Yesheng looked up in an uncertain manner. “You know about it?”

“No, how could I possibly know!” Xu Yi refuted it without thinking and immediately took a serious attitude. “So Yi Jiamu has someone he likes? Who is it? Tell me from the beginning! I promise that I will help you get first-rate information.”

“I want to know as well. Why else would I look for you?” Gu Yesheng leaned back against the sofa. “I know he is a member of Mr Meyan’s studio and is probably a doctoral student doing an internship. Mr Meyan likes him very much and called him Xiao Qin. Qin should be his surname? The child called him brother so their relationship truly isn’t ordinary. However, I feel that… they shouldn’t have reached the point of dating.”

Gu Yesheng spoke up to here while Xu Yi had already pulled out his terminal. “It is worthwhile if they aren’t dating. Just wait and I’ll show it to you.”

Don’t look at Xu Yi’s usual image. He was truly excellent when it came to data. He quickly gained all the information that was available in the public domain.

His gaze swept over the information and once he turned a page, he abruptly paused. After a long time, he recovered his voice. “Did you say that Yi Jiamu called him brother?”

Gu Yesheng had just taken out a mint cigarette. He froze in his pose of lighting it up and glanced over. “Yes, what is ‘brother?’ Isn’t this something you usually say to have fun in the process of falling in love? Did you find the information?”

Xu Yi showed the screen to Gu Yesheng. “Is he the one you’re talking about?”

Gu Yesheng looked at the person in the photo and nodded. “You found it quite quickly.”

Xu Yi remained silent for a long time. Then he slowly slid down the information page with a complicated expression. “He is indeed… a brother.”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze followed and stopped on the personal description. [Yi Jiaqin, alpha male, postdoctoral student at SUK Abilities College…]

After reading the first few words, his fingertips shook slightly and the mint cigarette fell to the ground.

Xu Yi stared at him in a pitying manner. “Your child’s brother isn’t surnamed Qin. He is surnamed Yi.”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

Every word spoken pierced his heart.

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