OIAA: Chapter 26

A tall, slender figure stood downstairs in the omega freshman’s dormitory building.

The star luster fell and it was as if he was coated with a soft halo. Just standing there quietly was enough to attract the attention of the omega students passing by. One by one, they couldn’t help quietly glancing at him.

He seemed to be very busy. Despite waiting for someone, he was still holding a terminal in his hand and operating it quickly with his fingertips. The slightly twisted eyebrows combined with the mature and gentle temperament added a different type of severity.


Yi Jiaqin heard the familiar voice and his gaze moved from the terminal screen. He looked up and there was a slight smile on his face. “Run slowly.”

He could see Yi Jiamu running this way, his chest inevitably moving up and down. There was a faint redness on Yi Jiamu’s face and only his eyes were clear. “Why did you suddenly come to my school?”

Yi Jiaqin casually took the backpack from Yi Jiamu’s hand and said, “I came with my teacher and remembered you were also in this school. So I came to have a look.”

“Teacher?” Yi Jiamu froze for a moment and remembered what Xu Yi had previously told him. “Teacher Meyan?”

Yi Jiaqin glanced at him with surprise and spoke half-jokingly, “This is rare. You can actually remember my teacher’s name.”

Yi Jiamu scratched his face and felt embarrassed by such a compliment. He walked behind Yi Jiaqin and quietly took out his terminal to search the star network. No wonder why he thought this name was a bit familiar. It turned out that Mr Meyan was Yi Jiaqin’s doctoral advisor.

Yi Jiaqin was originally a student of an abilities university but after graduation, he didn’t go to get the abilities master certificate. Instead, he turned to work behind the scenes. He was now a postdoctoral student and had followed Mr Meyan to work in the government’s new technology abilities research department.

The continuous development of science and technology and how to combine it with abilities had become a serious problem for the allied government. In particular, it was a time with frequent mechanical accidents and there were many doubts from all walks of life. It was a matter of historical significance to find a suitable breakthrough as soon as possible.

Meyan himself was a top-notice abilities master and was at the forefront of the technological revolution. In recent years, he not only overcame the difficulties in front of him, he also made great efforts to calm down several large incidents. At the same time, he shocked the two fields of abilities and mechanics. Therefore, he was pushed to the top of the altar by his supporters. Every appearance he made was enough to shock the entire planet. It was no wonder that the president and vice-president of the abilities association would greet them.

However, Yi Jiamu never felt much about these political matters. For him, the only advantage of Mr Meyan coming to Sublime Star was that he could see Yi Jiaqin again. Before this, it had been a long time since the two brothers had seen each other.

It was a relative visiting so Yi Jiamu registered it with the manager aunt and took Yi Jiaqin back to his room through the special passage. It turned out that Sang Bei had to go out today to do something. The entire dormity was empty and the windows were bright and clean.

Yi Jiaqin knew that his younger brother was going out alone for the first time and carefully observed the environment. Then his eyes fell on the cactus pot by the balcony. “You really brought Cici?”

“Yes, I have to leave Tower Star for so long and brought a bit of soil from my home. It feels kinder to be accompanied by Cici.”

Yi Jiaqin leaned down and looked carefully. “It seems to have grown a lot.”

“Is that so?” Yi Jiamu blinked and examined it in detail. “I see it every day so I don’t feel much.”

Yi Jiaqin looked down at him and couldn’t help it. He raised a hand to rub this cute head. “It’s true. Cici has grown and you’ve also grown taller.”

Yi Jiamu was motionless as he was touched. Then after a while, he whispered, “You are so busy that I don’t remember the last time we met. I haven’t seen you for so long. It is natural that I’ve grown taller.”

Yi Jiaqin froze for a moment and his face filled with regret as he apologized. “I was wrong.”

“I don’t blame you.” Yi Jiamu blinked and asked, “Do you have anything to do this time?”

“It isn’t a big deal but Sublime Star’s side has prepared a dinner here. I promised the teacher that I would go the dinner.” Yi Jiaqin made an inquiring gaze. “Will you go with me? You can take me around the school after eating.”

Yi Jiamu asked, “Can I go?”

Yi Jiaqin smiled and rubbed his head softly. “Why can’t I bring a family member?


The fact that Meyan had come to the school had already spread.

After all, it was hard not to attract attention when a large number of senior professors appeared at the school gates.

Originally, it should’ve been a very grand event for a great person like Meyan to come to the school but this trip wasn’t planned in advance. No one would’ve thought that this gentleman would’ve come over after he attended an academic conference on a nearby planet. The school leaders of Sublime Star were in a hurry after hearing about it.

Fortunately, Meyan was very easygoing. He was always gentle and polite no matter what happened. He walked around the campus with a cane for a while before going to the reception room to rest and talk alone with Gu Yesheng.

The school’s senior management knew a bit about the different relationship between Meyan and Gu Yesheng. They didn’t find it too strange and just told them the time of the dinner before leaving them alone.

The room was filled with the scent of tea. If someone listened to the conversation then it would be like a parent inquiring about a child’s schoolwork.

However, Gu Yesheng changed his usual casual appearance and responded patiently to Meyan’s words.

Meyan was only 48 years old this year. He had to rely on a cane due a leg injury in his earlier years but other than this, the years didn’t leave many marks on his face. His appearance was more like someone in their 30s.

He gently sipped the tea and remembered something. “I heard that your susceptible period was advanced a while ago?”

Gu Yesheng told him, “It was fine.”

Meyan nodded and sighed softly. “Be careful in the future.”

“I will.”

Meyan looked up at him and smiled kindly. “You aren’t too young. If you encounter a suitable omega then you should think about it. This way, you won’t have to worry about the susceptible period anymore. There are things you should do at this age. Don’t learn from me and play the game of celibacy the entire time.”

The words were like a father’s advice to his child. It was unknown who Gu Yesheng was thinking about but his lips curved up slightly. “At that time, I will bring him to introduce to you.”

Meyan smiled at him. “It seems you have a candidate.”

The atmosphere inside was harmonious but the professors waiting outside were distracted.

Yu Sheng was calmly sitting on a chair and playing with his terminal. He felt someone pulling on his sleeve and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Professor Sun of the School of Combat clearly felt a bit uneasy. “Can we just leave them alone? That is Gu Yesheng. How will we explain it if something happens to Mr Meyan?”

“You are thinking too much. It is impossible for something to happen.” Yu Sheng glanced at him. “If there is one person in this world that Gu Yesheng is willing to respect, it must be Mr Meyan.”

Professor Sun was stunned. “Why is this?”

“It is probably because Mr Meyan once saved his life….” Yu Sheng glanced at the closed door of the reception room and his tone was emotional. “That thing happened to the Gu family. For Gu Yesheng, Mr Meyan is probably more like his only relative in the world compared to those strangers with the same surname of Gu. Fortunately, there is the support of Mr Meyan behind him or he might not necessarily be where he is now.”

Professor Sun was silent for a moment. He obviously didn’t know what to say. Then after a while, he slowly shook his head. “The waters can be really deep when it comes to the old families with abilities.”

Yu Sheng chucked. “Who said differently?”


Sublime Star booked a box at the nearest high-end hotel nearby and arranged a meal with Mr Meyan. A group of senior professors and some student officials attended. Two tables were arranged in the luxurious box. After taking a seat, Meyan greeted everyone and asked the person in charge to leave two places at his table.

The director of the teaching and research department asked, “Who else hasn’t come?”

Mr Meyan explained, “I have a student who hasn’t arrived yet. Someone particularly important to him is studying at Sublime Star and my student is going to bring him together.”

The others smiled at Meyan. “You are very kind to the younger generation.”

Meyan sat down and gestured for Gu Yesheng to take the seat next to him. Gu Yesheng carefully took the cane from him and rested it against the wall. Sitting next to him was Lu Zexiu. The others took their seats one after another, leaving only two empty places at the end that were very eye-catching.

Someone asked about it curiously and Meyan wasn’t stingy in his evaluation of this student. His slow tone was quite proud. “Xiao Qin is now a member of my studio. He hasn’t finished his studies but his professional level is one of the best. It isn’t too much to say he is the student I’m most proud of. He usually has a good sense of time but after all, he is young. It is estimated that he was too happy after reuniting. Once he arrives, everyone should be more tolerant of him.”

Hearing this, the group released some polite remarks. However, everyone inevitably had some expectations for the student Meyan had such high comments for.

Gu Yesheng really didn’t like this type of occasion. If it wasn’t for Meyan’s presence then he would’ve chosen to leave the room. At this time, he listened to such false flattery around him and sneered. He poured wine into his glass and gently turned the glass in his eyes, eyes a beautiful red.

He inexplicably felt a bit bored. He didn’t know if the child had finished the training and returned to his dormitory to rest yet. As he was distracted, the door of the box was gently pushed open.

The man who walked in apologized. “I’m sorry for letting you wait for so long.”

Due to Cici’s growth, the brothers had curiously studied the formula of the nutrient solution and lost track of time. Gu Yesheng’s eyes casually skimmed over the person and saw the figure coming in from behind. Then his shaking of the wine glass paused slightly.

Meyan greeted them softly. “It’s fine. I’ve left you some seats. Come and sit down.

Then he asked with a smile. “Xiao Qin, is this the person you said is particularly important to you?”

“Yes, Teacher. He is Mumu.” Yi Jiaqin responded and patted Yi Jiamu’s shoulder. “This is Mr Meyan.”

Yi Jiamu greeted him politely. Then his eyes slid to Gu Yesheng sitting next to Mr Meyan with a bit of surprise.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes seemed to have a crazy emotion for a moment before he smiled at Yi Jiamu. The tear drop mole in the corner of his eye looked enthusiastic. “Mumu, why are you here? You didn’t tell me when you finished training.”

He had stood up as he talked.

Meyan noticed his movements and looked over. “Do you know each other?”

Gu Yesheng’s narrow eyes lowered in an unclear manner. “This is the little school brother I mentioned to you. He helped me a lot previously.”

Yi Jiaqin obviously noticed the subtle atmosphere and looked over questioningly.

Yi Jiamu felt the gaze and was afraid his brother would know he used his pheromones to help. He blurted out, “This is the vice-president of our school’s abilities association. I an now the assistant of the association so we often help each other.”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected Yi Jiamu to clear their relationship so anxiously and the smile on his face fell slightly.

Yi Jiaqin spoke earnestly. “I have to trouble you to take care of him.”

Gu Yesheng withdrew his gaze from Yi Jiamu and smiled. “We have to meet every day. How can it be trouble? It is so rare to have guests that we should help Mumu entertain them well.”

Yi Jiaqin glanced at him. “Thank you.”

He said nothing more and took Yi Jiamu to sit together in the empty seats. Gu Yesheng glanced at the hands they were holding together and put down the wine glass silently.

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