OIAA: Chapter 24

It was the first time Yi Jiamu had seen Gu Yesheng this way. The gaze that fell on his body was dangerous and sticky. It was like a wolf on the verge of extinction that could bite back at any time.

Then the next second, Gu Yesheng blinked slowly and the violence in his eyes dissipated. It seemed to take a lot of patience to make the scarlet colour at the corner of his eyes fade. “Why are you here?”

If it wasn’t for the heavy pheromones in the surroundings and the distinct hoarseness in his voice, this would seem like a very ordinary greeting.

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. “Looking at you.”

He could feel the pheromones coming from all directions but he still walked into the reference room.

Gu Yesheng had been trapped in that ridiculous dream and frowned at the faint tearing sensation in his body. Then he saw Yi Jiamu actually came over and stared at him. This made him smile uncertainly. “You really aren’t afraid of me.”

“Your ability is useless against me. Why should I be afraid…” Yi Jiamu’s words came to an abrupt end. There was a sudden force and by the time he recovered, he was pressed against the table by Gu Yesheng.

At this close distance, the falling hair brushed lightly over his cheeks and every breath seemed to have a burning heat that sprayed heavily on his skin, warm and dangerous.

Gu Yesheng’s gaze was too unbridled. He stared at the position of the gland covered by Yi Jiamu’s collar and the strong narcissus smell was driven by instinct to trap the omega in an arrogant and overbearing manner. “Perhaps my power does have no effect but after all, I am an alpha. You must know that an alpha in his susceptible period is often unreasonable.”

The strong sense of oppression from an alpha made Yi Jiamu a bit nervous and his neck inevitably straightened a bit. However, even in this dangerous environment that seemed to have no way out, he didn’t avoid Gu Yesheng’s eyes. “I didn’t come here to reason with you.”

Perhaps it was because this sentence was too vague and even carried an implicit unknown meaning that Gu Yesheng’s head couldn’t help becoming blank for a moment. He stared at the soft omega and finally found his voice. “Can I understand your approach as you delivering yourself to my door?”

In the midst of the strong narcissus smell, the smell of green plums suddenly emerged faintly.

The outside world was supporting the Shen Ze CP, an AA combination, so Yi Jiamu wasn’t sure if Gu Yesheng would accept the omega pheromones. He just tentatively released a small amount and carefully watched the other person’s expression. “I heard people say that this can make you feel more comfortable?”

The originally irritable alpha pheromones seemed to soften slightly due to the faint scent of green plums.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were still bloodshot but they were indeed a lot less chaotic. He seemed to want to calm himself down as much as possible. He took a deep breath before his low-pitched voice was heard, “You mean, you heard someone say this and you came?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “If I didn’t come, you would have to go to the special isolation room.”

“Little friend, you know a lot.” Gu Yesheng’s long and narrow eyelashes lowered and the teardrop mole at the corner of his eye became more unrestrained. Suddenly, he got closer to Yi Jiamu so that Yi Jiamu was pressed tightly against the table, their lips almost touching. “So you heard that an alpha in the susceptible period often can’t control himself. You came here like this. Aren’t you afraid that I will eat you directly?”

Such a gaze was like an invisible hand that wrapped tightly around Yi Jiamu’s sweaty skin. The words that emerged also made the surroundings fall into an ambiguous atmosphere for a moment. Yi Jiamu’s eyelashes trembled slightly. Under the restraint of the strong narcissus smell, he slightly lowered the corners of his mouth. “I’m not afraid.”

Gu Yesheng hesitated slightly.

Before he could speak, he heard Yi Jiamu declare, “You might want to do something but you can’t beat me.”


Gu Yesheng suddenly choked up. The pheromones covering his body became more intense and he looked intrigued.

He reached out a hand and gently rubbed his fingertips over the weak part of Yi Jiamu’s glands. He moved his body closer so that his words were almost brushing against this person’s ears. “If I don’t try it then how will I know?”

The alpha’s pheromones inevitably made Yi Jiamu’s body a bit soft. His apricot eyes drooped and his gaze fell on Gu Yesheng’s eyes. He frowned and scolded this person. “Don’t make trouble.”

He reached out and pressed a hand against Gu Yesheng’s shoulder. The aggressive impulse repeatedly surged in Gu Yesheng’s eyes but he obediently took two steps back at this action.

Yi Jiamu got a small amount of breathing room and stood up straight again. Before the other person could respond, he unbuttoned his collar and pulled it down, exposing the gland and delicate, smooth neck.

He turned to the window and didn’t forget to say, “Today is a special situation. I can give you a small amount of pheromones but remember to be careful. Don’t bite too deeply.”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

If the words hadn’t been so full of righteousness and he hadn’t seen the omega obediently walk to the window like this, he would’ve thought Yi Jiamu was using this as a wonderful opportunity to deliberately tease him

Yi Jiamu waited a while but heard no movements behind him. He looked back in a confused manner, “Don’t you need my pheromones?”

Such words completely broke the stillness.

The alpha pheromones immediately swept out from Gu Yesheng’s body and wrapped tightly around Yi Jiamu. His palms grasped the soft waist and held it tightly while his lips brushed silently over the gland.

Yi Jiamu felt the oppression of an alpha in such an explicit way for the first time and a rich green plums scent suddenly emerged and tangled with the smell of narcissus in the small space. The unprecedented experience caused his heartbeat to accelerate.

Gu Yesheng’s breath fell heavily on the upper side of his gland. After facing the last tranquility before eating the prey, he licked his lips that were dry from the endless irritability during his susceptible period. Then he bit down wantonly.

The slight tingling sensation from his neck caused Yi Jiamu to frown slightly and he instinctively shivered. In the midst of the alpha pheromones, he was going to fall down but Gu Yesheng firmly held him around the waist.

His Adam’s apple moved uncontrollably. The very short process instantly became ambiguous and confusing.

Yi Jiamu could feel the inevitable blend of pheromones from both sides as Gu Yesheng ingested them and his hands pressed against the wall were strained from the tension. In a trance, he saw that it was about to reach the critical point of forming a temporary mark and prepared to push this person away. However, Gu Yesheng had already released him first.

The suddenly broken bond left the two of them in a slight trance. After a while, Gu Yesheng slowly sank down on the chair next to him. Perhaps it was because he thought this fact was too interesting but he couldn’t help burying his face in his palm and chuckling. “I didn’t expect that my teeth mark would look so unique.”

Yi Jiamu’s body was a bit soft. He turned around from the window and his apricot coloured eyes were faintly watery. “Are you better?’

In just a moment, the entire room was filled with the smell of narcissus and green plums. This was the scene of confusion.

Gu Yesheng’s agitation from the susceptible period was relieved a lot due to the comfort of the omega pheromones. Still, the moment he saw Yi Jiamu’s blurred eyes, there was something he couldn’t control and he wanted to act arbitrarily.

The excessive strong possessive desire made him look away forcefully. Then he couldn’t help teasing, “If it isn’t enough, will you let me make a temporary mark?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t even think about it. “That won’t work.”

Gu Yesheng was choked up by this overly stern attitude and couldn’t help laughing again. “You’re really strict.”

Due to the actions just now, Yi Jiamu’s clothes were inevitably a bit messy. He carefully examined Gu Yesheng and found that this person was indeed less irritable than at the beginning. He was relieved and started to neaten up his clothes.

It was the first time he had such close contact just now. He couldn’t help sliding his fingers across the back of his neck and heat uncontrollably filled his body. He unknowingly blushed.

Gu Yesheng leaned against the chair in a tired manner and saw the child’s reddish ears. It felt like there was a hand around his heart and the look in his eyes softened. Just then, there was the vague sound of footsteps approaching. There seemed to be a lot of people coming.

Gu Yesheng raised his head and met Yi Jiamu’s inquiring gaze. After staring at this person for a moment, Gu Yesheng pressed his lips together. Then he didn’t hesitate to pull the curtains to completely cover up Yi Jiamu’s body.


Yu Sheng put on the same full-enclosed prevention and control clothing of the mech rescue team and led them in to find someone. They had just crossed the corridor when he saw the completely destroyed door of the reference room. He was stunned for a moment before walking in to see Gu Yesheng sitting on the table.

There wasn’t the gloomy and violent Gu Yesheng like he imagined. Gu Yesheng was just sitting quietly on the table. Then he raised his head and smiled at Yu Sheng.

The members of the mech rescue team were fully prepared to come in and carry out the person. Thus, they became stunned when they saw this scene.

It wasn’t difficult to see the unique aggression of the susceptible period from Gu Yesheng but such a clear-minded look was completely different from the state of out-of-control ability mentioned in the previous communication.

In order to not be affected by the runaway mental power, everyone had seriously put on their mech protective suit. Now they stood there with wide eyes and the atmosphere was very awkward.

After a long time, Yu Sheng finally asked, “Gu Yesheng, what is your situation now?”

Gu Yesheng slowly blinked and rubbed his temple like he had a headache. “Teacher Yu, my susceptible period came too suddenly this time and I finally managed to control it. However, I have no strength to walk. Can I trouble you to send me back?”

The extreme loss of control during the susceptible period had caused him to consume too much physical energy. Yi Jiamu’s pheromones might’ve controlled the impatient restlessness to a great extent but he still felt a strong sense of exhaustion. It made him feel that he might go to sleep anytime and anywhere.

Yu Sheng had also seen Gu Yesheng’s unrecognizable appearance when he was out of control. He examined this person carefully before determining that it wasn’t serious enough to require separate isolation.

This made him look at the mech rescue team in an apologetic manner. Previously, he was in such a rush to seek their help. Now that the result was like this, he really felt sorry. He thought this and couldn’t help glaring at Gu Yesheng. “When can you buy me some snacks?”

Gu Yesheng smiled, held the table and got up with difficulty. As he stepped away, his gaze skimmed over the curtain before he quietly retracted it.

Yu Sheng walked in front. Although no one could know when the susceptible period came in advance, he couldn’t help nagging. “Gu Yesheng, please pay attention next time and don’t let this happen again. You don’t have to go to class for the next week. Stay at home obediently and don’t take one step outside before your susceptible period ends. Today, the entire school was turned around because of you. Once this wave passes, please let me have a few days of peace and stability, okay?”

Gu Yesheng was supported by two rescue team members. It was unknown how much of the nagging he was listening to because he seemed a bit absent-minded.

In the end, he couldn’t bear it. He took out his communicator and sent a message: [Are you out?]

Yi Jiamu quickly sent a reply. [I’m ready to go back to my dormitory. Do you need help?]

He didn’t know why but a strange feeling appeared in Gu Yesheng’s mind when he saw the word ‘help.’

He couldn’t help smiling for a moment before replying: [No need, have a good rest.] Then he quietly put away the communicator.

Yu Sheng felt angry seeing his attitude but there was no way. During the susceptible period, he didn’t dare let Gu Yesheng move alone. After checking there was no need for isolation, he boarded the rescue team’s space car and sent Gu Yesheng back to his residence, but he was still uneasy about leaving.

Gu Yesheng lived in an independent personal student apartment. Once he sent everyone away, he dragged his tired body to the sofa. He rubbed his fingertips over his aching body parts and suddenly remembered something. He took out his terminal and entered a line of words in the search bar: reasons for why the susceptible period comes earlier.

Soon, the responses on the Star Network appeared on the terminal’s page.

Gu Yesheng looked through them one by one before finally, his eyes stopped on a netizen’s reply.

[Popular answer: There are many possibilities for an alpha’s susceptible period advancing but most of the time, it is due to strong stimulation from the outside world that causes the pheromones in the body to be temporarily disturbed. The most common source of such a strong stimulation is an omega. In particular, if an alpha meets an omega with a high degree of matching and is immersed in the pheromones of the other person for a long time, this will cause too many pheromones in the body to be affected and will lead to an early susceptible period.

In addition, this is a friendly reminder. If a fellow alpha meets their omega in the heat period, it is recommended not to be patient. Sometimes, too much patience is bad for the body. At this time, you can choose to directly throw your omega down. After all, from the ABO learning perspective, a temporary mark doesn’t have side effects like inhibitors. It is the best method to pacify your pheromones!]


Gu Yesheng’s eyes fell on the words ‘temporary mark’ and his expression was slightly shaken.

It was a pity that the child didn’t like it.

The author has something to say:

Narcissus: My susceptible period is here, very fierce.

Mumu: But you can’t beat me.

Narcissus: I’m afraid of getting out of control.

Mumu: But you can’t beat me.

Narcissus: This time, you provoked me. Be careful not to be marked by me.

Mumu: But you can’t beat me.

Narcissus: …Baby, you are awesome.

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Akkki 0987
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