OIAA: Chapter 23

Sangbei was thinking about the Yemu CP and had just instinctively looked at Yi Jiamu just now. Then he heard such a sentence and was stunned. “What do you want to do?”

Yi Jiamu’s mind obviously wasn’t on this person’s words. He whispered a question like he was talking to himself. “An alpha’s susceptible period should be uncomfortable?”

He still remembered Gu Yesheng joking that during his susceptible period, the degree of discomfort he felt was not much different from a terminal illness…

“In the susceptible period, the entire body feels like it is being torn apart. How can it not be uncomfortable?!” The senior student was an alpha himself. He heard this sentence and couldn’t help speaking. Sang Bei wanted to pounce on him to block his mouth. “In particular, the top gene alphas have a more violent reaction. If a method of venting isn’t provided, the disordered pheromones in his body can kill people!”

Sang Bei noticed Yi Jiamu’s expression, thought of his hidden relationship with Gu Yesheng and couldn’t help interrupting. “Mumu, don’t worry about this. You can’t mess around!”

Yi Jiamu nodded and comforted him. “Relax, I just want to know the situation.”

Sang Bei, “……”

Yi Jiamu said it was to understand the situation but he couldn’t help feeling that Yi Jiamu was going to find Gu Yesheng.

Sang Bei noticed the gaze of the senior student and quickly pulled Yi Jiamu to a corner. He whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “I can understand your current mood but God Ye has no way to control his ability in the susceptible period. It isn’t something that ordinary people can face. Don’t do stupid things!”

“I know.” Yi Jiamu lowered his eyes and patted Sang Bei on the shoulder. “You can rest assured and go back.

Sang Bei choked on this airy attitude and by the time he recovered, he saw that Yi Jiamu’s back was already far away. He couldn’t help tearing up.

The Yemu CP was real! Mumu was actually so desperate for God Ye, what type of fairy love was this ahh!

Sang Bei couldn’t find anyone to share his current feelings with. He could only take out the communicator, tap on his social account’s signature and madly typed: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!


All the people were moving away. Yi Jiamu, who was heading against the flow of the group, was particularly eye-catching. From time to time, people cast startled gazes toward him.

The medical space car parked next to the building could be seen in the distance. He heard that some people didn’t have time to escape. Later, the guards risked themselves to rescue those people and fell unconscious. Now they were undergoing emergency treatment.

Yi Jiamu heard a few professors discussing things. He didn’t know these people. The only one he had an impression of was the Yu Sheng, the director of academic affairs who previously contacted him. The specific discussion content couldn’t be heard clearly at such a distance. Only some words such as ‘forced control’, ‘closed space’, ‘isolation’ etc entered his ears when the wind blew.

He frowned slightly and was about to walk over when his field of view darkened. A tall figure had stopped in front of him.

Yi Jiamu looked up and saw an unfamiliar face. He asked doubtfully, “Do you need something?”

Gu Xiucheng was wearing a delicate high-necked white shirt. Although some time had passed since the previous cafe incident, the psychological trauma meant his face was still pale. There were also dark circles under his eyes that made him feel even gloomier.

It was the first time he had such close contact with Yi Jiamu. He couldn’t help observing this rumoured omega freshman before speaking quietly. “Are you here to find Gu Yesheng?”

“Do you know me?”

“That’s right, I know about your relationship with Gu Yesheng.” Gu Xiucheng smiled and the shadow on the ground stirred slightly with a happy mood. “The fact that you came here shows that you care about him. However, I still want to advise you. It might normally be okay to have contact with Gu Yesheng but in the susceptible period, it is best to stay as far away as possible. It hasn’t been long since you’ve known him so you probably don’t know what a terrible thing it is when he loses control of his ability.”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “I don’t quite understand it.”

Gu Xiucheng smiled at this attitude. He wanted to speak again when he heard Yi Jiamu ask softly, “Still, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you?”

“……” The expression on Gu Xiucheng’s face stiffened. “I am doing this for your own good.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak. He just stared with apricot-coloured eyes. His expression wasn’t showing much but it was clear that he didn’t believe such words.

His grandfather taught him a sentence: one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

Under such a calm gaze, Gu Xiucheng strangely felt a bit uncomfortable. After a long time, he repaired his kind smile. “There are some things that no one wants to happen but they act as a warning. You know, one year ago, there was a major accident at school because Gu Yesheng lost control in his susceptible period. More than 10 students were involved and even now, there are still a few students who haven’t come out of the psychiatric department…”

Yi Jiamu had heard about this matter but he hadn’t expected it to be so serious. He was silent for a moment.

Gu Xiucheng’s mouth curved up a bit and there was a hint of temptation in his tone. “Yes, it was an accident caused by his ‘powerful’ ability. At that time, the moment of that organization came to talk to him about something and it made him unhappy. He couldn’t control himself for a while and… finally, he went crazy. The rest of the students couldn’t bear the devouring fear and can’t use their abilities anymore. It is really regrettable.”

He sighed softly and glanced at Yi Jiamu’s face. “So you should understand why Gu Yesheng has no friends, right? This incident had a great impact on him. It wasn’t easy for him to get to know you. I think he wouldn’t want you to see such a terrible side.”

Gu Xiucheng’s eyes stayed on Yi Jiamu’s face, trying to see the slightest hint of retreat of fear. However, it was in vain.

Yi Jiamu was still maintaining his previous expression. Then without warning, he asked, “Are you Gu Xiucheng?”

Gu Xiucheng apparently hadn’t expected Yi Jiamu to know him and was shocked.

Yi Jiamu’s only impression of this person was the boring and talkative villain in the novels. At this time, seeing the other side’s response, he understood.

Obviously, he guessed correctly.

Yi Jiamu looked up again and there was no more emotion in his calm tone. He stated clearly, “I know that you are afraid of Gu Yesheng. If you are afraid then you should go now.”

Gu Xiucheng was caught off guard and he could no longer control the expression on his face. He immediately became angry. “Who said that I’m afraid of Gu Yesheng?”

“My grandfather told me that when people face a person they will never be able to surpass, they will find ways to engage in nasty gestures behind their backs.” Yi Jiamu had a slight smile as he said these words. “Previously, I didn’t quite understand. Thank you for letting me understand the full meaning of this sentence.”

Gu Xiucheng saw this harmless smile and couldn’t help the impulse to tear at him. The dark shadow under his feet moved for a moment but he controlled it.

Once he looked at Yi Jiamu again, he couldn’t cover up the viciousness in his eyes. “You are worthy of being the person Gu Yesheng fancies, your mouth is very sharp. However, what is the point of running here quickly? Remember, he is still trapped in the building in a state that is worse than death. You can’t get in and he can’t get out. You can only wait for the mech rescue team to arrive and then he will be taken to another place to be isolated.”

He seemed to think of something pleasant and suddenly smiled. Meanwhile, his tone sounded like a curse. “An omega like you must’ve never been in a special isolation room? There are only 40 square metres of space and no windows. No matter how big the movements inside, it can’t be heard by people outside. The susceptible period of an alpha can only be amplified without limits in such an environment. They can only rely on themselves to thoroughly survive in such an environment with no place to vent.”

Yi Jiamu’s mouth curved downwards because of his displeasure.

“What’s wrong, little school brother? Are you anxious? If you are so kind then you can certainly choose to help him.” Gu Xiucheng saw Yi Jiamu’s changing expression and couldn’t help laughing as he glanced at the position of the gland on the neck. “An omega’s pheromones has always been the best pacifier for an alpha in his susceptible period. If you can walk to him alive then you can really alleviate Gu Yesheng’s suffering.”

He spoke such a provocative sentence because he thought that Yi Jiamu would retreat from the difficulties. Unexpectedly, the omega didn’t retreat at all. Instead, he stared at Gu Xiucheng deeply. “Thank you for reminding me.”

Gu Xiucheng was shocked by this dazzling manner. Before he could recover, Yi Jiamu had gone far away.

It wasn’t until this time that the hiding Jiang Hean dared to come up. He came to Gu Xiucheng’s side and asked hesitantly, “He… is he really going to find Gu Yesheng? Will something happen?”

Gu Xiucheng recovered after hearing these words. He gently licked his lips and smiled expectantly. “What are you so afraid of? If he wants to go then let him go.”

If a person that Gu Yesheng was protective of went crazy because of his out of control ability, wouldn’t it be very interesting?


The entire area around the association building was soon completely controlled. The busy guards confirmed there were no other students trapped inside and could finally relax slightly.

Many passing students heard the rumours and looked this way but no one dared to get too close.

As the director of academic affairs, Yu Sheng was inevitably busy due to this incident. He could finally rest for a moment. Then he inadvertently looked up and saw a figure slipping over a distant fence.

There was something familiar about it. He couldn’t help rubbing his sore eyes before looking again. The wind blew but there were no signs of a person at all. He let out a sigh of relief. It was probably an illusion because he was too nervous.

At the same time, Yi Jiamu evaded everyone’s eyes and walked quietly into the building. Perhaps it was due to Gu ‘s provocation but he felt that Gu Yesheng shouldn’t be left alone in such a bad environment. He really hadn’t been to an alpha’s isolation room and inexplicably, he didn’t want this person to enter it. If Gu Yesheng had to survive those days all by himself in this susceptible period, he would probably be even less comfortable.

Other alphas could rely on an omega to appease them but this wasn’t possible for Gu Yesheng. It was a bit pitiful.

Various thoughts floated in Yi Jiamu’s mind. As the elevator went up floor by floor, he could feel the alpha pheromones gradually becoming stronger. Perhaps there was a surging ability mixed among them but it had no effect on him.

The elevator went up and stopped on the training floor.

Yi Jiamu had just taken a step outside when his breathing became a bit heavy and his back straightened.

The pheromones with the narcissus smell fluttered from all directions and he was instantly covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Yi Jiamu controlled his emotions and walked step by step in the direction the pheromones were coming from.

At this time, if viewed from the window of the reference room, a person could see a figure lying on the table.

Gu Yesheng’s face was buried deeply in his arms and he maintained a curled up posture. His slightly open collar exposed the neat curvature of his neck and there were faint tight lines under the sweat. His entire body was sending out a gloomy threat in an uncontrollable manner.

There was no one around but there seemed to be an endless undercurrent. The strong pheromones and dangerous ability enveloped him. Under these endless sensations, there seemed to be an invisible hand tugging tightly at his ankle, dragging him down so he fell endlessly.

In the midst of the confusion, Gu Yesheng seemed to see a thin figure gradually appearing in his dark field of view.

The teenager looked at him with empty eyes. A bright smile appeared before it switched to a strong panic. The teenager turned away without warning and fled.

He watched to catch up but there was an invisible wall in front of him, isolating him and the teenager and making him unable to move forward.

He could only watch the endless wolves chasing after the tired running figure. Their scarlet fangs were bared and they seemed like they would devour this thin body at any time.

After endless running and chasing, his heart started to shrink uncontrollably. The road in front of him suddenly became dark and he felt the bottom of his feet become empty. He fell down into a bottomless abyss.

The overwhelming seawater devoured at the last of his consciousness and bursts of coolness came from all directions. As his remaining consciousness was encroached on, his entire body became cold and completely sank.

He was approaching the edge of suffocation when the scene in front of him turned into an endlessly pale hall. An old man stood in front of him on crutches and declared in a cold tone, “Be a good heir or you will be nothing.”

Looking up slightly, he could see two black and white photos in the centre of the hall. The man and woman’s smiles were lost to the past. The person kneeling in the middle of the hall was only seven or eight years old. His entire body was soaked and the thin and sickly face was pale and numb without any extra emotions.

The scene receded complete, leaving only paleness. The young child walked to him and his expressionless words were like a nightmare. “Gu Yesheng, you have nothing in the world…”

You have nothing. Already, there was nothing.

The cruel whisper was a sharp blade slamming into his heart and his whole world was collapsing. The crazy clamoring in his body finally went out of control. It wanted to tear everything, wanted to vent, wanted to destroy everything.

Unknowingly, Gu Yesheng’s fingertips deeply pierced his palm. This uncontrollable madness caused him to erupt from time to time. The pheromones also had a faint smell of blood that made his body’s manic impulses more violent.

There was an endless sense of falling and being dragged into the abyss.


Just then, there was a loud noise and the door of the reference room was kicked off its hinges. It hit the cabinet opposite it and slowly fell to the ground. Such movements instantly dispersed the darkness in front of him. Gu Yesheng raised his head and his eyes were filled with a fascinating mist.

The obsidian earrings reflected the luster shining through the window. Once the familiar apricot coloured eyes appeared in the doorway, Gu Yesheng’s dark eyes slightly shook and the teardrop mole made the slender eyes more charming.

Gu Yesheng’s face was half shrouded in shadow. Then he seemed to find the touch of reality again and slowly sat up from the table.

Such a scene reminded Yi Jiamu of his previous heat period. The alpha’s pheromones tightly surrounded him and his Adam’s apple moved up and down. The surroundings became silent.

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