OIAA: Chapter 22

Gu Yesheng originally planned to send the child back to the dormitory but Yi Jiamu changed his mind halfway there and they diverted to the infirmary.

Originally, the teacher in the medical office strictly controlled the use of medical items but due to Yi Jiamu’s well-behaved manner, he didn’t ask much. He simply registered Yi Jiamu and gave him a roll of bandages.

Gu Yesheng had never enjoyed such treatment. He leaned against the corridor wall outside the door and saw the whole process. This caused him to sigh. “This is really a society that looks at faces.”

Yi Jiamu walked out with the bandages. He was perplexed by these words but he only said, “Senior, can you do me another favour?”

Don’t look at his harmless appearance. The moment he spoke, his eyes flashed with a strange light. Gu Yesheng inexplicably sensed poison from it and he couldn’t help smiling. “Say it.”

“Can I trouble you to tell Senior Zhuo Zhuo about the situation to make him feel more at ease.”

Gu Yesheng saw the bandages in Yi Jiamu’s arms and immediately understood. He took out the communicator and watched Yi Jiamu with a smirk.

After a few busy tones, the call was quickly connected. Soon after Xiang Zhuo calmed down Zhen Jingyao, they had just walked out of the building when they received the call from Gu Yesheng. The two of them asked nervously, “Is Yi Jiamu okay?”

Gu Yesheng’s mouth twitched slightly but his tone was serious. “Do you think he can be okay with Zhen Jingyao’s devastating damage?”

Zhen Jingyao listened from the side and instantly interjected, “Are you in the infirmary now? We will come over!”

“It is useless coming here. The treatment has just finished and he is ready to go back.” Gu Yesheng’s ability to speak nonsense with his eyes closed could be called perfect. His eyes were always on Yi Jiamu’s body and his hair fell over his ears, the obsidian earrings flickering slightly under the light. “I’m telling you, your actions were really heavy. If there are any scars left behind then think about how to make it up to him!”

Yi Jiamu heard this and glared in a warning manner. This made Gu Yesheng instantly change his words. “In any case, I’m not a person to make cynical remarks. I will tell you that the little friend likes to drink milk tea. Do you understand?”

Yi Jiamu watched Gu Yesheng hang up the communicator and couldn’t help pursing his lips. “Your words were a bit too exaggerated.”

Gu Yesheng’s voice had the intonation of someone who was experienced. “It isn’t an exaggeration. It is better than showing up tomorrow and having them pull you to look at the wound.”

This wasn’t wrong. If an ordinary person like Yi Jiamu faced Zhen Jingyao’s destructive power then it would be difficult to recover for a while, even if they received healing. Yi Jiamu would be exposed with one glance. This was why he went to the infirmary to ask for the bandages.

Gu Yesheng saw that Yi Jiamu was silent and reached out to take the bandages from him. Then he patted the soft head. “I will be waiting for you downstairs at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I will help you wrap your ‘wounds’ and then go to the meeting to ensure it isn’t exposed.

This sounded fine so Yi Jiamu nodded without thinking much.

Since his two sleeves were burnt, he went back to the dormitory wearing Gu Yesheng’s coat. Then he cleaned it and nearly packed it in a bag.

The atmosphere in the early morning was always bright. Gu Yesheng arrived quite early and was leaning against a big tree. The stellar light that shone on his body was mottled and his teardrop mole was as bewitching as usual. The obsidian earrings seemed unusually deep.

Yi Jiamu returned the coat that had a faint scent on it and Gu Yesheng slightly raised his eyebrows. He placed it in his storage space. Then he played with the bandages in his hands and looked at Yi Jiamu eagerly. “So shall we start?”


“Yi Jiamu, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it yesterday!!” This morning, the association’s training building was filled with Zhen Jingyao’s sincere apologies for a long time. “Look, this is the milk tea that I specifically brought for you. There will be another cup in the afternoon! Drink more to regain your physical strength and you should recover soon!”

“……” Yi Jiamu slowly took the milk tea delivered by the other person and it took him a long time to squeeze out a sentence. “Thank you, Senior. There is no need to be so polite.”

Half a step behind Yi Jiamu, Gu Yesheng ‘helped’ him step by step. He was looking down and his face was covered by his falling hair, hiding all his expressions. However, if someone looked carefully then they could see his faintly trembling shoulders. It seemed that he might burst out laughing at any time if he was careless.

Yi Jiamu finally appeased the apologetic Zhen Jingyao and raised his eye to stare blankly into the mirror across the corridor. There was a person standing there quietly with bandages wrapped thickly around him. He looked like a huge mallet.

There was no beauty.

If he had a chance to make the choice again, he would definitely refuse Gu Yesheng’s proposal to bandage him—even if this type of bandaging really eliminated Zhen Jingyao’s idea of inspecting the wounds.

Once there was no one else around, Gu Yesheng couldn’t help falling down on the sofa and laughing loudly. “Hey, did you see Xiang Zhuo’s expression just now? Hahaha, I think Zhen Jingyao suspects that he directly burned your hands so they can’t be used anymore!”

At the end of the laugh, he couldn’t help wiping tears from the corners of his eyes. Then he looked up into Yi Jiamu’s expressionless face and choked up. He leaned lazily on the sofa and pasted on a serious expression. “Congratulations, you have successfully passed this time!”

Yi Jiamu saw Gu Yesheng’s slightly curved up lips and kept silent.

Gu Yesheng saw this unhappy expression and converged his smile. He got up, approached Yi Jiamu and tentatively coaxed him. “Or shall I go back today and practice my bandaging technique?”

“Forget it.” Yi Jiamu gently pushed him away and muttered, “In any case, there is no next time.”


Due to the nourishment of Zhen Jingyao’s milk tea that was full of the care of his seniors, Yi Jiamu’s ‘injuries’ recovered quickly and were healed completely within two days. He finally got rid of the cumbersome bandages and started work again as the assistant of the association.

The ace partners Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao also ended their awkward period because of this incident and everything seemed to be back on track.

Before they knew it, a week passed.

They had just finished a class and Yi Jiamu and Sang Bei were walking back to the dormitory. They could see the building of the Abilities Association not far away, which was particularly eye-catching among the group of buildings.

Jiamu suddenly remembered one thing. “Bei Bei, I finished reading the story you sent me last time. Are there any new recommendations?”

Sang Bei’s footsteps paused slightly and he turned to look at the other person hesitantly. “You still want to look at them?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him strangely. “Can’t I look at them?”

“It isn’t impossible…” At this moment, Sang Bei felt a bit of regret about pulling his roommate into this pit. Otherwise, how could he still think about the Shen Ze CP when he was already marked?

He felt he had an obligation to reverse this incorrect view. The first step was naturally to start with the allocation of gong attributes!

So after a moment of silence, Sang Bei asked. “I have a few stories where God Ye is the gong. Do you want to try it?”

“Isn’t the president the gong?” Yi Jiamu thought about it and nodded. “It is possible. Send it to me.”

Sang Bei let out a small sigh of relief. “I will link you when I go back.”

The two of them were chatting and about to pass the crossroads when they heard a lot of noise and couldn’t help looking back.

It was unknown what happened but the group near the Abilities Association building seemed to suddenly be driven away by something. They scattered in all directions in an agitated manner. Many people were rushing towards them with panicked expressions on their faces.

Sang Bei was baffled. “What’s going on?”

Yi Jiamu wanted to say he didn’t know but just then, there was a gust of wind that blew against his face and the faint scent of narcissi entered his nose. It felt like being gently stirred by a hand. Suddenly, something in his blood was clamoring. However, it was clear that other people weren’t as sensitive as him.

The first person to ‘run away’ finally had a chance to breath and stopped not far away as he gasped for air.

Sang Bei went up to question people. One of the senior students finally managed to take a look at him and said, “There is an alpha who has entered his susceptible period. Omega, be careful. That area will be completely blocked soon. Remember not to go over there today.”

Sang Bei was even more puzzled. “Isn’t there a rescue team if an alpha suddenly enters the susceptible period? Why would the area be blocked?”

The senior student’s face showed a trace of fear and he couldn’t help taking one more look at Sang Bei. “Are you a freshman? Then you probably don’t know that some alphas can’t control their ability during the susceptible period. No matter how reliable our school’s rescue team, there is no way to deal with this type of steel plate.”

He didn’t wait for Sang Bei to ask and continued speaking, “Our school has many S-level ability teachers but… facing Gu Yesheng’s ability that runs wild during the susceptible period, there is really no way to get close to him.”

Sang Bei’s back stiffened. “The person who entered the susceptible period is Gu Yesheng?!”

“I heard that his susceptible period suddenly advanced so he didn’t have time to prepare for it.” The senior student pressed his lips tightly together. “In any case, there is no other way. I’m afraid we can only wait for the school to apply for the nearest mech rescue team to come to the school for support. However, don’t worry too much. It isn’t the first time this has happened and the school knows what to do.”

Needing the mech rescue team during the susceptible period, it was probably only Gu Yesheng who could do this.

Sang Bei opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. He could only look back without thinking. “Mumu…”

Yi Jiamu’s gaze was on the association building in the distance. The school’s security team had heard the news and was evacuating the surrounding students. A cordon was put up and the entire area was blocked in an instant.

There was something faintly shaking in the light apricot eyes as he told Sang Bei, “I have something to do. Please go back first.”

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