OIAA: Chapter 21

Gu Yesheng could feel such a small head buried in his arms and his mind was blank for a moment. This lasted until Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao’s voices were heard urgently behind him. “How is it? Is there anything wrong?”

They asked this question but they were undoubtedly clear about the answer.

In the School of Elements, the number of people with the fire type ability was the highest but the actual level was uneven. Zhen Jingyao was accepted in the Sublime Star Abilities Association which was undoubtedly a top presence in the field. In terms of density or damage, his ability was very different from ordinary students.

Just now, he had watched his flames hit Yi Jiamu. He knew their assistant was a theoretical student with no abilities and he was extremely worried. Seeing that neither of these two people were talking, he had to step forward in a hurry.

Gu Yesheng’s mind had already returned and he realized the child didn’t want to be exposed in front of these two. Before Zhen Jingyao could react, he hugged Yi Jiamu’s waist and carried this person in front of him.

Then before the other two could approach. Gu Yusheng strode toward the elevator while throwing a sentence back. “I will send him to the infirmary.”

Xiang Zhuo quickly followed. He was about to walk into the elevator but Gu Yesheng kicked him out. A smile that wasn’t a smile was on Gu Yesheng’s face. “Take care of your own omega. I will contact you.”

Then he closed the elevator door without waiting for Xiang Zhuo to reply. Zhen Jingyao’s hand was left hanging in the air hesitantly and his eyes were at a loss.

Xiang Zhuo saw him like this and couldn’t help sighing deeply. He walked over and gently rubbed Zhen Jingyao’s head. “This time it was my fault. I will bear responsibility for what happened.”

“I-I will be responsible for my own affairs. There is no need for you to…” Zhen Jingyao wanted to say something but his head was suddenly patted hard.

“I have told you a long time ago, you can be angry but control yourself. Now, learn from this lesson.”

Zhen Jingyao was silent and lowered his head in an aggrieved manner. “I won’t do it in the future.”

Seeing this attitude, Xiang Zhuo’s words became choked up and his tone softened. “In fact, if you really want to fight then you can hit me…”


They left the building where the Abilities Association was located and walked all the way to the empty basketball court before Gu Yesheng put Yi Jiamu down. Due to being in Gu Yesheng’s arms, Yi Jiamu’s entire face showed a strange blush under the dim street lights.

Along the way, Gu Yesheng’s skin had exuded a faint layer of sweat. The smell of narcissus mixed with it inevitably made Yi Jiamu feel a bit dizzy. He stood on the ground as a slight heat filled his body. Then he felt Gu Yesheng’s gaze on him and obediently held out both hands. “In fact, I’m actually fine.”

His sleeves had been burned by the flames but below the messy sleeve parts that remained was a white and clean arm. Forget the smallest trace of a burn. There wasn’t even a scratch on it.

Although Gu Yesheng had previously realized that Yi Jiamu wasn’t injured, there was still a trace of consternation when he saw it with his own eyes. “How is this possible?”

Zhen Jingyao’s ability was devastating. As a member of the association, Gu Yesheng knew it wasn’t difficult for Zhen Jingyao to burn a hole in the wall. It might just be something he did during a temper tantrum but it was impossible for Yi Jiamu to suffer no injuries.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes flashed slightly and he leaned against the wall of the basketball court. “Little friend, I worked so hard to take you out. Shouldn’t you explain it to me?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes, I will only tell you.”

Gu Yesheng had deliberately wanted to tease the child. He hadn’t expected this person to answer so simply. He froze for a moment and once he laughed, he didn’t even realize that his eyes had unknowingly softened. “It sounds like a big secret?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him. “It isn’t a big secret. I just concealed my ability.”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows.

Yi Jiamu explained, “It is a passive type ability and can’t be trained. So when I went to the hospital to check it, the diagnosis given by the doctor was that I am lacking an ability.”

Gu Yesheng was leaning against the wall casually. Once he heard this, he couldn’t help the corners of his mouth curving up. “This was why you were fearless the last time you were reported?”

“Students with a passive ability are already in the scope of enrollment for the School of Theory. I really didn’t violate the rules.”

“You are really good at taking advantage of loopholes.” Gu Yesheng laughed and lowered his eyes slightly as he stared at the other person with interest. “So what type of ability do you have?”

It was hard not to be curious when Yi Jiamu pretended so carefully to be a theoretical student. The only reason was to avoid unnecessary agitation during school.

Under this gaze, Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. Then he spoke in a low voice, “Yes, I am immune to all abilities.”

The smile on Gu Yesheng’s face slightly froze for a moment and his eyes were fixed on Yi Jiamu. “You are immune to all abilities?”

“Yes, all ability types are invalid against me.” Yi Jiamu thought Gu Yesheng didn’t understand and patiently explained. “It doesn’t matter if it is the element type, physical type or even the healing type. As long as it is an ability, it will directly disappear after touching my body. That’s why the fire just now didn’t burn me…”

He stopped here because fingers suddenly touched his chin. He looked up with surprise and happened to meet Gu Yesheng’s deep eyes. He didn’t know what was going on so he stood there.

Gu Yesheng didn’t speak for a while. The night wind blew around him and the sweat quietly disappeared, leaving only an unexplained look in his eyes. In such a posture, he touched Yi Jiamu for a long time. Then as if suddenly understanding something, he laughed loudly and his voice was full of pleasure. “No wonder, it is no wonder!”

Yi Jiamu blinked slowly. He didn’t understand why Gu Yesheng was laughing but his chin was being gently touched. During the laugh, he could feel the faint tremors of the fingertips.

Suddenly, he was hooked forward by a strong force and Gu Yesheng’s breath almost rubbed against his skin. “It is right to choose to hide such an ability temporarily.”

In the eyes of many people, Sublime Star was just one of many ability colleges but it wasn’t difficult to know that there were many complicated forces around it as long as the deeper layer was touched slightly. For example, the most powerful all abilities organization in the entire universe, the medical research institute of the allied government, the special unit of ability users that uniformly supervised interstellar peace or the numerous traditional families such as Gu Yesheng’s Gu family.

The shapes of these forces varied and the fields they were in were also different, but the needs of powerful people were always the same. If there was a new talent worthy of their pursuit then it didn’t matter if he was an ordinary student studying at school. The moment he became the target of the allied government, those in power or those behind them would come up with 10,000 ways to obtain him.

Gu Yesheng really couldn’t imagine what a person like Yi Jiamu would be like when involved in such an environment. The smile on his face became more unexpected and deeper “However, you have told me your secret. Little friend, what will you do next?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t know too much about this. It was just the arrangement his grandfather had made before he came to school and he decided to comply. Now he heard Gu Yesheng’s words and he raised his eyes, his voice lowering involuntarily. “Can you please keep my secret for me?”

Gu Yesheng was just teasing but when he heard such an obedient sentence, his smile stiffened slightly.

His eyes examined this face. He removed his fingers and stared at Yi Jiamu fully. “How will you thank me if I keep your secret?”

Yi Jiamu thought for a moment. “How about forgetting the last three cups of milk tea?”

Gu Yesheng was amused. “How many cups of milk tea have I already bought for you?’

Yi Jiamu apparently had no other ideas. “Then how do you want me to thank you?”

Gu Yesheng seemed to consider this question seriously. His eyes glanced over the soft lips. He inexplicably remembered the scent of the green plum pheromones and his heart moved. Suddenly, a ghost acted and he asked, “What do you feel about giving me your body?”

The surroundings suddenly became silent.

He didn’t know why but the brazen Gu Yesheng was unable to calm down under Yi Jiamu’s calm gaze. He wanted to add one more sentence when Yi Jiamu sighed softly. “You’re too insincere. Forget it. It actually doesn’t matter if this secret is kept or not.”

In any case, even if it wasn’t exposed, he was going to find an opportunity to reveal it in his second year. Now that something had suddenly happened, his grandfather would understand if he explained it properly. Since it wasn’t a big deal, it seemed there was nothing wrong.

Gu Yesheng, “………”

Seeing Yi Jiamu actually turning to leave, he reached out and grabbed his person, his tone like he was teasing a kitten. “I’m teasing. I’m not as idle as Xu Yi who likes to fool around everywhere.”

Yi Jiamu looked back, his eyes shining slightly. “Then you are willing to help me?”

“Of course I’ll help.” Gu Yesheng leaned against Yi Jiamu’s shoulder with a smile and used his jacket to cover up his slightly embarrassed appearance. He leaned toward Yi Jiamu’s ear and smiled as he whispered, “This will be a little secret between the two of us.”

The moment he finished speaking, the atmosphere of the cold night seemed to be covered with a layer of vagueness.

At such a distance, Yi Jiamu could feel the gentle breath passing over his cheeks.

Yi Jiamu fell into a slight trance and nodded. “Yes…”

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