OIAA: Chapter 20

Due to the heat period, Lu Zexiu let Yi Jiamu take a few days off. His return date was the day of the training between the association and the Twilight Abilities College. As an assistant, he arrived early. Once all the preparations were done, the members started to arrive one after another.

“You came so early. Are you feeling better?” Zhou Ming had been shocked by the rich pheromones that almost filled the entire floor when he delivered the inhibitor to Yi Jiamu. Now he saw Yi Jiamu again and he somehow had the mentality of an old hen. “It is just a training match. Rest for a few more days if you’re uncomfortable.”

“Thank you Senior but I’m fine.” Yi Jiamu replied while handing over the information card in his hand as well as an unopened inhibitor. “This is for you.”

“If you need something then come find me.” Zhou Ming didn’t care as he chewed on the lollipop in his mouth. He took out his communicator and naturally exchanged social accounts with Yi Jiamu. “We are both omegas so we should help each other out. Don’t be polite.”

Xu Yi interjected from the side. “Mutual help? It would be good if you didn’t take other students into the pit.”

Zhou Ming whistled. “What’s wrong with me? At least I don’t have a messy ex-boyfriend who will come to our association ~yo!”

He was talking about what happened in the last two days. Yi Jiamu just happened to be absent. An alpha was unwilling after Xu Yi broke up with him. He came to the Abilities Association and made a show of crying, hanging on and calling out to the other members. After watching such a good show, they couldn’t help wanting to record it and posting it to the campus forum.

Xu Yi’s face couldn’t help being ugly when this matter was mentioned. “It is almost… This is a past matter! Why mention it?”

Zhou Ming laughed loudly. “I see. Then I’ll wait for the next partner you break up with to come and make trouble. Then I’ll talk to you again about life.”

“…Get lost!”

Zhou Ming was addicted to teasing. He saw Zhen Jingyao coming over and said, “Xiao Yao, tell me, he is a beta who changes partners every few days. Isn’t this frustrating?”

Zhen Jingyao seemed to be thinking about something and he took a few steps before waking up from his thoughts. “Ah, yes.”

Zhou Ming noticed something was wrong with this person’s expression. He just wanted to say something when he heard Xiang Zhuo shouting, “Xiao Yao!”

Zhen Jingyao’s expression suddenly changed and he strode away.

Zhou Ming saw Xiang Zhuo chasing and was dumbfounded. “What’s wrong with those two?”

“It is probably because yesterday, a female student confessed to Xiang Zhuo…” Xu Yi rubbed his hair helplessly as he spoke. “Speaking of which, those two have been partners in the association for a few years. They’ve been paired up as a team for some time but no one has confessed to each other or were unable to hold back their feelings.”

Zhou Ming deeply agreed. “You might be a big player but you are correct this time!”

Xu Yi, “…Can you speak better?”

Yi Jiamu listened to their conversation from the side and couldn’t help looking in the direction of the two people who departed. He was silent for a moment before stepping forward to follow. Then Xu Yi called out to him, “Hey, little school brother. You might be in a hurry but us outsiders shouldn’t interfere. Xiao Yao has a bad temper and thin skin.”

Yi Jiamu glanced back at him and silently raised the information cards in his hand. “They forgot to take the information card.”

“…” Xu Yi slowly lowered his hand and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Sorry, you are busy. Then you go first.”


Yi Jiamu came back after sending the information cards and happened to meet Lu Zexiu and Gu Yesheng coming in through the door. His gaze shifted between them before he quietly handed over the last information cards. After receiving it, Lu Zexiu expressed gratitude and went into the lounge to change clothes.

Yi Jiamu handed the last information card to Gu Yesheng but after a long wait, the other person didn’t grab it. He looked up and met smiling eyes. Gu Yesheng’s eyes were examining Yi Jiamu’s face and he spoke slowly, “Little friend, today your face looks pretty good.”

Yi Jiamu glanced at him. “I was just in my heat period. I wasn’t terminally ill.”

Gu Yesheng wasn’t moved. “Every time my susceptible period comes, I feel a degree of discomfort that is no different from a terminal illness. Your omega’s heat period should be similar?”

It was the first time Yi Jiamu was hearing such an analogy. He might have an alpha older brother but he hadn’t seen an alpha’s susceptible period. The expression in his eyes changed and he smiled. “I heard there is a heat experience technology. Senior, if you’re interested then you can find time to try it out. You can know how it feels like.”

He thought this person would get choked up. Who would’ve expected Gu Yesheng to be intrigued? “This idea sounds good! ”

Lu Zexiu came out after changing clothes. He saw that the two people were still in the same place and couldn’t help frowning. “The training match will start soon. Both of you, speed up a bit!”

Gu Yesheng rubbed his ear and grabbed the information card from Yi Jiamu’s hand. He couldn’t help muttering. “It is just suppressing the weak. Why be so anxious…”

Today’s training match with the Twilight Abilities College’s abilities team. According to the previous results in the league, it was probably ranked in the dozens. This wasn’t low but it definitely wasn’t enough against a top abilities college like Sublime Star.

Everyone entered their virtual cabins and swiped their cards to enter the independent training platform. The other team had already been waiting for a long time. They saw the Sublime Star group and came forward enthusiastically.

Since it was directly imported virtual data, the character images on the virtual platform were completely restored. The president of the Twilight group, Daishi was a fat man weighing over 120 kilograms. After taking a picture with Lu Zexiu, his gaze turned to Yi Jiamu and his tone was amazed. “Association President Lu, have you added a new member?”

Lu Zexiu made the introductions. “This is our assistant who is doing the data recording.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Daishi stared at Yi Jiamu’s face and when he smiled, his eyes almost fell off his fat face. “The little assistant looks pretty cute. I don’t know if you have a partner?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him. “Not yet.”

Daishi smiled and came closer. “So look at me and… ah!”

He hadn’t finished speaking when his ass was kicked heavily.

His body shape meant he didn’t fall down but he couldn’t help shaking. He turned around with an unpleasant expression. “Who is it?”

He wanted to say something else but then he choked up when he saw the person smiling behind him.

There was a meaningful smile on Gu Yesheng’s face and a dark light in his eyes. “Yo, Twilight is becoming more and more promising. You even dare to have ideas about a person from our Sublime Star?”

Under such a gaze, Daishi’s body shook uncontrollably. “I was just asking casually, casually.”

Gu Yesheng raised an eyebrow. “Do you still want to play the training match?”

“Fight! Of course!” Daishi turned to look at Lu Zexiu. “Association Leader Lu, I will come out in the first individual match. Who are you going to send?”

Lu Zexiu just wanted to speak when Gu Yesheng interrupted him. “I’m coming.”

Daishi’s originally white face became the colour of a pig’s liver and he only managed to speak after a long time. “Gu Yesheng, didn’t you say that you weren’t going to participate in this training match?”

“I have nothing to do anyway. I changed my mind.” Gu Yesheng lazily stretched and smiled. “It is just a training match. Your Twilight shouldn’t be thinking about abstaining?”

Daishi’s body shook but he barely managed to stand firm with the help of his members. His face was a deathly grey but his tone was resolute and he somehow had a heroic air. “O-Of course not!”

“That’s really great.” Gu Yesheng smiled with satisfaction and didn’t forget to remind Yi Jiamu. “Little friend, remember to record it well. Don’t make small mistakes!”

Yi Jiamu pulled out the virtual recording panel and nodded carefully. “I will watch you carefully.”


The training match went from 3-5 p.m. Sublime Star won an overwhelming victory with no accident.

In this type of online virtual battle, there would normally be no casualties. However, Gu Yesheng suddenly wanted to participate. Due to his special ability, the president of the Twilight College’s group left the virtual cabin in a daze.

The specific situation was unknown. As the president, Lu Zexiu had to send a holographic video call to the other person after the training to get a better understanding.

The moment Lu Zexiu, the other team members also left, leaving only two people still immersed in depression. In the afternoon, Sublime Star had won in an overwhelming manner but the pair they were always proud of was the only ones who lost in the training match. Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao said nothing after leaving the virtual cabin. They stayed in the lounge for review in accordance with Lu Zexiu’s request.

Yi Jiamu had collected a lot of data in the training match. By the time he finished filing it, the sky was already dark. He thought that everyone had left. As a result, he had just taken the elevator from the data room to downstairs when he heard a vague argument.

“Xiao Yao, I said that it wasn’t what you thought. When will you stop having childish tantrums?”

“Childish tantrums? Xiang Zhuo, in your eyes, I’m such an unreasonable person right?”

“…You know I didn’t mean that.”

“So what did you mean? I found that you were absent-minded in the afternoon’s match. If you don’t want to partner with me then say it. I’m not the type to harass people.”

Xiang Zhuo’s voice became more anxious. “When did I say that I don’t want to partner with you?!”

It was just like the scene of a lover’s quarrel.

Yi Jiamu didn’t want to eavesdrop but his hearing had always been good and some words entered his ears. After standing still for a while, he started to walk slowly to the edge of the storage room, ready to take his backpack and go back.

The sound of arguing from the lounge room became more intense. Yi Jiamu’s footsteps accelerated slightly. Just then, two slender hands suddenly appeared in his field of view. Immediately afterwards, Gu Yesheng sat up on the sofa with a sleepy expression.

He had used a lot of physical strength in the afternoon training match so Gu Yesheng had dozed off as soon as he lay down on the sofa. He had fallen asleep and now he couldn’t sleep in this noisy environment.

He obviously hadn’t expected Yi Jiamu to still be here. Therefore, the two of them froze when their eyes met. Yi Jiamu wanted to say something when he heard a bang. The door of the lounge behind him exploded along with a strong burst of flames.

Who would’ve imagined the two people bickering in the lounge to actually fight?

Yi Jiamu’s first reaction was to hide. However, the distance was too close and it happened too suddenly. There was no other way. He could only raise his hands in front of him to protect himself.

The explosion of the door caused a powerful air flow. The flames might’ve been extinguished almost instantly but due to the excessive impact to the surrounding area, Yi Jiamu was still inevitably pushed back and he hit the metal railing behind him.

Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao were arguing in the lounge. They obviously hadn’t expected to hurt others. After a moment of shock, they rushed out of the lounge to check the specific situation.

Before they could approach, a shadow flashed past them.

Gu Yesheng had seen the child being blown away by the fire and ran to Yi Jiamu. He saw the burnt sleeves and his heart jumped. He wanted to check carefully but then he saw Yi Jiamu looking up at him. There was no panic in Yi Jiamu’s expression but Gu Yesheng was inevitably shaken for a moment.

There was a sudden silence around them.

Yi Jiamu heard Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao’s hurried footsteps and had no time to consider Gu Yesheng’s emotions. He almost instinctively fell into Gu Yesheng’s and blocked himself from the vision of the other two people.

His breath was warm and touched Gu Yesheng’s skin through the clothes.

Gu Yesheng heard a dull voice coming from his arms. “Take me out.”

The author has something to say:

The child’s instinctive trust means he will expose himself if he doesn’t leave!

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Aiii this side couple doing domestic violence…. can they still be together with this?