OIAA: Chapter 2

The entire warehouse looked very old. In the darkness, light that leaked through several narrow windows became the only light source. Irregular outlines of piled out debris could faintly be seen.

Yi Jiamu’s apricot-coloured eyes narrowed slightly and he soon became familiar with such a dim environment. The moment he entered, he could feel gazes from the surroundings. They were gazes full of playfulness and it was obvious there were many people. He didn’t know who but someone whistled softly after seeing his appearance.

Yi Jiamu looked around him and finally fell in front of him. There was a man sitting on top of a tall pile of debris. From Yi Jiamu’s point of view, there was exactly one foot in his field of vision.

The black boots were made of good leather but it wasn’t easy to climb so high. They were inevitably contaminated with a lot of dust. The draped coat hung down and the clothing swayed in the wind without rhythm. The man’s upper body was completely shrouded in darkness. Even if Yi Jiamu’s eyesight was good, he could only see a faint outline.

The other side looked at him quietly. Then in a place that couldn’t be seen, he suddenly laughed softly. “It seems that this year’s game is quite popular.”

Just listening to the tone was enough to imagine that this person’s mood was quite pleasant. Soon, the others also laughed.

Yi Jiamu stood in a place and didn’t move, but there were slight emotions on his face. Were they actually so happy to hold an event to support new students like him? It turned out that the people outside were so kind and benevolent?

The other people saw the way he didn’t speak and to them, he seemed to have a sense of helplessness. In addition, this omega who was harmless to humans and animals gave off a cute air, making the tall man who came forward look at him more. The tall man was a bit impatient but this time, his tone was rarely gentle. “Little school brother, are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready.” Yi Jiamu nodded and searched through his bag for a long time before finding a star coin with a value of 100 and handing it to the other side. “I have to trouble Senior!”

There was a serious expression on his face through the entire process, like it was a very sacred ritual.

The tall man, “……” There was no need to be so solemn.

He threw the star coin into his bag. It collided with the other coins in his bag and there was a clear sound. Then he looked up at the man sitting on the highest point and declared calmly, “Then the time will begin.”

It instantly became silent and the vaguely whispered words became quiet. Yi Jiamu didn’t know what would happen next. He held the backpack in front of him tightly and watched the movements around him with a wary face.

The tall man’s name was Xu Yi. Today, he had nothing to do and came to join in on the fun. At this time, he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. He was interested to see if this beautiful junior could last for a few seconds. As a result, one minute passed and the warehouse was still in a peaceful and harmonious state.

There was a trace of consternation in Xu Yi’s eyes and he couldn’t help looking up at the man in the darkness. What was going on? Wasn’t he ready to do it? The omega student might indeed look good but according to his knowledge of his friend, this wasn’t a person whose heart was easily moved.

Just then, the man sitting up high stood up.

Yi Jiamu was vigilant and looked up at the sound. He saw the man slip gently from the pile of debris and come toward him step to step. The dust floated in the faint sunlight and the man finally stopped in front of him. Yi Jiamu subconsciously looked up and finally saw the other person’s appearance.

Tidy black hair that showed a light gray luster in the dim light, long and narrow ice blue eyes with a charming tear mole and an obsidian earring hanging from his ear. Against the excessively white skin, he exuded a type of shocking morbid beauty.

This person was clearly an alpha but Yi Jiamu felt he was more beautiful than all the omegas Yi Jiamu had seen. He couldn’t help taking another look. A person outside actually looked so good.

Seeing this new student stare into Gu Yesheng’s eyes for a moment, the people nearby were no longer smiling mischievously and instead sucked in a cold breath. According to their previous perceptions, this could be classified as a sign that they didn’t die fast enough.

However, Gu Yesheng was thinking about something and didn’t pay much attention to them at this time. He stared into the apricot coloured eyes and his eyebrows twisted slightly. A moment later, he sincerely asked, “You aren’t afraid of me?”

Even his voice was like a round jade hooking into the souls of a person, charming and unique.

Yi Jiamu blinked blankly. “Should I be afraid of you?”

Gu Yesheng thought about it before smiling. “It’s true.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help straightening at the conversation between the two people, his eyes full of consternation. He was obviously very puzzled by this development. He knew exactly what Gu Yesheng’s ability was. Today, he said that he would tease the new students but he didn’t do anything to this little school brother. What type of fairy plot was this?

Seeing the two people still looking at each other, Xu Yi couldn’t help reminding them. “There is only one minute left.”

As the challenger, Yi Jiamu was naturally very happy to hear the time was coming. He couldn’t help thinking about how to spend the newly earned 900 star coins. On the other hand, his past experience taught him that the closer to the end, the more cautious he needed to be. Thus, his already vigilant nerves tightened.

Just then, the man in front of him suddenly reached out a hand and gently raised his chin. Yi Jiamu should’ve flashed away but the other side’s inquiring expression didn’t seem malicious. Therefore, he let this person act while feeling puzzled and suspicious. Such a hand was delicate and white, with a sudden coolness on the fingertips. It slid over his face like a snake without temperature, slowly moving up the side of his face.

Yi Jiamu probably understood these tentative actions. He saw the other person’s thoughtful expression and blinked innocently.

Obviously, the beautiful alpha in front of him should be a mental ability player. It was no wonder why the rules stated that no fighting would occur. People who could awaken such abilities were rare but their effectiveness in actual combat was exceptionally strong. Ordinary students basically had no way to deal with it. It was just a pity that this ability had no effect on Yi Jiamu.

There was silence all around them like no one else was here. Who would’ve thought that Gu Yesheng, who always disliked people approaching him, would actually touch someone like this in public?!

Xu Yi was also a bit stunned. He inadvertently glanced at the number and remembered. “Time is up.”

Gu Yesheng heard his words and quietly pulled his hand back, a rather playful smile suddenly showing on his face. “Congratulations little school brother, you’ve succeeded.”

This smile succeeded in making the others feel that their backs were cold. Xu Yi came over, pulled out coins from his pocket and placed them in Yi Jiamu’s hand. “Here is your reward, take it.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Yi Jiamu counted the pieces in his hand one by one and finally nodded. “The number is correct.”

Xu Yi, “……” 900 star coins, did they seem like people who would be lacking this type of money?

Yi Jiamu politely said goodbye to them. He didn’t even ask their names and happily left. He wanted to pick up his Cici outside.

Xu Yi looked at the back that disappeared out the door and turned to look. He saw Gu Yesheng leaning on the back of a chair, half his face covered by his slender fingers and it was unknown what he was thinking.

Almost all the students in the school were afraid of Gu Yesheng. Xu Yi was one of the few people who could communicate with him normally. At this time, other people were silent. Only Xu Yi walked past indifferent and asked in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “What’s wrong with you? Do you like that omega?”

Gu Yesheng glanced at him through the gap in his fingers and the corner of his mouth curved in an inexplicable arc. “Do you think so?”

Xu Yi was just casually ridiculing him. Seeing Gu Yesheng’s attitude, he couldn’t help choking up. “You really like him?”

Gu Yesheng seemed to be thinking of something and didn’t speak for a while. After a long time, he lowered his hands and looked down, his fingertips still containing the faint sensation left by that person.

Suddenly, he inexplicably smiled. “This little omega school brother is really very interesting…”


The Blues Cafe on the West Campus was a place where Sublime Star students liked to gather.

Gu Xiucheng gently extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand and gently breathed out a curl of smoke, the playful style forming a sharp contrast with his appearance of a good student. There was a touch of contempt in his indifferent voice. “Gu Yesheng went to bully the freshmen again? Sure enough, it is his style. He is relying on the identity of our family to play the domineering role in school.”

Then he sneered. “Still, as someone with no mother or father, I want to see how long he can be arrogant.”

Even among the many ability families, the Gu family was quite important. Like many ancient families in the field, faction battles had always existed. Gu Xiucheng and Gu Yesheng might be cousins but Gu Xiucheng was very ambitious. Gu Yesheng might be the future leader of the Gu family but Gu Xiucheng never hid his feelings and the two of them were in conflict. The feud between them wasn’t a secret in Sublime Star.

The students who came to relay the information stood there respectfully with straight backs. They couldn’t help shaking uncontrollably at such emotionless words.

“Speaking of which, he plays this game every year and still isn’t bored.” Gu Xiucheng sneered. He saw that the people in front of him didn’t mean to leave and his eyes narrowed slightly. “What? Do you have something else to say?”

One of the students hesitated before saying, “Today… someone came out of the warehouse unscathed.”

Gu Xiucheng’s hand that was grabbing his coffee paused. “Who?”

Under his gaze, the student’s voice couldn’t help getting lower. “An omega freshman. The rest… I’m not quite sure about.”

Gu Xiucheng’s fingers rubbed thoughtfully against the cup handle. “Go and check.”

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