OIAA: Chapter 19

Zhou Ming went upstairs to find Yi Jiamu, leaving Gu Yesheng standing there silently for a while. Then he strode to the water dispenser and took a few large mouthfuls of water.

Xu Yi was still there and he sighed as he saw the water level line of the newly filled water dispenser go down to half. “Ohh, such a big fire?”

Gu Yesheng looked over and the red corners of his eyes had faded away a lot. The corners of his mouth were once again curved up in an arc like he was smiling and he dragged out his tone. “As a beta, you will never know how wonderful an omega’s pheromones are.”

Xu Yi might’ve bumped into the muzzle of the gun himself but he still choked up a bit. He couldn’t help feeling aggrieved. “Xiang Zhuo, look at him.”

“This omega’s pheromones are indeed a bit…” Xiang Zhuo was speaking when he suddenly felt a gaze on him. He cleared his throat and changed his words, “It really is a pity that you can’t smell it. I am immersed in Xiao Yao’s fairy pheromones every day and it is a heavenly life.”

Next to him, Zhen Jingyao retracted his gaze but he couldn’t help smiling slightly as he muttered, “This boasting is too exaggerated.”

Xiang Zhuo sat upright. “It is a sentence from my heart!”

Xu Yi, “……”

Okay, sexism, betas had no human rights. He would put up with it!

However, Gu Yesheng wasn’t a person who would just let it go. He held the glass of water in one hand and leaned lazily against the way. “You mean, you’ve had so many partners but you haven’t smelled any pheromones? Ah, this incomplete life…”

Xu Yi’s mouth twitched slightly. “…Gu Yesheng, you are almost too much!”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows and the dark tide flowing in his eyes converged slightly. He was slightly and still sneering but his eyes were focused in the direction of the elevator.

Xiang Zhuo was an alpha and he naturally knew the feeling of being disturbed by omega pheromones. He glimpsed the animal nature that hadn’t completely subsided in Gu Yesheng’s attitude and couldn’t help asking, “The new assistant’s heat period is so fierce? Look at you now. It seems that your fit is a bit high!”

Gu Yesheng thought for a moment and gave a meaningful smile. “It should be.”

Just then, a ding came from the elevator door. The door opened and two figures emerged from inside.

Yi Jiamu had injected the inhibitor and the symptoms of his heat had clearly subsided. The smell of his pheromones floating around had been covered by Zhou Ming with a barrier agent. No symptoms could be seen apart from the faint confusion on his face and the unusual blush.

His eyes swept over the crowd and eventually fell on Gu Yesheng. Then he told Gu Yesheng in a sincere tone, “Thank you, Senior.”

Gu Yesheng glanced silently at the position of the gland covered by the collar and threw the empty cup in his hand into the trash bin. “Let’s go, little friend. I will send you back to the dormitory.”

Before he got close, a leg suddenly swept toward him. Fortunately, he dodged in time but a shoe print was almost left on his pant leg.

Gu Yesheng frowned. “What is it?”

Zhuo Ming looked at him with contempt. “An alpha offering to send an omega in heat back to the dormitory? I have a reasonable suspicion that you are a wicked thief, vice-president.”

Gu Yesheng stared at him like he was a fool. “If I had any thoughts then I would’ve bitten him upstairs just now.”

Zhou Ming precisely grasped the key point. “So you admit that you were thinking about biting him?”

The surroundings suddenly became silent. Yi Jiamu stood still, his eyes on Gu Yesheng’s body as he blinked slowly. It was difficult for Gu Yesheng to maintain his expression due to this gaze. He had to lie down on the sofa with a smile. “If you don’t trust an alpha then let Xu Yi, the beta, send him back. What is the big deal?”

Xu Yi was watching the good show from the side. He heard his name and couldn’t help frowning. “Weren’t you just despising betas? How can you use me now?”

“No, I can do it myself.” Yi Jiamu clearly felt that the heat in his body had subsided. He was calm and he waved politely to everyone. “Then I will go back first.”

He turned to leave when it suddenly became dark in front of him. A coat had flown over and covered his head. A moment later, a big hand gently patted his head through the coat. “Okay, I will go back with you. I will follow from behind and won’t get too close.”

Gu Yesheng had been choked by Zhou Ming just now and he should’ve let Yi Jiamu go on his own. Then he saw that the child really wanted to go home and he couldn’t control his legs. At this time, he still didn’t forget to hand the milk tea in his hand over to Yi Jiamu and told him quietly, “There are still three cups.”

The two people’s figures disappeared into the elevator but Zhou Ming still couldn’t recover from Gu Yesheng’s unbelievable attitude. “What’s wrong with this person? His nature has changed?”

Xu Yi stared at the ceiling with no expression. “This is probably the charm of pheromones that betas can’t understand…”


On the way back to the dormitory, Yi Jiamu met Sang Bei who was rushing over. “I’m sorry Mumu. I was in a secret group chat and didn’t pay attention to my messages. How are you doing? I will never forgive myself if something happened to you because of this!”

Yi Jiamu gently patted his back and comforted him. “It’s fine. The seniors of the association helped me solve it.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Sang Bei was relieved and was about to say something when he saw the figure not far away and exclaimed, “God… God Ye?!”

Gu Yesheng was lazily following with his hands in his pants. He saw the roommates reuniting and waved his hand. “Hi.”

Sang Bei was frozen with shock. After a long time, he stared at Yi Jiamu with a stiff expression. He looked like he wanted to say something but stopped. As a veteran God Ye fan, he obviously knew that Gu Yesheng was an alpha. He was also a top alpha who could only be viewed from a distance. Now such an alpha was sending an omega back to the dormitory during their heat period. This scene was inevitably a bit scary.

Yi Jiamu had just said that the seniors of the association helped him solve it. So how was it solved?

Gu Yesheng saw a roommate had come to pick up Yi Jiamu and left without a word. This left Sang Bei and Yi Jiamu in an unprecedented silence on the way back.

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak much. Combined with the fact that he was still a bit dizzy, he naturally didn’t notice Sang Bei’s strangeness. Once they got back to the dormitory, Sang Bei finally couldn’t hold me. “Mumu, you tell me the truth. During your heat period… did God Ye help you solve it?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes, I had no inhibitor at the time. If it wasn’t for Senior discovering it, I might’ve fainted directly in the reference room.”

He recalled the situation and commented, “He is a good person.”

Sang Bei was petrified in place and was unable to find his voice for a long time.

What happened when an alpha found a fevered omega in a confined space? The answer was naturally: pounce on him, bite him, mark him!

This was often the most dramatic beginning of an AO love but this alpha was…

Yi Jiamu went to the bathroom and washed his face. Then he finally felt that he had sobered up. He found his storage necklace and placed it back around his neck. Once he came out, he saw Sang Bei was still standing in place and finally found a trace of abnormality. “What’s wrong?”

It was as if Sang Bei had made a very difficult decision in this short period of time. Sang Bei stared at this person with eyes full of firmness. “Mumu, you can rest assured to pursue your own happiness! After all, the Shen Ze CP can come to an end but our friendship must last forever!!!”

Yi Jiamu, “?”

He hadn’t been supporting it for long. How come this CP was going to end so quickly?

“Go to rest first. Remember to drink hot water.” Sang Bei patted Yi Jiamu’s shoulder with an expression like Sang Bei had done a meritorious deed. Then he didn’t say anything more.

It was beyond words.

Who made him Yi Jiamu’s roommate? Although his fate might’ve been torn open and bleeding but it could only be cut for Mumu’s future. In order to commemorate the death of ‘Shen Ze’, he even figured out a new CP name.

Yemu CP, it was great just listening to it! (Ye Mu, combination of their names but can also mean curtain of night/gathering darkness)

The author has something to say:

Sang Bei: I’m a really clever and quick-witted fellow!

Narcissus: I’m optimistic about you ~ :)

Mumu: ?

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