OIAA: Chapter 18

The Sublime Star Abilities Association’s interviews for the new recruits weren’t over but the campus forum had completely exploded.

The object of this discussion was still Yi Jiamu who had frequently appeared in public view in recent days. It seemed that whenever everyone thought he had done his best, he could always bring the limelight to a higher level.

Not long after the post was sent out, the number of hits soared and it only took a few minutes for 20 pages to form and it to become hot. [You might not believe it but today, God Ye really came down to pick up a person. I swear by my family’s highest reputation!]

The people at the scene were active. More than one person gave a vivid description of the scene at the time and the number of comments was getting higher and higher.

[Ah, it is a pity for the people who weren’t there! You didn’t see it. At that time, God Ye was looking at Yi Jiamu like he was looking at prey! Tsk tsk tsk]

[Meow meow meow? No matter if it is true or false, don’t blame a girl for crying.]

[Have you seen the photo of Student Yi? Next to God Ye, doesn’t he look like a little sheep sent to the wolf’s mouth?]

[Hahaha, I also think their relationship isn’t quite right. Student Yi Jiamu is simply the type of omega that alphas have always dreamed of. Don’t let Gu Yesheng do it!]

This post went all the way to the 249th comment when someone suddenly wrote: [Person upstairs, leave your IP address?]

The Sublime Star students online glanced at the ID of ‘Night God’ and collectively fell silent. Other posts were shot up and the originally top post sank in an instant.

Xu Yi saw the entire process and couldn’t help laughing. “God Ye, did you see it? Don’t try to harm the little school brother. The eyes of the public are sharp. Everyone thinks you will harm him.”

“How do you know what I have in mind?” Gu Yesheng sneered dismissively before turning around to ask, “Lu Zexiu, do you have time to check the IPs in front of me? They are dancing so well. What if they are people sent by Gu Xiucheng?”

“No time.” Lu Zexiu didn’t even raise his head. “In addition, Gu Xiucheng wouldn’t be so idle.”

The corners of Gu Yesheng’s mouth lowered in an unhappy manner and he glanced at the computer screen. “Are the new recruits confirmed?”

Lu Zexiu nodded. “Yes, I will discuss it with Professor Guan and try to determine the training plan for the near future.”

Profession Guan’s was Guan Xueming and he was the main leader of the Sublime Star Abilities Association.

Gu Yesheng stopped talking. Every time Lu Zexiu entered his work mode, it was best to show no signs of existence. Otherwise, their training plan would change from ‘beautiful’ to impeccable.


Yi Jiamu didn’t know about the flash in the pan campus post.

After reading the information on all the members of the association, he returned to the dormitory and officially started the life of the association’s assistant in front of Sang Bei’s envious eyes.

According to Lu Zexiu’s request, he sent a copy of all the course arrangements for his first semester. Then he soon received a complete training plan for the members of the association that was very detailed.

As the president of the Sublime Star Abilities Association, Lu Zexiu was responsible enough to make everyone feel at ease. Based on the arrangements in the training plan, Yi Jiamu went to the building where the Abilities Association was located after class. The moment he entered, he saw that the official members had arrived at the indoor training ground but Gu Yesheng wasn’t seen at all.

Xu Yi noticed his gaze and explained. “That Gu Yesheng is different from us. In a way, he is probably a type of genius. His ability is almost flawless apart from his weaker physical ability. Therefore, it is normal for him to not come to training often. It’s normal not to see him.”

Then Xu Yi smiled in a meaningful manner. “However, the president doesn’t like this absence. He also scolds Gu Yesheng when he is late. You are responsible for taking attendance. If you are worried then you can help sign it for him quietly.”

Once he finished speaking, he saw Yi Jiamu pick up the sign-in pen and clearly place a cross after Gu Yesheng’s name.

Xu Yi, “……”

Now he really believed there was nothing between the two people. This was too ruthless.

The training content in the afternoon was the strengthening of personal ability. All official members entered the corresponding simulation cabin. Yi Jiamu was the assistant and his job was to help record everyone’s data indicators. The simulation cabins of the association were the latest models on the market and all the data was clearly displayed on the panel.

Yi Jiamu recorded the data for an afternoon and got a preliminary understanding of everyone’s ability. Gu Yesheng still hadn’t arrived by the time everyone came out of the simulation cabin so Yi Jiamu sorted out all the information and went to the data room to file it.

He didn’t know why but he felt a bit soft when he got up today. He hadn’t felt much in the afternoon but after entering the data room, he felt a sense of dizziness again. Then he finally realized that he had probably entered his heat period.

Yi Jiamu rubbed his dizzy head and reached for the storage necklace around his neck. As a result, he grabbed nothing and he was stunned. Looking back, he remembered that he took a shower after returning from his physical education class yesterday. The necklace was taken off and placed on the table. Then he forgot to put it back on.

At this time, the official members of the association had gone to the lounge downstairs and the entire floor was empty. There were no people and only the scent of green plum pheromones gently drifted in the air.

Yi Jiamu braced himself and locked the door of the data room. He made sure his pheromones wouldn’t leak out any further and used his communicator to send a message to Sang Bei, hoping Sang Bei could help deliver an inhibitor to him after seeing it.

However, a long time passed without any reply to his message. Yi Jiamu didn’t have any other omega he was familiar with. He could only take a deep breath and sit back in the chair due to the dizziness. He felt the heat surge up in him.

Unknowingly, the entire small space of the reference room filled with the smell of pheromones and it was becoming increasingly fiercer. A fever-like burning sensation swallowed Yi Jiamu’s sanity little by little. He slowly lay on the table and didn’t hear the ‘ding’ of the elevator arriving.

Gu Yesheng had come here deliberately after training ended and specifically brought a cup of milk tea with him. As a result, he didn’t see the child in the lounge. He questioned Xu Yi and came to the data room.

The moment he stepped out of the elevator, he couldn’t help pausing. It might’ve dispersed a lot but it wasn’t hard to detect the pheromones in the air. The scent was too green and familiar. Under this light scent, Gu Yesheng felt his heart being gently moved by something. Once he recovered, he quickly walked toward the data room and found that it was locked from the inside.

He knocked on the door. “Yi Jiamu?”

There was no response. Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment. The corners of his lips were turned down and he didn’t say anything else. He directly lifted his foot to kick open the door.

He wasn’t a physical ability-type player and he used almost all his strength for this kick. As a result, he didn’t have time to recover his breathing after the kick when the strong smell of pheromones overflowed.

The concentration of pheromones in the reference room was too high. Gu Yesheng was unprepared and was filled with the strong possession of an alpha. The alpha wanted to be completely drawn up. He raised his eyes and saw the figure huddled at the table. There was the impulse to pull this person into his arms.

Perhaps it was the breath of an alpha filling the air. Yi Jiamu, who hadn’t responded to the huge movement of the door being kicked open, raised his head in a confused manner. His eyes swept over Gu Yesheng for a moment and he seemed to struggle before recognizing this person. His voice warmed. “My heat period has come.”

It was hard for him to remember to give an explanation. Unfortunately, Yi Jiamu didn’t know how bewitching his appearance was at this time.

Due to the heat in his body, his expression was dazed. There was a thin layer of sweat on his smooth and delicate neck and the inadvertently opened neckline revealed the delicate collarbone. All this filled his vision.

Such a scene undoubtedly tested the endurance of an alpha. Under the stimulation of the omega pheromones, Gu Yesheng felt something in his body scream wildly. His tongue licked his dry lips. During the time when his pheromones were still in the controllable range, he took a few steps back and avoided Yi Jiamu’s eyes. “Please bear with it a bit more.”

It was only a small wisp but Yi Jiamu could smell the light scent of narcissus floating from Gu Yesheng. He was uncomfortable but in the end, he resisted the urge to rub against this person and silently nodded. “Okay.”

Gu Yesheng controlled his gaze so it was no longer on Yi Jiamu’s gland. He suppressed the madness in his body and turned toward the elevator room.

The official members of the association were enjoying some rest after training. Seeing Gu Yesheng go back and forth, they couldn’t help looking behind him. However, they didn’t see any signs of Yi Jiamu.

Xu Yi was a beta and didn’t notice anything wrong. Not far away, Xiang Zhuo smelled the strong breath around Gu Yesheng and looked up in amazement. “How did you get the smell of omega pheromones?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t respond and headed straight to Zhou Ming. “Do you have an inhibitor?”

Zhou Ming was playing a game and replied casually, “Of course I have one.”

He just finished speaking when the game controller in his hand was taken away and thrown to the side.

“What are you…” Zhou Ming looked up with dissatisfaction and then saw Gu Yesheng’s expression. “F*k, what happened to you?”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were bloodshot from too much endurance. Even now, it was difficult to control the clamoring blood in his body.

He took a deep breath, the dark color in his eyes swirling and his voice unprecedentedly low. “Don’t play anymore. Our little friend’s heat period has come. Lend him your inhibitor and send it to the upstairs reference room.”

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