OIAA: Chapter 17

They had just walked into the building when Gu Yesheng leaned over and asked with a smile, “Little friend, did those people bully you just now?”


Gu Yesheng glanced down and his mouth curved up. “I’ll have Xu Yi find out the information of those people and refuse them.”

From his tone, it seemed he was used to doing this type of abuse of authority. However, he was once again rejected.

“No, they can’t bully me.” Yi Jiamu paused and added, “These people aren’t strong enough. They can’t enter even if they do the interview.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help laughing. “You can read people?”

The two men got on the elevator as they talked. They travelled all the way up in the narrow space and soon arrived at the exclusive floor of the Sublime Star Abilities Association. Once they walked out of the elevator, many eyes gathered on them in a flash. They should be the official members of the association.

As an acquaintance, Xu Yi walked over to greet them. Yi Jiamu nodded at him and followed Gu Yesheng to Lu Zexiu’s office. He already had some understanding of the work of the association’s assistant.

It wasn’t difficult. He was basically responsible for organizing the data of the members of the association, recording the data from their training and collecting related information of their competitors from other schools. As an analogy, it was more like the project manager of a large-scale enterprise. It was indeed a job that an ordinary theoretical student could do.

Lu Zexiu did things as simply as ever. After confirming Yi Jiamu’s intention, he provided an agreement in triplicate. Yi Jiamu signed in and the two parties formally established an employment relationship.

After coming out of the office, Yi Jiamu found that a group of people were gathered outside the door. Xu Yi felt Gu Yesheng’s gaze and innocently raised his hand. “They are curious about the new assistant. I can’t stop them.”

Apart from a second-year student, the current full members of the Abilities Association were basically in their third and fourth year. They had long wanted to see new people in the association so they were about to cheer regardless of Gu Yesheng’s expression. Then they saw a tall figure emerge from the office. “Do you have a lot of free time today?”

Lu Zexiu’s words were bland but everyone instantly shivered. They laughed dryly and suddenly ran away.

Only Xu Yi leaned against the wall and shook his head emotionally. “President, do you have to be so strict all the time? Everyone just wanted to see the new assistant. Why scare them?”

Lu Zexiu was completely unmoved. “The welcome ceremony can be done anytime and anywhere. The most important thing right now is to organize all the freshmen lining up for an interview.”

Then he glanced at Gu Yesheng. “You are responsible for half the interviews today.”

Gu Yesheng had just gone downstairs and naturally knew the grand spectacle. He raised his eyebrows with dissatisfaction. “There are so many people. Why should I be responsible for so much?”

“You need to occasionally do your duty as the vice-president.”

Gu Yesheng snorted. “There is no need for me to be responsible when you are there.”

Lu Zexiu told him, “Then it’s decided.”

Gu Yesheng, “?”

Seeing Lu Zexiu about to turn and leave, he was about to say something when he felt a gaze from behind him. He couldn’t help turning back and happened to meet Yi Jiamu’s eyes.

Perhaps it was due to the light in the room but the child’s eyes were clear, brilliant and bright. It was too eye-catching.

Gu Yesheng’s steps paused and he was stunned for a moment. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Jiamu retracted his gaze and shook his head. “Nothing.”

Gu Yesheng felt there was something wrong with this attitude but he couldn’t touch on the reason. Thus, he temporarily collected his thoughts. “Go, I will take you to the reference room. All the information on the association members is there. Just take a look at it and make sure you know all of them.”

Xu Yi saw that Lu Zexiu’s words had entered one ear and went out the other and couldn’t help asking, “God Ye, aren’t you going for the interview?”

Gu Yesheng turned back to him and waved. “Whoever loves to go can go.”

Xu Yi, “……”

Yi Jiamu followed Gu Yesheng and quietly took out his communicator while Gu Yesheng wasn’t looking. He sent Sang Bei a message: [It feels good to nibble on CP at the scene.]

The communicator quickly vibrated. It was a reply from Sang Bei. [Ahhhh, don’t stimulate me!! QAQ]

Yi Jiamu couldn’t hold back and let out a laugh. Gu Yesheng heard the laughter behind him as he walked to the door of the reference room and he glanced back, “Little friend, why are you so happy?”

Yi Jiamu’s gaze passed over the bewitching teardrop mole and then the other person’s waist. It was unknown what he was thinking as he blinked slowly. “Nothing.”


For the sake of looking at the information, Yi Jiamu naturally didn’t go back to have dinner with Sang Bei. He directly ate takeaway with the members of the association and became familiar with them.

At present, the Sublime Star Abilities Association had a total of 10 people, seven of whom were full members and three that were substitutes. After this year’s new member recruitment, the number of substitutes would rise to five accordingly.

This number wasn’t high but they could become the most influential student organization in an abilities college like Sublime Star. The most critical factor was the annual college’s Ability League. The interstellar league was directly initiated by the allied government’s Association of Abilities and the final score could directly determine the final ranking of Sublime Star among colleges of the same level.

Since its establishment, the Sublime Star Abilities Association had participated in 10 leagues and had successfully ranked among the top three every year. It wasn’t weak and the regular members received a lot of attention from the school.

Yi Jiamu had also seen the CP Groups of other members near the Shen Ze special area previously. After reading the materials and seeing the real person, he could basically match them.

Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao were probably the hottest CP combination after Shen Ze. The main reason was that they had been active in the league as a combination since their official debut. They were inseparable every time they appeared. Plus, they had the identity of alpha and omega so it wasn’t difficult for everyone to associate them in that aspect.

They were already in their final year and needed to find a suitable candidate to replace the two-player battle before graduation. They were obviously under a lot of pressure and were absent-minded when eating. After a few bites, they continued to go downstairs to interview the newcomers.

“President, look at what you forced them to do. There is actually a day when Zhen Jingyao didn’t eat a lot!” Xu Yi looked at the backs that left and shook his head. He placed a piece of meat in his bowl and turned to ask, “Zhou Ming, how far have you got in this game?”

It was just a casual question but then he saw the image on the game console and almost sprayed out his food. “Level 998? Are you human?”

Zhou Ming sent him a disgusted gaze and quietly avoided him. “I’m about to clear it. Don’t disturb me.”

Xu Yi, “……”

Lu Zexiu frowned from beside him. “How many people were interviewed today? Do you still have time to play around?”

“President, are you worried about my speed?” Zhou Ming’s eyes were still on the screen as he spoke and his lips went up. Then he threw the game console to Xu Yi. “Okay, I passed the instance. I will continue to do the interviews.”

He jumped from the sofa and smiled as he passed by Yi Jiamu, patting him on the shoulder. “Mumu right? This game is very fun. You can consider trying it if you have time.”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t replied when Gu Yesheng kicked out in disgust. “Hurry and go!”

The two people were very close. For some reason, Zhou Ming didn’t seem to move but Gu Yesheng’s foot skimmed past him. He whistled lightly. “Vice-president, I’m doing the interviews for you. Can’t you have a better attitude?”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows, seemingly indifferent. “Thank you so much.”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes followed the back leaving through the door.

As recorded in the data, Zhou Ming was in his second year. He was the youngest official member of the Sublime Star Abilities Association and was a speed-type ability holder. He competed on behalf of the school and almost always won.

Gu Yesheng noticed the direction Yi Jiamu was looking in and suddenly leaned closer. “Little friend, stay away from that kid. He isn’t a good thing. Be careful not to be brought in the wrong direction by him.”

Xu Yi was probably shocked that a person like Gu Yesheng could still say that others weren’t ‘a good thing’ and choked on the food he just placed in his mouth. He hurriedly took a few sips of water.

Gu Yesheng heard the movement. His eyes darkened and he stared at Xu Yi with a smile. “You’re so fragile. Do you want Xiao Gong to take a look at you?”

Xiao Gong was Gong Yue and she was the only member with a medical-type ability. She was a beta girl with a somewhat shy personality. She had been eating silently and now she looked up with disbelief.

Xu Yi coughed for a while before recovering. Then he took her, “…Xiao Gong, ignore him.”

Yi Jiamu listened to their conversation and couldn’t help laughing.

After the meal, Lu Zexiu carefully cleaned up the takeaway boxes. Then he walked to Yi Jiamu and his lips curved in an arc that might be called a smile. “I didn’t say it before but welcome to the Sublime Star Abilities Association, Assistant Yi Jiamu.”

Gu Yesheng leaned back lazily on the sofa and smiled. “Little friend, we will be colleagues now.”

Yi Jiamu’s gaze shifted between the two people. “Thank you.”

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Finally nibbled directly at the scene.

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I find it more amusing the mc’s thinks the top as a bottom now I wish they’d kinda wear a switch but I know that’s not going to happen 🙁