OIAA: Chapter 16

Soon, the new semester officially entered the recruitment week for the major organizations. Due to the previous turmoil on the forum, Yi Jiamu hadn’t even opened his mouth before all types of invitations had been sent to his star mail address.

This made Sang Bei, who was also a freshman of the School of Theory, feel jealous. He couldn’t help sighing, “Aren’t we both soft omega freshmen. Why is the treatment gap so big?”

Yi Jiamu randomly read all the emails he received and replied with ‘thank you for the invitation’ in a unified manner. He noticed that Sang Bei was still submitting resumes to the organization on the Internet and wondered, “Don’t you have an organization you particularly want to go to?”

“I naturally have one but hard-working students like me can only cast a wide net to catch more fish!” Sang Bei exclaimed before sighing with sadness. “I would like to go to the Abilities Association to see my CP but I have to accept it! You see, this is the front line broadcast from comrades signing up at the registration site. This is the current situation at the door of the Abilities Association. Tut tut tut, an impressive display of people is crossing the bridge!”

In the photo, the originally spacious gate of the Sublime Star Abilities Association was crowded and the long line of applications extended from the building all the way to several blocks away, showing the degree of popularity.

There were at least a few hundred people here but if he remembered correctly, the number of new members recruited this year was only two.

Yi Jiamu looked down at the message that Gu Yesheng had sent him a few minutes ago: [Little friend, have you completed the registration form? Remember to deliver it at noon today ~:)]

After a moment of silence, he replied: [The number of people is slightly large. I’ll go later.]

Perhaps Gu Yesheng was in front of the communicator because he sent a reply almost instantaneously. [Relax and come here. Tell me when you arrive and I’ll come out to pick you up.]

Since this person said so, Yi Jiamu naturally had no reason to refuse. He took off the coat hung by his bedside and wore it.

Sang Bei was still casting out his resumes and didn’t react for a moment after hearing the movement. “Are you going to dinner? Do it later. Wait until I’m done with this wave!”

Yi Jiamu put on his shoes. “There’s no hurry. I’m submitting the application form.”

“Eh, you’ve decided so quickly? There are so many organizations inviting you. Aren’t you going to think about it?”

Yi Jiamu closed the shoe cabinet and replied, “No, I think the Abilities Association is good and I won’t consider other places.”

“Of course the Abilities Association is good! Even the student union has to bow their heads in front of them. Wasn’t it me who said…” Sang Bei’s endless words came to an abrupt end. He suddenly realized and looked back. “Where did you say that you were going to join?”

However, Yi Jiamu had already left. There was only an empty corridor.

“………” Sang Bei thought he was probably going crazy.

Did he hear correctly?

His roommate at the School of Theory, the new supporter of the Shen Ze CP, Yi Jiamu actually wanted to join the Sublime Star Abilities Association?!!!


Yi Jiamu passed through half the campus and finally saw the grand event Sang Bei mentioned.

Frankly speaking, it was more shocking than the photos.

The Abilities Association was the highest student organization in the entire school and few people could join it. However, there was probably the mentality of ‘a newborn calf isn’t afraid of tigers’. There were always many new students rushing to sign up for an interview every year. Those who could be admitted to Sublime Star were all top-level ability holders. Before they were beaten by reality, they had the confident mentality of ‘I’m the best in the world’ and they felt they could try everything.

This test caused this area’s road conditions to be paralyzed.

It wasn’t easy for Yi Jiamu to walk through the crowd. The gate wasn’t far away but it was inexplicably distant due to the grandeur of this crowd of people.

In addition to betas, there were many alphas and omegas. In the hot and scorching weather, it was inevitable that some pheromones would leak out. In addition, there were strange pheromones odor maskers that were popular on the market today. The whole area could be said to give off a unique smell.

Yi Jiamu gave up on the idea of squeezing in. He took out the communicator and sent a message to Gu Yesheng.

There was a quick reply from the other side: [I’m going down now.]

The students not far away say Yi Jiamu standing there. They thought he wanted to jump in line and couldn’t help saying, “Student, please go to the queue if you want to sign up!”

Then they pointed to the tail of the queue.

Yi Jiamu noticed the vigilant gazes around him. It wasn’t difficult to guess that cutting into the queue probably happened a lot. Seeing that Gu Yesheng hadn’t arrived yet, he obediently walked toward the end of the queue.

“Ah, don’t you think this silver hair looks familiar?” A girl from the School of Medicine whispered to her companion. “Isn’t it like the famous omega on the forum a while ago?”

“No? Isn’t that omega from the School of Theory? Why would a student from the School of Theory come to join an abilities organization?”

Other people hadn’t been paying attention. Then after hearing the conversation between the two people, they couldn’t help looking at Yi Jiamu’s back. Some people even directly looked at the posts that were hot on the forum. The more they looked, the more similar they found it.

News passed quickly from mouth to mouth. The freshmen who were originally bored in line were thoroughly boiling over. It really was the omega from the School of Theory! A theoretical student came to apply for the Abilities Association?

Yi Jiamu had just reached the end of the line when several people came over.

He wasn’t paying much attention. His head was lowered because he found that Sang Bei had sent him a series of exclamation marks. He saw the garbled nonsense and remembered he hadn’t said he was going to be an assistant. He explained it again.

Once the message was sent, the other side was completely silent due to the excessive amount of information.

Yi Jiamu saw that Sang Bei had no response and put away his communicator only to find a slightly changed atmosphere around him. A question mark slowly emerged in his mind. He was dazed as he looked up to find the classmate in front of him secretly looking at him.

This was an alpha freshman and his unguarded expression surprised Yi Jiamu. This person was caught peeping and didn’t know what to do. The two of them stared at each other for a moment. The alpha couldn’t help turning red under his gaze and he pulled out a smile.

Yi Jiamu blinked and asked in a straightforward manner, “Did something happen?”

The alpha’s smile became stiffer but he was really uncomfortable in his heart and he couldn’t help asking, “Are you Yi Jiamu from the School of Theory?”

Yi Jiamu nodded and then asked again, “What happened?”

The alpha was shocked and fell silent. He looked like he wanted to talk but couldn’t say anything.

Yi Jiamu, “?”

This alpha was shy and didn’t mean to say anything. However, the two tell men in front were much more direct. “I say, this classmate, you might have a complete source vein space and you’re really powerful but you are coming to participate in the interview of the Abilities Association? Aren’t you looking down on the students of other colleges?”

The people next to them also responded. “Yes, there is no place here for a theoretical student? Why did you come to this queue? It is just wasting your time and our time!”

Yi Jiamu finally understood and grasped the key point. “Are you afraid that I will grab your place?”

The people around him were choked by his direct words and there was silence for a moment. After exchanging looks, they couldn’t help laughing. “Do you know that the members of the Abilities Association are going to participate in the Abilities League on behalf of the school? Hahahaha, you’re a theoretical student. How can you grab this quota? For the level of our school’s Abilities Association, no one can enter even if it is to serve tea or pour water. Hahaha, did you become overconfident because you previously caused a storm on the forum? Can you weigh yourself before bragging?”

Yi Jiamu blinked and was ready to speak when the crowd suddenly became restless. The people here ridiculing him couldn’t help raising their heads when they heard the movement and they clearly saw the figure walking out of the gate.

F*k, how could Gu Yesheng be here? He just appeared and he was completely surrounded by screams.

However, Gu Yesheng’s attention clearly wasn’t here. It was unknown what he was looking for but he searched around for a while.

Yi Jiamu found that his communicator was shaking. He pressed the answer button and said a few words before going on tiptoes and waving to the man in the distance. Gu Yesheng saw the striking silver hair instantly and slowly came over with his hands in his trouser pockets.

The crowd unknowingly gave way and saw Gu Yesheng walk immediately to Yi Jiamu and casually place an arm around Yi Jiamu’s shoulder. His behaviour was close and intimate. “Little friend, didn’t I say I would come down to pick you up? What are you doing running so far?”

“Everyone was lining up and I was embarrassed to squeeze ahead.” Yi Jiamu replied. He was about to follow Gu Yesheng when he stopped and turned to look at the students just now with a friendly smile. “I’m going first. I am really looking forward to your performance. I’m cheering for you.”

The people who had been petrified, “……”

Gu Yesheng glanced over and asked casually, “Do you know them?”

Yi Jiamu told the truth. “We exchanged a few words. I’m not familiar with them.”

Gu Yesheng made an ‘oh’ sound. Then he retracted his gaze with no interest and took Yi Jiamu inside. “I said that I have given you the registration form but Lu Zexiu keeps nagging me. If you hadn’t come soon then cocoons would’ve formed on my ears.”

The backs of the two men gradually moved away and finally disappeared around the corner.

Once the door of the Abilities Association closed again, the entire scene that had been as quiet as a chicken became hot. What was going on? Wasn’t this a student of the School of Theory? How could God Ye actually come to pick him up?

In the blink of an eye, several gossip groups were boiling over. Meanwhile, the group of people at the end of the queue were dumbfounded.

“God Ye seems to have a very close relationship with this theoretical student?”

“We just mocked him about serving tea and pouring water…”

“Why do I feel like the words ‘looking forward to your performance’ is cursing us?”

“This classmate looks good. Surely he isn’t so vengeful? Ha, haha?”

“So do we still need to attend the interview?”

The group looked at each other silently before falling into an endless silence.

Kneeling down, was there anyone with the ability to go back in time? Please allow them to go back and stab themselves to stop their words!

The author has something to say:

Mumu: I’m a person with a relationship.

Night Narcissus: I am that ‘relationship’ ~^_^~

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