OIAA: Chapter 11

Gu Yesheng didn’t like to eat in the cafeteria and directly took Yi Jiamu to the restaurant he frequented outside the school. There were only two people yet he opened a separate private room without hesitation.

Yi Jiamu should’ve been full but the moment he entered the restaurant, he felt a bit hungry.

Gu Yesheng ordered a glass of juice for him. Seeing the child in front of him holding the glass with both hands and drinking it while his expressionless face was on the food in front of him, Gu Yesheng couldn’t help smiling. “Should I call a pair of chopsticks for you?”

Yi Jiamu blinked. “Okay.”

Gu Yesheng suddenly lost his voice under this watchful gaze. He turned around and called for the waiter.

Originally, Gu Yesheng ordered three dishes to eat alone. Now that Yi Jiamu was added, even 10 dishes weren’t enough and he had to keep adding more. Gu Yesheng saw the empty plates on the table and buried his face in his hands. “Little friend, you can really eat!”

Yi Jiamu completely regarded this sentence as a compliment and nodded. “Grandfather told me that I should eat a lot to train well.”

Gu Yesheng thought of the public announcement Xu Yi had sent him and watched Yi Jiamu with interest. “What? You can still train?”

“Of course. I’ve learned martial arts since I was a child.”

It turned out to be this training.

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows, settled the bill with the waiter and pulled him to go out. “The meal is over. I’ll buy you milk tea.”

His fingertips were a bit cold. Once they fell on Yi Jiamu’s wrist, they formed a cool circle that gently encased him. Yi Jiamu’s eyes fell on their hands. Then he heard that milk tea would be bought and naturally had no opinion. “Good.”

After leaving the restaurant and entering the school gates, they had to cross almost half the campus to reach the milk tea store. Even so, this was nothing under the lure of deliciousness.

This time was the peak period for students to go to and from class. Gu Yesheng was a high-profile presence in Sublime Star. He attracted the attention of passersby the moment he walked on the road. At this time, he was with the newly popular Yi Jiamu, whose silver-white curly hair from the forum photo was an iconic sign of his identity. This way, the rate at which people walked back toward them was increased to almost 100%.

Gu Yesheng had long been accustomed to the feeling of being watched but this time, most of the eyes were on the man half a step back. Therefore, he couldn’t help glancing back.

Yi Jiamu didn’t feel much toward these onlookers. His eyes fell calmly on the end of the school path as he hoped to reach the door of the milk tea store straight away. Then he inadvertently looked up and found Gu Yesheng looking back at him. He couldn’t help wondering, “What is it?”

This expression with this face was almost fatal.

“……” Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment. Then he took out a cap from somewhere and placed it on Yi Jiamu’s head, directly covering the silver hair and half of his face. “Put this on.”

Yi Jiamu, “?”

Gu Yesheng’s hand smoothed down the brim of the cap. “Your face is a bit flamboyant. You shouldn’t show it.”

Yi Jiamu glanced at him. “You can still call someone flamboyant?”

Gu Yesheng’s movements paused slightly. Then he felt these words were quite reasonable and pulled out another cap from his storage space, putting it on himself. “Yes, then I will also wear it.”

Then he placed his hands in his pocket and continued to walk forward. This time, no one looked at Yi Jiamu and all eyes fell on Gu Yesheng.

The stellar light fell and the letters made of special materials on the hat reflected the colourful light—the most handsome in the universe.

Anyone who had the slightest knowledge of him knew that Gu Yesheng only wore this hat when his mood was really good.


Yi Jiamu’s heart was satisfied after the milk tea was bought and he didn’t forget to settle the account with Gu Yesheng. “You still owe me six cups.”

“It is a mere trifle.”

The dormitory building of the School of the Mind was on the other side of the campus. The two of them returned along the original path and had to part ways at the intersection. Gu Yesheng glanced at the figures coming and going and suddenly proposed, “Shall I send you back?”

In normal cases, an alpha sending an omega back to the dormitory was an ordinary thing. However, such a normal situation would inevitably feel strange when placed on Gu Yesheng’s body.

Yi Jiamu obviously didn’t have the habit of caring about other people and he bluntly exposed this person. “You don’t seem to be such a gentleman.”

“I’m not.” Gu Yesheng smiled. “I just like seeing your appearance while you wear my hat. Looking more isn’t a loss.”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

It was an unbelievably strange reason. Forget it. He was too lazy to refuse. He took another two sips of milk tea and kept walking.

It was just as he passed by the intersection that he frowned and looked around. He didn’t know why but from the beginning, Yi Jiamu felt a strange gaze stick to his body, like the wolf packs he encountered while training in the mountains. This was the feeling of being stared at by prey.

However, no suspicious figures were found. Was it an illusion?

He returned to his dormitory and saw Sang Bei lying on the bed and playing games as usual. Sang Bei heard the movements and didn’t even raise his head.

Yi Jiamu sat down in his place, took out the class materials given to him by Wei Langbing and turned to ask, “Aren’t you doing your homework? There are 10 pages and they need to be handed in by tonight.”

Sang Bei was busy playing and waved to show he heard, but it was too late to manage the dark screen. “Tonight? So fast?”

Yi Jiamu pointed to the reminder note posted on the first page of the information. “You can see it as long as you open it.”

Sang Bei didn’t dare continue to play the game anymore. He was silent for a moment before climbing down from the top bunk.

The School of Theory was always a special existence in Sublime Star. These ordinary students who wanted to enjoy special treatment would naturally have to bear certain pressures. In the School of Theory, if homework wasn’t submitted on time then one credit point would be deducted. Once three credit points were deducted, they would have to face the school’s suspension and review. There were no chances to take advantage of.

Yi Jiamu might not have listened in class but he did the homework while looking at the teaching materials. His efficiency was very fast. The stars in the sky hadn’t even fallen yet when he completed and successfully sent them.

At this time, Sang Bei had just finished one-third and his head was almost bad. “No, how could you finish it so quickly?”

“It’s okay. It was just basic content and it wasn’t hard.”

“…It isn’t hard, is it?”

He suddenly wondered if the two of them had been given the same homework.

Yi Jiamu glanced at the time. “It isn’t early. Eat dinner and then continue.”

Sang Bei felt that his dignity had been trampled on and he declared firmly, “You eat first. I will stay on the front line and continue to fight my homework!”

Yi Jiamu didn’t care. “Then I’ll call for takeaway today.”

Sang Bei wasn’t like Yi Jiamu who had filled his stomach. He hadn’t eaten anything in the afternoon and was really hungry. Naturally, he didn’t refuse takeaway and he was even moved by Yi Jiamu’s understanding.

In order to express his gratitude, he specifically selected a fan novel he praised in the past. “Mumu, look at this. I will give you this treasure. It is a Cthulthu little black room novel. You deserve it!” (Little black room = plot where some guy gets kidnapped and smut occurs)

After eating, Yi Jiamu got new spiritual food and was reading it on the bed while holding a pillow. Meanwhile, Sang Bei returned to the desk to continue writing. Before they knew it, night fell. They were just preparing to turn off the lights when their communicators vibrated at almost the same time.

It was Wei Lanbing’s message in the class group.

[Wei Lanbing (class leader): Doing a survey. If there are any students who haven’t returned to the dormitory today, please give feedback in a timely manner @all members]

Yi Jiamu originally just replied casually according to the format. Later, the class group started to discuss it and he learned there was something wrong in the school.

It was said that starting from this afternoon, students had been attacked on the way back to school. Some were only slightly injured while some were sent to a nearby hospital for severe injuries. So far, there were only incomplete statistics for three cases. The real number of victims was probably much higher.

According to speculation, it should be a group of gangsters who often made trouble in the area. They were once suppressed by the school professors and lay dormant for a period of time. It was unknown why they suddenly became active again at this time. In addition, they were smarter this time. One of them should have a dark type ability to ensure that they could come and go and that the victims couldn’t even describe their appearance.

Sublime Star might be a school but it was no different from a complete city. Dragons and snakes were mixed in and it obviously wasn’t feasible to forcibly block people. In the absence of any evidence, the only thing the school could do was try to find witnesses.

Sang Bei was shocked. “No, who is doing this? Are they so brave that they dare to move against the students of Sublime Star?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak. He just calmly glanced over the warning notice that Wei Lanbing had sent in the group in a thoughtful manner.

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence but all the targets of this attack were students from the School of Theory.

The author has something to say:

Night Narcissus: My hat looks really good, especially when the child is wearing it~

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