OIAA: Chapter 103

The engagement of the two people was officially put on the agenda in the second half of Yi Jiamu’s sophomore year.

At this time, the new Abilities League had ended. Under the leadership of Yi Jiamu, the new president, Sublime Star once again won the championship trophy and achieved a second consecutive championship. At that, there was the opening of the ability master qualification certificate. Both Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng successfully obtained the S-grade certificate. There were only a handful of students who could obtain an S-grade certificate during their stay at school and this made them once again famous.

Yi Wenshi officially transferred the property rights of the planet to Yi Jiamu and it was decided to determine the marriage in advance. At the very least, the parents of both sides should first communicate.

After meeting on Zorfa Star last time, there still wasn’t much contact but the change in Gu Yesheng’s mentality meant his relationship with his family had eased a lot. In any case, Gu Ji was getting older and he had plans to retire. He naturally had no reason to oppose Gu Yesheng’s idea of settling down.

Thus, a video conference was held to determine the date of the engagement banquet. During the video connection, the elders of the two parties were basically the ones talking. Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu sat together on chairs and let them make the arrangements.

They sighed with relief when both parties went offline and stared at each other for a long time. They had known this day would come sooner or later but once it actually arrived, they still felt it was an unrealistic dream. Now that they were getting engaged, it wasn’t far from getting married.

The thought of ‘immediately’ going to get the certificate with Gu Yesheng made Yi Jiamu’s face hot. His appearance caused Gu Yesheng’s heart to move. He leaned over and pecked the soft lips. “Don’t move and wait for me.”

The two of them basically used Gu Yesheng’s single apartment when they were free. Currently, Yi Jiamu was on the sofa and curled up in a very comfortable position. Seeing Gu Yesheng suddenly let go and head to the bedroom, a faint question mark flashed on his face.

Not long after, Gu Yesheng walked out of the bedroom. Yi Jiamu saw that this person was hiding his right hand behind him and there was a smile in his eyes. Yi Jiamu cocked his head and tried to look around Gu Yesheng’s body. “What is it?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t answer and lightly pushed him back. “Sit down first.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t know what medicine this person had taken but he sat up on the sofa with a puzzled expression.

Gu Yesheng stared at him with a strange light flowing in his eyes. Then Gu Yesheng got down on one knee and held out the box in his hand to Yi Jiamu, opening it carefully. It was a delicate and good-looking ring. It was placed upright in the centre of the box like a soft light.

Yi Jiamu was slightly taken aback by this sudden move. He was soon unable to bear the ambiguity of the atmosphere and covered his warm cheeks with his hands. To be honest, the two of them had been together for a long time and gradually got along like an old couple. He hadn’t expected for Gu Yesheng to do such a thing.

It was naturally surprising.

Gu Yesheng seemed to admire the embarrassed look of his little boyfriend. He held Yi Jiamu’s finger and placed the ring on with a devout expression. Once it was over, he looked it up and down, to the left and the right before being satisfied. “It suits you well and the size is just right. It seems I have good vision.”

The moment the ring was put on, Yi Jiamu felt like his finger was burning. He drew his hand back and placed it in front of him, but he couldn’t help rubbing the ring lightly. “Then should I buy you a ring too? I didn’t think well and didn’t prepare it. Shall we go to pick one when we’re free?”

Gu Yesheng smiled. “What ring? Haven’t you already given me one?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him suspiciously. “When did I give it to you?”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows slightly and showed a red string on his finger. A somewhat old, handmade ring was wrapped around the rope. The edges and corners had been worn away too much and it inevitably looked a bit shabby.

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips. “How does this count?”

“Of course it counts.” Gu Yesheng touched the ring and his mouth softened. “This is the best gift I’ve ever received in my life.”


The engagement banquet was held on an independent planet.

After all, the Gu family was regarded as a big existence and the special engagement banquet this time was a positive acknowledgment of Gu Yesheng as the heir. The scene was very lively. People had beaming smiles on their faces but some people inevitably didn’t feel good.

Gu Yesheng shuttled back and forth through the venue, holding a wine glass and toasting the guests one after another. Finally, he came up to Gu Xiucheng by accident. Since he was here, he didn’t care about the other person too much and toasted him with a smile.

This smile fell into Gu Xiucheng’s eyes. It was so dazzling that his mouth twitched and he instinctively started to provoke Gu Yesheng. “Gu Yesheng, don’t think you can keep smiling proudly like the spring breeze. Feng shui always changes. No one can tell who the heir will end up being.”

The ruthless words were the same as ever but Gu Yesheng just smiled and extended his hand. This move made Gu Xiucheng reflexively retreat but he was already caught by Gu Yesheng. Gu Yesheng patted him lightly on the shoulder and told him, “Then I’m cheering for you.”

Gu Xiucheng hadn’t expected the other person to have such an attitude and was stunned. By the time he recovered, he saw that this person’s back had gone far away. Gu Xiucheng’s mouth tightened and he finally gritted out. “Tut!”

He didn’t know why but he always felt that Gu Yesheng had changed too much from his memories. Such changes made Gu Yesheng a lot softer. It was really, really annoying.

Yi Jiamu noticed the conversation between Gu Yesheng and Gu Xiucheng and had already walked over. “How was your chat with him?”

Gu Yesheng heard the care in this simple sentence and smiled slightly. “It’s fine. We just said a few words.”

He glanced at Yi Jiamu’s expression and whispered, “Are you tired?”

Part of the guests here today were for the Gu family and the other part rushed over for Yi Wenshi. The scene was far grander than originally planned. Gu Yesheng was inevitably distressed when he thought about how Yi Jiamu hadn’t stopped or rested since the engagement banquet started.

Yi Jiamu wasn’t polite and moved his shoulders to Gu Yesheng for a massage. He didn’t hide it as he whispered, “I’m tired.”

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s appearance and was a bit amused. He waited on Yi Jiamu while whispering, “Thank you for your hard work. Hold on and I’ll make it up to you later.”

Yi Jiamu felt his ears burning and he pushed this person away. “Don’t make trouble.”

Gu Yesheng smiled and gently pulled Yi Jiamu up by the hand. “Let’s go. Where do you want to go? I will always accompany you.”


The grand engagement banquet finally came to a successful conclusion. The two people returned to their hotel room and collapsed directly on the bed. There was no one else around them so Yi Jiamu loosened his bow tie and confessed honestly, “This was more tiring than playing in the league. I never want to do it again.”

Gu Yesheng lay not far from him. He turned his head at these words and watched Yi Jiamu with a smile. “Why? Who do you want to do it with next time?”

Yi Jiamu realized he had said something wrong and blinked. “Isn’t there still the wedding?”

Gu Yesheng let out a meaningful sound. “Then you don’t want to marry me?”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

Gu Yesheng looked at this heartless man. “Just getting engaged and not getting married, are you playing a hooligan?”

Yi Jiamu, “………”

Gu Yesheng opened his arms and contentedly held his silent baby. Then he logically proposed, “Your fiance is sad. Shouldn’t you give me some comfort?”

Yi Jiamu was expressionless. “…You prepared so much just for this?”

Gu Yesheng met his eyes. “What you say is true.”

In front of this overly magnanimous and shameless manner, Yi Jiamu couldn’t hold onto his expression. His lips curved in a smile and he leaned over to lightly bite the tip of Gu Yesheng’s nose like a kitten. “Shameless.”

Gu Yesheng’s heart jumped and his voice was slightly hoarse. “Yes, shameless… I want you.”

The tiredness of the day disappeared instantly in this atmosphere. Gu Yesheng gently pinched Yi Jiamu’s chin and kissed him in retaliation. Such a kiss was long and deep. In this lingering time, a different type of fire quietly burned in this ambiguous atmosphere.

A unique day and a unique night.

There was still a long way to go until dawn arrived again and their gradual embrace was more real and reassuring than ever.

May I have a lifetime with you, it can only be you.

In the silent night, Gu Yesheng’s voice brushed over him like a murmur. “Mumu, thank you and… I love you.”

Proofreader: Purichan

TL Note; This is officially the end! Ahhhh! I picked this up because I loved that Yi Jiamu was his normal soft self while being such a badass who could beat up anyone. Meanwhile, Gu Yesheng was also one of my favorite ML. He’s proud and a peacock but he is able to show/express his feelings. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

As for what to do now? You can check out the author’s other novel that I’m translating called The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp on CG or the other author’s novels being translated. Link should be on novelupdates.  Or you can check out a new novel that I just picked up called I Became a God in a Horror Game (Unlimited)! See you all around! :blobsnuggle:

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