OIAA: Chapter 102

The candidate for the next president was determined and Lu Zexiu gradually retreated from the affairs of the Sublime Star Abilities Association. Rumor had it that Yang Xingwen officially issued an invitation to him. If nothing happened, he would finish his studies and report directly to the Ability Masters Association of the Second Galaxy. This was obviously a future that anyone would envy.

In half a month, Yi Jiamu basically received all the work related to the association.

He was promoted directly to president in his freshman year. This was obviously something that had never happened in the history of Sublime Star, not to mention that he was a student of the School of Theory. For a while, the entire school was proud.

Gradually, Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng appeared in everyone’s eyes as the president and vice-president. Then Shen Ze CP started to be forgotten and the previously boring Yemu CP area became popular.

As the general moderator of the Yemu area, Sang Bei felt the pressure as the popularity of the section soared. Finally, he decided to expand the role of management before he was overwhelmed. For such a good thing, he definitely didn’t forget the little sister who supported him during the downturn.

After all, during the most difficult period in the fan zone, it was the sister with the ID ‘Muxiu Linshen’ who cheered for him behind the scenes and provided him with stories one by one. This allowed him to work hard and he persisted to this day. Muxiu Linshen was obviously a bit surprised about being contacted to be a moderator but she didn’t refuse the invitation.

Therefore, Sang Bei formally submitted the moderator application and the administrators of the campus forum added a new ID to the Yemu CP section. In view of Muxiu Linshen’s habit of appearing and disappearing, Sang Bei chose a few more people and made the application simultaneously. Thus, the new moderator team of the Yemu CP fan area was formally established.

Sang Bei finally wasn’t the sole commander and he shared his happiness with Yi Jiamu. Yi Jiamu slowly moved his gaze from the terminal. “Ah, that’s good.”

Sang Bei was very dissatisfied with this perfunctory attitude and continued to enthusiastically promote his next colleagues. “Mumu, look at this Muxiu Linshen. She was the first person to support the Yemu CP with me! At that time, I was alone and helpless. I went to the forum and howled bitterly but no one answered at all. Only this sister had a special eye. She supported me and allowed me to see the dawn of the future. Now there are many fan works written by her. My instinct tells me that she must be a good-natured omega lady. The next time, I’ll make an appointment with her. Shall we meet her together?”

Yi Jiamu had no opinions. “Okay.”

Sang Bei was satisfied. “Okay, I will arrange it according to the situation!”

Yi Jiamu heard this and suddenly remembered something. “By the way, it will be my birthday in a few days. Gu Yesheng said he would hold a celebration for me. Do you want to come?”

Sang Bei was preparing to contact Muxiu Linshen. Then he heard this and his eyes lit up. “Of course!”

This was an opportunity to see his CP face to face. It was a once-in-lifetime opportunity and he had no reason to refuse!

Gu Yesheng had already planned to ask everyone to celebrate Yi Jiamu’s birthday together. He already knew that Yi Jiamu was close to his roommate. Since the birthday star had invited him, Gu Yesheng naturally had no comments.

The birthday party took place in the business district not far from Sublime Star campus. A VIP room was booked separately and a group of people pushed in the cake in a noisy and lively manner. Yi Jiamu blew out all the candles and the firecrackers were fired. Then the evening celebration officially began. In the blink of an eye, Zhou Ming had put on a song. People listened to his ghostly crying and howling performance and the area was noisy.

Gu Yesheng pulled Yi Jiamu to the side, leaned toward his ear and asked, “Little birthday star, what wish did you just make?”

Yi Jiamu felt his ears becoming a bit hot and gently pushed this person away. “I can’t tell you. It won’t come true if I tell you.”

Gu Yesheng didn’t speak. He just smiled and watched Yi Jiamu. Yi Jiamu’s face became hotter due to this smile. He stood up, intending to leave. Then Gu Yesheng smiled and hugged him back. “Okay, I won’t mention it.”

Originally, he was simply teasing his little boyfriend. Yi Jiamu naturally saw through Gu Yesheng’s thoughts and pursed his lips with a sullen expression.

Gu Yesheng gave a low laugh. Then he grabbed a piece of watermelon from a nearby fruits plate and moved it to Yi Jiamu’s mouth to coax him. Yi Jiamu originally wanted to ignore it but in the end, he opened his mouth and took a small bite.

The surrounding atmosphere was lively. Only Sang Bei watched the two figures close together in the distance and he covered his mouth while wanting to scream.

Ahhhhh, the Yemu CP was real! AWSL! (AWSL =Ah, I’m dead!)

This ultimate experience of seeing his CP in person couldn’t be enjoyed alone. At this moment, the little angel Sang Bei didn’t forget his good sister who he had gone through suffering and woe with. He quietly raised the communicator at a few excellent angles and clicked the camera button.

He finished taking the photos and adjusted the light very carefully. Then he clicked on Muxiu Linshen’s ID and quickly sent it. Under normal circumstances, Muxiu Linshen’s replies were a bit slow.

Sang Bei was accustomed to this and put away his communicator after sending it. He was about to see if there was anything else interesting. Then he glanced inadvertently and saw Gu Yesheng diagonally across from him pull out the communicator.

The bright screen was especially clear in the surrounding flickering lights. Wait? This image… why did he feel it was familiar? No way… right?

Sang Bei couldn’t help touching his communicator in his pocket. His fingers shook slightly before he finally unlocked it and opened it again. He saw Muxiu Linshen’s reply of ‘very good’ and secretly gulped.

Then he sent a message: Sister, can you look back?

Gu Yesheng was hugging Yi Jiamu with one hand and fiddling with his communicator in the other. He didn’t think about it and reflexively looked back. He just so happened to meet Sang Bei’s eyes.

Sang Bei, “……”

Gu Yesheng finally reacted and the hand holding the communicator was slightly stiff, “……”

Yi Jiamu noticed that the person beside him suddenly fell silent and looked over in a confused manner. He saw the picture on the screen and Sang Bei’s overly familiar social profile picture. “Huh? Bei Bei took this? Uh… why did he call you sister?”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment before turning off the communicator.

At this time, Sang Bei walked over and his voice was trembling. “G-God Ye… are you Muxiu Linshen?”

Gu Yesheng slowly closed off his ears. He rubbed his ears and blocked them.

Don’t ask, he was offline.

At first, Yi Jiamu just thought that the words Muxiu Linshen were familiar. Then he remembered what Sang Bei told him previously. It wasn’t until the birthday party was over and Gu Yesheng was walking him back that he couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Yesheng looked down at his little boyfriend’s continuous laughter and couldn’t help the corners of his mouth lowering. Finally, he couldn’t endure it anymore. He pulled Yi Jiamu over, pressed this person against the street lamp and blocked his lips.

Both of them had drunk some wine tonight. Once the soft lips touched, there was a different type of charm. By the time he was released, Yi Jiamu’s eyes were filled with some water and he glared angrily. “Why? Can’t I laugh?”

This look alone was enough to make Gu Yesheng surrender. “You can laugh, just laugh.”

Yi Jiamu’s lips curved up. Then he moved closer and stared into Gu Yesheng’s eyes. “So you secretly supported our CP a long time ago?”

Gu Yesheng was a bit uncomfortable by this straightforward gaze. He shifted his eyes away and issued a soft hum. “En.”

Yi Jiamu’s smile became more distinct. “You still found ways to stir the heat of the Yemu CP?”


The smile on Yi Jiamu’s face couldn’t be seen. “Listening to Bei Bei, you wrote some fan works about us?”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

“It was all sent with your ID? I’ll go back and take a good look.”

Gu Yesheng finally couldn’t stop himself and grabbed this person. “There is nothing good to look at.”

“Sorry?” Yi Jiamu blinked. “Why didn’t you feel embarrassed when you secretly looked at my reserve food last time?”

Gu Yesheng faced such ridicule and couldn’t help gently biting that unreasonable little mouth. “I still haven’t settled that account with you yet you questioned me first?”

Under the influence of alcohol, Yi Jiamu’s body seemed to be burning with fire. He had no intention of avoiding it at all. “No?”

Gu Yesheng broke in a second. “You can do anything you want.”

Gu Yesheng sighed and took Yi Jiamu’s small hand, rubbing it. “If you want to see then you can. If there isn’t enough then tell me and I’ll write more for you. Is this okay?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and was satisfied. “It is very good.”

Gu Yesheng stopped when he reached an intersection. He leaned toward Yi Jiamu and asked in a low voice, “Little birthday star, do you want to go to my place tonight?”

His low breath instantly made Yi Jiamu’s ears hot. The faint light of the street lamp fell like a cage and it was filled with an ambiguous halo in the quiet night. Yi Jiamu lowered his head and gently responded a moment later. “En.”

The author has something to say:

Yemu CP is real!

Proofreader: Purichan

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