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OIAA: Chapter 101

Double A Pairing – Lu Zexiu and Xie Louyuan

On the day there was an explosion on Zorfa Star.

A dazzling light illuminated the entire sky. The aftershocks of successive explosions caused the hospital to be plunged into chaos.

Lu Zexiu was lying on the hospital bed and looking at the league magazine in his hand. He turned his head and met Xie Louyuan’s gaze. Xie Louyuan was sitting on the sofa next to the bed. From his perspective, he could see the turbulent flames.

Based on the location, it wasn’t difficult to judge that it was coming from the direction of the hotel where the dinner was being held. A bad premonition filled his heart. He quickly took out his communicator to call his vice-captain but as the bright lights dimmed in the distance, only a busy tone could be heard. The screams from outside became louder.

Xie Louyuan frowned. “It should be that communication was cut off.”

In a short period of time, they could hear the corridor gradually becoming noisy. Many people started running out of their rooms and headed outside with the help of the security personnel. From the window, only chaos could be seen. It didn’t matter if it was the ground roads or the air routes, all traffic was paralyzed.

Lu Zexiu also tried to call a number but only heard a busy tone like Xie Louyuan. The corners of his mouth lowered. “Nothing will happen, right?”

He just finished talking when there was an explosion again in the distance. Compared to the previous times, this one was obviously much bigger and even the entire building of the inpatient department shook twice.

“Bigshot, this type of thing should be handled by the allied government. It is useless for you to worry too much here. Why don’t you think about yourself first?” Xie Louyuan quickly picked up the coat next to him. He walked to the hospital bed and held out a hand. “I don’t know when the next wave of explosions will occur. I think it is better for us to leave here first.”

Lu Zexiu nodded.

At this time, he had just finished injecting medicine and the effect wasn’t completely over. His entire body felt numb. Forget using his ability. He needed to use Xie Louyuan’s hand for support just to get out of bed.

Xie Louyuan put the coat in his hand on Lu Zexiu’s shoulder and helped him walk outside. Once outside the door, they found that the outside was chaotic. The successive explosions had caused panic. People ran past from time to time and there were endless collision incidents.

Xie Louyuan didn’t hesitate to escort Lu Zexiu to avoid the chaotic crowd. He saw that the elevator was surrounded and headed to the stairwell without hesitation. The winding stairwell was dimly lit. There might be many people here but it was much more empty than the elevator entrance. It was just that this road was a bit long. After walking down two floors, Lu Zexiu was gasping.

Xie Louyuan looked over. “Shall we rest for a while?”

Lu Zexiu slowly leaned against the wall and watched the people passing by in a hurry. He knew his current physical condition well and thought about it. “Or you should go first.”

Xie Louyuan watched him with amusement. “Is that possible?”

He didn’t wait for Lu Zexiu to refute it and suddenly turned around, waving his hand. “Get up.”

Lu Zexiu was taken aback.

Xie Louyuan told him, “We can continue going down at this turtle speed and end up dying together or you can let me carry you and quickly find a safe air-raid shelter to hide in. Captain Lu, which one do you choose?”

Lu Zexiu, “……”

He hesitated a bit more before slowly learning over. Xie Louyuan’s posture stiffened for a moment when two hands slowly hugged his neck but he soon returned to normal. He tried to make himself ignore the breath against his ear as he walked down. Then he curiously teased, “Lu Zexiu, if you knew that I would be carrying you like this before the match, would you still continue to act so strong?”

This question silenced Lu Zexiu for a moment. Xie Louyuan had faint sweat on his forehead but he couldn’t help smiling.

Just then, Lu Zexiu’s slow voice was heard from behind. “I know you are still angry about this matter but if I had to make a choice again, I would still make the same decision.”

This answer wasn’t unexpected and Xie Louyuan laughed. “As expected, it is you, Lu Zexiu.”

The stairwell of the safe passage seemed winding and long. From time to time, they could see people resting after becoming tired. In normal times, going down 25 flights of stairs wasn’t a big deal. However, today he was carrying Lu Zexiu on his back. He headed downstairs for a long time and there wasn’t any flowing wind, so the air was stagnant. His back was already wet without him knowing it.

Lu Zexiu could hear the sound of Xie Louyuan’s gradually heavy breathing. There was also the heartbeat. He didn’t know when it happened but this person’s heartbeat had accelerated. Lu Zexiu was clinging to Xie Louyuan’s back and such a heartbeat was too abrupt. This made the always calm and self-sufficient Lu Zexiu feel a bit nervous. He didn’t know if Xie Louyuan could feel the heart that almost burst from his chest.

Lu Zexiu raised his head slightly as he watched the face of the man in front of him. Unlike the light and easy atmosphere that Xie Louyuan showed, Lu Zexiu noticed a strange redness that spread from the back of the ear all the way to the neck.

The tense atmosphere suddenly became a bit ambiguous. Lu Zexiu lost his voice and Xie Louyuan didn’t say anything. He just headed all the way down the hospital building.

The moment he went through the door, he could see the staff of the city’s administration bureau leading the crowds to the underground control area. Xie Louyuan was about to take a step forward when he felt the arms around his neck tighten and he paused. “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“I’m not uncomfortable.” Lu Zexiu was silent for a moment before saying, “I can go by myself.”

The tone was plain but Xie Louyuan could hear a bit of embarrassment in the meaning. A smile flashed in his eyes and he pretended not to know. “Okay, I will put you down.”

Lu Zexiu was placed on the ground again. He lowered his head slightly and avoided Xie Louyuan’s gaze. The two of them went to the end of the queue and gradually followed the flow of people, approaching the entrance of the air defense zone step by step.

For a while, no one said anything.

Xie Louyuan was staring at the crowd in front of him. His gaze fell on a couple not far away and his mouth curved up in a somewhat helpless arc. Just then, there was a light touch. Slender fingertip’s quietly stretched out and grasped his hand. Such movements were carried out in a secret manner. Lu Zexiu always followed the queue calmly but his heartbeat sped up at the ambiguous atmosphere.

There were a few seconds of wonder before Xie Louyuan also bent his fingertips and gently grasped Lu Zexiu’s hand. No one spoke during the entire process. There was no need for anything due to their tacit understanding.

Their hands were tightly held together and the originally long waiting process seemed to disappear. Only unknown emotions were sprouting. It wasn’t until they neared the entrance of the air defense zone that they quietly released their hands.

Their identities were verified and they successfully entered the underground air defense zone. The shocked people gathered in groups to discuss the cause of the explosion or anxiously waited for the crisis to end.

Xie Louyuan found a relatively empty location and examined Lu Zexiu’s mental state. “I’ll get you a bottle of water.”

He was about to turn around when a corner of his clothes was grabbed. Xie Louyuan paused and looked back to meet Lu Zexiu’s calm gaze.

The silent atmosphere quietly filled the surroundings. Xie Louyuan’s words seemed to suddenly be blocked. This was the first time Lu Zexiu had seen Xie Louyuan look like he didn’t know what to say. This made Lu Zexiu smile. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

In fact, some things had been tacitly unspoken for a long time. They just tacitly didn’t reveal it. However, it became gradually entrenched in their hearts for so long and some people didn’t know how to speak.

Xie Louyuan hadn’t expected Lu Zexiu to be so straightforward and frank when facing this type of problem. He stared into Lu Zexiu’s eyes. “Do you remember the question I asked you before?”

“I remember. You asked me if it was strange if an alpha isn’t particularly interested in an omega.” Lu Zexiu didn’t avoid Xie Louyuan’s gaze and thought about it. “I didn’t seem to answer you at the time but I had an answer a long time ago. In fact, if you don’t like an omega then you should like an alpha.”

Then his lips curved in a rare gentle smile. “What a coincidence. The person I like isn’t an omega either.”

All the noise around them seemed to be isolated and distant.

The emotions in Xie Louyuans’s eyes shook and his lips gradually curled up in a smile. “Then doesn’t that mean we are a natural pair?”

Lu Zexiu didn’t answer. He just took two steps forward, raised his hand and pulled at Xie Louyuan’s collar. There was a bit of force as he pulled this person forward and kissed deeply without warning.

Xie Louyuan’s back slightly stiffened at such a straightforward move. Then his fingertips moved slightly and a thick fog emerged in the surroundings, quietly covering the two of them tightly. They were separated from all the surrounding eyes and only their independent space remained.

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