OIAA: Chapter 100

There was too much fatigue and Yi Jiamu fell unconscious after returning to the room. This groggy state lasted for a long time and once he woke up again, it was two days later. He opened his eyes in a daze. Then his thoughts gradually became clear and his first reaction was to get out of bed and go to Gu Yesheng.

As a result, before leaving through the door, he was blocked by Yi Jiaqin who had come back. Yi Jiaqin was obviously dissatisfied with his brother’s overly caring behaviour. He frowned slightly and said in a slightly sour tone. “You have to rest first. Don’t worry. That kid is okay.”

After the entire chip formatting process ended, Yi Hang took Gu Yesheng for a comprehensive inspection.

After all, it was a matter regarding the rest of Yi Jiamu’s life. Yi Hang didn’t dare to be sloppy in this matter. He completed all the tests in the shortest time. Looking at the complete list of more than 20 pages of indicators, he was completely relieved.

Although it couldn’t be ruled out that he missed something, at the very least, there wasn’t an active gene chip in Gu Yesheng’s body. As long as this survival condition of less than 1% was maintained, even if the chip was still intact, it would be completely converted to an invalid state after half a month and would no longer be a threat.

The news made Yi Jiamu feel relieved but he still wanted to bypass Yi Jiaqin. “I will still go and see him first.”

“What are you looking at him for? His situation is much better than yours.” Yi Jiaqin took out a communicator and sent a message. Then he pushed Yi Jiamu back into the room. “I have notified Gu Yesheng and he will probably come over soon. You can stay on the bed and lie down for a while.”

Yi Jiamu blinked as he was pushed back into bed again. “He woke up?”

Yi Jiaqin smiled. “He woke up earlier than you. He was healthy and active yesterday.”

Yi Jiamu originally wanted to keep asking but Yi Jiaqin glanced at him and he obediently shut up. It didn’t take long for the door to be pushed open. Yi Jiamu looked up and saw Gu Yesheng hurriedly walking in.

It was like Yi Jiaqin said. Gu Yesheng’s complexion wasn’t good but he was lively. The hospital outfit worn on him gave off an inexplicable temperament. His eyes lit up when he saw Yi Jiamu sitting on the hospital bed and he rushed over.

Yi Jiaqin turned sideways and quietly left his position. He didn’t see the two people kissing each other in an instant so he walked out without squinting.

For a while, the entire room was silent with only two figures tangled together. Yi Jiamu didn’t know why he felt this way. It obviously seemed like just a dream. However, the dream seemed a bit long and made them feel like it had been too long without each other.


The next discharge process went smoothly.

So much had happened and a lot of time had unknowingly passed. In order to not cause a panic in the outside world, the allied government couldn’t disclose too much to them. Yang Xingwen had to come forward and privately talk to Sublime Star so that their studies weren’t too affected.

The moment the dust settled, Yi Hang and Yi Jiaqin returned to their jobs and Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng took a flight back to Sublime Star. The lessons they missed naturally needed to be made up and there were many papers and reports.

The moment he returned to school, Yi Jiamu felt like he had been completely swallowed up by the accumulated homework. Fortunately, the teachers of the college had received a talk from the principal. Things that could be excused were excused. There were still many courses to be supplemented but it was still within the scope of affordability.

The Abilities League had also ended so the Abilities Association entered a short rest period. Perhaps the most important event of this process was to determine the new president.

Lu Zexiu, Xu Yi and others were going to graduate in half a semester. The important task of leading the association in the next league would naturally fall on the next president of the Abilities Association.

Regarding the candidate for president, under normal circumstances, Gu Yesheng was the vice-president and should’ve assumed the post. However, he couldn’t be found for a while and it could only be dragged out. Now Gu Yesheng finally returned to school and they could bring it up.

As a result, Gu Yesheng directly shook his head and refused. He pushed Yi Jiamu out from beside him. “I think I’m more at ease as the vice-president. Mumu is more suitable for this job than me.”

Yi Jiamu was originally standing beside him in an uninvolved manner. Now the other members’ eyes fell on him and a question mark slowly appeared on his dazed face. Then he heard Zhou Ming’s words. “I also think Mumu is suitable! Look at Gu Yesheng’s arrogant appearance. How can he be reliable? Do you see any signs of leading a team?”

Gu Yesheng glanced at him, raised a leg and kicked him. Zhou Ming poked out his tongue and avoided it lightly.

However, after such words, the other people seriously considered it and also felt that Yi Jiamu was indeed much more reliable than Gu Yesheng. He might only be a freshman but he was quite ideal when it came to strength or his calmness in dealing with matters.

Lu Zexiu originally wanted Gu Yesheng to take responsibility. Mainly, it was because he felt that no one could control Gu Yesheng after he graduated. His gaze fell on Yi Jiamu and he was silent for a moment before stating, “Then vote.”

The voting was carried out secretly. Apart from one vote given to Gu Yesheng, the others all chose Yi Jiamu as the next president. Yi Jiamu stared at the shining scoreboard and couldn’t help pursing his lips. “Can I do it?”

He always felt that the one vote he gave to Gu Yesheng just now was too sincere.

In contrast, Gu Yesheng looked very gently. He gently held Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and there was joy in his eyes. “Why can’t you do it? You see, everyone knows that I am a ‘henpecked husband.’ I feel very relieved with you in charge of me.”

Yi Jiamu listened to the words ‘henpecked husband’ and his ears became hot. He gently pushed this smiling person with his elbow and whispered, “Who wants to take care of you?”

Everyone was very curious about the disappearance of the two people during this period. After finishing all the business, they immediately started gossiping. “Speaking of which, where did you go? We couldn’t find you anywhere.”

This experience obviously wasn’t pleasant for Gu Yesheng. Yi Jiamu wanted to change the subject but he heard Gu Yesheng gently laughing. Before he knew it, he was pulled back into the alpha’s wide arms. Then he heard Gu Yesheng’s casual words over his head. “If you really want to know, it can probably be regarded as going to determine a life-long event.”

The others didn’t know the specifics so they naturally didn’t know the deep meaning of these words. They were in an uproar. “Wow, did you go to see the parents? It’s so fast!”

Yi Jiamu recalled the scene of the three days and three nights and felt a wave of heat rush to his head. He lowered his head and didn’t say anything. Gu Yesheng noticed his little boyfriend’s shyness and his smile became wider.

Before the others continued teasing them, he put his arms around Yi Jiamu and stood up. “There is no time to make trouble with you guys. The future president and vice-president are going on a date.”

Then regardless of everyone’s contemptuous looks, he took Yi Jiamu’s hand and headed to the elevator.

The Sublime Star, which they hadn’t seen for a long time, was surrounded by lush trees. The two of them walked side by side and no one spoke for a while.

Finally, Gu Yesheng couldn’t help back. He glanced at Yi Jiamu’s still flushed face and joked softly. “What’s the matter? You don’t want to reveal our life-long event? Don’t tell me you regret it and don’t want me anymore?”

“No! It’s just a little…”

He was just a bit embarrassed. He pressed his lips tightly together and swallowed his words. Then he noticed Gu Yesheng’s smile and felt even shyer. He wanted to speed up his pace but something pulled his hand and was pulled back into familiar arms.

Gu Yesheng turned Yi Jiamu around without saying a word. He gently raised Yi Jiamu’s chin and laughter flashed in his eyes as he leaned over and kissed YI Jiamu without warning. The two of them were standing on the side of the road in an eye-catching and somewhat unscrupulous position.

The excessive pride led people to stop and stare.

Yi Jiamu was so embarrassed that he wanted to push this person away but Gu Yesheng was a rogue today. It was only after he was done that he let go and looked down at Yi Jiamu with a smile. “It is too late to regret it now. In this life, I can only rely on you.”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes shook and he whispered, “I have no regrets.”

This appearance entered Gu Yesheng’s eyes and his heart moved uncontrollably again. He had to resist the urge to continue holding this person in his arms. He leaned over and dropped a soft kiss on Yi Jiamu’s forehead like a special ceremony. Then he held Yi Jiamu’s hand reverently and continued to walk forward. “Let’s go and drink milk tea!”

Unsurprisingly, Yi Jiamu’s eyes lit up instantly. The surroundings that were rich and diverse spread out around them. In the distance, they could see the milk tea store. Under the light of the stars, everything looked soft and comfortable. It seemed that many things had happened but this was just like the first time they met.

There was still a long line in front of the milk tea shop. Everyone saw the two people walking hand in hand and froze for a moment. Then they instantly opened the path. Gu Yesheng walked to the window, tapped gently on the bench and asked Yi Jiamu with a smile, “What flavour do you want?”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes fell on his and his lips curved up in a smile. “Caramel milk tea with ice cream, the third level of sugar.”

Gu Yesheng turned back. “Boss, caramel milk tea with ice cream, the third level of sugar.”

Then he didn’t forget to slowly add. “Two cups.”

—End of Main Text—

The author has something to say:

Wuwuwu, the fairy tale of the little white rabbit protecting the big bad wolf is finally over!

TL: There are still three chapters left containing extras, one of which is our president’s CP.

Proofreader: Purichan/Grinding Love~ 

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I don’t really see Mumu as a rabbit. He’s more like a fox and GYS is a weasel.

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Thank you for the translation.

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aww I’m sad There can definitely be 50 more chapters too short but thanks for the hard work translating~