OIAA: Chapter 10

Yi Jiamu had never paid attention to this type of thing before. After listening to Sang Bei’s incessant chatter about it, he only understood a little bit. Then his roommate went crazy. “Mumu, you don’t know but the Shen Ze CP is really too good! What type of fairy love is AA love? In particular, the abstinent gong president is matched with the evil shou Senior Gu. Woo woo woo, I have nothing to say. In short, it is super charming!”

Yi Jiamu read the names of the posts such as ‘bathroom play’, ‘be a member to understand’ and ‘Century Boy’s Club’ and was silent for a moment before nodding. “It does… seem to be charming.”

Sang Bei was a fanatic of the CP and wasn’t satisfied with Yi Jiamu’s cold expression. However, he was also afraid of waking up Gu Yesheng. He called up a collection of links and sent it to Yi Jiamu’s terminal. Then he whispered in encouragement, “I’ve been following this recently. The writer is great and it isn’t a loss to enter the pit! Do you also want to look at it?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at the title. It was called ‘Willing Prisoner’ and it was an ancient style novel.

Under Sang Bei’s expectant gaze, he had to nod. “Okay, I’ll take a look.”

In any case, the following class was a bit boring and he happened to be curious about this culture. He could use it to pass the time.

Sang Bei saw Yi Jiamu reading it seriously and felt a strong joy that his recommendation was recognized. He glanced quietly at the part of the face that was exposed by the sleeping man and clenched his fists with excitement. It was really God Ye! He actually saw this person!

During the class, the entire classroom was silent. Only the professor’s voice entered Yi Jiamu’s ears, like an old organ gently playing. This had a hypnotic effect on such a warm afternoon.

‘Willing Prisoner’ was an ancient masterpiece that combined sadistic love, extortion, love that wasn’t love and love that wanted to kill.

It was the first time Yi Jiamu had seen such a thing and he was subconsciously fascinated by the ups and downs of the plot. Finally, he found out that it was a serial. His eyes lingered on the words ‘incomplete’ and he silently added it to his favourites list.

Yi Jiamu turned around to ask Sang Bei if he had any other recommendations, only to find that Sang Bei had retired from the fan forum and was seriously reading the news. “What happened?”

Sang Bei leaned over and lowered his voice. “This news just came out. There was another mechanical accident on the side of Galaxy 3!”

Yi Jiamu looked in the direction he pointed and saw the headline ‘Eight Dead and 13 Wounded.’ There was a special note next to it. Among the eight people who died, three with ability users with an A-grade certificate or above.

This was obviously a very serious accident.

“Isn’t this the third time this month?” Sang Bei was very angry. “What is going on with the allied government? Didn’t they say that they would conduct a more rigorous evaluation of all mechanical research and development? Yet this is happening one after another. It is clear that these mechanics have serious hidden dangers in the process of developing new products! I have a classmate who is in Galaxy 3. I heard that the entire mech went crazy. Here are a few photos of the scene. They said it was a qualified product but the result is that the program is chaotic!”

Yi Jiamu skimmed through several photos and frowned doubtfully. “Was this taken from the scene?”

“Yes, someone took photos when the mech went wild.” Sang Bei asked, “Why? Is there a problem?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it. “I don’t know. I just feel that this photo of the mech seems a bit strange.”

“It has gone wild! Why wouldn’t it be strange?!” Sang Bei sighed and took back the terminal. “As I said, the allied government is too tolerant of these mechanics. These people are shouting’ technology is the best power of interstellar development’ all day long. As a result, the incidents they cause are bigger and bigger. If they keep bragging then the Abilities Association should arrange for someone to wipe their ass!”

Yi Jiamu knew that Sang Bei was always an ability boaster and there was no denying his obvious remarks.

Even so, due to the subtle influence of his family, he thought that ability users might’ve occupied the world for a long time but this didn’t mean the rapid development of technology could be ignored. There were indeed many things in this world that couldn’t be fully realized by power alone.

Yi Jiamu remembered one time when his father and brother were talking. They said that the current allied government was actually lacking in balance. It was only when abilities and machinery could be in harmony that the world would achieve its most complete form.

He might not have understood it before but now that he saw Sang Bei’s attitude, he understood that the contradiction between ability users and mechanics was much more intense than he imagined. Therefore, it would take far more work from the two people closest to him to realize their lofty ideals.

Yi Jiamu had this thought and took out his communication to quietly send messages cheering them on. Replies were received at almost the same time.

[Yi Hang: Baby, are you lacking living expenses?]

[Yi Jiaqin: Are you being bullied?]

Yi Jiamu thought about it and finally felt it was too troublesome to explain. He simply added another sentence: [I sent it by mistake.]

[Yi Jiaqin: Okay, please contact me if you have any questions.]

[Yi Hang: Mumu, you’ve changed.]

[Yi Hang: You don’t love papa anymore!]

[Yi Hang: Mumu, you have no heart!]

“……” Seeing the messages that came one after another, Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. Then he placed his communicator in his backpack with a blank expression. If he didn’t see it then he was clean.

The bell rang to signal the end of class and the sleeping Gu Yesheng finally woke up.

He yawned sleepily and there was some confusion in his eyes when he saw the person next to him. “Little friend, why are you here?”

“…You asked this question before class.”

“Is that so?” Gu Yesheng rubbed his hair and slowly remembered. “Ah yes, it is true.”

Sang Bei peered out. “Hello Senior.”

Gu Yesheng glanced at the hand Sang Bei had extended and raised an eyebrow with a smile. “Are you sure you want to shake my hand?”

Sang Bei remembered the person’s ability and instinctively shrank back. “I was presumptuous, presumptuous.”

Gu Yesheng grinned. He wanted to tease this person but then he glanced up and saw the familiar page on Yi Jiamu’s terminal. He was immediately curious. “Little friend, why are you looking at a boring place like the campus forum?”

He was so close that Yi Jiamu could feel that breath against his neck. He inexplicably came up with several images not suitable for someone under the age of 18 that was just described in the novel he read. It was suddenly ambiguous.

He felt a slight heat on his face and his eyes evaded this person as he turned off the screen. “Just looking.”

Gu Yesheng, “?”

The child’s attitude seemed a bit fishy but he didn’t ask too much. He just glanced casually at the time. “Go and have a meal together?”

“No, I’m not hungry yet.”

“However, I’m hungry.” This was Gu Yesheng’s quirk. He liked to be accompanied when eating.

Before he knew Xu Yi and Lu Zexiu, he would often pull a random student on the road who shivered while accompanying him to eat. Now he was obviously more willing to stay with Yi Jiamu than those strangers.

He had been sleeping and hadn’t even eaten lunch. He was really hungry.

Seeing Yi Jiamu’s expression that said ‘What does that have to do with me?’, Gu Yesheng thought about it and started to open up a price that suited the child’s preferences. “Five cups of milk tea.”

“Eight cups.”

“Six cups.”

Yi Jiamu smiled. “Deal.”

For the first time, Gu Yesheng felt that his position was inferior to that of milk tea. His eyes cooled down a bit but when he saw such a sly expression, he suddenly felt half his temper disappearing. Finally, he couldn’t help laughing.

Such a child was too obedient. Perhaps he would obediently follow if a bad guy gave him a cup of milk tea.

Sang Bei saw Gu Yesheng shaking with laughter and was almost suffocated by this flourishing beauty.

Ahhhhhhh, what was this beautiful alpha?!

Yi Jiamu packed his things. He was very dedicated to accompanying Gu Yesheng to eat.

Just then, a cold voice called out to him. “Yi Jiamu, Sang Bei, this is the information for today’s homework.”

Neither of them had been listening in class and they were stunned to hear there was still homework.

Wei Lanbing was wearing spotless white gloves and held a stack of documents. After distributing it to the students in the front row, he came over, passed by Gu Yesheng and handed them the materials. “Please send them to my star mail address after finishing.”

Yi Jiamu and Sang Bei, “……”

Gu Yesheng had been starving for a long time. “Okay, collect your things and let’s go eat.”

Wei Lanbing had just retracted his hand as Gu Yusheng stood up. Without warning, his fingertips silently passed over the back of Gu Yusheng’s hand.

Gu Yesheng didn’t pay attention to such small things and pulled Yi Jiamu.

Although Sang Bei still wanted to look at Gu Yesheng’s face, he wasn’t brave enough to follow. He looked up and was startled when he saw Wei Lanbing’s face. “Class leader? Are you okay?”

In just a moment, Wei Lanbing’s calm face was covered with a thin layer of sweat. His entire face had drained of blood and his empty eyes were scary.

He seemed to recover after hearing Sang Bei’s words. His fingers shook indistinctly and he supported himself using the table before the trembling became worse. “I’m fine.”

Wei Lanbing had a passive ability. Every time his hand touched a person, he could spy on their memories. Choosing to wear gloves every day was to avoid unnecessary trouble. Even so, when his ability sensitivity was at its peak, it was possible for him to capture some inadvertent fragments through the gloves.

Since awakening this ability, Wei Lanbing had seen too many colours for memories. For example, passionate red, exquisitely soft pink, elegant and calm blue… logically speaking, he should be quite accustomed to receiving this type of inadvertent information never been in such a state before.

It was just a momentary contact, like a dragonfly, but the overwhelming blood colour almost completely filled his mind. The thing that could be seen was endless darkness that almost wiped out everything.

Such negative energies were so powerful that he was almost swallowed up even though he was just the receiver.

The trembling fear was still spreading uncontrollably. Wei Lanbing looked at the door where no figures could be seen and slowly tightened his pale mouth. This man was very dangerous.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Lan: This man is very dangerous.

Mumu: Oh, this person is really fragrant.

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