OIAA: Chapter 1

The sound of the airport’s broadcasts loomed between people coming and going, like distant background noise.

The brilliance of the stars penetrated softly through the floor to ceiling windows with a unique texture like a movie screen.

Compared to the crowds of people, the special passage only occasionally had a few figures walking through it. It looked empty and expensive. At the end of the passage was a space car with a particularly eye-catching six-pointed golden star emblem on it.

Sublime Star Abilities College was the only abilties college in the Doya Galaxy.

“Student, please show me your report card sequence.” The driver leaned back lazily on the driver’s seat and spoke without raising his head when he heard someone get in the car. The serial number was entered, a beep was heard and the indicator light on the detector turned green.

The driver’s closed eyes slightly opened a crack and he happened to see the person passing by. This caused him to be momentarily stunned.

The old style of clothing made it immediately obvious that this person was very a remote galaxy. A plain cloak that was rarely seen in the main city was draped over his shoulders, and it hung loosely enough that it covered the entire body.

Even though the neckline was high, the half of the face that was exposed was exquisitely beautiful. There was a pair of cat-like apricot coloured eyes that were full of light sleepiness. Set against the unique silver-white curly hair, they were languid and unique. This made people’s eyes linger for a moment and they couldn’t help wanting to touch in an unrestrained manner.

The driver had come to the airport today to pick up the college’s freshmen. He had already made several trips, running back and forth because the students came from all over the major galaxies. There were all types of people but this was the first time he saw one that he couldn’t help looking twice at.

Yi Jiamu could feel the eyes on him. It wasn’t only from the driver but also from the other people in the space car. He slowly looked around in silence. Then he walked to a corner of the last row with his backpack in his arms, found a comfortable posture and closed his eyes.

This was the first time that Yi Jiamu had been so far away from his home town star. Perhaps it was because he had been on a light ship for too long but he seemed a bit airsick. This cloak was very useful. It might be a bit oversized for him but he could pull it up and wrap it around him to be used as a quilt.

New students arrived one after another. After it became full of people, the space car started to depart for the Sublime Star Campus. By the time Yi Jiamu woke up again, he had just arrived at the entrance of the school. He had gained a lot of energy after sleeping and looked around curiously once he got out of the car. He heard his grandfather tell him that the outside was very different from their tower star. Now it seemed to be true. Even the shape of the houses was strange.

Yi Jiamu stood in an open square for a long time. Um, so, what should he do next? He was just frowning and thinking when the communicator in his backpack rang. He glanced at the caller name and clicked to connect. “Uncle Wu, um… I’ve arrived. Okay, should I go now?”

Wu Qingji’s calm and steady voice came from the phone. Perhaps it was because the other person was Yi Jiamu but his tone was also filled with a faint indulgence. “Enter the gate and walk straight to the end. Turn 50 metres to the left from the fountain and you will find the School of Theory. I’ve already arranged your information there. The ability option doesn’t need to be filled in, do you know?”

“I know.” Yi Jiamu responded, obviously not too concerned about the arrangement. Then after a while, he spoke slowly. “Still, is this really okay? Won’t it be very troublesome if it is exposed by someone?”

Wu Qingji was slightly choked up and coughed twice. “80% of the students of the School of Theory are those with no abilities. The rest all have passive type abilities like you. It is usually difficult to distinguish them so it won’t have any effect.”

He said this and then laughed softly. “Your ability is special. If you want to be chased by the various school departments every day…”

“I know.” This time, Yi Jiamu simply agreed. “I will go to enrol now.”

On the other end of the communicator, Wu Qingji couldn’t help laughing loudly. Unfortunately, he didn’t come with this person or he would really want to rub this cute little guy’s head. “There are many things to do at the start of the school year. I will come find you when I’m less busy.”

Yi Jiamu responded positively and hung up. Then he looked at the surrounding environment. He found the School of Theory according to the directions that Wu Qingji gave him.

The teacher at the registration office glanced at the form he submitted and looked up at him. “You are the student with the Ability Deficiency Disorder that Professor Wu mentioned?”

“Ah? Uh, yes.”

The teacher gazed at him with eyes that were filled with a faint maternal love. “Don’t worry too much. Sublime Star might be known as the ‘cradle of ability masters but the teaching staff of the School of Theory are also very powerful. Even if you can’t become an abilities master in the future, you will be able to take part in relevant work after graduation. Regardless of whether it is the military department or the scientific department, it is a good choice.”

In the face of this over-caring gaze, Yi Jiamu gently scratched the side of his face. “Yes, thank you Teacher.”

The teacher smiled and filed the information. Then seeing that he was about to leave, the teacher suddenly asked, “Little student, do you have an alpha?”

Yi Jiamu’s footsteps paused. “Eh?”

Before he could reply, a card was stuffed into his hand. “I have a nephew who happens to be a senior of the School of Theory. If you need help in the future then ask him at any time.”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

He stepped away from the freshman registration desk and lowered his head to look at the small information card in his hand. His grandfather was right. The elders outside really liked him.


After completing the enrollment registration, he should’ve gone to this dormitory. However, Yi Jiamu had slept in the school car and was temporarily quite spirited. In a rare moment, he decided to go and look around.

Sublime Star Abilities College was one of the seven major ability schools in the United Nations. It was more like a city with complete facilities than a school and it was even more prosperous than his remote home town tower star. Even so, this high degree of civilization had its disadvantages.

For example, previously if Yi Jiamu dozed off, he could nap anywhere using his cloak. However, here, as soon as he was ready to find a place to lie down, several mechanical arms would emerge to lift him from the ground. If he hadn’t run quickly then he might’ve been thrown into the recycling bin as garbage.

Yi Jiamu was tired and couldn’t find a place to sleep. He gained a brief understanding of the structure of the campus and was prepared to go to this dormitory. Just as he yawned and passed the first corner, his attention was attracted by a situation not far away.

There was a building with a simple structure. It was probably a warehouse but for some unknown reason, it was surrounded by people. They all seemed to be students of the school. He walked over to inquire before realizing that some senior students had set up a game here.

It cost 100 star coins per person. If someone walked through this door and could persist for five minutes then they could get 10 times the profit. Yi Jiamu was originally a bit drowsy. Then he heard that he could make a net profit of 900 star coins and he immediately became energetic. “Only five minutes is enough?”

There were two senior students next to him. Hearing this, they couldn’t help laughing. “Only five minutes? This little school brother is someone who just came this year right? Let me tell you something as a senior. The things that happen in Sublime Star aren’t as simple as you think.”

Yi Jiamu was puzzled. “Isn’t it written in the rules that there is no fighting? Is there a hidden trick?”

One senior student saw his harmless appearance and shook his head sadly. “It can’t be called a hidden trick. Sometimes there are things that are so scary that you can’t imagine it.”

Yi Jiamu thought about it before deciding he couldn’t understand.

Just then, the warehouse door opened and a trembling figure was thrown into a corner. He curled up and shivered, unable to stand up for a long time.

He was obviously a freshman who had just arrived on his clothes today. His clothes were clean, tidy and he didn’t look like he had been poisoned. However, his face was pale, sweat covered his forehead and it took a long time for his empty eyes to gradually recover. He looked like he had just returned from a journey to hell and experienced despair from beginning to end.

The people in the area started talking.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, you must be new if you can ask this question.”

“I’m a bit curious about what’s inside.”

“Little children, this senior will give you some advice. Have you heard of curiosity kills the cat?”

“Speaking of which, it’s been so long. No one has managed to come out standing?”

“With all due respect, they are already a brave person  if they manage to come out lying down.”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes swept over the new student who lost his mind and was thoughtful. Listening to them, it didn’t seem easy to win this money. He frowned for a moment but under the temptation of 900 star coins, he still took a step forward.

The senior student next to him noticed his movements and grabbed his hand. “Little student, do you really want to go?”

“Yes, I still want to see it.”

The senior had a complicated expression.

It stood to reason that he shouldn’t be nosy but this omega new student was too beautiful. Although the name of the man inside couldn’t be casually mentioned, he still couldn’t help trying to persuade this student. “Sublime Star has this type of game that offers the newcomers as a sacrifice every year. It isn’t that easy to earn the money.”

Yi Jiamu’s apricot eyes looked at him for a moment. “It turns out to be like this. I understand.”

The senior student thought he finally listened and was relieved. Then he saw Yi Jiamu crouching down and searching through his backpack. After a moment, the took something else and placed it seriously in the senior’s hand. “Senior, I don’t know what will happen. I have to temporarily trouble you to look after my Cici for a while.” (Ci=thorn/sting/pierce etc)

Making money was important but it sounded dangerous. Yi Jianmu was worried that something would happen to Cici.

The senior student stared at the object in his hand and couldn’t react for a while. Wasn’t this just a small cactus that hadn’t grown? Cici, this thing actually had a name?!

He subconsciously raised his arms. By the time his mind finally returned and he wanted to say a few words, the omega student was no longer in front of him. His companion next to him patted him lightly on the shoulder and pointed to the dark doorway of the warehouse. “Don’t look for him. He has already entered.”


The senior student silently glanced at this ‘Cici’ in the pot and inexplicably had the feeling of seeing a relic.

Little school brother, please come out alive!

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1 year ago

Interesting. Wonder what his actual ability is that he wants to hide it.

7 months ago
Reply to  AddienaSaffir

I mean guessing from the title name he’s immune to all the abilities LOL

1 year ago

Awww what a cute darling. He named his little cactus 😍

11 months ago

lmao, my nickname is also “Cici” but I didn’t know it meant “thorn” in Chinese.