IWBL: Chapter 99

It didn’t know why but the black shadow looked at its chin and somehow couldn’t help adjusting he posture, so that it matched its original angle. Once the dark shadow no longer moved and became fixed on the wall, it once again seemed to have its original sense of fatalism.

Xiao Li gave it a round of applause. “It is exactly the same.”

The shadow didn’t move and was still on the wall.

…It didn’t know why but there was a sense of a disabled son finally standing up and the old father encouraging him by the side. Xiao Li kindly admonished, “Next time, remember not to get caught when peeking at others.”

The shadow, “……”

Waves and waves of outsiders had come here and most of them were too scared to think in this place. How could they notice his original posture? Xiao Li’s changed the topic toward the right track. “By the way, what do you want to do by following us?”

The shadow didn’t respond or act. It didn’t waver from its guidelines and didn’t give Xiao Li any reaction.

…It seemed to be angry.

Xiao Li walked a bit further while looking at the black shadows on the walls of both sides of the main control room. The black shadows on both sides were dense and reached out to the main control room from the floor to the ceiling. Then the black shadows gradually became sparse.

However, they didn’t enter the main control room. Was there something in the main control room they were afraid of? Still, looking at their posture, they seemed very eager. He habitually bowed his head and pressed his fingers to his lips.

Xiao Li was still thinking when Zou Hanyi, who had already entered the main control room, went to the door and asked in a puzzled tone, “What are you doing out there?”

She followed Xiao Li’s gaze and saw these dense shadows. Zou Hanyi hadn’t found anything unusual when they first came here and now she asked, “Do these dark shadows have any problems?”

Xiao Li released his fingers. “No problems.”

Hao Ge wondered, “Then why have you been out here for so long?”

Xiao Li glanced at the black shadow that previously acted. “I’m just doing a good job and helping the elderly recover.”

Hao Ge, “…What the hell?”

It would be more credible if Sherlock said he was watching ants move.

Zou Hanyi also wondered, “…Elderly?”

Xiao Li mused and went into the main control room.

The main control room here was the core of all the plant facility’s operations. There was a three-fold screen filling the main control room and an operations console underneath them. This console had various operation buttons and command posts.

Compared to the outside, the walls in the main control room were very clean. This didn’t mean it was immaculate. The wallpaper was yellowing and peeling off, the years relentlessly eroding everything inside the main control room. There were just no dark shadows on the wall. Not a single one.

Xiao Li sat in front of the operator’s station. He first tentatively touched a button and then pressed several keys.

“Can you do this?” Zou Hanyi took the seat beside him.

“Of course not, I’m just trying things out.” Xiao Li replied.

Zou Hanyi turned back to the console. “During the time you didn’t come in, we have already searched and only found these things.”

She was referring to some information that had been placed in the cupboard before she took it out and put it on the table. It was a stack of papers full of technical terms. They were fragile and crushed. The centre of the main control room had very large black stains. The specific content couldn’t be seen but it vaguely seemed to be a hexagram star logo.

Xiao Li roughly looked through the papers. Apart from the text, it had many pictures. This seemed to be the theme of the entire factory.

Hao Ge complained, “I’m so tired of this type of world with high freedom. I can’t remember how to do things. I know how to escape from ghosts but this…”

Xiao Li looked up at him and he shut up, making a flattering expression. “I will be quiet. You continue.”

Before taking back his sight, Xiao Li looked up at a surveillance camera in the corner. He held up the stack of papers, took a page out of it, went back to his seat and pressed one of the buttons.

Zou Hanyi questioned, “Do you want to start this? Even if it hasn’t been damaged in the explosion, so much time has passed. Surely it can’t be used anymore?”

“The place of the explosion isn’t here. It was the front end. This is just the control zone and I’ll try it.”

Xiao Li let loose. He randomly pressed buttons but nothing responded. He finally pressed a button that was on the stack of materials but nothing happened.

Hao Ge’s fist struck the control platform hard. “F*k.”

Then after his punch, a light suddenly flashed on the screen in front of the control console.

Xiao Li, “………”

He commented, “God’s right hand.”

Hao He hadn’t expected his hit to turn it on. He looked at the large screen with surprise and joy. It was just that after the initial flash, a prompt appeared on the screen: Please enter the password.

Hao Ge’s joy was immediately frozen. “What is the password?”

He glanced at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li had a toothache and covered half his face. “…Don’t look at me, I don’t know.”

As he spoke, he pressed a few letters on the console. The next second, the screen showed: The password has been accepted.

There were many separate options on the screen. Xiao Li bowed his head and found what he was looking for. Then he skillfully opened the surveillance video of the last day.

Zou Hanyi’s face was shocked as she repeated Hao Ge’s words. “What is the password?”

“MAYDAY.” Xiao Li looked like he was ready to see a HD, colourless blockbuster. “I just tried it. The girl kept telling us to save her but I feel like she wasn’t talking about herself. Rather, it was the whole forbidden area.”

“It is asking for help.”

Zou Hanyi’s brow furrowed. At this time, a surveillance video appeared in front of him. She temporarily turned her attention away from Xiao Li’s words and looked at the screen.

The surveillance video showed the main control station on the day of the explosion. The staff members in work clothes were methodically working at first. The main engineer and the workers chatted with their subordinates and there was no shadow of the tragedy that followed.

After someone went out for their break, there was a dark-skinned engineer sitting in front of the console. The main engineer was talking to someone at the time and didn’t pay attention to him. The man reached out and slowly pressed a button on the console. He entered a code, pressed the test button and pulled down the joystick, starting the explosion.

He wasn’t noticed but the reincarnators noticed a sense of incongruity in his limbs. They were very stiff as if they weren’t attached to him. Once everything was done, the man got up again like nothing happened.

Five minutes later, the entire main control room was obviously shaking. Then someone came running in from outside in a panic. There was no sound in the video but the reincarnators could see his mouth move. The explosion occurred and pollution started to leak out. The main engineer was obviously anxious. He pushed his colleague away in disbelief, ran to the console and pressed a few buttons.

On the screen, the indicators of the factory showed: As the temperature rose, the core melted away and could no longer be controlled remotely.

Just as the main room was in a mess, the creator of the tragedy laughed silently. His smile grew and his eyes revealed his wildness. He had previously been looking at his panicked colleagues in front of the console but now he turned his head and silently mouthed to the surveillance camera, “Once everything returns to where it should return, the Lord God will wake up and return to this land. This is the first step of the Lord God’s return!”

Zou Hanyi looked at his mouth shape and read out the sentence word by word. The man pulled open his clothes and revealed a mark cut with a knife on his bare chest.

He tore his wound open with his hands and spread his blood over the central console. The other people didn’t understand his behaviour. Some people called for security while others tried to control him, but they were all thrown away by him. Then he reverently drew a pattern array in blood.

Zou Hanyi muttered, “Demonic sacrifice? He… he sacrificed all the people in this area through the explosion.”

The creator of this incident started the explosion and created a forbidden zone. This bound the souls of the dead into the zone as the food of the Lord God.

“Then what about the so-called Lord God he is calling? Such a bloody summoning must be for a demon or a high-grade evil god.” Zou Hanyi knew more in this regard. “Is there something wrong with the array? The so-called destruction of the forbidden area is to help this person complete the array, increasing the offerings to summon the demon. Saving the forbidden area is to destroy the array so that the souls bound to the forbidden area are released?”

Xiao Li didn’t speak. He left the control table and in the place where the man had carved the array, he moved his hand and a scalpel appeared in it.

The two other reincarnators also surrounded it and Hao Ge couldn’t help saying, “I don’t think it would be more convenient to save the forbidden area. Don’t we just need to destroy this array to finish the task?”

Zou Hanyi thought about it more. “In the present, it seems that salvation is simpler than destruction but in the long run, destruction is better for us.”


“Destruction could mean a good relationship with the demon who will give some benefits to the reincarnators  to help him. There are many people on the reincarnator rankings to sell their souls to the demon. They will be very strong and get many items, but their behaviour will be very cruel.” Zou Hanyi said.

Hao Ge replied, “However, we have chosen to save it. There is no other way.”

Xiao Li had never spoken.

Hao Ge called out to him, “Sherlock?”

Xiao Li’s scalpel was turning around in his fingers but he never tapped it. He spoke to the air in front of him. “Even if we chose salvation, there is still a way to get benefits from you, right?”

Hao Ge, “???”

As question marks filled his eyes, there were waves in the air above the array and a figure emerged from it.

The man had blood red eyes, the air of a gentleman and was a British-style man.

He looked at Xiao Li. “…How is it you again?”

There was subtle helplessness in the tone.

Hao Ge, “!!!”

The evil god or high-grade… demon? He knew Sherlock?!

Xiao Li stood up, patted his clothes and greeted the demon. “We meet again.”

The demon in front of him was the one who deceived Captain Stern on the ghost ship.

“Is there no one left in your villain camp so you’re just wandering around?” Xiao Li asked unceremoniously.

It was unknown what the demon god was thinking but he maintained a friendly smile on the surface. He replied proudly, “…I just prefer to play with humans.”

“Compared to a demon playing with people, I think you are more like a summoning beast. Drawing an array and sacrificing something can bring you here.”

The demon, “…”

This man was so annoying. He was annoyed but he couldn’t say it.

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