IWBL: Chapter 97

No normal reincarnator facing such a strange scene would be able to share a bath with the beauty.

However, it was like Zou Hanyi said. The moment the woman spoke, the group gradually realized her power. It was as if something had blocked her wits and they started to feel that the drowned girl’s words were very reasonable.

The forbidden zone was so big and covered with dust. This hot spring looked clear and warm. Soaking in it would relieve the fatigue of the reincarnators…

Hao Ge was the first one to take a step toward the hot spring.

Zou Hanyi subconsciously pulled him but she was soon affected herself. She was in a better state than Hao Ge. Zou Hanyi was aware of her abnormality. She pulled the knife out of her leg and held the blade, wanting to use the pain to regain her senses.

Xiao Li held her hand in time. He pulled her and Hao Ge to the side and crouched on the edge of the hot spring. The doll slipped off Xiao Li’s shoulder and fell straight into the hot spring. The moment she was exposed to the hot spring water, Tan Li changed from the form of a doll to a girl.

She was still wearing a thick cat and looked fat. Her hair soaked in the hot spring and floated behind her. There was a trace of crimson in the hot spring. It was from the bloody marks left on Tan Li’s coat over the years. It had originally solidified on the coat but now it was soaked in warm water and gradually fell off.

On the other side, Zhou Ying squatted by the edge of the hot spring. He first put his hands into the hot spring and leaned forward to wash his hands. Then he stretched out his feet and started to soak his feet.

The drowned girl who discovered the hot spring was contaminated, “……”

The beautiful woman’s head looked down at the blood that was about to touch her and she immediately swam in the opposite direction. She moved like this and Hao Ge and Zou Hanyi awakened from this strange force.

Hao Ge crawled away from the hot spring. “I-I was trapped and just wanted to go down!”

Zou Hanyi already had such an experience so she focused most of her attention on these two new ghosts. Then she thought of Xiao Li’s name and remembered the forum post she saw a long time ago. Sherlock, was it that Sherlock? Or was it just the same name?

She couldn’t directly confirm it at first but then Zou Hanyi turned to see the drowned woman in a corner of the hot spring. The other side’s gorgeous face was gradually turning green. It was him. Zou Hanyi thought so. She unknowingly sighed with relief.

The drowned woman stood in the opposite corner from Tan Li, her face green as she faced the human on the shore. “Let them go up.”

Xiao Li also used his hand to touch the hot spring water. “Didn’t you want us to go down? They also want to enjoy it?”

The drowned woman seemed to really like the hot springs here and didn’t want to leave. She stretched out her neck and the white bones connected to her neck could be seen. She pointed to the hotel behind her. “Have them leave here and you can go.’

Water dropped from her outstretched skeletal arm into the hot spring. Such a beautiful face with a non-human body, the contrast was chilling. Xiao Li went from squatting to standing before shining the flashlight at the hot springs hotel. “Over there… doesn’t have an exit, right?”

The ‘exit’ he referred to wasn’t the hot springs exit but the exit to the entire haunted house. The drowned woman sneered. “What do you think?”

Xiao Li smiled at her and then asked Hao Ge, “We’ve been here for more than two hours. Do you have the desire to go to the toilet?”

Hao Ge who suddenly understood what he meant, “……”

No, even if he did, he couldn’t do it in front of so many people…. especially peeing on the ghost’s face!

Xiao Li saw his embarrassed appearance and turned to ask Zou Hanyi, “What about you?”

Zou Hanyi’s mouth twitched. She knew Xiao Li’s meaning and reluctantly nodded.

The drowned girl who just understood, “???”

She looked at Tan Li still soaking in the hot spring and decided to change to another hot spring next time. She made up her mind and her voice relaxed slightly. “That isn’t the real exist. I don’t know where the real exit is.”

Xiao Li believed her words.

He reached out to recall Zhou Ying and Tan Li. The doll came out and shook her head. The warm water on her body solidified and she sat back on Xiao Li’s shoulder. As she passed by the drowned woman, the drowned woman’s face was reflected in the rippling hot spring, showing an unparalleled beauty.

Xiao Li’s footsteps subtly paused and he spoke in a nostalgic tone. “I have previously encountered a skeleton that followed me all the time. Later, I dismantled it and it couldn’t find me anymore.”

The drowned girl, “……”

She glanced at the lower part of her neck and sank down again.


They entered through the back door of the hot springs hotel and found a wooden door and passage. The floor was wooden and some places had long been raised high. Cobwebs occupied the high places and the air was filled with decay.

Xiao Li covered his mouth and nose. He thought about what he had just seen while moving forward. The other two people followed him, Zou Hanyi still holding onto the knife in case of a possible attack.

It was really an abandoned hot springs hotel. It was very small and there were no ghosts inside it apart from the drowned girl. They came out the front door of the hot springs hotel and returned to the haunted house.

Then there was an endless darkness. This haunted house seemed to have no end.

Hao Ge took the initiative to break the silence. “How on earth can we get out of this haunted house? Do you have a clue?”

Zou Hanyi didn’t speak. She glanced at Xiao Li and saw the other side had no intention of replying so she opened her mouth. “No, I just feel that this haunted house is like several different ghost areas linked together. The haunted house seems to play an intermediary role but I have no idea about how to leave.”

“How can we go out when there are so many ghosts?” Hao Ge was dissatisfied. “The forbidden zone is full of ghosts and this is a ghost amusement park. No wonder why this was the forbidden zone. I think all the people who came inside died.”

“However, according to the rules, ghosts must follow a certain rule to start killing. There must be a way out but we haven’t thought of it…”

The more she spoke, the softer her voice became. She was apparently thinking hard. Xiao Li held the flashlight and ignored the words of the two people behind him. He just immersed himself in his own thinking. The haunted house was very quiet. Apart from their footsteps, there seemed to be no one else here.

Further forward, they went around a corner and saw a clown standing there. The clown was like a beard and belly like the KGC grandfather. He had a red ball for his nose, red and blue paint on both sides of his cheeks and small, curly hair. It stood still, holding a sign in its hand.

The sign was marked with a right turn. A sign…?

Hao Ge asked in a whisper, “Is this a hint about how to reach the exit?”

“I don’t think so…” Zou Hanyi frowned of the clown, wary of any sudden movements.

The pale light of the flashlight shone on the clown’s facial features. This made his rising smile particularly scary. Xiao Li shone the flashlight to the right side road and it looked endless. The same was true of the left. The only hint was the sign.

“Hehehehe…” A sharp laugh broke the silence.

The scared Hao Ge took a big step back.

He saw the clown’s mouth open wide in a big grin. “Let’s play a game. I will tell you the right way to live and you… choose to believe me or not. The bet is your life.”

As it laughed arrogantly, Xiao Li suddenly reached for the sign in his hand. He turned the sign around, pointed it to the left and put it back in the clown’s arms.

The clown’s laughter paused. “What do you want to do?”

It guessed the thoughts of the human in front of him. “Haha, are you giving up? I can tell you that the wrong way is the left.”

Xiao Li smiled at it. “Let’s play my game.”

Clown: “Um?! “

Xiao Li took a pen from his pocket. He erased the right-turn mark on the sign and drew a pair of eyes on it. “I will say the direction. If I guess right, you will stand here for three years.”

The clown stiffened. It looked down at the sign that had a big pair of eyes drawn on it.

Xiao Li put the pen back and touched his mobile phone. He didn’t open it but directly put the phone screen in front of him. The light of the flashlight allowed the phone screen to temporarily act as a mirror. Xiao Li changed the direction before finally saying, “That is the case.”

The clown exclaimed, “Wait, wait, you’re wrong. I can tell you. The right direction is to the left. I just tricked—”

Xiao Li grabbed the sign that the clown was holding and stuffed it into the clown’s mouth.

“Close your eyes.” He told his two teammates behind him.

Hao Ge wondered, “What?”

Xiao Li didn’t explain. He closed his eyes and walked straight forward. Surprisingly, he was looking at the clown but the next moment, he passed through like the clown in front of him didn’t exist. Zou Hanyi gritted her teeth and decided to trust the big man on the forum. She also closed her eyes.

Vision was a very important part of human activity. Without sight, a human’s hearing and touch became more acute and disturbing, especially in haunted environments.

Zou Hanyi felt like she crossed something and the sound of wind entered her ears, but nothing touched her.

She walked for around 10 minutes until a light suddenly appeared in front of her. Then Xiao Li’s voice was heard. “You can open your eyes.”

Zou Hanyi hesitated. She opened her eyes and found that she had come out of the haunted house. In front of a huge factory, the reactor is illuminated by a huge sarcophagus, reflective towers towering into the clouds, the complex continued.

At the same time, her task book responded.

【 The second phase has been completed and the third phase has been updated: Choose carefully. 】

【 1. Save the forbidden area;2. Destroy the forbidden area. 】

【 Please select in three minutes. 】

The author has something to say:

Clown: Laughing and crying.

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1 year ago

clown became both literally and figuratively clown lmao 🤡

1 month ago

sometimes I don’t understand humans, like they like to turn fun and harmless things into dangerous and horrifying objects, like a clown –> killer clown, balloons –> penniwise, (basically anything), crayons, butterflies, flowers, colours –> creepypasta. Like can ya’ll believe it?!!! 💀

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