IWBL: Chapter 95

The childlike Xiao Li took the team to the Ferris wheel. “You don’t want to? This Ferris wheel is in a forbidden zone. You can’t get this feeling in the outside world.”

The corners of Hao Ge’s mouth twitched. “Forget that this is a ghost instance. Sherlock, how old are you that you still want to play on these things?”

Xiao Li suddenly stopped and Hao Ge almost hit his back. Hao Ge covered his nose and wanted to ask when the other person turned his head. “Are you stereotyping that men can’t want to play on the Ferris wheel?”

Hao Ge didn’t know why but he felt a bit guilty. “You can but… this is a haunted place. The light is on—hey, do you really want to sit down?!”

Xiao Li had come underneath the Ferris wheel. He looked up at this historic Ferris wheel. The axis was very old and it was rusty. It could barely support its many cockpits.

The cockpit with the light on was facing down as the Ferris wheel turned and it was easy for everyone to find that no one was inside. It was an empty cabin. Of course, there was a greater possibility that they couldn’t see the ‘person.’

Xiao Li stood below and waited patiently for the cockpit to come down. The moment it reached the ground, he reached out to pull open the door of the cockpit. It was unlocked. Xiao Li replied to Hao Ge with his body movements. He really intended to go up and also waved to the others. “Go together?”

Hao Ge and Zou Hanyi shook their heads. Even the unknown man couldn’t help shaking his head. Their actions were very consistent. The cockpit door automatically closed with a ‘pop’ and swayed clockwise with the wheel.

The Ferris wheel was getting further from the ground and closer to the sky. The people on the ground looked like ants to the naked eye. Xiao Li sat on the left side of the cockpit and looked at the scenery below.

In fact, it was now very dark and there were no lights underneath. The only thing that could be seen was a small outline but it still made people feel open-minded. The little yellow book in his pocket shook. Xiao Li put it on his lap, picked up the pen sandwiched in the little yellow book and opened it.

The little yellow book showed: 【 Do you like it? 】

【 It is a birthday present. 】

Xiao Li raised it up and placed it against the transparent wall of the Ferris wheel, writing, “Do you mean this world or the Ferris wheel?”

Little yellow book: 【 Everything. 】

【 I’m glad to sit on the same Ferris wheel as you. 】

【 We haven’t been alone for a long time. 】

【 I… Can I sit next to you? 】

Xiao Li thought that compared to others, the little yellow book really knew him well. He thought of the gift given by the little yellow book and said, “Yes.”

He looked at the opposite seat. There was nothing opposite him to the naked eye but Xiao Li could feel the cushion by his side sinking down for a moment.

The little yellow book had to say: 【 I want to hold you. 】

Xiao Li replied, “That isn’t possible.”

Despite his refusal, Xiao Li still felt a hand carefully reaching from the side. The hand first touched his fingertips then clenched his hands, crossing the joints of the finger bones little by little and holding them tightly. The other side’s grip was very hard like he didn’t want to let go of a treasure.

Xiao Li hadn’t seen the human form of the little yellow book but his brain was able to make up the other side’s state at the moment. Maybe his head was down but the little yellow book should be looking at him sideways with a smile. Xiao Li tried to regain his hand.

The little yellow book: 【 You didn’t say that we couldn’t hold hands. 】

【 I just want to touch you. 】

It felt like he hadn’t touched the other person for a long time. It hadn’t been too long but it felt like he was touching Xiao Li’s body temperature after crossing several reincarnation cycles. Xiao Li couldn’t break free and combined with the little yellow book not taking any further action, he awkwardly maintained this position.

However, it was the little yellow book after all. 【 I just want to kiss you for a moment. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

He was afraid the other person’s words were a warning and would directly kiss him, so he covered his mouth and shook his head. He also used force to break the little yellow book’s grip and sat on the opposite side.

The Ferris wheel shook violently because of his movement. Xiao Li couldn’t stand still. He wanted to raise a hand to the cockpit’s glass door to steady himself when the invisible body of the little yellow book reached out to grab his arm and steady him.

The little yellow book showed disappointment: 【 It isn’t okay on my birthday?” 】

Xiao Li muttered, “…It isn’t your birthday.”

Otherwise, the little yellow book would’ve already mentioned it.

Little yellow book: 【 Can’t I have a birthday? 】

“I didn’t say that.”

Little yellow book: 【 Is it okay on my birthday?  】

This time, Xiao Li was distracted. “When is your birthday?”

【 I don’t remember, whenever I want. 】The little yellow book said.

Xiao Li, “…”

The Ferris wheel was getting closer to the ground. It had already moved through a cycle. Seeing that it was about to reach the ground, Xiao Li put away the little yellow book away, opened the door of the cockpit and jumped down.

He descended from the Ferris wheel and the other reincarnators were still there. Before Xiao Li stood still, Hao Ge asked him, “How was it?”

Xiao Li felt that apart from the part with the little yellow book, the scenery above was very good. He replied, “It feels very good so you can also try it.”

Hao Ge opened his mouth. “I won’t go. I stood down here and looked, feeling particularly worried that the wind would blow the cockpit off. Didn’t you feel scared up there?”

“No, it is full of stability.”

Hao Ge, “…”

Xiao Li said this sentence and turned to the other people still standing on the ground. “Did you stand here the entire time looking at me?”

Zou Hanyi looked at the lively and bouncy Xiao Li and felt more and more that this person’s spirit wasn’t normal. Still, now wasn’t the time to care about that. She frowned and said, “Of course not, we went to look around and found a clue.”

Xiao Li clapped. “What clue?”

“You… come and take a look.” Zou Hanyi walked in front and took Xiao Li around a tree, arriving at a large facility.

It was a haunted house. The shape was a huge skull and the teeth made were quite realistic. It wasn’t only sharp but also yellow. There was a sign in front of the haunted house saying:

【 Devil:s Passage: Whoever enters and passes through the trials can go directly to the place where they have to go. 】

【 However, be careful, there is a ghost inside—a ghost! 】

Zou Hanyi stated, “When you didn’t come down, we were discussing about whether to enter or not. There was one vote in favour, three against. The unknown man has already gone in.”

Xiao Li knocked on the wooden door of the haunted house. The door shook and dust fell down.

“There is nothing to discuss.” Xiao Li replied. “It is written very clearly.”

Hao Ge couldn’t help saying, “There might really be ghosts in this haunted house but the exploration doesn’t say we must explore the haunted house. Maybe if we walk around, we can find the real area!”

Xiao Li calmly asked, “Do you believe this?”

Since this instance had given this haunted house, it was clear that the place they needed to explore was either extremely hidden or just here.

Hao Ge clenched his fists and punched the haunted house. “Abominable instance!”

Hai Han muttered, “D-Do you really want to go in…?”

Zou Hanyi declared, “We have to go.”

She took out a full set of equipment from her small backpack. She inserted a Swiss army knife into the knife sheath bound to her thigh, tied a searchlight around her opened and pushed open the door of the haunted house with Xiao Li, entering.

Hao Ge was about to cry but he lacked the courage to reject these bigwigs. In the end, he had to follow them into the haunted house. Next was Hai Han. He was afraid but after a fierce psychological struggle, he also chose to go in.

Lu Min, the last remaining reincarnator, stared at the closed wooden door and shouted, “You’re crazy! I won’t be crazy with you. My god, how could anyone want to go into a haunted house in the middle of the night?!”

“I…I will wait here for you to come out. You will run out. There is a ghost inside!”

Lu Mi simply crouched at the door. More than half an hour passed and the wooden door isolated all sound inside. The strange noise in the amusement park continued. The hammer suddenly started, the swing Xiao Li had stopped started to make the chain friction sound from time to time, a burst of water came from the rapids…

There were ghosts playing in the amusement park. He was scared. In particular, he had no teammates with him right now.

Lu Min didn’t want to stay here but he didn’t dare go into the haunted house. He was worried and finally thought about returning to the car where the space was small. He could also directly drive off if there was danger.

He raised his spirits and took a careful step. Before he even got halfway, he heard a voice from behind him calling his name. “Lu Min…”

“Lu Min…”

Lu Min’s body was stiff and he didn’t dare look back as he thought of a folklore. There were three fires on top of everyone’s head. If they met someone calling their name, don’t look back! It was because turning back would extinguish a fire. Once the three fires were extinguished, ghosts could take advantage of this to hook up their soul. He didn’t look back and ran straight forward, but the voice haunted him.

“Lu Min…”

Lu Mi was covered in sweat as he closed his eyes and moved like a headless fly. He directly took the path in front of him and no longer cared about the position.

“…Lu Min!” There was a cheerful cry and Lu Min opened his eyes. He was surprised to find that he had unknowingly entered the haunted house! Standing in front of him was a long-necked ghost with an open mouth.


The haunted house.

On the other side, Zou Hanyi had just entered and found that the interior of the haunted house was no longer a house. It was because the width and height were far beyond the scope of the wooden house.

In addition, she had entered the haunted house closely behind Xiao Li but no matter how she ran forward or called Xiao Li’s name, there was no response. Zou Hanyi waited at the door for a moment but no one came in to meet her. After five minutes, the girl went straight ahead.

This ghost house… would it transfer people to different spaces when they entered?

Xiao Li in front of her couldn’t be found while she couldn’t meet Hao Ge and the others who followed her in. It was clear that this haunted house broke up their team and randomly transferred people to all corners of the haunted house.

Zou Hanyi took a deep breath and walked forward in a state of alertness.

The haunted house was dark but she could barely see with the naked eye once she was accustomed to the light. It started out as a corridor filled with red mist, two rows of human skeletons hanging on the walls on both sides of the corridor. The number was very high but their empty high holes seemed to be staring at the participants. Several aphids crawled out of the skeletons’ eyes and fell to the ground.

Zou Hanyi suppressed her nausea and took shaky steps as she watched out for ghosts springing out. Gradually, nothing happened and she sped up her pace. Just as she was about to leave the skeleton corridor, a drop of water dripped onto her hair. One drop, two drops…

Her body was stiff but her senior experience told her not to look her. She didn’t look up and her body immediately fell to the side. She rolled before standing up to see. There was a pair of feet. Based on the height, it was at the place where her head used to be.

Zou Hanyi looked about the feet and saw a ghost hanging from a sling rope. It hung from it and its two feet moved through the air. Obviously, if Zou Hanyi hadn’t escaped in time then the hanging ghost’s feet would now be clamped around her head!

Her reaction led to her escape. Zou Hanyi nervously pulled out the army knife, took a position where she was ready to fight back, bypassed the hanging ghost and moved forward


10 minutes later, a teenager-like figure was seen. It was Xiao Li.

After entering the haunted house, Xiao Li had taken out his mobile phone and called Zhou Ying, who had been busy doing exam questions recently. The child looked up at Xiao Li and Xiao Li lovingly touched his head. “Come out and play in the haunted house.”

Zhou Ying was an otaku ghost and hadn’t come out for a long time. The child happily held Xiao Li’s hand and Tan Li climbed out of his pocket and sat on Xiao Li’s shoulder. Xiao Li had a ghost to the left and right as he walked in the haunted house.

At first, he didn’t encounter any ghosts. He just held his flashlight and looked at the pile of fake heads on the table. From the room full of fake heads, Xiao Li chose to go to the left. He had just gone to the left for a short time when he met one of his teammates, Hao Ge.

Once Hao Ge came in, he found that the reincarnators scattered around and fled in fear. It had to be said that he was very lucky. Finally, he found a corner and opened the curtain. He saw Xiao Li’s back at the end of the corner and rushed forward. “Sherlock!”

Xiao Li looked back. “Hao Ge, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Hao Ge gasped two times. The joy of meeting his teammate covered up everything as he said, “I thought I would be alone to the end. This haunted house is so terrible—wait, what is this?!”

His sense of reason returned and Hao Ge pointed to Zhou Ying by Xiao Li’s side.

Xiao Li said, “My brother.”

Hao Ge felt his legs become a bit soft. “Sherlock, your brother doesn’t look very much like a man…”

Looking at this face that seemed to be covered with 18 catty of flour, it seemed more like his name was Xiao Junxiong.  (One catty= slightly over 604 g)

Zhou Ying looked coldly at him.

Hao Ge almost knelt down. “What did I say? This little brother is very cute, haha.”

He recognized his fear while thinking in his heart, ‘I heard that some powerful reincarnators will raise small ghosts and some special items can parasitize ghosts. No wonder why Sherlock is so bold. He originally had such a small ghost with him.’

Xiao Li pinched the hand of Zhou Ying. The child retracted his line of sight and half his body leaned behind Xiao Li. He walked ahead while Brother Ge followed him blindly. He lightened his footsteps and tried to erase his sense of existence.

They walked a certain distance before a faint fog filled the area near the two of them. As the fog rose, a voice loudly called out Xiao Li’s name. “Sherlock…”


The voice fluctuated. It sounded like it was coming from a close distance and far away.

Hao Ge stopped and said to Xiao Li, “Don’t respond.”

Before he could finish, Xiao Li had already said, “Yes, this is it.”

The anxious Hao Ge, “……”

Couldn’t this person listen and keep his mouth shut? Xiao Li walked into the fog and the voice kept calling out to him, while Xiao Li responded like an automatic answering machine.




“I”m here.”

As the call became closer and closer together, Xiao Li stopped answering and asked, “Ghost?”

The call stopped. There was a brief suffocating silence before the voice unknowingly responded, “Here.”

Xiao Li stopped walking. He carefully distinguished the direction of the sound and walked over while continuing to determine the positioning. “Ghost?”


“Where are you?”

“Go this way…”

Xiao Li approached it and Hao Ge couldn’t help pulling Xiao Li’s arm. “Brother, you are my older brother. You might be younger than me but I’ll still call you Brother Xia. Can you not go? It sounds like a soul call. How can you rush to the ghost?”

Xiao Li sighed as he pulled away from Hao Ge and helplessly explained, “You look around. We have entered the realm of this ghost. If we don’t find it then we can’t leave this place.”

The Tan Li doll sat on his shoulder and raised her little head, staring at the third party with disgruntlement. Hao Ge had to proceed to continue listening to Xiao Li and the ghost exchange questions and answers as they really left the fog.

The moment they came out of the fog, they saw a bridge.

There was water under the bridge. It was a stream and the left and right ends of the stream were covered with white fog. Only the bridge was solid but the stream was real, from the sediment to the pebbles at the bottom.

There was a small bridge with flowing water and dried old trees where crows called out. The back of the bridge didn’t contain a house or old trees but there was a dead well. The edge of the well was mossy and there was a sense of coolness.

This scene made Hao Ge feel cold all over. Was it really a haunted house? It didn’t look like a haunted house for tourists in an amusement park, it was like a real haunted house! They also specifically brought their own items.

Xiao Li stood at one end of the bridge and asked again, “Ghost, where are you?”

This time, the voice clearly came out of the dead well. “Here in the well…”

Xiao Li didn’t go directly. He first went to the stream, crouched down and put his hand into the stream for a while. Hao Ge leaned down to see his movements. “What are you doing? The voice didn’t come from the stream.”

Xiao Li’s eyelids lowered as he whispered, “Washing my hands.”

Hao Ge, “???”

Xiao Li placed his hands in the stream to wash them but his movements were more like he was fishing. Zhou Ying crouched to one side and watched him, following along by placing his small hands into the water.

Hao Ge asked in a bewildered manner, “Are you still washing your hands?”

Xiao Li looked back at him. It seemed Hao Ge already knew the answer when he asked. “No, I’m fishing.”

Hao Ge, “………”

He started to feel that Sherlock’s guts weren’t because of the little ghost but due to the magical structure of Sherlock’s brain circuits. Xiao Li really fished a while but he didn’t catch any fish. He gave up on the idea of eating grilled fish and took out two pebbles as trophies.

He had delayed too long and the ghost couldn’t wait. It started to call out, “Sherlock…”

Xiao Li ‘whispered’, “I’m here.”

The ghost said, “It’s your turn to ask me.”

Xiao Li happily complied. “Okay, ghost?”


This time, the ghost sounded like it was weeping and complaining. Its mouth let out a whimpering sound. Listening to this sound, it seemed to be getting closer and closer to the edge of the well! It wanted to climb out of the well.

At this moment, Hao Ge’s scalp became numb as he imagined the scene in The Ring where Sadako crawled out. He let out a cry that could outdo the crows. “Sherlock!”

Xiao Li ignored them and stepped across the small bridge, looking down into the well. The first thing he saw was long, soft hair, a white dress and eagle-like hands. It was clutching the edge of the dead well and climbed up.

Xiao Li estimated the angle at which she was climbing up, placed a pebble on the edge of the well where her hands would grab and then stood up. The speed of the well ghost’s climbing became faster and faster. Soon, the first half of the well ghost’s face emerged from the well.

Her eyes were long, like a Beijing Opera actor’s makeup. She stared closely at Xiao Li. She had just reached the edge of the well and was reaching out her right hand, wanting to directly grasp the edge of the well to climb out.

However, she grabbed the slippery pebble instead of the edge of the well. There was a splash as the well ghost fell. She didn’t hold steady and fell straight back to the bottom of the well.

Hao Ge who witnessed everything, “……”

Was this action okay?!

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15 days ago

“Lu Min”? where did he come from? like was he there with them the whole time? he was not mentioned even once… like even his presence was not mentioned at all.
all along I thought after that one person who died after jumping 4 floors and into the monsters belly, Hao Ge, Zou Hanyi, Hai Han, MC and that loner guy were the only ones left…