IWBL: Chapter 89

The little yellow book mused: 【 I have been thinking about it. 】

It was just that he couldn’t communicate much with Xiao Li in his human body.

The little yellow book had spoken a similar sentence at the hospital and Xiao Li had regarded it as a stop-gap measure from the other side. The little yellow book must be hiding something, such as his physical body not being shown in the instance world, his face was known or his head was simply a larger version of the little yellow book…

If so, Xiao Li might be able to slightly understand the other person’s hidden intentions. Of course, understanding was understanding. At present, his feelings for the little yellow book had nothing to do with love. How fun were the ghosts and how wonderful the instance. What was the point of falling in love?

Xiao Li’s pen tip stayed above the paper and he simply wrote, “I don’t want to—”

The word ‘love’ was bound by an invisible force, leaving Xiao Li incapable of writing it down.

The shadow took Xiao Li’s pen from the table. The boundary between reality and illusion was blurred by the shadow. It didn’t directly show a passage in the little yellow book. Instead, it wrote earnestly below Xiao Li’s words. 【 It doesn’t matter, I can chase you. 】

He had thought about it many ways in his dreams and had countless intense fantasies, strong and soft. Yet in the end, he only completed this sentence.

Xiao Li looked at the words the shadow wrote. Who knew what the little yellow book’s method of ‘chasing’ would be like. He became alert for the first time. “This instance world isn’t beyond the law.”

Little yellow book: 【 ………… 】

They hadn’t even kissed yet. Why was Xiao Li so wary of him?

The shadow sighed faintly. He held Xiao Li’s shoulder and hugged the other in a close position. Before it could really be put into practice, Xiao Li broke away because there were gradually approaching footsteps at the door.

Xie Zeqing pushed in while Luo Dian and the others followed. The young man said, “She moved. My little ghost alerted me that two minutes ago, Wu Yanjia drove away from her place. Now she is moving. Should we go now?”

There was no need to mention Luo Dian and Han Jin. They only had a few dozen hours left on their lives and they wished to put on a pair of wings to fly. Back in the room, the shadow had already returned to its original place. Xiao Li looked at the alarm clock in the room. It was three in the morning and everything was still.

He had been very sleepy when he first came back but that went away after he talked to the little yellow book. Xiao Li hit the table and stood up. “Go and take a look.”

In the early hours of the morning, all types of public transportation had stopped working and even the taxis weren’t in business.

Fortunately, Luo Dian’s group had been prepared. They had to separate to track down the clues and they bought several vehicles. They also had driver’s licenses. They drove in the direction that Xie Zeqing pointed to.

The distinctive scenery flashed through the windows but no one went outside to enjoy it.

Han Jin sat in the driver’s seat and Luo Dian gave up the co-pilot’s seat to Xiao Li. She sat in the back of the car with Xie Zeqing.

Luo Dian held the new mobile phone she bought in the instance world in order to have a convenient method to contact plot characters. Then she said, “I can’t reach Xu Chenfeng through the phone so I called Lin Xiangyi. She said that Xu Chenfeng’s parents bought her a ticket for the funeral. Xu Chenfeng has already…”

She didn’t say it straight but they knew what she meant. Xu Chenfeng, the plot character in the CG had been killed. Luo Dian and Han Jin would be the next two victims of the death countdown. Luo Dian stroked her arm with her other hand, heart beating violently. The female reincarnator spoke in a low voice. “We don’t have time.”

Xiao Li leaned against the window, his forehead pressed against it. “Where is Wu Yanjia?”

Xie Zeqing replied, “She is heading to the suburbs and the buildings are becoming scarcer…”

Han Jin stepped on the accelerator and the car sped forward. After moving for half an hour, the surrounding scenery became as Xie Zeqing described and the buildings were decreasing.

“She’s parked! It is right in front!” Xie Zeqing’s eyes widened and he pointed to a small room in front of him.

Xiao Li reached out and patted Han Jin’s arm. “Stop here, we will walk over.”

Han Jin and the others had bright spirits. He parked the car according to Xiao Li’s words on the other side of the road. The reincarnators jumped out of the car and headed in the direction that Xie Zeqing pointed out.

It was a dilapidated small house with two floors. The other wall was covered with a lot of graffiti and there was a small advertisement written on it: For a painless flow, please call 135XXXXXX.

The little ghost stuck on the window returned to Xie Zeqing’s arm. There was a light in the small room. Apparently, someone was waiting for Wu Yanjia. She didn’t realize that people were following her and the window was open a crack, letting the voices from inside drift out.

Xiao Li quietly opened his phone and dialled the phone ghost’s number. Once the phone connected to the ghost, he put the phone close to the window and caught the conversation coming from the window.

At first, it was a male voice with a strong drowsiness in his voice. He was apparently awakened from his sleep by Wu Yanjia. “What’s wrong with you?”

Wu Yanjia spoke grumpily. “Didn’t you say that you threw the gauze and diagnosis records away and no one should know? Then why did someone come to me today, asking if Chen Meiyou’s foot had been hurt?”

The male voice was heard again, slightly puzzled. “Someone came to you? Who?”

“How do I know? They said they were Chen Meiyou’s friends. Since when did Chen Meiyou have so many foreign friends?” Wu Yanjia’s tone revealed a bad feeling.

The male voice thought about it. “Is it something Chen Meiyou said herself?”

“No, she promised me that she would never say anything.”

Xiao Li stretched out his head and dared to look inside the house. Inside was a dark clinic. There were a rather simple operating table and a sitting room. A man was sitting down while Wu Yanjia was pacing around.

The male voice said, “They might be netizens. Chen Meiyou might not dare say it in reality but she might’ve found someone on the Internet to talk to. Unexpectedly, they really came to ask. They were just asking and didn’t do anything to do. Why are you feeling so panicked?”

“I am panicked? Do you want to try it?”

“Why are you angry at me? Go and find Chen Meiyou. In addition, even if they know that you hurt her, so what? She is gone and no one can sue you.”

Wu Ya was on edge. “However, it is a big problem. I will probably lose my job!”

Her current job was very reputation-conscious. Once it became really noisy then it wouldn’t be good for her.

These words showed she didn’t take Chen Meiyou’s death seriously. Wu Yanjia regarded her work as more important. Xie Zeqing couldn’t help muttering, “You only have one life to lose. Why worry about losing your job?”

Luo Dian analyzed, “It sounds like Wu Yanjia went to the dance studio to see Chen Meiyou. They rarely see each other so Chen Meiyou was really happy. Wu Yanjia hugged her and in the process, Chen Meiyou’s foot was hurt. She was sent here for treatment by Wu Yanjia and Chen Meiyou promised Wu Yanjia not to tell anyone else. She didn’t even tell her boyfriend…”

Han Jin followed her thoughts. “Wu Yanjia ruined the opportunity for Chen Meiyou to attend the dancer conference and this was equal to indirectly ruining her future. Therefore, Chen Meiyou was in a trance. She answered the phone after class and didn’t pay attention to passing vehicles, directly…”

“However, there is no way for Chen Meiyou to get close to Wu Yanjia, just like Xie Zeqing’s little ghost couldn’t enter  Wu Yanjia’s house. She even carries that type of protection when coming out…”

“Then we just need to remove the protection from her?” Luo Dian was excited like she had seen the dawn of tomorrow.

Xiao Li thought about it. “Not necessarily but you can try it.”

The truth was another matter. He always felt that the curse of the ghost call wasn’t so easy to solve. The reincarnators spoke in a very low voice and the volume was kept within the range of a whisper. This didn’t reach the ears of the people in the room.

Instead, Wu Yanjia was still talking to the man. It was unknown what the man said but it caused Wu Yanjia’s emotions to flareup. “What netizens? Don’t talk nonsense. I think it is you who can’t stop talking about it!”

“F*k, you like blaming others when you’re angry. Why should I care? You are jealous of other people’s good looks and wanted to destroy her. Now blaming me? Don’t forget, I’m just an accomplice. You are the damn mastermind!”

“What mastermind? I didn’t kill her. I just gave a bit of help. It is her own fault and none of my business. Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Hehe.” The man laughed mockingly.

Xie Zeqing heard up to her and said, “This woman ruined Chen Meiyou’s dream yet Chen Meiyou promised not to say anything. How can I think she is stupid—”

Xiao Li promptly interrupted him, putting a finger to his lips and pointing to the phone. “Shh, be careful of what you say. It is a live broadcast.”

Xie Zeqing subconsciously looked down at Xiao Li’s mobile phone screen, which showed a ‘444444.’

Xie Zeqing, “……”

He didn’t understand why Xiao Li treated this ghost as a human and even let the ghost listen to others. This was a ghost! Wasn’t Xiao Li afraid that the live broadcast would stimulate the ghost? In addition, the ghost actually picked up! Every call must be answered. Was there an obsessive-compulsive disorder over answering the phone?

Xie Zeqing thought this but he definitely couldn’t say so. He tried to make up for his mistakes by stammering, “I-It is because Chen Meiyou is kind, just like an angel!”

The mobile phone screen stayed quiet and the ghost showed no movements.

The author has something to say:

Phone Ghost: Is this instance a ‘ghost call’ or ‘human call’. I think Xiao Li has called me more times than I called you.

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