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IWBL: Chapter 87

Luo Dian suddenly came to Fenghua Hospital and a bunch of different horror ghosts also stood at the door. The leader of the reincarnators group, who had seen many things, moved her eyes from the masked split mouthed woman to the little IV ghost…

The ghosts belonging to Fenghua Hospital were blocking the door while the background was the dimly lit hospital corridor. Luo Dian fell silent. She wondered if she wasn’t awake and had wandered into the ghost’s stronghold. Luo Dian turned stiffly and asked Xiao Li, “Where is this?”

Xiao Li spoke with nostalgia. “I have experienced an instance and opened the memory site function. I can return here for 10 minutes.”

“That door—”

“Old friends.”

The ghosts of the hospital, “…”

Who were his old friends? Xiao Li saw that the split mouthed woman and the other ghosts didn’t move and he spoke easily, “Help me out and next time, I’ll let you eat seafood.”

The split mouthed woman took off her scarf to reveal her terrible mouth. “How do we purify it?”

“Looking at you, isn’t it possible?”

The haunted house seemed to understand what they were saying and the ghost eyes blinked faster. Xiao Li looked up at them with pity. “You look even more like a fawn, timid.”

Luo Dian wanted him to stop talking. She looked strangely at Xiao Li. Through these adjectives, she found that Xiao Li sincerely thought these disgusting ghost eyes were very cute…

The first one to move was the IV ghost at the door. His right hand pulled his own IV drip as he twisted the needle in his fingertip and stabbed it at the closet ghost eye to the door. The ghost’s desire to survive was intense as it closed its eyes, letting the needle of the IV ghost stop in front of the eyelid. Meanwhile, the other eyes in the room blinked wildly.

At this time, if Xie Zeqing was present then he would sense that the ghost eyes were thinking only one thing: mmp!

Even so, it didn’t dare to speak! The split mouthed woman re-wrapped her scarf, looking like a normal person as she pulled out a huge pair of scissors and asked the ghost eyes in the room. “I… am I beautiful?”

The ghost eyes found it too hard to see. Their countless eyes turned to stare at Xiao Li before continuing to blink. It was just that this blinking was rhythmic in nature, not crazy blinking.

The split mouthed woman carried scissors and wanted to poke a ghost eye, only for Xiao Li to suddenly stop her. “Wait.”

The split mouthed woman looked at him. “What’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Li looked up at the blinking of the biggest eye on the ceiling. After a moment, he whispered in English, “Blood will have blood…?”

The ghost eyes no longed blinked and quickly squeezed their eyes together to confirm.

Luo Dian asked incredulously, “Why are you suddenly speaking English?”

“It gave a clue.”


Xiao Li pointed at the ghost eye he had been staring at. He saw that Luo Dian still didn’t understand and added, “Morse code.”

This should be the last survival desire of the ghost eyes. Close the eye, open the eye for two seconds, close the eye, open the eye for one second…

B, L, O…

Luo Dian, “???”

She carefully recalled the frequency of the blinking but no matter how many times she recalled it, she could only think if ‘blinking when being kidnapped.’ Was Moriarty serious about the Morse code?

Xiao Li didn’t care about Luo Dian’s thoughts and repeated the clue the ghost eyes gave. “Blood for blood…”

He seemed to think of something. His black eyes lit up as he pulled out the little yellow book and ended the ‘memory site’ function, returning from the hospital to the instance world.

“I will come and see you next time.” The second before the transfer started, Xiao Li called out to the split mouthed woman holding the scissors.

The voice of the split mouthed woman came from under the scarf. “It’s okay if you don’t.”

“…So heartless?”

He looked up again. They and the haunted house had returned to the instance world. However, this time, the ghost eyes had disappeared and they were back in the normal world. It was because Wang Gang was holding two cups of tea. He wore his home slippers and was bending down to put the hot tea on the coffee table.

Luo Dian quickly jumped from the sofa, startling Wang Gang. She looked at Xiao Li and wanted to ask something, only to be interrupted by Wang Gang’s hand. Xiao Li turned to the confused Wang Gang and spoke apologetically. “Sorry, I suddenly remembered something. We have to go first.”

Wang Gang was somewhat unhappy but he maintained the understanding of the home owner. “Okay, then I’ll say good night first.”

Luo Dian apologized, said goodbye to Wang Gang and followed Xiao Li out of Wang Gang’s home. The moonlight shone softly on this neighbourhood, giving the pedestrians on the street a hazy veil.

The moment she came downstairs, Luo Dian couldn’t wait to ask Xiao Li, “Moriarty, what’s going on?”

Xiao Li explained as briefly as possible. “The hint of the ghost eyes reminded me of one thing. No matter who killed Chen Meiyou indirectly, whether it was Wang Gang or her best friend, they are both living well and Chen Meiyou isn’t retaliating against them. What does this mean?”

Luo Dian kept up with his pace of thinking. “Chen Meiyou isn’t the ghost?”

“Or she can’t retaliate. Something is holding her back. Perhaps it is some time of magic circle or something else…” Xiao Li’s voice became lower and lower. “I’ll ask myself.”

Luo Dian wondered, “How do we ask?”

It shouldn’t be what she thought… right?

Xiao Li took his phone out of his pocket and dialled ‘4444444’ back. The phone rang for a long time before finally connecting.

Xiao Li asked politely, “Is this the telephone ghost?”

The ghost on the other end of the phone, “……”

Xiao Li said, “I want to ask you a question. Why aren’t you getting revenge on the murderer yourself? Don’t say you are magnanimous. Look at the way you are chasing us. You are definitely vindictive.”

The ghost chasing Xiao Li, “……”

It thought about how Xiao Li wasn’t hurt. Wasn’t it the one who had been injured?! In a second, the sound of the phone changed from a connected state to a busy tone. The phone ghost hung up on Xiao Li one-sidedly.

Xiao Li glanced at the phone and shrugged. “It seems that the rules don’t allow shortcuts. We have to check it out ourselves.”

In addition, blood for blood. Was this really the only meaning? Xiao Li thought about it and subconsciously left the community, turning in one direction.

Luo Dian was quiet for a long time. She resisted the urge to scold Xiao Li and raised a point. “The Wang Gang we previously encountered, was he a phantom created by the haunted house?”

Xiao Li stated, “It is him.”


“The details of Wang Gang were exactly the same as the one we just met. He is real but when he went to make the tea, we were pulled into the ghost house.”

Luo Dian didn’t want to ask the details. She chose to believe the person asking her and spoke without thinking, “The most likely one is Chen Meiyou’s best friend. We should go to find Xiao Jin.”

As she spoke, she pulled Xiao Li and walked in the opposite direction.

Xiao Li put his hands in his pocket. His clothing was very simple and there were no jewellery. He looked like an ordinary young man walking in the night wind and there wasn’t the haze from a reincarnator who had experienced too many instances. Rather, there was a type of indifference.

Luo Dian thought about the ghosts from the hospital and felt a wave of curiosity. Moriarty didn’t look like an ordinary person so why wasn’t he on the rankings? Was he truly a new reincarnator?!

“Moriarty, can I ask you a question?”

Xiao Li looked down at the road. “No.”

Luo Dian, “……”

“You have too many questions.” Xiao Li pulled out the hand that was inserted in his pocket. “Let me ask you, are you really a senior?”


“Don’t get me wrong, I just feel like based on your reactions… you haven’t been through many worlds.”

Luo Dian, “???”

Did he think everyone in the world was as unafraid of ghosts as him? They were ordinary people who were scared when experiencing such instances. Be careful not to make assumptions, okay? One wrong step would lead to them being wiped out by the ghosts.


At the same time, another city.

Xu Chenfeng was locked in her room by her parents. She curled up on the bed and trembled with fear. The girl’s hair hadn’t been washed for several days and was sticky but Xu Chenfeng had no time to care about this.

She went to her parents out of fear of the countdown on her arm but they didn’t believe her. Not only that, her mother thought it was an excuse for her to skip school and criticized her.

Xu Chenfeng had tears in her eyes. She showed the number on her arm to her parents and showed them how the number would be reduced by one every hour. However, her father just said, “This is the latest style tattoo, right? We haven’t seen you for some time because we wanted to provide a better environment for you. How can you think of such dishonest methods?”

Xu Chenfeng couldn’t accept the attitude of her parents. She cried frantically and threw things around, wanting to prove that she was right. Then her parents just locked her in her room for her to reflect.

Although Xu Chenfeng hadn’t received another ghost call, she had a hunch that her time was coming. She might not survive before the countdown on her arm reached zero! She must do something… such as digging out the countdown. If she couldn’t see it then surely she would be fine?

Xu Chenfeng thought up to here and got out of bed. She opened her drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. She pulled up the sleeves of her pyjamas and pointed the scissors at the countdown on her arm.

The girl swallowed a mouthful of saliva but couldn’t do it. It was going to hurt…

As Xu Chenfeng was hesitating, in this quiet room, there was a knock on the door. Xu Chenfeng’s parents were working overtime at the company today and wouldn’t come back!

“I… see you.”

This time, the voice of the ghost wasn’t heard on Xu Chenfeng’s phone but at the door.

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Ghost Eyes: I’m just a bunch of harmless eyes QAQ.


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