IWBL: Chapter 86

In the corridor of Chen Meiyou’s friend’s house, the two people paid attention to their surroundings and heard another loud bang. It wasn’t an attack. This ghost was very weak, as if it was an invisible child pushing things down all over the building to grab their attention and delay them.

Han Jin asked Xie Zeqing, “What should we do?”

“The breath is very weak… I’ll try and drive it out.” Xie Zeqing didn’t let down his guard because of the ghost’s weakness. He released the ghost shadow on his arm while pulling out a rhino horn and a lighter from his pocket, lighting it.

A faint smoke rose slowly. The ancient exorcism thing from the Xie family really played a role. The strange sound never appeared again.

Han Jin’s eyes towards Xie Zeqing were different as he said, “Shall we go now?”

“Wait, for insurance, I’ll call a spirit here to ask.” Seeing that time was passing by, Xie Zeqing raised his right index finger to his mouth, biting it and squeezing out a drop of blood from it. He drew a secret, twisted pattern in the air and spoke softly, “Lingering here for a long time, soul who is unwilling to leave, please show up.”

This was what Xie Zeqing was good at. He was born with a ghost body and in addition to being able to sense ghosts, he could summon ghosts that weren’t greater than the strength of his soul.

The souls summoned in this way were relatively weak and incomplete. They couldn’t be compared to the instance ghosts but they would give some clues. It was just that Xie Zeqing never called the souls like this after meeting Xiao Li because Xiao Li didn’t play according to common sense.

This time, there was no interference from Xiao Li and he succeeded. A translucent spirit emerged in the air. She looked very gentle and was a stooped old woman who had lived here. She was an elderly person who had just died.

Xie Zeqing skillfully asked, “Old lady, do you know anything about Wu Yanjia who lives on the fourth floor?”

The old woman’s soul wasn’t complete. She watched Xie Zeqing for a while before slowly saying, “That little girl… she is good but she sometimes easily loses her temper.”

“Have you ever seen her female friend, a dance teacher called Chen Meiyou?”

“Yes… I used to see her a lot, but not recently…”

“When was the last time you saw Chen Meiyou?”

“Last month, they argued. The very beautiful girl came with a bag of fruit to find Wu Yanjia. I live upstairs and the soundproofing here isn’t good. I heard Wu Yanjia yelling but I didn’t hear what they were saying since I didn’t listen carefully.”

Xie Zeqing pondered on it for a few seconds. Then he reached out and waved away the broken soul of the ghost in front of him.

On the other side, Han Jin was impressed with Xie Zeqing and said, “Should we go back to ask Wu Yanjia? She didn’t tell us this detail. I don’t know if she regarded it as not important or deliberately concealed it.”

Xie Zeqing said, “No, we’ll go to the others first.”


“Are you questioning me?” Xie Zeqing half looked up and deliberately lowered his voice. He learned from Xiao Li’s usual manner of talking and a strong breath exuded from his body.

Han Jin, “……”

He made an ‘I’ll listen to you’ gesture and ran downstairs with Xie Zeqing.


At their destination, Wang Gang’s house, Xiao Li was holding the mobile phone and listening to the ghost on the other end. Xiao Li’s first reaction was to look at the window.

The living room of the house had a large balcony. The curtains were made of pure white lace and the windows locked tightly. Xiao Li held the mobile phone and stepped towards the balcony. Luo Dian also stood up easily. She was close to the phone and heard the ghost’s words. She held her breath as she watched Xiao Li approach the balcony.

On the phone, the ghost said, “You are walking to the balcony. How about we play a question and answer game? Guess… am I on the balcony?”

“You are speaking so much. Aren’t you worried about the phone bill?”

“Am I or am I not?”

Xiao Li came to the window to open the curtain. Luo Dian closed her eyes and soon opened them, afraid there would be a face at the window. However, there was nothing. The window clearly reflected Xiao Li’s side profile but there was no trace of a ghost.


Xiao Li reached out to open the window, letting the wind blow into the room. The wind scattered the unpleasant whispers and he returned to the living room. The voice didn’t speak and blood kept dripping. It was like everyone in the house was being watched as the ghost stated, “It isn’t just me. It… is watching you too.”

The phone was loud and the night was quiet. Even the sound of boiling water in the kitchen couldn’t be heard. Wait, couldn’t be heard? Luo Dian rushed to the kitchen and found Wang Gang missing. There were two teacups in the kitchen with pink cherry blossoms engraved on the outside of the cups, but their owner was gone.

“Wang Gang is gone.” Luo Dian came out of the kitchen and told Xiao Li.

Xiao Li nodded at her and turned to ask the ghost on the phone, “Who is ‘it’?”


Xiao Li looked around, from the chandelier overhead to the hallways leading to the bedroom. He came to the main bedroom and opened the door. There was a king sized bed with a dark blue quilt. In addition, there was a wardrobe, hangers and other ordinary furniture.

The ghost muttered, “Where do you think I am? Under the bed or in the cupboard? It could be the air conditioning pipes. I am huddled together or stretched out in the pipes, still watching you…”

The words from the phone caused Luo Dian to imagine it and she choked and trembled.

Xiao Li didn’t go to check the wardrobe and other places. He just stood at the door of the bedroom before closing it. Once he came out of the bedroom, he finally went straight to the kitchen. The ghost on the phone was still working endlessly to harass them. “I… will it be in the kitchen?”

Xiao Li spoke impatiently, “I think you are in the toilet.”

Luo Dian followed him and uneasily speculated. “It? The ghost keeps saying it. This… is it a haunted house? The Wang Gang we just saw, was it really Wang Gang?”

Xiao Li shook his head and without explaining, he came to the door of the kitchen refrigerator and opened the refrigerator. Luo Dian thought that Xiao Li was going to the kitchen to explore the clues left by Wang Gang or to find a trace of the ghost. She didn’t expect Xiao Li to open the refrigerator. She pursed her lips and forced out a joke. “Moriarty, I don’t think it is hiding in the refrigerator.”

Then she saw Xiao Li take an ice cream cone from the refrigerator full of food.

Then Xiao Li put the phone between his ear and his shoulders, opened the ice cream cone and ate it with one hand while the other hand held the phone. He walked a bit before asking Luo Dian, “Do you want some?”

Luo Dian, “……”

He was too much!! Xiao Li saw the other person didn’t reply and simply took one out for her before closing the refrigerator. He wandered back to the living room and turned around in a circle. He looked at the time on his phone and then knocked on the sofa, but didn’t sit on it. The blood from the phone was still dripping, dripping, dripping. Listening to the sound, it seemed to have spread to a pool of blood.

Xiao Li stood still. He quietly ate the ice cream cone. Luo Dian was anxious and followed him while also eating the ice cream cone.

The ghost on the phone spoke very slowly. “You are eating an ice cream cone. The last… dinner?”

Luo Dian immediately stopped chewing. She didn’t know where the ghost was hiding but based on the tone, it seemed to really be in the house. Xiao Li didn’t answer. He ate the last patted, patted the remnants off his hands and headed towards the door.

“Wait, surely you don’t want to leave?” Luo Dian immediately put down the cone.

However, Xiao Li just came to the door. He didn’t reach out to open the door and just leaned down, placing an eye against the peephole on the anti-theft door with a slight smile. “I also… see you.”

Opposite the peephole was an eye. The blood red eye was frightened by the sudden appearance of a human eye and took a step back, revealing a grim face. It belonged to the ghost that had been lying against the door and observing the house through the peephole!

Luo Dian imagined the scene and sucked in a cold breath.

The moment Xiao Li said this sentence, he hung up the phone and directly opened the door, looking outside. There was no one outside the door. The ghost lying against the door had left, leaving only a bloody print on the door. The reason was unknown but the phone ghost never appeared in front of the reincarnators.

Luo Dian gasped and there was a sense of escape. “We… did we get through the fourth ghost call?”

“No.” Xiao Li crouched down and looked at the pool of blood. Then he stood up and closed the door. “Don’t forget, in addition to the ghost calling, there is ‘it’.”

“It…” Luo Dian repeated.

Xiao Li stated, “It or they, everything, they are everywhere.”

His right hand flashed and a sharp and exquisite scalpel appeared in it. He left the anti-theft door and casually came to the sofa in the living room. Then he cut the outer fabric of the sofa with a knife.

Luo Dian’s panicked eyes didn’t see a layer of cloth with sponge filling. Instead, there was an eye. A blinking eye was staring at them. It was a big eye that was several times the magnification of a human eye and was black and white.

Xiao Li stated, “The eyes are quite lovely.”

Luo Dian almost screamed, “How are they lovely?!”

“Doesn’t it feel like a fawn?”

Luo Dian, “……”

Then Xiao Li cut open another place. The entire sofa was exposed and full of such eyes. Rather, it was the entire house. The reincarnators who entered this house were in the hands of the ghost. Luo Dian hadn’t been aware of this shocking picture and covered her mouth. “I-Is this still Wang Gang’s home?!”

“At least, now it isn’t.”

“L-Let’s get out of here first!”

She wanted to run out as she spoke. However, as she moved, all the eyes in the house looked in her direction.

Xiao Li’s words froze her. “We can’t get out.”

According to the method of the ghost instance, they had arrived at a haunted house. The house wouldn’t allow reincarnators to freely enter and leave.

“You obviously just opened the door—” Luo Dian tried to open the door but as she looked through the peephole, she saw a pool of blood reflected in a huge eye that almost occupied the entire security door.

There were ghosts at the door! Luo Dian had to go back to Xiao Li, who was standing in the middle of the room. She was afraid to touch the walls, sofa and ceiling. Luo Dian wondered, “What are we going to do?”

“If there is only one, we can blind it directly. However, there are so many and it is the house…”

Luo Dian suggested, “Should we try jumping through the window? There seems to be a tree by the window and we can try to jump to the tree!”

“What if we can’t jump to the tree? Do you want to amputated? Thinking about it, a fire should be feasible. The kitchen should have old. However, it is easy to get hurt. Um—” Xiao Li’s eyes fell on his scalpel and his lips curved. “Yes.”

Xiao Li took out the little yellow book and wrote a line on it.

【 You have enabled the memory site function. You will return to Fenhua Central Hospital for 10 minutes. This is the first time you have used this feature. Please select the area in the box. 】

Xiao Li wrote a size big enough to fit the entire house.

The next second, the ghosts of Fenhua Central Hospital turned up. The overall structure of the house hadn’t changed but the anti-theft door was wide open and the pool of blood outside the door didn’t exist. Instead, it was replaced with the cold ground of the hospital.

Patients such as the split mouthed woman and the IV ghost were standing at the door, looking at them with confusion or curiosity. Xiao Li pointed to the pile of eyes in the room. “I met something strange. Help me purify them.”

The split mouthed woman, “……”

The haunted house, “……”

The ghost eyes: !!!

The many ghost eyes revealed a touch of panic and perhaps fear. They started to blink frequently, closing their eyes, opening their eyes, closing their eyes…

The scene was spectacular.

The author has something to say:

Phone Ghost: You want to bully my human body, this time I will give you a house and see what you can do.

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1 month ago

of course destroy it like a demolition machine!!! and ngl their system is really good, because even though you only have a book and vague clue, its not like it has a consciousness and is constantly trying to dig pits for you ahem non-human seeking re-employment ahem

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