IWBL: Chapter 85

The person who answered the door was very tall and looked to be 1.9 metres. He had a strong build and seemed to exercise regularly, giving off a strong pressure. He stretched out his arms and could directly reach the doorframe. He looked at Luo Dian and asked in a polite tone, “Miss Luo, what else can I do for you?”

Luo Dian took a step back and said, “Wang Gang, I want to ask about Chen Meiyou again. This is my friend. His surname is Mo and he is an expert in this field. As you know, Chenfeng was her favourite student and now something has happened to Chenfeng. I suspect it has something to do with Chen Meiyou’s incident.”

The moment she mentioned Chen Meiyou, Wang Gang’s face became cloudy. He put down his hand that was on the doorframe and sighed deeply. “Come in.”

Wang Gang opened the door to the two people and turned to sit down on the sofa of his living room.

As he changed shoes, Xiao Li cocked his head and asked Luo Dian, “Is he so tall?”

“Yes.” Luo Dian stepped into slippers. “Why are you reacting to this?”

Xiao Li let out a hiss. “…According to the previous clues, I thought her boyfriend was the type of thin and weak man under 1.7 metres who grew up in the countryside and went to the city.”

Luo Dian smiled at him. “I didn’t think too much about it before but in fact, he came back from studying abroad and has very deep feelings for Chen Meiyou.”

The decorations in this room were very warm. It was obvious at first glance that the owner had put a lot of thought into it. The sofa had a variety of brightly coloured wallpapers and there was green wallpaper on the walls.

Wang Gang placed his hands on the knees. “Tell me what you want to ask. After it happened, no one talked to me about Meiyou. I can only recall the past when you ask…”

Luo Dian first looked at Xiao Li. She saw he didn’t intend to speak and had to open her mouth. “Can you tell us again about you and Meiyou?”

“Okay.” Wang Gang was quite cooperative, which was different from the efforts that Luo Dian’s team previously used to open the mouth of plot characters. “I only returned home a few years ago. My cousin’s children wanted to learn to dance so I met Meiyou. I fell in love at first sight with her and used a lot of effort to catch her. My family’s money was used to pay for my study abroad. In addition, my savings were small and I couldn’t get a loan. Meiyou paid for the house and I had very low self-esteem at the time. In order to appease me, she wrote my name on the house book.”

Luo Dian wondered, “Did she encounter anything unusual before the accident? For example, something like Chenfeng?”

“No.” Wang Gang pulled out a cigarette from the box on the coffee table, lit it and smoked it. “Before the accident, she was preparing for a dance competition. She practiced every day until late, returning half dead. She fell asleep instantly once she got back. She was a weak girl and would tell me anything. She was tired but she was very happy.”

Wang Gang said this and Luo Dian suddenly remembered the dancer in the dance room’s prompt. She tentatively asked, “Mr Wang, Meiyou always wanted to participate in the dance competition? Is it possible that her foot was injured and there was no way for her to attend, that’s why she was in a trance?”

She spoke very slowly but the contents made Wang Gang frowned. “What do you mean by an injury? There was no such thing. Meiyou was very concerned about her body. She had been dancing since primary school and can’t be hurt.”

“It really isn’t possible? Do you want to think about it again?”

“No, how can I not know this about my wife? Why do you keep asking this?”

“It is just a guess… we could be thinking too much.” Luo Dian appeased him.

Once she said this, the living room fell silent.

Wang Gang kept smoking with his brow furrowed, as if he was thinking about Luo Dian’s words. After a while, he said, “Now that you said this, I really remember it. One night, Meiyou came back from her dance practice in a daze. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was worried her dancing wasn’t good enough, so I comforted her. In fact, it was quite normal but her expression was a bit strange when she looked at me. The next day, she was fine.”

As the man spoke, Xiao Li had been observing his expression. This man looked directly at Luo Dian and his eyes didn’t drift around. His entire body exuded a sad mood as he relayed what happened to Luo Dian.

Luo Dian comforted him. “Don’t be too sad. Chen Meiyou wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Wang Gang finished spoking the cigarette and put the butt in the ashtray. “You sit down, I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Before Luo Dian had time to decline, Wang Gang disappeared into the kitchen.

The female reincarnator looked at the man’s busy figure in the kitchen and lowered her voice to ask Xiao Li, “What else do you want to ask?”

Xiao Li retracted his line of sight. “Don’t ask. The person who picked up Chen Meiyou in the dance room isn’t him.”


“The height isn’t right.” Xiao Li stooped down and used his thumb and index finger to draw a height on the floor. “When the dancer recreated the scene, she was only three centimetres from the ground before falling.”

Luo Dian suggested, “Maybe the dancer was just doing it symbolically?”

“The dancer was able to fully integrate her emotions with the music and it is clear that she is the type to do everything in an excellent manner. Every movement would be exact when performing.” Xiao Li denied her claim and mused, “If only I could contact her…”

Luo Dian wanted to say something when her expression suddenly changed. She moved her ass and took out her phone from her pants pocket.

The phone kept shaking and the caller ID was: 4444444.

It was the fourth ghost call. Since Xiao Li came in to help, the ghost calls had lost their midnight punctuality. Luo Dian looked at the phone in her palm. “No, the death countdown isn’t over yet. Why is there a call?”

“The death countdown is a mental torture for you. This instance is about the time remaining, leaving you constantly worrying about the passage of time. It means that you will die directly when the number reaches 0. The constant phone calls and ghosts that appear are additional difficulties.” Xiao Li was calm.

Xiao Li finished and directly picked up the phone in the other person’s hand. “Hello?”

There was no sound from the other side of the phone, only a drop of liquid. The sound was relatively viscous compared to water and easy to associate with blood.

“I…I see you.” The ghost’s hoarse voice was heard on the opposite end.


At the same time, Han Jin was taking Xie Zeqing to the home of Chen Meiyou’s close female friend.

This friend was much more ordinary than Chen Meiyou. She looked like a normal person and was a bit fat.

Wu Yanjia was surprised by the two people’s visit but she didn’t refuse. However, she didn’t let the two people into her home, stating it wasn’t convenient. She opened the door and chatted with Xie Zeqing and Han Jin in the corridor.

Xie Zeqing placed a hand with a ring on his chest and looked very powerful as he asked, “How long have you and Chen Meiyou known each other?”

“A long time. We were brought up together and were inseparable as children. Once we grew up, we had work and no time. Still, she would come to find me for advice.”

“Has she always loved dancing?”

“Yes, from small to big, dancing is something she has never given up on.”

Xie Zeqing wasn’t like Luo Dian and directly cut to the chase. “Did you know that her foot was injured before the accident?”

“No.” Wu Yanjia shook her head, the dim light bulb of the corridor shining on her face. “She was always very concerned about her feet. How could she be hurt?”

Xie Zeqing wondered, “Do you want to think about it again?”

“I don’t have to think about it. Where did you hear this rumour?”

Xie Zeqing wasn’t very good at dealing with humans. He came to a halt when he was asked this and Han Jin had to reply, “There are no rumours, it is just our guess. We wondered if Chen Meiyou was in a daze because she couldn’t dance and this led to her not looking for cars.”

Yu Yanjia retracted her gaze and fanned herself with her right hand. “You are better off asking her boyfriend. Recently, they have been much closer than her and I.”

Han Jin nodded.

“Is that all? Then I’ll go in. I have a class tomorrow.” Wu Yanjia spoke bluntly.

Han Jin signalled to Xie Zeqing with his eyes. The young man couldn’t think of anything to ask and shrugged, letting Wu Yanjia close the door. In the old corridor with no one else present, Xie Zeqing and Han Jin walked side by side. “It seems it isn’t her. Is it the man?”

“If it is him, Sister Luo might be in danger…” Han Jin was anxious.

They were about to go downstairs and take a taxi when they heard movement from upstairs. It sounded like a heavy object had fallen.

Han Jin’s voice quivered. “Do you want to… go up and take a look?”

Xie Zeqing didn’t sense a ghost at this time so his courage was large. He directly went up and saw the source of the sound. A small bicycle a resident had left in the corridor had fallen. He sighed with relief and returned. “It’s fine, something just fell.”

Just as Xie Zeqing finished this sentence, a banging sound came from upstairs. The two people looked at each other, their expressions showing that something wasn’t right. The two men held their items and walked downstairs.

To their surprise, there wasn’t the appearance of a ghost. There was only the constant sound of things falling… it was like there was something deliberately keeping them here and not letting them leave.

After the fifth crash appeared and their investigation into the sound was fruitless, Xie Zeqing looked at the dark corner and had a thought. “Is it luring the tigers away from the mountain? We are stuck here and can’t go to rescue Moriarty.”

Han Jin told him, “However, even if there is a plan to transfer the tiger away from the mountain, we aren’t the tiger…”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

What did he want to say?

The author has something to say:

Ghost: I see you.

Xiao Li: I see you too… why are you running?

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