IWBL: Chapter 81

Like the CG, there was no voice from the phone handset. There was only the hissing of the line. The other side didn’t speak and Xiao Li also didn’t make a sound. Three seconds later, he hung up the phone.

Luo Dian sat on the arm of the sofa next to him. “How is it?”

“As you said, no one talked.” Xiao Li spread out his hands towards her.

Xie Zeqing took out his mobile phone and placed it on the table. “So you hung up? That doesn’t match your personality. I thought you would do something more… outrageous.”

For example, looking for seafood on the water ghost. However, Xie Zeqing thought that even Xiao Li couldn’t do anything to the phone ghost. He couldn’t run down the phone line to beat up the other side.

Xiao Li pushed away Xie Zeqing who was near him. “The ghost didn’t answer. What can I say?”

The conversation was getting further and further away as they talked. Luo Dian sat down and interjected uneasily, “This is only the first time you are answering the phone. It isn’t until the third time that the curse will occur.”

Xiao Li’s attention was removed from Xie Zeqing. He thought for a moment before asking Luo Dian, “Have you answered the phone three times?”

“Yes, it is now the sixth day since the plot character Xu Chenfeng started receiving the ghost call and the third day for us.” Luo Dian spoke while pulling up her sleeve. There was the number ‘82’ engraved on the girl’s smooth white arm. The number was like a tattoo engraved on the skin. It couldn’t be wiped out and was firmly imprinted.

Xie Zeqing asked, “You got a tattoo here?”

Han Jin also followed Luo Dian by lifting his sleeve. There was a number on his arm but it was a bit less than Luo Dian’s number. It was an ‘80.’

Xie Zeqing wondered, “The same tattoo? Are the two of you lovers?”

Xiao Li pulled Luo Dian’s arm and carefully examined it. “…A countdown?”

“Yes.” Luo Dian pressed the number on her skin. The skin was sunken but the number flowed like it was alive. “I found it after receiving the third ghost call. First, it was 96, then 95, 94… At first, I didn’t realize what it was. It wasn’t until everyone answered the phone that we realized the identity of the number. The number would decrease very hour and we understood that it is the countdown of our lives. If we can’t find a solution to the curse of the phone ghost, we will die when the number reaches 0.”

“If you want to solve the curse of the telephone ghost, you have to start with the phone ghost itself.” Xiao Li looked closely at the number on the girl’s arm. “We can start from the phone number or the plot character Xu Chenfeng.”

At this time, Xiao Li perceived that the little yellow book in his pocket was vibrating but he wasn’t in the mood to manage the book. He was still thinking about the curse of the phone ghost and asked, “What is your task this time?”

Luo Dian had no time to distinguish between male and female and she replied, “It is a routine task. Survive for seven days or successfully life the curse to return to reality.”

Xiao Li said, “IN other words, there is a way to delay the curse or directly lift it.”

“Yes, we approached Xu Chenfeng first, pretending to be neighbours who just moved in. We also investigated the phone number but couldn’t find the corresponding phone. Therefore, our teammates started with the school.”

“She is a dance school student and a few days ago, a dance teacher died at her school. We all thought we found a clue but after some investigation, we found that the dance teacher died from a simple car accident. She didn’t look for cars when crossing the road because she was busy talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Xiao Qing, one of our teammates, went to the teachers to inquire but couldn’t find anything. Everyone said that the dance teacher lived very well and had a good relationship with her boyfriend. They were going to buy a house and a car together. Han Jin found her boyfriend and he had red eyes and looked very sad. Everything was consistent with common sense.”

“At that time, my energy was focused on the curse of the telephone ghost and thought there was no danger at the school. As a result, Xiao Qing went to teach some students and didn’t come back. Her other two teammates ran into the school ghost and escaped with several items. However, they died from the curse on the way back.”

Xie Zeqing heard up to here and reached out to stop her. ‘Wait, what do you mean by they died from the curse?”

“The two of them were the earliest among us to receive the ghost call. I asked the police for the monitoring at that intersection and it was like they were controlled by the ghost. They received a phone call at the edge of the intersection and then took the initiative to walk into the middle of traffic. There was no time for the cars to avoid them…”

Xiao Li asked in detail, “The ghost in the school, what clues do you have about it?”

“It was always the three of them who were responsible for investigating the school. I don’t know the specifics.” Luo Dian bit her lips.

Xiao Li heard up to here and saw from the clock that it was almost one in the morning. He got up from the sofa and turned towards Luo Dian and Han JIn. “I know the general situation. Tomorrow I will go to the school to check.”

Thanks to the countdown, time was very valuable for the two people. Luo Dian wanted to tell Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing to not delay and go to the school to discover the truth. However, night was the time when ghosts were most rampant. In order to be safe, going tomorrow was the most secure choice.

“Then now…?” Han Jin asked.

“The most important thing now…” Xiao Li looked at him sternly. “I think it is time for food.”

Apart from the king crab that the friendly water ghost offered in the afternoon, Xiao Li had only eaten the piece of chocolate from the kitten. Now he was hungry and there was a hidden pain in his stomach.

Han Jin,”……”

“What do you have here?” Xie Zeqing was already rummaging through the kitchen for food.

“There isn’t any food. This is a temporary rented house and we previously ordered takeaway.” Luo Dian followed behind Xie Zeqing. In fact, the two of them didn’t eat at night. The countdown to death was like the sword of Damocles hanging over their head, making them not want to eat.

Finally, Xie Zeqing found a few apples from the basket and handed one to Xiao Li. “There is nothing else, only this.”

Xiao Li nibbled on two apples and walked into the bedroom separately from Xie Zeqing. In the dim light of the bedroom, Xiao Li ate the apple while taking off his coat and pulling out the little yellow book.

The little yellow book repeatedly vibrated and wrote sentences in a bright red. 【 Let go of her arm. 】

【 Let go of her arm. 】

【 It has been two minutes. 】

【 Three minutes… 】

【 You can see the numbers from a long distance. Why do you have to hold her arm to look so closely? 】

Xiao Li took out his pen, placed the little yellow book on his knees and wrote, “I can’t see the texture from a long distance.”

Little yellow book: 【 ? 】

【 What texture? 】

“The texture of the number. It looks like a living thing, not something dead.”

The little yellow book: 【 If you want to see it, I can let you see it. I will write it on my face. What number do you want me to write? 】

【 …Or if not the face, how about writing it on my abs? 】

【 You held her arm for three minutes. I want you to look at me for nine minutes. 】

“…Don’t play around using this pretext.”

He had the vague feeling that the body part the little yellow book wanted to say wasn’t his abs…

The little yellow book was a bit aggrieved. 【 I’m not playing around, I’m just not very happy. 】

【 I want you to look at me. 】

【 If you look at me in a focused manner, I will react. If you aren’t focused, I will react. 】

【 Of course, when you look at me, I also want to see you. I can watch you for a long time. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

Xiao Li bit the pen and chatted with the little yellow book for a while until he became sleep.y His head gradually lowered and before he could turn off the light and put away the pen and book, his eyelids lowered.

Just as Xiao Li fell down and his forehead was about to hit the bed, there was a silent sigh in the room. The moment the sound was heard, Xiao Li’s shadow on the wall moved.

The shadow’s hand held Xiao Li’s head and gently placed him down on the bed.


The day after.

Xie Zeqing got up very early. The sky had just become bright when he got up from his bed. It was because he was very hungry. Xiao Li had the chocolate from the kitten but he had nothing. Still, as a strong (self-proclaimed) person, he couldn’t directly say he was hungry and experienced a loss.

Once Xiao Li woke up, Xie Zeqing leaned against the door and spoke to Xiao Li, “You are up.”

Xiao Li glanced at him coldly and didn’t speak.

“Last night, I also received the first ghost call.” Xie Zeqing followed him out the door, the Luo Dian duo also following them. “At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual. It was only after the phone rang that I sensed the ghost.”

“It is very strong. The resentment is even more intense than the previous water ghost.” Xie Zeqing smiled in a positive manner. “I tried to track it but as soon as the phone hung up, it disappeared without a trace. There were no clues.”

Xiao Li took out his phone and shook it. “I also received a second ghost call. It was in the morning before I went out.”

Luo Dian listened to this and couldn’t help asking, “We all received calls at midnight after one day. Is it because you are involved?”

Xiao Li replied, “It is possible that the frequency of us receiving ghost calls has increased.”

As they walked outside, the neighbourhood was buzzing in the morning. The roadside breakfast stores had opened their doors and we selling things from pancakes to soy milk buns. Xiao Li bought some breakfast and slowed down, falling behind Luo Dian and Han Jin.

Han Jin pulled at Luo Dian and glanced nervously at the two men behind them, carefully asking, “Luo Dian, why do I feel like they aren’t reliable at all? Yan Luo is okay but Moriarty looks…”

“The helper item can only be used once. There is no other way.” Luo Dian also responded with concern.

Luo Dian took Xiao Li to the door of the dance academy.

After her teammates died, the dance school affairs were handed over to Luo Dian and she was very familiar with the teachers. She disguised herself as a foreign student yearning to dance and often visited the dance academy to see her friends. This school wasn’t strict and the style was free. Outside people often came in or out. As long as the registration was completed, Xiao Li and the others entered smoothly.

The early morning breeze brushed through the hair of the crowd and the sun hid shyly behind the clouds. Combined with the students, the entire dance academy was full of youth and vitality. Tan Li poked out her head from Xiao Li’s pocket and looked at the normal campus with longing eyes. The doll’s glassy eyes blinked a few times.

Luo Dian went with Xiao Li and the others to find Xu Chenfeng’s friend called Lin Xiangyi. She was the person closest to Xu Chenfeng and now Xu Chenfeng had left the city to visit her parents out of fear. However, the curse still existed so she probably wouldn’t live until the seventh day.

Lin Xiangyi is a well-known beauty in the dance academy, she had previously followed Xu Chenfeng to know Luo Dian and Han Jin, said to them, helplessly said, “Sister Luo, why did you come see me today? “

Xu Chenfeng’s matter didn’t affect Lin Xiangyi. She was half-convinced about the ghost but she was only sad about her friend’s departure. She wasn’t frightened of the ghost at all.

Luo Dian told her, “I came with two friends. One is surnamed Mo and the other is Yan. We want to know about your dance teacher. Perhaps it will help Xu Chenfeng.”

Lin Xiangyi first greeted Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing before speaking to Luo Dian with a bit of embarrassment, Sister Luo, I have told you the story of Sister Meiyou many times. I have a class soon.”

Han Jin opened his mouth. “Let’s walk together and chat.”

Lin Xiangyi’s personality meant she was less likely to reject others. She reluctantly agreed. “Okay, what else do you want to know?”

They were talking when Xiao Li’s phone rang. In the instance world, the personal phones never had a signal so the only one who could call was a ghost. Xiao Li at the caller ID of ‘4444444’and told Lin Xiangyi, “Wait a minute, I have to take a call.”

Lin Xiangyi nodded. She saw that Xiao Li’s expression was a bit different. He seemed a bit excited and she couldn’t help asking, “That’s fine. Is it a girlfriend?”

Xiao Li: ?

Lin Xiangyi immediately realized her rudeness. “I’m sorry. It is just because you seem to be looking forward to the call…”

Xiao Li thought of the relationship between himself and the telephone ghost and stated, “No, we are enemies.”

Luo Dian who knew the truth, “………”

Moriarty, she didn’t know how his brain could fill in the ups and downs of the personal grudge. In addition, Lin Xiangyi was right, This person was really looking forward to it, like a boy agreeing to a date. What did he expect from the ghost call?!

The author has something to say:

Xie Zeqing: This isn’t the same as the water ghost and the steering wheel face. Xiao Li can’t run down the telephone line to fight the ghost.

Phone ghost: Xie Zeqing is right. It is across the telephone line and I don’t need to be afraid (suddenly have the courage to dial again)!

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Cursed Queen
Cursed Queen
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Why do I feel the little child ghost was forgotten? 🙁

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+1 same, to be honest if I didn’t note him down I might’ve also forgotten him cuz he was never mentioned. PETITION FOR MORE ATTENTION TO THE CHILD!!!!!!