IWBL: Chapter 8

“I saw her in the classroom,” Xiao Li recalled lightly as if the ‘her’ in his words was the school flower rather than a female ghost of the horror campus.

Qian Yiwei frowned and asked, “Classroom?”

He also met a ghost in the teaching building. The attack caused Qian Yiwei and Zheng Yi to flee in two directions. Finally, the ghost chose to chase Zheng Yi and it was fortunate for Qian Yiwei.

Xiao Li replied, “The classroom where light was shining. The person who bullied her was also inside.”

Qian Yiwei wondered, “…Lights on, classroom?”

Zheng Yi muttered, “…Person, bullying her?”

It felt like they were only repeating the words of the other party but what could a classroom with the lights on be other than a haunted classroom? In addition, bullying a female ghost? Wasn’t this a group of ghosts? Faced with a group of ghosts, how could this person be so calm?

Xiao Li glanced at Zheng Yi behind him, as if wondering why Zheng Yi joined the ranks of repeater. “Yes, I also did a test with them and got the matches.”

Qian Yiwei, “…Test?”

Zheng Yi, “…Test?!”

Were they in the same Nandu Girls’ High School? They could still take a test here? What test? A college entrance test? Why were they only escaping and dancing on the edge of death?

Suddenly, Qian Yiwei had a strange feeling. It felt like he had been studying hard for 10 years. As a result, another person surpassed him without having to work hard. He had passed by ghosts countless times and reached the end of the game, only for the extremely lucky person to greet him with ease. It wasn’t until many years later that he could define this feeling as grief and indignation.

However, he was the first to arrive! So what if Sherlock was freaking amazing? He was the second one and a step behind Qian Yiwei.

The young man’s senses slowly returned and he used his middle finger to push up his glasses. “It seems that Mr Xia’s experience is also very rich. If we have time then we can share it in detail. However, the most urgent task is to crack the truth here.”

“Can you show me that?” Xiao Li pointed to the diary in Qian Yiwei’s hand.

“Yes.” Qian Yiwei generously handd it to the teenager. In any case, he was prepared to tell the truth and was just waiting to see Sherlock’s expression after being overtaken by himself.

Xiao Li opened the diary which contained a girl’s handwriting. It was obvious that she wrote very seriously but it was too ugly to look at. Zheng Yi also placed his head over it, reading it using the moonlight from the window.

Qian Yiwei had already read the diary. He turned his back to the windowsill and let the wind. His voice sunk in a profound manner. “Tan Li was a poor girl. She was very happy to be admitted to Nandu Girls’ School but one day…”

【  September 1st, sunny. 】

【  Today I am starting school and I’m so happy. The dormitory here is a six person room and it is the first time I’ve come to such a good school. It is so beautiful and the students are very beautiful. I like it very much. 】

At first, the contents of the diary contained the girl’s heart. Xiao Li quickly turned dozens of pages until he reached the needed clues.

【  December 14th, rain. 】

【 There was a big rainstorm today and the weather was overcast. The weather forecast said there will be rain for the next few days. I don’t like rain but the rain is getting bigger and bigger. Our physical education classes are stopped so others seem to like it very much. 】

【  December 15th, rain. 】

【 I saw it, my god, I seem to have seen a shadow at the end of our dormitory! The shadow was very dirty and as if it didn’t exist… I told Xu Min and she comforted me by saying I’ve reviewed the test for too long. But it was too real… well, it might be my eyes. How can there be ghosts in the world? I have to go to bed early. It has been raining for a long time and I can’t dry my quilt in the sun. The entire room is wet and I can’t sleep well. 】

【  December 20th, rain. 】

【 It isn’t an illusion! I know that it isn’t an illusion. This is the third time that I’ve seen ‘it.’ I am so scared. I saw that ‘it’ is following a girl and getting closer and closer. I feel that ‘it’ is going to start acting. I have to remind the girl tomorrow. 】

【  December 25th, overcast. 】

【 I succeeded. ‘It’ disappeared! I haven’t seen ‘it’ for a long time and maybe t was my eyes. 】

【  January 4th, sunny. 】

【 N…No! I was wrong. ‘It’ is still there. ‘It’ is mixed into us. There is one more person in our class! I don’t know who it is. I can match the number to every face but there is one more… 】

【  January 6th, overcast. 】

【 I tried to tell the students that there is one more person among us but everyone thinks I am pretending to be a ghost. They are scolding at me, laughing at me and even throwing things at me… but I’m not! 】

【  January 8th, overcast. 】

【 ‘It’ came. In our dormitory, there was one more person. I have to call them out… but who is the extra one? I dare not say it straight out since I am afraid to disturb ‘it’. Oh right, I can quietly tell her! 】

【 Xu Min’s face was very strange at the time. I know she didn’t believe me but I grabbed her wrist and dragged her out. I saved her! It was already curfew and we were discovered and criticized but I think it is worth it. ‘It’ didn’t follow. 】

【  January 12th, sunny. 】

【 Xu Min came to talk to me. She said that I made her get her first punishment, that I am always saying things that scare her and she has started to hate me. However, I didn’t. I am protecting her… 】

The next diary entries spanned a large amount of time. IT seemed the owner was writing intermittently without a fixed format and date.

【 I heard ‘it’ speak after Deng Fei hit me again. ‘It’ floated behind Deng Fei and the voice is very low and hoarse, hard to hear. ‘It’ asked me if I want to retaliate. 】

【 I certainly don’t want to! I-I am scared. ‘It’ is haunting me. 】

Qian Yiwei’s voice echoed in the bedroom. “…Tan Li saw a ghost. She kindly reminded her classmates but was too tangled up. Like us, she found there was one more person in the class but couldn’t tell who it was. She talked about it more and more, so that her classmates started to hate her, crowding her out and bullying her.”

Zheng Yi whispered, “It’s so sad…”

Xiao Li continued to turn pages without raising his head.

【  January 20th, overcast. 】

【 I’m so cold, why is it so cold? Since that day, I feel so cold. I’m wearing so many clothes but it doesn’t work. ‘It’ wants to occupy my body. I know this! I am so scared. I don’t want to listen to ‘it.’ I can feel that every time Deng Fei comes to me, ‘it’ is shrouded around my head. ‘It’ is getting closer and closer to me. ‘It’ is tempting me and saying that ‘it’ will retaliate for me. 】

【 I don’t want to get close to my classmates, including Xu Min. My proximity will only harm them. Yes, I want to stay away from them. The further, the better. I am going to take the final exam soon. I haven’t reviewed it lately and the results should go backwards. After the final exam, it is winter vacation. I probably shouldn’t go home. I texted my parents and told them I was staying near the school. 】

【 I’m going to look for traces. ‘It’ shouldn’t appear for no reason so I went to the data room. Fortunately, I haven’t communicated with others for a while and they are avoiding me out of fear. I easily found some information. 】

【 More and more, I don’t want to eat. I am feeling colder and colder. I wear a lot of clothing yet still feel cold. I know it is because of ‘it’. Xu Min, Deng Fen, other students and the teachers are all staying away from me. Just a bit more… Tan Li, you have to work hard and beat that ghost! Beat it! 】

From then on, the writing in the diary became very sloppy. Xiao Li sometimes needed to guess to know the meaning of the whole sentence.

【 ‘It’ is becoming more and more rampant. 】

【 The students are talking about killing me… how can they do this? 】

【 I am desperate. I want to protect all of them but they all want to kill me, they want me to die.  】

【 Is it better to give up? Then fall into hell with me so that I won’t be alone… 】

【 I will give myself to ‘it’. I want revenge! I want them all to come down and stay with me! 】

The diary came to an abrupt end here.

Qian Yiwei shook his head in the moonlight, his eyes dark and unclear. The young man took off his glasses and wiped them with his sleeves. “The ghost had a deeper influence on Tan Li and sometimes attached to her. She wanted to protect her classmates but her classmates thought she was the ghost and even wanted to kill her. As a result, she gave up resistance and gave herself to the ghost. From then on, she was the ghost. This is the truth of Nandu Girls’ High School.”

He slowly wiped the edges until it was finished and then put on his glasses again. Once he finished the last words, he took out his own task book, eyes behind the lens bright as he looked at his task page. However, there were no changes. It wasn’t even hot.

Qian Yiwei’s reasoning was wrong.

The atmosphere in the bedroom became awkward.

The moment Qian Yiwei made the wrong inference, the dark clouds outside the window rolled up and the entire Nandu Girl’s School seemed to wake up. If they had been walking around a sleeping lion, there was no doubt that the beast had now woken up and was threatening to devour the prey who entered!

At the same time, the dormitory door squeaked open and a hoarse voice was heard. “That’s good.”

The author has something to say:

The essence of humans is a repeater.

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