IWBL: Chapter 79

【 The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the original task two, evaluation level S. The task completion is 80% and 1,000 survivor coins have been obtained.  】

【 You have exposed the hidden truth of the ghost ship to Captain Stern and successfully separated him from the demon’s hands. You have obtained Captain Stern’s gratitude. “Lowly human, you have three opportunities to summon the great Lord Stern. However, if it up to me if I want to respond. 】

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】

【 I want to be your cat but don’t want to be your cat. A cat has no way to hold you. 】

【—Well, I would rather be your boyfriend. 】

The instance transmission speed was extremely fast after completing the task. The demon had no intention of doing anything but Xiao Li only had time to glance behind him.

The others followed his actions in destroying the playing card. As the only plot character, a task book appeared in front of Luo Shan. This world would be taken as her novice mission and she would follow them to leave the ghost ship, returning home.

Once Xiao Li blinked and opened his eyes again, he was standing in the Xiao home and Xie Zeqing was in front of him.

They were back to reality and Xie Zeqing no longer looked at Xiao Li like he was an ordinary person. It was a completely different type of attention. The instance clearance just now was the most relaxing one for him in recent times, comparable to when he accidentally teamed up with someone in the top 10 of the rankings a long time ago. Apart from that time, every world his teammates leaned on him to sense and communicate with ghosts to determine the truth. There was always a chance this would backfire and he would encounter a particularly fierce ghost.

Now he understood why the expert would choose Xiao Li as his apprentice—wait, expert? Surely the expert wasn’t Xiao Li himself?

Xie Zeqing thought of the ghost hidden on Xiao Li’s body on the ghost ship and subconsciously thought this.

The evening wind was gentle, blowing over the faint fragrance of flowers.

Xie Zeqing didn’t take the initiative to speak and Xiao Li didn’t open his mouth either. He felt that after experiencing an instance together, driving away his former teammate wasn’t good. He even wondered if he should invite this person in for a cup of tea, but it was too much trouble so he decided to forget it.

Almost two minutes after they came out of the instance world, Xiao Li’s pocket trembled. The little yellow book had sent him another message.

He thought that it was the little yellow book’s yellow words at first. It wasn’t until he saw the opposite Xie Zeqing also take out his task book that he pulled out his own.

【 You have received a call for help. Do you want to listen to it? 】

Xiao Li chose ‘yes’ and a female voice emerged in sync with Xie Zeqing’s side. “This is the last message for help. I don’t know who will hear it but you must be a reincarnator with a high winning rate recently. My name is Luo Dian. I… I’m stuck in an A-grade horror world. It is terrible here. On the first day, my team lost a lot of people. I can only use the last help item in my hand to randomly select three lone people to ask for help.”

“Hopefully, you’ll come in to help me. As a reward, I have two secrets I can tell you. I don’t know how much your completion of each task is but it must not reach 90%. The average person is only 20~40%. Aren’t you curious about why? I can tell you in advance. It is because most reincarnators choose to walk alone in order to avoid being betrayed or sacrificed. Those without a team can never achieve 100% completion!”

“A person who doesn’t team up with anyone can’t do everything. You can’t interact with all the characters or collect all the information. Even if you are strong, you can only determine the main branch at most and can’t fully expand all the details. You need to form a team in order to achieve a higher degree of completion. As for the other secret, I won’t tell you until you come but it is definitely a big secret!”

“This help item can only maintain the transmission channel for one minute. You are our last hope. Please help.”

The voice spoke up to here, followed by the girl’s panicked sobs.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing weren’t in a team and had just emerged from the ghost ship instance world that they both received the message for help.

Xie Zeqing listened to the voice and spoke to Xiao Li, “No wonder why my task completion is so low every time. The original task completion was originally divided among many people. Isn’t this advocating the formation of a team?”

Xiao Li told him, “A team has advantages and disadvantages. For ordinary people, a team is a good thing.”

Xie Zeqing spoke proudly, “I don’t need anyone to drag me back. A beast is always alone. Only cattle and sheep are in groups.”

Xiao Li, “………”

Perhaps Xiao Li’s lack of response made Xie Zeqing realize the stupid air of his words right now. He pretended to cough on pollen and changed the topic. “Are you going?”

“Go.” Xiao Li spoke without thinking. It seemed he already had an answer in his heart. “She can’t be a beginner if she has so many items on her. I would like to see the instance that can force her into such a state.”

“However, going in means facing an A-grade instance. You might die without saving that person.” Xie Zeqing reminded.

It was precisely because of this that ordinary reincarnators wouldn’t help unless the people asking for help gave a temptation that couldn’t be resisted.

“I know.” Xiao Li wrote ‘agree to help’ on the little yellow book. “You don’t have to say yes.”

At Xiao Li’s consent, a golden halo was projected from the little yellow book into the sky. It was the CG of the world the helpers were in.

Xie Zeqing saw this scene and there was a dilemma in his uneasy heart. If Xiao Li wasn’t here or if Xiao Li didn’t agree, he would turn around and go home to sleep. However, Xiao Li agreed. If Xie Zeqing didn’t agree, wouldn’t he seem weak?

This wasn’t in keeping with his positioning as a strong person. A strong person like him shouldn’t be weaker than anyone else.

Xie Zeqing also ‘agreed’ and he watched the CG with Xiao Li.

It started with a young girl who seemed to be a student. She was wearing a school uniform and her hair was in a high ponytail, making her look cute. After class, the school was full of people and the sunset dyed the entire campus. The left side of the campus had the name engraved: Fengning Dance School.

Another girl greeted her. “Xu Chenfeng, see you tomorrow.”

Xu Chenfeng smiled and waved. She opened her phone to look at the time and sped up the pace at which she returned home. Today was Thursday and it was the day her favourite variety show played. She must be in front of the TV at 6 p.m.

Xu Chenfeng entered the community, picked up her express mail downstairs and returned home while opening the mail. She lived on the fifth floor. It was an old community with no elevator. By the time she climbed to the fourth floor, Xu Chenfeng’s speed had slowed down and her body was covered with sweat.

Xu Chenfeng finally managed to reach the fifth floor. She wiped the sweat off her forehead, took out the key to open the security door, took off her shoes, sat on the sofa and turned on the TV to the channel she wanted.

She had been in a rush and it was only 5:40 now. There were 20 minutes until the show she wanted to see began. Therefore, Xu Chenfeng threw the torn express bag into the garbage can.

The express courier bag contained a shoebox. Inside was a pair of dancing shoes she bought online that were very beautiful.

Xu Chenfeng couldn’t wait to try them one. The dancing shoes sprinkled with gold powder covered the girl’s tiny feet and fit her very well.

She took a few photos, happily shared them with her friends and on Weibo. Then she put her dancing shoes on the shoe rack, ready to be worn for her dance class tomorrow.

By the time she finished this, it was already 5:55. Xu Chenfeng went to the kitchen to get a glass of iced Coke and a packet of chips before waiting for the program to start.

The little brother who was her first pick appeared on the TV screen. Xu Chenfeng excitedly stuffed a potato chip into her mouth, bite on it and was entirely immersed in the shoe. She also didn’t forget to send a message to her friends: He is so handsome!

Time passed quickly as she watched this variety show. Darkness fell and the old residential area gradually became silent. There was no noise in the room apart from the singing from the TV program.

Xu Chenfeng’s parents often travelled and no one came back at night. She was home alone. At first, she was a bit scared but she became used to it after many years. Her peers were under the control of their parents so she was glad that she was free. She could eat junk food for dinner, stay up late chasing many celebrities and no one cared. It was unknown how much the students envied her.

Once the variety was over, it was 9 p.m. No sooner and no later. Xu Chenfeng opened Weibo and looked through the comments of the netizens. She praised the little brother she looked and put down her phone to take a bath.

The sound of water came from the bathroom while her phone was constantly vibrating as her classmates sent her messages.

“Yes, he is super handsome and powerful. Pick him!”

“Tomorrow, dance training will start again. I really don’t want to see that dance teacher. I miss the beautiful SIster You. How did that happen?”

“Why are you gone? Did you take a bath?”

The TV in the living room was playing a pure love idol drama. The male protagonist expressed his love for the female protagonist. The picture kept changing and the entrance was dark.

After a while, Xu Chenfeng came out with her hair wrapped. She picked up a blow dryer and dried her hair. It took nearly half an hour to complete the blow dry. This was followed by a mask, washing her face clean and going through the skin care steps. By the time everything was finished, it was close to midnight.

Xu Chenfeng picked up her phone, turned off the TV and prepared to go to bed. This was no different from any ordinary night. Xu Chenfeng felt like this until the call arrived at midnight.

‘Ding ding ding’. The home phone made a shrill ringing sound, breaking the silence at midnight.

Xu Chenfeng had closed the bedroom door and was lying in her. Her body shook as she was startled by this ringing.  Since the mobile phone became available, her parents and friends called her on her mobile phone. The landline had been out of use for a long time. Why was it ringing at this time?

Xu Chenfeng got out of bed, turned on the living room lights, picked up the phone and put the receiver to her ears. “Hey, who is this?”

There was no sound from the other side, only the hissing sound of the telephone line. Xu Chenfeng frowned with a bit of fright. “Who is it? Speak.”

There was still no sound.

“Strange.” Xu Chenfeng angrily hung up the phone.

The introductory CG ended here and a golden halo appeared in front of the two people.

Xie Zeqing’s face was blue for a moment. “A ghost call… I know why the group of reincarnators is so miserable.”

This type of horror routine in Japanese and Korean movies was the most annoying for reincarnators. It was more unsolvable than the bloody horror films from Europe and America.

Xiao Li patted him on the shoulder and stepped into the gold halo to enter the world of those seeking help.

The author has something to say:

Little Yellow: As a cat, I can’t hold you. As a person, I can’t hold you.

(The ‘hold’ has two meanings)

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Cursed Queen
Cursed Queen
3 months ago

Dont we got the little boy in his phone? It should be fiinneee, he can finally show himself now too lol

1 month ago

good because I think hid ghosts are getting too little attention, like although Tan Li is present whenever Xiao Li needs her the black cat is only mentioned a few times and Zhou Ying practically didn’t exist after the Tartarus Manor arc

1 month ago


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