IWBL: Chapter 72

Xie Zeqing thought his ears were wrong and knocked a few more times, but it was still the same situation. In the instance world, all unreasonable situations could be explained by ‘ghosts’ but this time, Xie Zeqing didn’t sense any ghosts.

It wasn’t caused by a ghost then… was it Xiao Li himself?

The young man tried to open the door with the evil spirit on his arm but it didn’t work. He was finally forced to leave.

Xie Zeqing came to find Xiao Li to ‘protect’ him, not to share the king crab. Of course, this was an excuse.  His real purpose was to tell Xiao Li that the situation on the ship had changed dramatically and how come Xiao Li hadn’t noticed yet?

It started with the character Luo Shan returning.

The male reincarnator who specifically approached Luo Shan sent her back and took the opportunity to inquire about the ‘divination’ situation. “Luo Shan, do you know something about… mysticism?”

Luo Shan didn’t dare say something at first. After all, her divination had attracted the ridicule of their companions. However, she was curious about the other side.

The reincarnator saw her eyes and immediately explained, “I saw you with a crystal in your hand, which is rare in modern times. I… also fell the same type of breath from you. I also bumped into ghosts from a young age.”

Luo Shan met this type of person for the first time and looked up at the reincarnators. “Really?”

“I lied to you before about what I was doing. I had previously encountered ghosts and there is definitely something on this ship.”

“In fact… I did a divination before getting on board and it turned out badly. It showed we were all going to die here.” Luo Shan poured out everything in her heart. “I was really scared but they didn’t believe me.”

“What other details do you have? Have you detected the source of the ghost or a solution?”

“Ah… it is impossible to determine that. It is said that high level psychics can but I’m just an amateur.”

“Luo Shan, do you have any other clues?”


The corridor was quiet. The male reincarnator was a bit disappointed but this was also reasonable. Apart from a few worlds, the story characters were often just guides for when the ghost appeared.

He sent Luo Shan to the door and said, “If there is something then find me. I live in A04.”

Luo Shan nodded gratefully and went in. Her entire body was a bit sloppy because she was soaked in water. She looked like a drowned rat, causing Enron to shout, “Wow, Luo Shan, did you go swimming? How did you become a mess like this?”

Enron and Zhu Zhu were presently unhappy. He insisted the ghost photo was a prank done by Enron and didn’t believe Enron when she explained. The two people almost argued.

Now Enron sang a different tune. “You are so stupid. Now the ship is still sailing. How can you go swimming?”

“Stop exaggerating. It isn’t good!”

In the midst of their argument, Luo Shan spoke timidly. “I… I met a ghost.”

She made the two people turn to her. “What?”

“Are you joking again?”

Luo Shan explained what happened and finally raised her playing card to show her companion.

Obviously, apart from Enron who had some doubts from last night’s ghost photo, the rest of the group didn’t believe her at all. They laughed loudly and the one with the biggest reaction was Zhu Zhu. He took out the playing card and placed it on the table. “You say that this thing can protect us? You’ve brainwashed Enron. Okay, you want to stir up this play?”

Zhu Zhu spoke while tearing up his own playing card, kneading it into a ball and throwing it into the trash can. Luo Shan’s face was white and she subconsciously reached out to stop him. However, Zhu Zhu didn’t look at her and raised his feet to go outside.

“Zhu Zhu, don’t do this. We are all friends. Why are you losing your temper like this?” Lu Tang came up to grab his arm and was thrown away.

Zhu Zhu opened the door. He was fed up with Enron and Luo Shan’s weird nonsense and wanted to get fresh air on the deck. Then he froze the moment he was going out. The original corridor was a smooth floor that was luxuriously decorated. Now it was turned into a dilapidated piece of wood that made a squeaky sound when stepped on.

The entire corridor had become dark. The overhead lights were broken, half the lampshades destroyed and only a bit of outside light penetrated through the windows. The corners were covered with spider webs and it looked extremely old. All of this showed that the place in front of them was no longer the East Mermaid cruise ship but a… ghost ship! They didn’t even perceive the slightest movement but the entire ship had changed!

Zhu Zhu stared at everything in front of him. Lu Tang’s arm was also stiff and they couldn’t speak for a long time.

“F*k, what the hell is this?” The couple came to the door after seeing their wrong expressions, were stunned for a long time and then cursed.

In the midst of their hesitation, the luxurious interiors of the room also changed like an invisible membrane had been lifted.

The original two double beds had become dormitory-like bunk beds with wooden stairs. Perhaps it was due to floating long-term on the sea but the water had rotted from air bubbles and bugs drilled inside.

“Ah—!” Enron sitting cross-legged on the bed sprang up with a loud scream.

Thanks to this scream, the reincarnators also noticed the anomaly and the sound of footsteps rang out in the corridor.


Out of touch with the atmosphere of the outside world, Xiao Li’s room was still unchanged. Xiao Li woke up and his arms were warm. The kitten was still lying in his arms and the heat from the small body was passed to him.

He moved his fingers and sat up. The kitten saw him wake up and licked his cheek. Xiao Li didn’t think he would sleep for so long. He got up while holding the kitten, touched its head and stared at it for a while with a smile.

The little yellow book placed by his side wrote: 【 Did you sleep well? 】

Xiao Li bowed his head and picked it up. “Fine.”

【 I also wanted to sleep with you but I was too excited to sleep. 】

【 It is very contradictory. I want to accompany you in your dreams and be awake to see you sleeping. 】

Xiao Li could now turn a blind eye to this type of yellow confession. He chose of topic of his own interest and asked, “…You can sleep too?”

A ghost… needed to sleep?

【 Yes, but it isn’t necessary. 】

【 Still, I like to dream. I can control the dream and fantasize about you in the dream. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

He really didn’t want to know the contents of the fantasy…

However, the little yellow book described it. 【 The last fantasy I had was that I held you in my arms. You were sleeping and I watched you. It’s strange that I didn’t want to wake up from such a simple dream.】

Xiao Li looked at these words and there was a subtle sense of comfort. This time, there was nothing yellow and only pure feelings. It was progress.

The kitten nestled in his hand for a moment and saw Xiao Li writing on the yellow book the entire time. He suddenly stretched out his head and put his paw on Xiao Li’s collarbone. He dared to lick Xiao Li’s lips before being pushed away.

The lost kitten snorted and arched to lick Xiao Li’s fingers. Xiao Li put down the kitten, put away the little yellow book and opened the door to go out. He saw the scene in the corridor and even Xiao Li was stunned for a moment.

The moment he opened the door, a force eroded his room, turning the former luxurious single room into a simple and narrow cabin.

Then Xiao Li’s sleepiness was swept away. He reached out to touch the wooden wall in an interested manner. The rough wood chips mixed with water vapour stuck to Xiao Li’s fingers. It was very real and showed no signs of an illusion at all. This was reality.

He walked from the dark cabin and saw a group of passengers. The reincarnators and the plot figures gathered in a circle. Xiao Li’s appearance was soon noticed by Xie Zeqing. He waved towards Xiao Li and Xiao Li touched his nose before approaching. Xie Zeqing couldn’t help asking, “Why are you only coming now? Didn’t you notice that the ship had changed?”

Xiao Li didn’t give an explanation and simply said, “I accidentally fell asleep.”

Qi Xiaoxiao, “……”

Moriarty was a real talent who could sleep so well in the ghost instance that he didn’t even notice the change in the cabin. Xie Zeqing had more contact with Xiao Li and was used to the other person’s strangeness. He wasn’t surprised like Qi Xiaoxiao.

They had just been listening to Zhu Zhu’s story about what he experienced. The cabin was too dark and vulnerable to ghost attacks so they came up to the relatively light and spacious deck to discuss countermeasures.

Now the entire ship was no longer tall and luxurious. It had changed into a small ship with broken sails and flags. It was too damaged that the pattern couldn’t be distinguished and there was only the sound of the sea breeze blowing.

The ghost ship sailed smoothly over the sea. They were far from the land and there were only the endless seas. Such a thing happened on the cruise ship and the first one to notice should be the crew. Strangely, it was the passengers and dancers to run out, not the crew.

Enron’s mood was unstable. She remembered sitting on the bed when the cabin changed and cried out, “How can this be? How can there be ghosts in the world?”

It wasn’t until she saw it with her own eyes that she finally believed Luo Shan and felt regret.

Qi Xiaoxiao thought, ‘Who told you not to believe Luo Shan?’ However, her mouth comforted this girl. “No one wants to see this type of thing but since it happened, we can only face it.”

“W-What are we going to do? I just tried and there was no signal. I can’t call the police!” Zhu Zhu asked in a panic.

The male reincarnator close to Luo Shan said, “We have to find out the truth. There must be a source for the ghosts here.”

Qi Xiaoxiao smiled and clapped. ”Let’s go down to the cabins to explore the truth and then check the captain’s room.”

“No, I’m not going! You go by yourself!” Enron clung to the railings by the side of the boat and shouted her lungs out.

“Then you’ll have to stay here by yourself.” Qi Xiaoxiao was no longer patient and spoke grimly.

Enron covered her face and started to sob. Luo Shan held her shoulder and touched her back.

The reincarnations started to go down to the cabins, leaving only the plot characters on top. Only Luo Shan bit her lips in a worried manner. Once the last person disappeared into the cabin, Luo Shan suddenly loosened her hands. “I… I want to follow them.”


Luo Shan didn’t listen to Zhu Zhu and ran over. The reincarnators entered the cabin. They were led by Qi Xiaoxiao and she held the Buddha beads around her wrist as she walked inside in a vigilant manner.

Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing were last. He reached out to break a cobweb in the corner and whispered with a smile, “The game is beginning.”

His voice was so low that he was almost the only one who can hear it. However, Xie Zeqing walking by his side turned to the side and saw a look in the other person’s cold black eyes. It was different from his usual look.


Xie Zeqing got a chill as he inexplicably looked at Xiao Li’s back.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: It is too difficult to be a person. A long time passed and we haven’t even kissed. As a cat, we immediately slept together. I won’t be a person!

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Cursed Queen
Cursed Queen
3 months ago

but if your a cat you cant do the papapas lol

1 month ago

I won’t complain as along as we get some cute kittens, but will there be details in this novel when it comes to the ‘bed wrestling’ things that the little yellow book had been fantasizing about?

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