IWBL: Chapter 7

Zheng Yi was left with the bottle of mineral water in his hand. It was better to fill his stomach with water then to leave it empty, so he kept drinking until he finally saw the bottom. Then he realized his mistake as moonlight came through the toilet window. He had drunk Xiao Li’s water. Shouldn’t he have left some for the other person?

Don’t blame Zheng Yi for not understanding moderation. As a rich second generation of an aristocratic college, what was one bottle of mineral water? He could buy as many boxes as he wanted outside. He only realized this now because of the special environment.

For example, if it was changed to someone else then Zheng Yi might not realize this. The thoughts that his family instilled in him wasn’t just limited to a bottle of mineral water. It was just that the impression Xiao Li left him was a bit deep and the experience that the other person brought him in the toilet was so frightening he would never forget it in his lifetime. Thus, he became very careful.

Student Zheng Yi hurriedly handed back the mineral water bottle and spoke weakly, “Thank you, I accidentally drank too much. Once I go back I will buy you 10 boxes.”

Xiao Li didn’t say anything and just threw the bottle into the trash can to the side. Then the black-haired teenager withdrew his hand from the cubicle, straightened up, carried his bag and walked towards the door.

His movement caused Zheng Yi to suddenly become nervous. He was actually in a state of collapse after the extreme fright and wanted to lie down, perhaps even sleep. It was just that if Xiao Li left, he would never dare to stay here alone. What if a ghost attacked him again?

Zheng Yi propped up his arms from the floor of the toilet and tried to support his two collapsed legs. He quickly followed behind Xiao Li and wanted to call out to this person but he didn’t know if he should say ‘Xiao Li’ or ‘Sherlock.’ “Xiao—Sher—”

Xiao Li looked back, thinking about whether or not to let this person keep up.

His eyes were black and the shape was smooth and good-looking. They seemed very clear when facing people and in fact, this would make people feel good.

However, this gaze from Zheng Yi’s perspective only made him feel that Xiao Li was indifferently threatening him. Zheng Yi quickly said, “There are absolutely no ghosts around me and not many people. That person has put Huang Nina…”

He suddenly paused while speaking. He remembered that Huang Nina was gone but he couldn’t remember who killed Huang Nina. It felt like there was an invisible veil covering his cognition. This feeling was itchy and very uncomfortable.

“I can’t remember what happened.” Zheng Yi eventually rubbed his head and muttered.

Knowledge distortion? Memory modification?

Xiao Li guessed with his many years of game experience and no longer tried to shake Zheng Yi off to go alone. It wasn’t because of the ‘superfluous’ lack of threat but because he wanted to use Zheng Yi to test his guess about the matchbox clue.

The footsteps of the two people mixed together and the silence of the teaching building was infinitely enlarged. The corridor was dark and covered with dust, making Zheng Yi feel that he had trouble breathing. In order to break this silence and ease his own fear, he tried to take the initiative to talk to Xiao Li. “Xiao Li, do you recognize me? I am your classmate.”


“That’s good but why call yourself Sherlock? I didn’t know what to call you in front of them…”

Xiao Li glanced at him with a strange expression. “Don’t you use a pseudonym when playing games?”

Wasn’t a pseudonym part of the fun of playing games? Who played games with their real names in this age? It was very good that he didn’t name himself ‘Dominating the World.Unyielding Heavenly Dragon.’

Zheng Yi muttered, “…huh?”

He paused before reacting to the meaning of Xiao Li’s words. Then for Xiao Li… this was just a game?

Xiao Li ignored him and went straight down the stairs. His pace was quick and he soon walked out of the school building.

“Xiao Li, where are we going?” Zheng Yi was relieved because he finally left the teaching building. Compared to the small and dark building, the spacious playground was naturally more reassuring.

The black-haired teenager pointed lazily in the distance with his chin. Xiao Li’s destination was the school gate. No, it was the safe area with candles outside the school gate!

Thanks to the hint of the matches, Xiao Li faintly felt that he had touched the truth of the novice task. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the novice task wasn’t the simple task but the candle! Think about it. During the safety time, the candles were burning. Once the safety time ended, they automatically went out but were also left behind. This meant they could be taken away!

This candle should be a type of special item that could exorcise ghosts. After igniting the candle, it was enough to drive away the ghosts and protecting the surrounding reincarnations.

The candle was stuck in a candlestick outside the iron gate. It was white and at a distance where they didn’t need to leave the iron gate to get it. The black-haired teenager came to the school gate, took the candle off the candlestick and played with it for a while. Then he took out the box of matches from his pocket and lit it for himself and Zheng Yi.

Zheng Yi felt that he was already numb and that Xiao Li wasn’t afraid of anything. How could he be so arrogant and how could he still remember this candle? Zheng Yi himself was completely unaware of it. Was this the difference between a mortal and a bigshot?

Candlelight leapt from the candle, emitting a blue light that illuminated a small, square world. Zheng Yi stared at the candle in amazement and couldn’t hear Xiao Li’s question. “Is there any change?”

“What?”  Zheng Yi looked up in a questioning manner.

“Can you think about who killed Huang Nina?”

“…Oh my god, that small sideburns person!” Zheng Yi showed a stunned expression as he completely remembered. “How did I decide to go to the laboratory building with the sideburns person mixed into our team? Isn’t she dead? Why didn’t we find anything? She led us to the experimental building, killed Huang Nina first and then chased us all the way…”

“It is cognitive distortion.” Xiao Li looked at the moon above his head with childlike innocence. “She should be a ghost here. She can modify your memories to make you feel that ‘she’ is meant to be there and to turn a blind eye.”

“…This ability sounds too terrible! A ghost is so skilled? How can it be in a novice instance?”

Then Xiao Li blew out the candle and walked towards the remaining building, the female dormitory.

Zheng Yi saw the situation and quickly followed. “Are you going to the girl’s dormitory?”

Xiao Li nodded and walked to the last dormitory building.

Compared to the empty playground, the dormitory building seemed gloomy and horrible. The narrow and dark environment would exert psychological pressure on people. Moreover, it hadn’t been inhabited for many years. Xiao Li could see the fog that was moving and surging when he entered the corridor. He didn’t know if it was dust or rich physical yin.

There was a bulletin board in the lobby corridor on the first floor of the dormitory building which contained various notices and disciplinary actions.

Xiao Li stopped for a moment as a notice of punishment attracted his attention. [Tan Li and Xu Min didn’t return to their dormitory in the middle of the night. They were found by dormitory staff in the corridor outside and this will be remembered once.

The notice was made on January 8th three years ago. It was Tan Li again.

Xiao Li grabbed his hair as he carefully examined every corner of the corridor. Then he glanced at the front desk. Perhaps the school was evacuated too hastily that the entire dormitory allocation was still left on the front desk.

Xiao Li went to the front desk and turned over the list. He found that the list was stuck on the 7.7 three years ago. He looked through the entire list and found several familiar names—Tan Li, Xu Min and two girls stayed in 404. Deng Fei lived in 401.

“Go to 404.” The teenager didn’t hesitate much. He tapped on the dorm number and went up to the fourth floor. The window at the end of the corridor was opened and the window blew the railings, making a creaking sound that was the only sound in the building. Xiao Li walked along the corridor making one footprint after another in the dust.

In this dormitory building without any light, Zheng Yi had to take out his mobile phone and turn on the flashlight function. A beam of light shone over the house numbers one by one: 401, 402, 403, 404…

At last, he stopped in front of room 404.

“This number is really auspicious,” Zheng Yi muttered as he looked at the door number. The first three dormitory doors had a thick layer of dust on the door. Only 404 had two distinct marks on the door like it had been sealed.

The two of them came to the door and Zheng Yi hid behind Xiao Li, carefully peeping and not forgetting to remind this big person, “Beware of being killed when opening the door.”

Xiao Li licked his lips and extended his left hand to the door lock. Before he touched the lock, he suddenly changed the direction of his hand and directly pushed open the door.

There was nothing strange in this dormitory. It was typical six-person bedroom with a desk in the middle and three double bunk beds. There was nothing on the beds and the curtains were pulled open, allowing bright moonlight to enter the room. It also showed someone who shouldn’t exist, Qian Yiwei.

The young man with glasses didn’t look very good. His knees were all dusty and there were some scars on his face. His entire body was grey. At first glance, he had clearly experienced a lot of danger. He was holding a book in one hand and staring at the door in an alert manner.

Qian Yiwei saw the two men and his tight nerves relaxed slightly. There was a rare smile on his face and he just wanted to say something when he saw the candle in the right hand of the black-haired teenager. He asked, “Mr Xia, this is…?”

Xiao Li looked at the white candle that was almost bewitching and replied, “Oh, this is the one at the school gate.”

The glasses man was also a smart person. Xiao Li spoke this and Qian Yiwei instantly realized the role of the candle. Damn, the original novice instance had this. Why didn’t he think of it himself?

A hint of regret filled Qian Yiwei’s heart but it didn’t matter. This was just an item and he must have more clues than Sherlock. ‘Hey Sherlock, you don’t know it but I know the truth of this girls’ school!’

“Mr Xia is very powerful.” The young man cleared his throat and raised the book in his hand to his chest. “However, I have a key clue and almost know the truth here.”

Xiao Li’s eyes followed the book. “Is that the clue?”

Qian Yiwei had already finished reading the book and the moment he told the truth, he could clear this novice instance. Thus, he boasted, “Yes, this is a diary.”

“Tan Li’s diary?’

“Yes—” Qian Yiwei suddenly stopped. “How do you know about Tan Li?”

He didn’t know why but he felt some regret that he asked…

The author has something to say:

Qian Yiwei: I already know the truth!

Xiao Li: No, you don’t.

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