IWBL: Chapter 69

The existence of this face was so sudden that Enron was completely unable to see when it was placed. She had no impression of how it appeared. Her hands holding the phone were shaky and it fell onto her fluffy pillow.

Enron gasped for air, her head full of the ghost face. After relaxing a bit, her lips trembled as she raised the courage to pick up the phone again. She tried three times to unlock the phone before tapping into her WeChat and checking the photo again. The face was still there. It wasn’t her imagination.

A lot of comments had accumulated.

【 What is this photo? I was frightened to death seeing it in the middle of the night. You are playing a prank again. 】

【Enron, are you still there? You made a mistake, didn’t you? 】

【 What is this photoshop? It can be included in the top 10 supernatural photos of the year. How can photoshop be so scary? It isn’t like your style.  】

【 …… 】

In the past, Enron liked most comments but now she was no longer in the mood to reply to them. She deleted the photo she sent to her friends and opened the album, wanting to delete the photo.

She didn’t know if it was because her hands were shaking or something, but after pressing the delete button, the photo wasn’t deleted. It was as if the face was conscious. After Enron’s first failure to delete it, the face towards the lens changed. It seemed to be looking sideways and staring at Enron. Enron almost threw the phone away!

Due to the change in posture, a corner of the playing card Enron had placed in her pocket was revealed. The A of Hearts was shining with a faint light. Enron pressed the delete key again and this time, the photo was successfully deleted. She sighed with relief and held her phone as she collapsed on the bed.

Soon after, Luo Shan came out of the bathroom with a towel. She had put her hair up and held a hairdryer in her hand, ready to blow her hair. Luo Shan saw Enron’s face was a bit white and wondered, “Enron, what’s the matter?”

Enron saw her companion and instinctively wanted to tell her about this matter in order to seek comfort. “Luo Shan, I… I just photoshopped a very good photo and passed it to my circle of friends. However, I uploaded a ghost photo. There was another face behind the photo! Zhu Zhu and the others all saw it.”

Luo Shan’s face changed as she suddenly thought about her divination “M-Maybe that divination is right. Enron, we… should get off at the next stop. Don’t take the cruise and go back using other means of transportation.”

She moved around the room as she spoke, more frightened than Enron herself. Enron saw Luo Shan’s appearance and vaguely felt that this was… too much fuss?

In fact, if Luo Shan had advised her that this was nothing and told her it was an illusion, Enron would worry if she should get off the cruise ship or not. Now that Luo Shan was so anxious to leave, Enron didn’t feel concerned about it. This was a type of subtle anti-psychology.

She never believed in ghosts and after the initial panic, she thought it might be a problem with the photoshop software. She had probably taken the photo too far, twisting it into a grimacing face.

Enron finally put down the face and stopped Luo Shan from organizing her luggage. “Luo Shan, wait and see. I might be wrong. Everyone has been looking forward to this sea trip for a long time. It isn’t good for us to want to leave like this. We spent the money and should stay.”

Luo Shan released her suitcase and looked back at Enron. “But…”

“No, I’m going to take a bath,” Enron spoke firmly.

Luo Shan didn’t know how to refute it. She released her suitcase, looked at Enron’s back and sat down on her bed in a disappointed manner.


The next day, Xiao Li washed  and left his room. The kitten was still crouched in a corner, guarding Xiao Li’s door. It seemed to have slept all night. Once it heard the sound of the door moving, it immediately rose with its tail cocked high, standing at the door to stare at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was a person who liked fluff. He bent down and held out his hand to the kitten. This time, the kitten placed its paw in Xiao Li’s hand. He picked up the kitten and the cat immediately settled down in her arms, head resting against Xiao Li’s mouth. The cat’s ears moved as it listened to the young man’s heartbeat.

It seemed to be very sticky but Xiao Li didn’t mean to take it outside. He put the kitten on the bed so it could sleep soundly. The kitten stood on the bed and looked at Xiao Li. It precisely leapt into Xiao Li’s arms and let out a small sound as it drilled into this person’s arms.

The kitten first put the fluffy head against the collarbone and then looked at the delicate collarbone. It couldn’t hold back and stuck out its tongue to lick. Then the fur turned red and it shyly buried its head.

Xiao Li was startled by the lick. He patted the kitten’s head, held it by the neck and placed it back on the bed. “Sleep.”

This time, the kitten buried its head in its paws and looked up at Xiao Li, beautiful eyes flashing with a touch of a human smile before it meowed.

Little yellow book: 【 It is good to be a cat. 】

Xiao Li left the kitten that seemingly had nowhere to go, to sleep in the room. He left the door and prepared to go and find some food. He walked out of the room and went to the open-air bar on the cruise ship. He ordered a sandwich and orange set, sitting on a chair with his plate and looking out at the sea.

Today’s weather wasn’t very good. It was a bit cloudy and there weren’t many people who came here to see the view. Most people chose to play in the casino and ballroom inside the ship. The bar seemed very empty.

The pale blue sky bordered the sea in the distance and a few seabirds flew by. The only colour was the sea and land wasn’t visible at all in this vast scene. Xiao Li was eager to try drawing. He tore a piece of paper from a portal notebook, picked up a pen and tried to depict the scene in front of him on the paper.

Xie Zeqing came over to where Xiao Li was buried in the paper. He stood behind Xiao Li and thought for a few seconds if he should directly sit here. He didn’t want to appear too enthusiastic. Then he decided to pretend for it to be a coincidental encounter when eating breakfast and sat down naturally.

The young man went to the bar and ordered a cup of coffee. He held the coffee and sat down opposite Xiao Li, drinking it with an arrogant attitude. He pretended not to care as he glanced at Xiao Li. “What are you writing?”

Xiao Li’s hand holding the pen stopped and his attitude wasn’t hot or cold as he casually replied, “Listing the clues.”

“What clue?” Xie Zeqing asked with interest.

Xiao Li had drawn two things. Above the hand-painted black graffiti of the sea, he then wrote a few words:

Playing cards, dancer, water ghost…

Xiao Li had just written the water ghost when his pen suddenly ran out of ink. He shook the pen again and again but it only left scratches, no ink. The pen had been close to empty of ink on the ghost train and Xiao Li had forgotten to change to a new pen. The fact that it could last until now could already be considered to be resilient.

Xie Zeqing said, “I don’t have it, I never bring these things.”

“Okay, then I will ask someone to borrow ink.” Xiao Li took back his gaze.

He held up the inkless pen and then motioned for Xie Zeqing to add a hand. “Let me borrow a hand.”

Xie Zeqing raised his eyebrows. “What are you going to do?”

He didn’t immediately agree but pretended to be flustered and worried. Then he reached out his hand and held the pen together. The present Xie Zeqing completely didn’t know what Xiao Li was going to do. He was very curious. Why do such actions when asking others to borrow ink? Two people holding the pen…

The next second, he understood and deeply regretted agreeing to Xiao Li.

It was because the Xiao Li sitting opposite him closed his eyes. Xiao Li didn’t remember the specific chant so he tampered with a few words. “Pen fairy, pen fairy. I am your fate, you are my guide. Please come to my world and draw a circle at my words.”

Xie Zeqing, “!!!”

The pen fairy, “…?!”

Did Xie Zeqing miss something? Why was the pen fairy suddenly called?

Xie Zeqing’s physique meant he detected the arrival of the evil spirit even earlier than Xiao Li. This was absolutely a powerful evil spirit. It was quickly felt after the summoning and Xie Zeqing had no time to withdraw his hand. He was left overwhelmed by the power of the pen fairy.

The pen was suspended in the air. The middle section of the pen was held as it drew a circle on the paper. Since there was no ink, there was only a circle of scratches on the paper. There was no writing and at first glance, it was still blank.

The pen fairy, “…….”

Xiao Li saw the pen move and put forward his purpose for calling it. “Pen fairy, help me add some ink, okay?”

Pen fairy, “???”

What was Sherlock thinking? Summoning it for a small thing like adding ink. Wait, the point was… it didn’t seem to have any friendship with this kid. The only intersection was on the ghost train. It wanted to write something on the paper but as soon as it started, it found there was no ink in the pen.

Thus, everything was back to square one. Facing Xiao Li’s expectant eyes and Xie Zeqing’s panicked gaze, the pen fairy was silent for a while. Then it filled the pen with ink and wrote on the white paper: [I’m not a wishing machine.]

It wasn’t a gas station. It came in response to the pact, was in charge of divining the future, and was mysterious and powerful as it shuttled through the world. It was as famous as Bloody Mary and the fate of the body was shrouded in fog.

Xiao Li was obedient and was willing to accept this person’s view. “Yes, you are the pen fairy. I will ask you three questions.”

The pen fairy, “…….”

Wait, I didn’t mean that!

The author has something to say:

Pen fairy: @Bloody Mary, let’s talk.

Bloody Mary: No, nothing has happened lately. It isn’t good to be targeted by him again and again.

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