IWBL: Chapter 68

At almost the same time as the water ghost’s appearance, the young man living next door to Xiao Li opened his eyes and turned to look at the wall.

Xie Zeqing had a special physique that allowed him to sense when ghosts were around. This allowed him to prevent it but it didn’t mean he wasn’t afraid.

It was like a normal person watching horror movies. Once the lights started to flash and ghosts were about to appear, they knew the ghosts would appear but they would still look away or jump. Not to mention, this was an evil spirit that Xie Zeqing couldn’t cope with.

Therefore, Xie Zeqing instinctively shot up from the bed and stared at the snow-white wall like it was an enemy.

It was the ghost on the ship…? The one living on his left seemed to be Xiao Li.

According to Xie Zeqing’s past experience, few people could escape once surrounded by ghosts. Those who tried to save others were likely to bring about an even more miserable tragedy, dying one after another…

Xie Zeqing stared at the wall as if his eyes could penetrate the wall and see the scene in the room next door.

Not long after the ghost appeared, Xie Zeqing was even more astonished to detect that the smell of the ghost… vanished. Did it succeed?

Xie Zeqing leapt down from the bed, opened the door and headed to Xiao Li’s room. He first listened against the door for any movements inside and then he started knocking on the door. At first, there was nothing moving inside. He was just about to break down the door when Xiao Li opened it.

Xie Zeqing was leaning against the door and almost fell. Xiao Li stood behind the door and asked, “You were looking for me?”

He hadn’t changed his clothes yet. He was still in his daytime clothes and rolled up his sleeves for convenience when washing his face.

Xie Zeqing straightened and carefully examined Xiao Li’s face. The other side didn’t panic after meeting a ghst and was instead staring at Xie Zeqing strangely. Xie Zeqing raised his head and pretended to casually ask, “Are you okay?”

Xiao Li nodded. Xie Zeqing received the answer and felt he should leave, but he was a bit curious. The young man gulped and hesitantly squeezed out, “I just sensed the presence of a ghost…”

He couldn’t continue but Xiao Li hadn’t yet grasped the essentials and waited for the second half of the sentence. At Xiao Li’s puzzled eyes, Xie Zeqing felt he was making a fuss. Still, wasn’t a ghost attack a big deal. He was a child from a ghost controlling family. How could the second master in front of him be so calm?

Xie Zeqing wondered, “You… did you see a ghost?”

Or was it because it was the first day that the ghost watched from the darkness? Xiao Li really had to think for a moment. “Ghost? There was only a head and hand? It was so disgusting that I don’t want to take a bath in the bathtub.”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

Wasn’t it more terrible to have a broken ghost with only one head and hand?

Xie Zeqing muttered, “That ghost…”

“I poured it into the toilet and flushed it out.”

Xie Zeqing, “???”

In his short life, he had experienced a struggle with ghosts many deals and also saw many people dealing with ghosts. There were those who shivered uncontrollably or those who were heroic. However, few people could use the same tone as ‘I put the garbage in the toilet and flushed it’ when referring to ghosts.

Xiao Li saw him not speaking for a long time and asked, “Xie Zeqing?”

Xie Zeqing put away his complicated thoughts and stood up straight telling Xiao Li, “It’s fine. I was afraid you were in danger and came to see. If you… are afraid then you can find me.”

This person had come to the Xiao house to get revenge on the ‘expert’ but he was surprisingly enthusiastic. Xiao Li nodded and watched the young man turned around. He had just returned to his room and wanted to close the door to sleep when he noticed a soft object at his feet.

To be precise, it was a type of creature. It was a kitten with fluffy and beautiful fur, but it was out of tune with the ship. A cat… on board?

Xiao Li bowed his head and looked at the little creature.

The kitten raised its head and looked back at Xiao Li. Its tail rose high in the air like a duster and curled around Xiao Li’s fingers with a soft touch. Contrary to the tail’s kind touch, the eyes were deep and cold when looking at people, like a beast waiting to devour a human. It was similar to the little black cat but the momentum was very different.

Xiao Li’s first reaction was to find the little black cat to see if his companion had come. He had previously been laying on the pillow but now it returned to the little yellow book and refused to come out.

Suddenly, the kitten crouched at the door. Seeing that Xiao Li didn’t move, it used its head to rub against Xiao Li’s right foot, acting spoiled. Xiao Li half crouched down and touched the kitten’s head.

His sleeves were half rolled up and his dark eyelashes covered his eyes. The light in the room glowed yellow on his black hair, making him look soft and accessible. This was in contrast with his usual cold nobility during the day.

It was very strange that a cat suddenly appeared. There might be a tradition of breeding cats on warships n the past but this custom had been abandoned in modern society. Many ships were banned from carrying cats.

The kitten didn’t call out. It reached out a paw, retracting the sharp claws and using the meat pad to touch Xiao Li’s hand. Meanwhile, the tail wrapped around the youth’s ankle. It was so persistent that Xiao Li had to hold the cat’s head in his palm and push it out the room.

Xiao Li told it, “Go and find your master.”

The kitten didn’t seem to understand. The entire cat’s head was buried in Xiao Li’s palm. It paused and its eyes enlarged as if it saw something difficult to understand. Then it carefully and expectantly reached out a tongue to lick Xiao Li’s palms.

The entire cat’s body trembled.

The kitten closed its eyes and licked a second time, as if it didn’t get enough.

Xiao Li, “…”

He took back his hand, got up and closed the door, keeping the kitten outside. The kitten sat outside the door silently. The light gradually lengthened its shadow but the shadow didn’t belong to a cat.


Another part of the ship, Luo Shan’s room.

The tickets they bought were for double cabins and she was assigned to the liveliest one.

Enron had a big heart and liked to socialize. She came back from the ballroom and lay on the bed. Her two white legs dangled off it as she hugged the pillow of the bed in her arms. She opened the phone’s photoshop photo and started to photoshop today’s photos.

The first few were landscape photos and a filter and stickers were added to it. The character photos needed to be finely corrected and her own self a bit slimmer…

Enron stared intently at the phone APP.

Luo Shan sat by the bed and watched her excited and happy friends, unable to get up at all.

Her personality was indecisive and she was easily influenced by others. Previously in high school, the students found her belief in divination weird and chose to stay away from her. Once she reached university, she managed to make friends and she couldn’t mess it up. Under this worry, Luo Shan chose not to destroy their cruise ship trip. She suppressed the hunch in her heart and decided not to say anything.

It should be nothing. Things such as divination had long been eliminated in modern society. It was just a coincidence. As for the feeling of being spied on… perhaps it was a boy who fell in love with her at first sight.

Luo Shan made a decision. She barely managed a smile and reached out to pat Enron’s ass.

Enron exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

Luo Shan got up from her bed and took a dressing gown from the hanger. “I’ll take a bath. I’ll wait for you to send the photo. Remember to make me beautiful.”

“I know, don’t hit me so hard. It hurt. Are you King Kong Barbie?” Enron rubbed her ass and refocused on her phone. “I will photoshop myself and disregard you.”

Luo Shan went into the bathroom and closed the door. There was soon a burst of water coming from the bathroom.

Without Luo Shan’s interference, Enron could concentrate more on the photos. She had long been familiar with this program.

The female dancer was very beautiful and there was no need to photoshop her…

After a quarter of an hour, Enron released her hand and appreciated her masterpiece.

The girl in the photo had a higher nose and rosier lips. She was like Enron imagined.

She hummed a song and posted the photo to her circle of friends with the caption:

Today I went to East Mermaid to play. The dancers are really beautiful.

Then Enron started to refresh her circle of friends, waiting for their praises.

The first one to comment was Zhu Zhu. He had obviously been playing with his phone but Enron couldn’t understand his comment. [Enron, how could you put on a ghost image?]

Enron simply blew up. [?????? No good words can be expected from a scoundrel like you. Treating a beautiful woman like this, you will be single for a lifetime!]

Lu Tang followed Zhu Zhu. [I was scared to death. Enron, are you okay? Were you infected by Luo Shan? You are too immoral.]

Enron was angry. [Why are the two of you also echoing each other?]

Zhu Zhu originally thought that Enron was playing a joke. Now her anger didn’t seem false, making him feel strange. He replied to Enron, [No, Enron, look carefully. Did you send the wrong photo?]

What was wrong? How could she use so much effort only to get this reaction?

Enron angrily opened the photo she sent. There were the balloons, dancers and herself—

Her fingertips slipped to one place and she was stunned. In the photo, there was a face behind the dancers. The face didn’t belong to any of them but it appeared in their photo.

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