IWBL: Chapter 66

Xiao Yuzheng handed this matter over to her. Even if Xu Mei wanted to refuse or find an excuse to delay it, she had to complete it as soon as possible. Therefore, one week passed and Xiao Li received the news that his birthday reception would be held on a luxury cruise ship in a week.

Xiao Yuzheng had been in the room and Xiao Li originally wanted to try to refuse, only for the other side to ask if he had finished his homework today.

He sat at the table and watched Xiao Yuzheng took out a pile of textbooks from his bag, Xiao Li plagued by an old trouble. Xiao Li was looking at the textbooks when the phone on his table vibrated. Shen Chenzhi had sent him a message. “Come out and play?”

Xiao Li wrote a detailed explanation in the textbooks, propped his right hand with his chin and lazily replied, “Where do you want to go?”

“You can decide.” Shen Chenzhi replied. “It is going to be your birthday soon. What do you want?”

Xiao Li didn’t have anything special. He looked down at the papers in front of him and said, “I want someone to help me finish this paper.”

Shen Chenzhi, “…”

It wasn’t that Xiao Li couldn’t to it. This degree of homework was easy for him. He was just lazy to do it, just as he often didn’t bother to go to classes.

A gust of wind blew out the window, rolling up the petals on the ground of the garden. The little black cat lying to one side suddenly opened his eyes, silently staring at the window with bared fangs.

Tan Li wasn’t here. She had recently fallen in love with a clump of violets in the backyard and lingered there, only coming back late at night with a strong floral scent.

Xiao Li touched the little black cat’s head with an index finger and followed the gaze of the cat. Looking out, there was only the shadow of a tree outside the window. Xiao Li looked around and finally find a young man outside the wall.

It was a young man who wasn’t very good. He had handsome facial features and a very proud expression. He was wearing a long-sleeved sweater with the left arm rolled up, a black tattoo on his arm. He extended an arm towards Xiao Li and motioned for him to come over.

Xiao Li stood at the window and wondered if he should directly call the police or go down and ask a few questions before calling the police. Finally, the desire to escape the papers caused him to go.

“Are you from the Xiao family? Xiao Li?” The young man standing behind the wall retracted his hand and didn’t explain his meaning at all. He didn’t seem afraid that Xiao Li would call the police and asked arrogantly, “You should know what I am doing here?”

Xiao Li looked back at his window before replying coldly, “To help me write the test paper?”

The young man, “…”

The other person’s indifferent expression made it seem like he wasn’t joking. He said this type of bluffing words and the expression on his face hadn’t changed at all.

The young man frowned and got straight to the point. “Is there an expert in ghosts who lives here with you? He hurt a man who is my family’s guard. I am here to seek an explanation from him.”

Xiao Li hadn’t expected this and asked the other side, “What is your name?”

He wasn’t wearing much, his pitch-black hair matched his eyes and he was a different type of good-looking. The young man wanted to refuse to tell Xiao Li but he thought about his brother’s education to ‘learn to respect others’ in recent day sand replied, ”Xie Zeqing.”

Xie Zeqing was the second son of a famous ghost-hunting family. He was born with a ghost body and could sense the existence of ghosts and could even touch them to some extent. His talent was very high, causing him to develop a temperament where his eyes were high in the air. This was quite different from his older brother.

For Xie Zeqing, who was exposed to ghosts and mastered this power, over time his treatment of ordinary people didn’t follow normal rules. His guard had the ghost swallowed and Xie Zeqing naturally thought of getting revenge.

Last name Xie…

In addition, the little black cat was sensitive to this person’s breath, meaning he should be related to ghosts. Xiao Li first remembered his former teammate Xie Lingshi. He observed Xie Zeqing’s facial features and tried to compare it with Xie Lingshi.

Xie Zeqing was a bit creeped out by the look and reached out to grab Xiao Li’s shoulder. He had just reached out when two cards fell from the air and landed in their hands. Xiao Li slightly raised his eyebrows, caught the card and turned it over to look. It was a ferry ticket.

[May 12th at 5 p.m., Luogang Dock, East Mermaid Luxury Cruise Ship, first-class cabin.]

This was a new task world and wasn’t strange to Xiao Li. It was just that the uninvited guest also received a ticket. Was he a reincarnator? The two people didn’t have time to look at each other when there was a feeling of disappearing in place.

Xiao Li’s room still had the lights on but no one was inside. Only the night wind blew from the window into the empty room, bringing with it a floral scent.

Once Xiao Li opened his eyes again, he was standing in front of a luxury cruise ship. Xie Zeqing stood beside him along with a few strange reincarnators. This was a dock. He couldn’t tell if it was a domestic one or not but the big cruise ship entered the port safely and swayed with the water.

Xiao Li was fine and his face didn’t show any surprise. He looked at the little yellow book and read the task.

【 East Mermaid is a world-famous luxury cruise ship. It travels around the major coasts and the inside has a casino and dance party. It is hard to find a ticket during the peak season every year. However, on this trip, strange things occur one after another. As the cruise ship sails to the end of the world, it will either perform a shocking death or return to reality. Everything is your choice.  】

【 Remaining safety time: 3 minutes. 】

[This task: Find it, destroy it and get rid of it. If you get rid of it, you will automatically return to the real world.]

This task was different from the previous survival-type tasks. It was an aggressive offensive task. Under the official task was the little yellow book’s hidden task.

【 Hidden Task: Breathe me in. 】

Xiao Li, “…”

The little yellow book still remembered him breathing the scent of the cat? He coughed and put the little yellow book back in his pocket. The three minutes of safety time passed quickly like water. The sky suddenly darkened and the introductory CG started to play.

There was a group of young people in the CG. They were three men and three women. Everyone was in good shape and looked lively.

Two people seemed to be a couple. They were glued together as they leaned against the dock and waited for a late companion.

Another dark-skinned man said, “Why hasn’t Luo Shan. The ship will leave without her if she doesn’t come.”

The young lovers were affectionate and ignored him, while a girl with long blonde hair holding a mirror to look at her makeup said, “Maybe she is delayed watching the horror movie. If she is too late then don’t wait for her. Our number is just right, not too much.”

Finally, a tall man said, “Enron is correct. Zhu Zhu, try calling Luo Shan again, even if there is no answer.”

The man called Zhu Zhu shrugged and pulled out his phone to make a call. No one answered it.

They were just about to leave their companion Luo Shan and board on their own when a woman hurriedly ran over, black hair waving behind her as she held a suitcase. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

The female of the couple released her lover’s hand and asked Luo Shan, “Why are you so late? What were you doing?”

Luo Shan bit her lips and seemed hesitant. “I did a divination for our trip…”

“Hey, you are still doing divination?” The fit man came forward with interest and said, “What will our trip be like? How many females can I get? I heard that the dancers here are very beautiful with extremely good bodies. I must go up and take a photo.”

Enron also wondered, “Is there any romance in the divination. Apart from those we brought, there should be handsome people, right?”

Her friends’ words were excited and expectant. Luo Shan’s voice was light but it was like a basin of ice water poured on their heads. “I… I think we should change the schedule. The result of the divination… isn’t too good.”

It was far more than ‘isn‘t too good’. There were signs of death.

Luo Shan herself didn’t dare to believe it. She wondered if the divination ritual was wrong and tried it several more times. The result was still the same, causing her to be late.

Luo Shan’s words made everyone unhappy and Enron pouted. “It is disappointing. I believed you originally pretended to do a divination to add to the fun. Who knew you would be so uninteresting?”

Another female, Sophie saw Luo Shan’s head getting lower and patted Enron’s shoulder in admonishment. “Itis nothing, Luo Shan is just playing. Come, get on the boat. The first day has some programs. Let’s put things away early and go to play.”

None of Luo Shan’s companions believed in her divination, not even Luo Shan. She hesitated for a moment before following her friends and boarding the luxury cruise ship.

The introductory CG finished here. There were no obvious hints but the focus of the plot should be on Luo Shan. Once the introductory CG was played, the sky returned to its usual appearance and Xiao Li held the ticket in his hand, ready to board.

“You—” Xie Zeqing subconsciously tried to stop him. Xie Zeqing didn’t think that this young and delicate looking Xiao Li would also be a reincarnator. Based on his skilled posture, he also wasn’t a novice.

Xiao Li turned his head and gazed at Xie Zeqing with a questionable expression. Xie Zeqing got rid of his surprised expression, folded his arms and proudly raised his chin. “Do you want to team up?”

Xiao Li shook his head when he suddenly thought of something. He told Xie Zeqing, “By the way, don’t call my name here.”


“It isn’t appropriate.”

“What should I call you?”

Xiao Li originally wanted to say his usual ‘Sherlock’ but Xie Zeqing was different from others. He knew Xiao Li’s real name. Xiao Li thought that in order to avoid trouble, he should directly choose a new name. “Moriarty.”

“…Why choose a Western name? You don’t look like a Westerner.”

“It can also be an Eastern name with the surname Mo.” Xiao Li said.

Xie Zeqing, “……”

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Ohh! William James Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes

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hehehe them and their fruity sh3ts, btw is it confirmed in the anime they are gay?(talking about Moriarty the Patriot)