IWBL: Chapter 65

This time, the hospital instance didn’t take a long time. If possible, Xiao Li originally wanted to drag it on for as long as possible—preferably five days. After hearing the requirements of Fang Qi, he planned to pretend to agree, playing with Fang Qi’s emotions before finally uncovering the mystery. It was just that for some reason, Xiao Li couldn’t help back his hatred of Fang Qi…

This led to his rapid return and he still had to face his father, Xiao Yuzheng.

Thinking about this, Xiao Li sat on his chair, reaching for the little black cat who jumped on his bed and was playing with his ears.

This little black cat was spirited. He hadn’t liked the smell of the hospital and stayed in the space, not coming out. At this moment, he finally breathed fresh air and moved several times. Then he lazily licked his body and was picked up by Xiao Li.

Xiao Li placed the little black cat on the table and scratched the chin.

His movements were light and gentle. The little black cat was still quite restrained at first. He was cold and crouched on the table like a block of stone, staring at Xiao Li. Then he was scratched for a while and couldn’t hold back. His entire body softened on the table and he turned over to show his belly, using his eyes to signal to Xiao Li: here too.

Xiao Li refused to satisfy the cat and took back his hand. The little black cat was originally ready to enjoy it but as a result, there was nothing. He stared at Xiao Li with dissatisfied golden eyes and his throat let out a threatening snort. Xiao Li lowered his hand and scratched the cat’s body a few times. The little black cat’s body stretched out comfortably as Xiao Li buried his face on the cat and took a few deep breaths.

The little yellow book was originally immersed in his fantasy about a variety of uniform play. Then he saw Xiao Li’s actions with the little black cat and couldn’t help asking: 【 What are you doing? 】

The vibration this time was relatively large. Xiao Li took two more mouthfuls before taking out the little yellow book and writing with his right hand, “Breathing in the cat.”

Little yellow book: 【 Why breathe in a cat? 】

Xiao Li didn’t have time to explain how fun it was to do this when the little yellow book sent another message: 【 You can breathe me in. 】

Xiao Li, “…You don’t have fur to breathe in.”

What could he do with a big man?

Little yellow book: 【 If you like it… 】

This wasn’t a difficult thing.

Xiao Li used his pen lid to knock on the little yellow book, signalling the other side to not talk about something yellow.

The little yellow book really didn’t say it. He observed Xiao Li for a while before asking, 【 You don’t seem happy. Why? 】

The little black cat unhappily pushed Xiao Li away with his paws. Xiao Li raised his head and let the little black cat go to drink water. Then he put the little yellow book in front of him. “It’s nothing.”

The little yellow book tentatively asked: 【 Is it because your father is coming back? 】

【 He… isn’t good to you? 】

He asked carefully out of fear that Xiao Li wouldn’t be happy if he knew these things.

In normal times, Xiao Li would feel that the little yellow book was too much but at this moment, he just shook his head.

Xiao Li wouldn’t be so troubled if Xiao Yuzheng wasn’t good to him. The problem was that Xiao Yuzheng treated Xiao Li, this second son he brought back, really well.

Out of the Xiao family’s three sons, Xiao Yuzheng treated the eldest son most severely while he was most indulgent with his youngest son. It was just because Xu Mei wanted to train her son into a successor that Xiao Ming was busy every day. Meanwhile, Xiao Yuzheng cared for Xiao Li and there was also some faint guilt…

Xiao Yuzheng had been in the prime of his life when he picked up Xiao Li. Apart from giving a few words of explanation, he had been busy expanding his company and accompanying his lovers. Then in recent years, Xiao Yuzheng got older. Perhaps it was because Xiao Li looked more and more like him but his attitude towards his second son was more favourable.

Xiao Li’s attitude towards his father was complicated. He couldn’t talk about hate. Xiao Yuzheng’s nature was weak, his material desires strong and he violated Xiao Li’s will by forcing Xiao Li to live here and transfer schools. Xiao Li had fought about these two matters but Father Xiao also sent bodyguards to follow him, enlightened Xiao Li with wisdom and asked him to yield with emotions.

He could ignore Xu Mei’s provocations but he couldn’t cope with Xiao Yuzheng’s warm questions.

Xiao Li no longer worried about it. He couldn’t stay in the instance forever. The little yellow book might agree but this wasn’t the solution to the problem. Xiao Yuzheng still arrived right on schedule.

The day that Father Xiao came back, the Xiao house was very lively. Xu Mei hugged her son with one hand while picking up her husband from the limo. “Yuzheng, you came back. Are you tired?”

Xiao Yuzheng sword-like eyebrows, star bright eyes and was handsome compared to the fat bosses. He pulled his youngest son over, touched his son’s face and answered Xu Mei. “I’m fine. Xiao Li?”

Xu Mei smiled reluctantly at the mention of this name. “He is inside. He woke up late today.”

Xiao Yuzheng released his hand on his youngest son, took off his dark glasses and walked inside the house.

Inside the Xiao house, the servants had prepared food on the round table and bowed respectfully to the master.

The sun shone in through the window and illuminated the bright and clear living room. The antique vases and paintings that Xu Mei bought hung in a prominent place, adding a scholarly flavour.

Xiao Li was sitting at the table, head slightly bowed. He saw Xiao Yuzheng enter and cried out, “Father.”

Xiao Yuzheng sat in the main seat and Xiao Li was originally sitting in the furthest seat, with Xu Mei and Xiao Ming sitting on both sides of Xiao Yuzheng. As a result, Xiao Yuzheng waved and signalled for Xu Mei to move seats so that Xiao Li could sit down.

Xu Mei clenched her hands but her face was smiling. “Little Li, come here.”

Xiao Yuzheng smiled at him while placing a piece of meat into Xiao Li’s bowl. “I haven’t been home recently. How have you been? Have you become used to it?”

Xiao Li felt like he was sitting on needles. He looked at the meat in the bowl and spoke in a perfunctory manner. “I’m okay.”

Xiao Yuzheng looked at Xiao Li’s head. His second son had inherited his mother’s outline and his father’s facial features. Xiao Yuzheng remembered the day he took Xiao Li back and all the childhood that was missed. This always made him feel regret about missing Xiao Li’s childhood.

Father Xiao reached out to rub a handful of soft black hair. He felt the head under his hand tremble and his tone softened. “Little Li, if you have any problems then you can tell me. I missed you while I was away. How is school?”

Xiao Li didn’t want to say ‘I miss you.’ He was a put overwhelmed and put the meat in the bowl into his mouth before coughing. “Just so, there are no changes.”

“You were like this when you were a child, very shy. That’s why I wanted you to go to a new school, to make more friends.” Xiao Yuzheng looked at him and sighed emotionally.

What friends? They were all ghosts. Xiao Li smiled as he touched his pocket and felt the doll still lying inside. Then he continued to bow his head to eat and didn’t speak. Tan Li lay in his pocket and poked a small finger outside.

At this time, Xu Mei placed some food into Xiao Yuzheng’s bowl and said, “Little Li has always been like this, I often said so. You must be tired from the journey. Come on and eat. I cooked it myself and it has been kept hot in the kitchen for you to come back.”

Xiao Yuzheng said, “Is that so? Come Little Li, taste some of it.”

Then he moved the food in his bowl to Xiao Li’s bowl.

Xu Mei: “…”

No matter what she thought as she saw her dishes being placed into Xiao Li’s bowl, Xu Mei had to follow Xiao Yuzheng. “Yes, Little Li, taste it. How does Mother’s cooking taste like? If you like it then I’ll cook it for you next time.”

Xiao Li took a bite. To be honest, the taste was ordinary so he just nodded casually. Xiao Yuzheng laughed. Xu Mei took this opportunity to hold her son’s shoulder and interjected, “Yuzheng, Xiao Ming has been very good in school recently. He has been elected as class monitor and always asked when you were coming back so you could attend a parent’s meeting.”

The topic shifted to the youngest son and Xiao Yuzheng struggled to show his care with a few words. “Oh? Xiao Ming, tell me about school.”

Xiao Ming glanced between Xiao Li and his father before starting to talk about school. Xiao Li sighed with relief and set aside the remaining half of the meat.

This meal ended very slowly. Xiao Yuzheng showed care to Xiao Ming but would always transfer the topic to Xiao Li. Xiao Li contained replied with, ‘yes, good, okay.’ It wasn’t easy to get to the end. He saw Xiao Yuzheng put down his chopsticks and didn’t have time to stand up when Xiao Li saw the other person sit back and stare at him.

Xiao Li, “…What’s wrong?”

At Xiao Yuzheng’s fierce gaze, the teenager had to add, “Father.”

“I forgot to say it earlier. Isn’t your birthday coming up soon?”

Xiao Li was stunned for a moment. After the death of his mother, he never celebrated his birthday. He hadn’t expected Xiao Yuzheng to remember it.

“This year I will throw a birthday party to celebrate. You have grown up.” Xiao Yuzheng couldn’t be argued with. “Xu Mei, you prepare it and inform everyone.”

“Yuzheng, but…” Xu Mei’s fingers were tense. She hadn’t managed to speak her words of opposition when Xiao Yuzheng stood up, not giving her the opportunity to continue.

Xiao Li didn’t have time to refuse either. Xiao Li didn’t like the spotlight. He sighed inwardly and grabbed a few pieces of truffles from the table. He threw them into his mouth before returning to his room.

On the desk, it was unknown what the little yellow book had been thinking but a long line of words was shown.

【 You were very cute as a child but unfortunately, you couldn’t stay with me all the time. 】

【 From the past, to the present and the future, I want to say with you. You have me and don’t have to worry about anything. I want to have you on all timelines. 】

【 I just didn’t look for a while and there were problems. You aren’t happy now and I’m very sad. I want to make you laugh. Not only do I want to kiss you, I also want to hold you and go deep into you. 】

【 If I don’t do this, I can’t believe your existence is real. 】

【 …Oops, my illness seems to have worsened. 】

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: I want to kiss you and after a period of time, sleep with you. I want to see you wear all types of uniforms and sleep with a variety of items. Asking Doctor Xiao to treat me QAQ.

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6 months ago

Im re-reading this after years and i didnt rember the yellow little book to be so yellow im baffled lmao

1 month ago

Although the little yellow book is definitely a pervert, he seems to be the only one in the novel who actually cares for Xiao Li. His dad is manipulative/controlling, his mom is gone and can’t care for him anymore, his stepmom is unreasonable and malicious, his older brother is absent and uncaring (that guy reminds me of my own older bro, ergh), while his younger brother is a bit pitiful but hurts Xiao Li due to his ignorance and naïveté (Xiao Ming himself is manipulated by his mom). He seems to have trouble making friends. I guess it’s pretty logical for him to fall for someone who genuinely cares for him, regardless of whether or not that guy’s a yandere pervert.