IWBL: Chapter 64

“—Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the doctor’s face.” Xiao Li spoke with some regret. He could only judge the other person’s mood through the voice. Fang Qi didn’t seem to have reached the point of utter discomfort. It was a bit disappointing.

Fang Qi’s voice was no longer weak. Once he heard Xiao Li’s mocking words, he snorted. “If you want to see my expression then you can go straight in.”

Xiao Li put his hand on the sturdy door and pushed it hard. He found that he could really open it and pushed it open. The room behind the door wasn’t the morgue that the reincarnators had previously thought of. It was a converted operating room.

It was a large, well-equipped operating room. There was a bowl of fresh flesh placed on the operating table with a scalpel in it.

Fang Qi was standing next to the operating table. Or, or a phantom, looked like the person in the camera. He seemed like a normal young man but his face had been chopped and sewn together, with obvious stitching marks. The hem of Fang Qi’s white coat was covered with countless palm prints and there was a haze over his face.

Xiao Li stood at the door patting his clothes, but he didn’t go in. He simply greeted Fang Qi in a friendly manner, “Doctor Fang, you look good.”

His words sounded sarcastic and it succeeded in making Fang Qi’s face a bit hazier. “If you want to see my expression then take a closer look.”

Xiao Li told him, “You come out.”

“You come in.”

The rest of the group, “…”

Xiao Li’s toes reached the door. He glanced at the boundaries of the door frame at his feet and said, “Let me guess, your area of activity is currently confined to this room. You can kill me once I enter.”

Fang Qi pulled out his scalpel from the basin of flesh, picked up a gauze and started to wipe the scalpel. Once it was completely clean, he held it. “What else do you guess?”

His actions were a threat but Xiao Li just smiled. “You are very good at editing stories, suggesting that you are an abandoned doctor.”

Fang Qi didn’t speak and just held the scalpel tightly.

Xiao Li looked back before turning his head forward again. “Once we entered the hospital, all the clues such as the camera and memory were directed by you. It was to make us believe that you were the victim and the patients the monsters. The old man who greeted us kept emphasizing the word ‘doctor’, which was also a hint. Since seeing the camera, I had doubts about the truth of the hospital. When I was in the emergency department, they kept asking me to check the room. I thought it was the rooms in the inpatient building but now I think it should be here.”

“I got a drawing from the inpatient department which shows a person holding a knife and stabbing another person. I thought it was the split mouthed woman attacking the doctor but after seeing the room number, I realized someone was deliberately confusing us. Conversely, could it be the doctor was… manufacturing the so-called monster patients?”

“Fang Qi, in fact, you are the only real patient of this hospital.”

“You say that you like the satisfaction you feel after treating patients. I think you like the satisfaction of cutting patients. You transformed this basement area into an operating room and as the dean’s son and chief physician, you deceived patients into receiving private surgery. You love to destroy people’s favourite things. Sun Ningcui loved beauty so you cut her mouth. The IV ghost was afraid of needles so you let him die like that. The little girl loved to brush her hair and you transformed her body… you felt something from these actions.”

Fang Qi laughed. “It is what they deserve. Don’t you think it is fun to destroy the things they love? The ugly beauty lover, the person who is scared of needles even after death, it is too interesting.”

Fang Qi spoke with excitement, his hands grasping the basin of flesh and blood and his face showing fanaticism.

Guan Yu heard this and rolled his eyes. “I think that a pervert like you is the most damned one.”

Xiao Li spoke again, “The combined strength of your patients is too high but you are really powerful. After death, you became an evil spirit and was sealed in this outpatient building.”

“You said you wanted us to go to the emergency room to destroy something. I have connected everything. The three buildings correspond to the past, present and the future. You are trapped in the past and need to break the present to get to the future. The three states should be a straight line of time but now it is distorted by the power of the ghosts, just like Mobius’s ring. It is a reciprocating cycle with interactive connections, but they don’t match up.”

Guan Yu was confused. “…Isn’t the task of finding out the truth completed? Don’t tell me that the truth is this type of superficial cause and effect loop…”

Guan Yu was stunned and stopped his tirade. He originally thought the script was ‘save the surviving doctor and fight the evil spirits.’ He didn’t know why but once Sherlock opened his mouth, the style completely changed.

Fang Qi pulled out the piece of jade hanging from around his neck, the light reflecting various colours under the light as he looked at Xiao Li. “You know the truth but it doesn’t affect our deal. I lied to you because you were stupid. Now you are really qualified to make a deal with me. If you help me deal with the centre of the array in the emergency department, I will give this jade to you. You will need it. I can smell a dangerous atmosphere coming from your body.”

Xiao Li sneered. “What atmosphere? Is it your breath?”

Fang Qi heard the decision from his attitude. He hadn’t expected Xiao Li to refuse and repeated with disbelief, “This is a two-way win. Why don’t you accept? You can leave the hospital and get this jade. I can also successfully get out of here and be in charge of the hospital again. No one will lose!”

“It is because you are too stupid.” Xiao Li declared. “I hate stupid and bad people.”

Fang Qi, “……”

He had lied to many people and many of the patients he tricked into doing the experimental surgery had tricked him but no one had ever said he was stupid!

Fang Qi had previously chosen lone people with no family and a profound obsession. He used his identity of the dean’s son as a guarantee and promised that the underground surgery was likely to succeed. The patients agreed because they were too eager to recover. Then he took the opportunities to do experiments on them. Even if the experiments failed and they disappeared, no one would call the police.

The trapped doctor squirmed and glared at Xiao Li standing at the door.

His eyes were vicious and cruel, causing the other reincarnators to shiver and not look him in the eye. However, Xiao Li ignored the bloodshot eyes staring at him and stayed happily at the door. “You are trapped here and the patients can’t get close to you. You either have an item to restrain them, an array or because this is where they died…”

Xiao Li spoke while sweeping over every inch of the room. Once his line of sight shifted, Fang Qi’s expression suddenly changed.

“Yes… this one?” Xiao Li captured Fang Qi’s subtle look and finally stopped on the knife of the operating table. This scalpel was a murder weapon and accompanied Fang Qi through numerous operations. For the dead patients, it was the evilest weapon. The scalpel combined with the operating table suppressed all the ghosts in the hospital and they couldn’t enter here.

Fang Qi also couldn’t leave. He held the scalpel and couldn’t leave this room or he would be attacked by the patients.

At this time, there was the sound of some movements in the distance. It was like wheels rolling across the ground.

Xiao Li quickly assessed the distance. He put one hand into his coat pocket and touched the doll’s head. Then he took a step into the room raising his hand and deliberately provoking Fang Qi. “I came in. Do you think I can grab the scalpel in your hands?”

Originally, Fang Qi couldn’t act. Now that Xiao Li entered the room, he would be attacked by the ghost doctor. Guan Yu didn’t understand this person’s intentions. He impulsive rushed to the door and reached for Xiao Li’s clothes, but he didn’t reach.

Fang Qi’s face was sewn up. He couldn’t resist the temptation of fresh flesh and licked his lips, extending an arm to Xiao Li.

Tan Li needed no words. She understood Xiao Li’s meaning and quickly extended her hair.

She had a weak sense of existence and had been lying low in Xiao Li’s pocket because she didn’t like the smell of the hospital. Now Fang Qi’s attention was all on Xiao Li and he didn’t pay attention to Tan Li. She successfully grabbed the scalpel with her hair and threw it out the door.

The next second, there was the sound of wheels nearing the door. In addition, there was a figure holding an umbrella and quietly looking at the scene in the room. Her face was a ponytail.

Fang Qi’s hand stopped three centimeters from Xiao Li’s face and he could no longer move forward. Xiao Li took a step forward and used the same posture to cover Fang Qi’s face. “In accordance with their hatred of you, they will definitely act as long as they can come in.”

A woman with a mask appeared in the room. She undid her scarf and mask, smiling at Fang Qi. “Am I still beautiful, Doctor Fang?”

Her resentment was too big and the air pressure in the room abruptly lowered. Fang Qi couldn’t move. His face was full of resentment but he couldn’t resist these patients’ grievances. He could only watch as hands reached out to his mouth…

The moment Fang Qi’s mouth was torn apart, the little yellow book floated from Xiao Li’s pocket into the air.

【 Reincarnator Xiao Li has completed task two and exceeded the hidden task ‘The Patients’ Wish’, allowing the patients to successfully gain revenge. The rating is S-grade,the task is 90% completed. 1,000 survivor coins are received and the time ‘Surgical Scalpel’ is acquired. The hidden function ‘Memory Site’ is unlocked and you have the right to receive help from the hospital patients. 】

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】

【 Baby is great but the time in this world is too short… 】

【 The white uniform is good but I didn’t get to see enough. 】

【 I want to be treated… and play the doctor and patient game. 】

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: I want to see you continue to wear the doctor’s uniform but also the police uniform, all types of uniforms. Think carefully, there are many types of play that can be developed (get task worlds with new plays!)

Xiao Li: ?? I think you want to be electrocuted by the lightning king.

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