IWBL: Chapter 63

Xiao Li slightly bowed his head to listen to the people in the room. His hair hanging down the side covered his eyes and only Guan Yu noticed the change in his expression because Guan Yu had been watching him. Hu Li had been watching for movement from the door and didn’t notice Xiao Li’s small movements. He saw that Fang Qi had finished and asked, “Since the other people are… why are you here? In the video, wasn’t the door broken open…?”

Fang Qi laughed bitterly and this sentence seemed to poke at his sore spot. He coughed before speaking after a long time, “I have an ancestral jade that my father specifically gave me and I wore it around my neck. I always thought that it was a feudal superstition but never thought it would be my last hope.”

“That day, they broke into my office. I closed my eyes and expected to die. I didn’t expect that once they touched my neck, the jade exuded an orange light and repelled them. I seized the opportunity to flee. I originally wanted to escape the hospital but I ran downstairs and found access to the outside world blocked. There was no underground area in the inpatient building so I could only run here and eventually hid here.”

Fang Qi explained and the scene fell silent.

Guan Yu saw that Xiao Li still didn’t speak and expressed his own doubts. “Still, such a long time passed? How did you survive?”

He didn’t know the exact age of the hospital but comparing the environment with the real world, it wasn’t hard to see that the hospital had been abandoned for a long time. How did this person survive for so long without food or water?

Fang Qi replied, “It is because she hates me.”

Guan Yu questioned, “She?”

“Sun Ningcui… she is the originator of everything here and she hates me. That day, I fled here and she tried to kill me. However, when I closed the door, I don’t know why but she didn’t rush in to kill me. I relied on the water dripping from the corner here for a few days. Just when I thought I was going to starve to death, something was stuffed under the door…” Inside the room, Fang Qi’s eyebrows twisted in pain, as if he was recalling the past.

Hu Li hurriedly asked, “What was stuffed in?”

“Some minced meat was stuffed in.” Fang Qi covered his mouth and made a sickened sound. “I don’t know the identity of that meat but it was fortunate I carried a lighter with me. There was a lot of cloth in the room and I tore off a bit, cooking it for a few minutes before eating it to sustain my life.”

“Since then, every once in awhile, she will come to give it to me. I know it is to torture me and make me miserable every night. She doesn’t want me to die easily. After all… there is no pain in death…”

“In fact, I also wanted to die but every time, I thought of my father and didn’t have the courage. Day by day, I survived.”

Xiao Li listened to Fang Qi’s words and kept bowing his head. He shone his phone on the ground and as Fang Qi said, there was some long-frozen black blood, in addition to—

He reached out to touch the ground. There were still two minor scratches on it, as if a device with a pully had been pushed here over the years.

Bai Yun heard this and immediately spoke with sympathy. “You really didn’t have it easy… how can we help you?”

Inside the room, Fang Qi sniffled but didn’t directly answer Bai Yun. Instead, he turned to ask the whereabouts of the split mouthed woman. “When you came… did you meet them?”

Bai Yun whispered, “We met a little devil who sang a nursery rhyme but there was no damage.”

She didn’t mention her singing because she was a bit embarrassed.

“That’s good… I-I only want to ask one thing. I can’t live even if rescued. Therefore, I don’t need you to save me. I want to end this and let the hospital return to the usual state… after all, it was my father’s life’s work.”

“What do you need us to do?”

“I… I want you to put an end to this…”

“There was a Daoist priest my father brought in to deal with them. He came to me and told me that all the gloom here comes from a room with something eye-catching. The ghosts can be stopped as long as it is destroyed.”

“I thought for a long time and I think the most likely place is where Sun Ningcui. It is the emergency room, room 406 in the emergency building. I remember very well because I was very concerned about her… Please, can you go over there and destroy it if you find something? It will not only save me but also save yourself. As a reward, I can give you this jade plus any secrets I know…”

“What secrets do you know?” Guan Yu asked.

Fang Qi spoke everything very clearly. If this was the truth of the task then they should’ve completed task two, unless there was still something that Fang Qi didn’t mention. Guan Yu glanced at Xiao Li’s face and saw that the smile on the other person’s face had disappeared and it once again became indifferent.

Fang Qi pause before saying, “The structure of the hospital when it was first built was very special. It is a natural congregation of yin and perhaps that is why the ghosts here are wreaking havoc. This is my father’s secret. If you are interested, I can tell you… but only after you succeed.”

Fang Qi completely confessed and waited for the reincarnators’ answer.

Xiao Li looked at the people around him. Apart from Guan Yu, who had doubts due to Xiao Li, the others seemed to believe it. Xiao Li lowered his voice so that the person in the room couldn’t hear him and asked the rest for advice. “What do you think?”

Fang Qi had answered every question and his voice seemed very weak. There were no suspicious areas.

Bai Yun said, “He should be a plot character to give us the task. Shall we… help him?”

The others nodded. “I think it should be okay. This is our only clue.”

There seemed to be an item reward if they helped Fang Qi. Based on the description, it was a rare life-saving item and would have high value.

Guan Yu saw their expressions and reached out to grab Xiao Li’s shoulder. “Why do I feel like your eyes are filled with taunting?”

Xiao Li looked up. This time, there was no taunting in his eyes as he narrowed them. “Do you want to help?”

Every time Sherlock questioned him, Guan Yu would always subconsciously ponder on it for a moment. He felt tense, like afraid of making an error when answering the question of a high school teacher. Xiao Li obviously thought that something wasn’t right with Fang Qi. Thus, Guan Yu recalled the words of Fang Qi to try and find something wrong.

He thought for a long time but couldn’t find a problem apart from his reason for surviving being a bit far-fetched. Guan Yu then replied, “I want to help. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with him…”

Xiao Li wondered, “Why do you want to help?”

“It is because he is the only character we’ve met and the secret he is hiding is the key to our clearance…”

“Are you curious about the secret? I can tell you right now.” Xiao Li spoke while leaning against the door of the room.

Guan Yu, “……”

Guan Yu, “!!!”

“You know the secret?” His words were so loud that the conversing Hu Li and reincarnators looked over. However, Guan Yu couldn’t care about them.

“I know, the secret is—” Xiao Li smiled. “His words are false.”

Guan Yu, “……”

“How do you know?” Hu Li looked over suspiciously. Despite the lack of light, his bald head was still flashing with a dazzling lustre.

“It is too deliberate.” Xiao Li bent is arms, hands in the pocket of his white coat and elbow against the door, making a dull sound He didn’t restrain his volume, as if he was deliberately trying to let Fang Qi hear him.

Sure enough, three seconds later, Fang Qi’s weak voice was heard again. “Doctor An, I can understand why you would have doubts. After all, I am just a stranger. Even so… I am telling the truth. You just have to give it a try and you won’t make a loss…”

Xiao Li turned, nose rubbing on the thick door as he used his knuckles to knock on the door. “Then let me inside the room to check it. Doctor, the time is up.”

Fang Qi was silent for a long time.

Xiao Li continued, “You went inside so you should have the key, unless… are you telling me that the split mouthed girl locked you in from the outside?”

“I do have a key but… it’s too ugly here. There is nothing to look at. It is dirty, messy and stinky… my lower body is almost rotting. I hate myself. Why do you want…”

“That’s why I have to check. If I let you die here alone than how can I have a conscience?” Xiao Li spoke the words of a Virgin Mary but his face didn’t slow the slightest sympathy. “Doctor, is lying fun?”

His words were a question but his tone was firm.

Fang Qi, “……”

There were three seconds of silence before asking, “When did you find out?”

Xiao Li replied, “After seeing the note on the medical record.”

Fang Qi hadn’t spoken yet when Guan Yu jumped. “So early? What about the note?”

“It was too deliberate. How can a make fleeing hurriedly from a ghost have the time to write down -201 while only writing half of the word room? Is it out of fear that we would misunderstand?”

In the room, Fang Qi’s tone changed as he sighed. “…It seems that I overdid it. I wanted to create the feeling of not finishing it but that one word affected you. Was it because of this? You thought all my words were fake?”

“Of course, there are other things.” Before Xiao Li could finish, he was interrupted by Guan Yu.

“…If you were skeptical, why come down here?”

He even allowed room for Fang Qi to speak.

Xiao Li replied, “I wanted to see why he led me down here.”

“One more thing… I probably wanted to see the expression of the person who thought they had planned everything and succeeded, only to been exposed at the last minute?” Xiao Li added uncertainly.

Guan Yu, “……”

Sherlock was a really terrible person.

The author has something to say:

The ponytailed girl eating a melon in the front row: See Dr An, it isn’t fun to toss me. It is fun to toss Dr Fang. Refuel!

The little IV ghost looked at his little cart and then looked in front of him, revealing a sad and complication emotion, like a monkey who lost his banana…

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