IWBL: Chapter 62

Guan Yu walked out of this floor and was still very confused.

The song ‘Love Confession’ was firmly entrenched in his mind, thoroughly brainwashing him. The climax of the song played on the phone and he even wanted to sing a little bit. Xiao Li was in front but he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head as he said, “If you’re still afraid then try singing.”

Guan Yu, “…”

The girls among the reincarnators were too afraid to sing, how could a big man like him do it? This was the hospital, not the KTV! The four minute song finished playing and the hospital returned to silence. They walked down the stairs towards the room that was written on the corner of the case file, -201.

The ghost who sang the nursery rhyme failed in the attack. They didn’t know if it lost strength after Love Confession played or if it destroyed the method of killing. In any case, it didn’t show up and attack the reincarnators. They were able to get a moment of respite as they descended the fire escape steps floor after floor.

Soon, the corner of the stairs moved from [1] to [-1] and soon reached [-2]. The more they went down, the colder the reincarnators became. It was a bone deep cold, like they suffered a magic ice attack. The cold came and there was the dripping sound of water droplets.

It was time for the ethereal child to make a comeback. [I was born on Monday, baptized on Tuesday and married on Wednesday.]

[Sick on Thursday, in critical condition on Friday, dead on Saturday and burned on Sunday. This is my ending.]

[It is very familiar, right? Doctor, where are you going? Is it to go… look at me?]

The rhyme moved closer to them. It was a child in hospital clothing. They couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman and it floated in the air, half transparent.

“Ah—” Bai Yun suddenly screamed. The girl pulled out a handful of Expel Ghosts charms and stuck it on the ghost who suddenly pulled at a corner of her coat. The paper was stuck to the nursery rhyme ghost’s hand and burned up quickly. It retracted, leaving a handprint on Bai Yun’s white coat.

This trick… could it only use the nursery rhyme to kill? No, it seemed that the condition of killing was that ‘must hear this nursery rhyme’. It was really persistent.

Xiao Li looked at his phone again in an expressionless manner and casually ordered a nostalgic song. The people present (even the ghost) were familiar with the melody flowing out of the mobile phone.

Xiao Li asked Guan Yu. “Can you sing?”

Guan Yu nodded hesitantly.

“Block your ears and sing.”

Guan Yu was now very obedient and didn’t show his original unruly expression. Before he began, he hesitantly glanced at Bai Yun, blocked his ears and abandoned all shame as he loudly hummed. “The sound wave is too strong, don’t shake, it’ll hit the ground!”

After singing the first lyrics, Guan Yu felt that something had changed. Combined with Xiao Li looking back at him with encouraging eyes, Guan Yu sang even louder, showing crazy despair in the face of a setback. His singing reached the extreme and he couldn’t resist jumping a few times.

Hu Li saw this trick and that it was really useful for Guan Yu, so he also blocked his ears and sang. Who cared about the method of survival as long as they survived? Sometimes in special occasions, one person doing something was strange but it became natural when doing it together.

The nursery rhyme ghost floated in the air, a touch of resentment once again appeared on its face. However, that resentment also had some confusion…

Xiao Li continued to walk down. Once [-2] appeared at the corner of the stairs, he opened the door and exited the stairwell. The group of reincarnators followed the young man, still singing non-stop. They sang one after another and it was really difficult to hear. Xiao Li didn’t say stop and they also didn’t dare to stop. Once they finished singing Sound Wave, some people hummed their favourite songs.

“White moonlight, my heart is somewhere, so bright but so cold.”

“Bye, donuts, pearl milk tea, instant noodles—”

These strange songs filled the floor. The second underground floor was wide, with a large area of open space in the middle that served as a parking lot and a room in the far corner. Many vehicles might’ve parked here before the hospital closed but now it was empty.

Xiao Li led the reincarnators to room -201. Xiao Li’s hearing was very sensitive. Even if some teammates were still singing behind him, he could still capture some sounds that shouldn’t exist. He walked around a pillar and looked back.

A girl stood there. Her back was to the crowd and her hair was up in a ponytail. Her hands held a red umbrella and rain dropped down the umbrella onto the ground. This was the sound that Xiao Li had just heard. The ponytailed girl ‘looked at Xiao Li and spoke gently, “Dr An, are you going to check the room?”

Xiao Li raised an arm to Guan Yu’s shoulder, motioning him to stop singing. Guan Yu instantly shut up and elbowed the people behind him, making them put down the hands blocking their ears one by one.

Once it was quiet, Xiao Li nodded at her.

The ponytailed girl said, “Good luck, Dr An.”

She held the umbrella, slowly turned around and walked away from here. Only the water on the ground proved that she had been here.

“T-This is a ghost? Why is it still her hair when she turned around?” Hu Li pointed to the back of the ponytailed girl. “Why did she call you Dr An?”

“I told you yesterday, I sent a patient back to her room. It is her.” Xiao Li retracted his gaze and casually explained as he quickened his pace, moving around a few obstacles and arriving at the entrance of -201.

“I thought you were talking about a person…” Hu Li’s expression was ugly. He wanted to ask Xiao Li again but the other person had his ears to the door of the room, listening to any movements inside. Then he lowered his fingers and knocked rhythmically on the door. Hu Li could only shut his mouth and swallow the words in his throat.

The door of room -201 was different. It was very thick and seemed to be made of steel, like it was guarding against something. Xiao Li knocked three times but the echo came from very far away.

Xiao Li asked, “Is there anyone?”

At first, no one answered him. Once he asked again, a weak voice was heard from inside. “I-Is there someone outside? I’m not hearing wrong, am I?”

Guan Yu was startled the moment the voice was heard. He hadn’t really expected someone to be inside!

W-Was it not a person?

Xiao Li raised his eyebrows. He seemed to have heard this man’s voice not long ago… it was Doctor Fang Qi from the illusion.

“The people outside the door. You… are you still there?” The voice from beyond the door seemed really weak. Not only was it weak, the words were intermittent and the person needed to rest for a long time after every word. “You… are patients trapped here… or… a new doctor?”

Hu Li wasn’t willing to watch and interjected, “Doctor, we are new doctors who have been hired.”

Xiao Li glanced at Hu Li and didn’t stop him.

The other side continued, “Yes, it is… since you can find this place, did you discover it… the hospital is unusual…?”

“Yes, the patients here are all ghosts! We saw an illusion and found the room number. Then we came down from upstairs.” Hu Li exclaimed.

“How come you are in this room? Fang Qi. ” Xiao Li asked.

The man’s voice was a bit surprised. “Do you know me?”

He settled down and spoke bitterly, “It seems that you have found… my camera. I am stuck here because of a long, long story.”

Next, Fang Qi told his story to the reincarnators.

“A long time ago, I was the chief doctor here. I might’ve been young but I was quite prestigious. The dean here was my father and I came here after graduation.”

“I loved the profession of a doctor. It might be hard but I felt like I could hold on. I liked the satisfaction that came from treating the patients.”

“After being a doctor for many years, there will always be strange patients. It was good a first until I met her.”

“Her name was Sun Ningcui and she… at first, she gave me the impression that she was obsessed with beauty. In the middle of the clinic, she would often look in the mirror and on several occasions, she even told me not to speak and made me stop so she could fix her makeup. She came to me because she felt her jaw wasn’t attractive enough and hoped to widen her lips through surgery.”

Fang Qi spoke a long story and even filled in small details. Xiao Li leaned against the door and impatiently tapped it with his fingers. “I just listened to them sing and I’m a bit tired. Make the long story shorter.”

Fang Qi, “……”

He was silent for a moment and once he opened his mouth again, he really was brief. “In short, her operation was successful but there were some small side-effects. I couldn’t see what she called the ‘angle deformity’ but she was certain that her mouth had changed positions and was unreasonable. I asked the security guards to blacklist her and didn’t want to see her again.”

“It was just that in the next six months, her condition deteriorated rapidly. She grabbed a pair of scissors to cut herself, trying to correct her own deformity. At first, she was taken to the emergency room and then hospitalized.”

“It started the day she entered the hospital.”

“Many patients became stranger and stranger, scaring the nurses and doctors with their weird movements and eyes. They might’ve been possessed by ghosts.”

“We tried to save her but she refused to listen. Finally, when the nurse wasn’t paying attention, she took a sharp knife and attacked her attending physician. She killed him and committed suicide. Soon, such actions spread to other patients and this place became a paradise of ghosts.”

Xiao Li listened quietly without speaking, but the corners of his lips were bent in a mocking arc.

Guan Yu saw his expression and couldn’t help the hairs on his arm rising.

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