IWBL: Chapter 61

Guan Yu was walking in front of Xiao Li but  still sensed a slight pause in the other side’s footsteps. He immediately slowed down and asked, “What is it?”

Xiao Li looked back at the emptiness behind him. “Did you hear footsteps?”

Guan Yu was startled by his remarks. In this terrible haunted place, any subtle movements might be a murder omen.

He stopped, calmed down and listened carefully. The sound was covered by the rain and Guan Yu hadn’t been paying attention. Now that he was listening closely, he really heard the increasingly noisy footsteps mixed in with the rain.

The two of them stopped and the people in front also noticed. Hu Li turned around and asked, “Why are the two of you stopping?”

Xiao Li made a ‘shh’ gesture and pointed to his ear with his left finger to show them to listen carefully.

The expressions of the group also changed. These footsteps were endless and nonstop, as if this was downtown area.

The footsteps grew louder and louder, gradually covering the sound of the rain and showing their existence to the reincarnators with a great fanfare.

Guan Yu’s face was white. “Are the footsteps all ghosts? Listening to this, I feel like I’m on Nanjing Road during a national holiday.”

Once the volume of the footsteps reached a peak, the reincarnators saw that the surrounding scenery had changed.

Originally, the hospital was empty, calm and lonely. Now the corridors were full of people. There were mothers with children, young people who came alone with their medical records and couples sobbing and crying. It was filled with humanity.

The pungent smell of sterilization entered their noses, making the entire scene very real.

Xiao Li and the others appeared abruptly in this corridor but no one noticed their presence.

“An illusion?”

A reincarnator made a guess.

However, unlike ordinary illusions, they didn’t pass through the patient’s bodies but touched the other person. Hu Li tried to hold someone who rushed past and was glanced at because of his bald head.

Xiao Li had one hand in his pocket and put the little yellow book under his arm. He stood in place for a while to watch before finally selecting a direction, walking towards a certain department.

Guan Yu looked at him, remembering the words Xiao Li spoke downstairs. ‘This outpatient building corresponds to the past.’ Then this was the triggering the path of life, thus generating some memories?

He couldn’t think and his feet first moved towards Xiao Li. In the end, he settled in the middle and waved to the reincarnators behind him. “Keep up.”

Hu Li wondered, “…I’m the captain, right?”

He touched his bare hand and after a moment of worrying over it, he chose to keep up.

Xiao Li finally stopped in front of the surgery. There happened to be a girl sitting in the row of chairs outside the door. Xiao Li had come here because of this female patient. She wore a black mask and had tightly wrapped herself up. The girl’s eyebrows and collarbone were lost the same, covered with a light makeup.

He walked in and saw the doctor inside listening to the girl, arguing about something.

“…You, how can the operation fail?” The girl’s tone was ordinary at first but then she became more and more impassioned. “You quack, you ruined my whole life! How do you have the face to continue being a doctor?”

The doctor opposite her was very aloof compared to her. He spoke to her in a helpless tone, “The surgery didn’t fail, this is the after-effect I told you about. You agreed when you signed the form. Jaw surgery is inherently risky.”

“If there are no problems, why were you hiding from me? I went to your office to find you and you clearly locked the door. It is because you are guilty!”

“At the time, I just had a surgery and fell asleep.” The doctor explained. “Don’t think too much. The most important thing is to maintain a good body. Agitation isn’t good for you—”

“Look at my mouth! How can I not be agitated? You try to disfigure yourself! I can’t eat every night, do you know?” The girl shouted angrily.

“It isn’t as serious as you’re saying. Outsiders won’t notice the little details at all. You are too demanding of yourself.”

“How can you say that? You are a doctor. Let me tell you…” The girl growled out. “If I die, I will make you pay for it with your life, Fang, Qi!”

Fang Qi, it was the doctor who recorded the video on the camera.

“Security, security—” The noise in the clinic was so loud that the door was surrounded by a bunch of people. They didn’t know what was happening inside but Fang Qi called out loudly for the security guards and two large security guards soon rushed in, holding down the girl.

The girl tried to struggle but couldn’t resist the strength of the two elder men. She was pressed against the table and the illusion ended.

The footsteps disappeared, the rain gradually became heavier and the pungent smell of disinfectant was gone.

Hu Li breathed in a mouthful of humid air. “Is the truth that the hospital patients became angry with the doctor due to the surgery failure and turned into evil spirits. Their resentment spread throughout the hospital and Fang Qi saw them kill people. The place in the video that Fang Qi mentioned should be the original surgery operation room or Fang Qi’s office?”

His reasoning was justified and convincing but the system had no response. It was silent except for the sound of rain.

“Are there not enough details or is it a miscalculation?” Hu Li couldn’t afford to lose face after not getting the system confirmed and he frowned while speaking to himself.

Xiao Li said nothing about this person’s guess. He went directly into the room after the memory ended. There was a blue screen and a table for people to lie down on. There was also a long and strong needle and paper for registration.

He leaned over and flipped over a pile of information. Based on the girl’s age and gender, he filtered out some people. Then he pulled out two cases that precisely matched.

Xiao Li opened the cases to find a scrawling handwriting. He simply couldn’t understand the doctor’s handwriting but this instance wouldn’t give a clue that couldn’t be understood. Xiao Li ignored all the doctor terms in the beginning and turned to the last page.

The corner was folded up. Xiao Li opened it with his fingers and found a land of handwriting on it.

[-201 ro]

The person who wrote the room must’ve been in a hurry because they didn’t finish the last half of ‘room.’

A negative room. The second underground floor? What would it be? The second underground floor of a hospital seemed to be reminiscent of a morgue. The clinic was quiet, only the sound of the reincarnators’ breathing and paper flipping being heard.

However, this silence didn’t last long. Three seconds later, a strange sound appeared, as if a child’s voice was singing a nursery rhyme.

[A patient died, a patient’s operation failed.

Too lazy to put him in the morgue.]

[The head rolled under the bed.

Limbs scattered in the room.]

The voice seemed to come from all around them and there was no precise orientation. The sound echoed in the hospital corridor. Once the nursery rhyme started, the walls of the outpatient building started to peel off, yellowing and spilling black liquid over the walls.

[May cutting the thistles, their day is long.

June cut apart the thistles, they are too quick.

July cut apart the thistles, they die. It turns out that we are all dead? Doctor, help us, okay?]

The sound of the nursery rhyme was getting closer and louder. It was filled with creepy resentment.

[We are asking you for help. Doctor, why aren’t you looking back? If you can’t save us, just accompany us to die together, how about it?]

It was once again a terror nursery rhyme but was filled with the ghost’s broken words. Bai Yun’s shoulders shrunk with fear and even the brawny Guan Yu couldn’t help leaning towards Xiao Li, subconsciously grabbing his arm.

Xiao Li sank due to the weight of the youth and he glanced sideways at Guan Yu. “Are you afraid?”

“Fear is normal, any person would be afraid.” Guan Yu replied with trembling teeth. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Xiao Li didn’t answer. He looked at Guan Yu’s slightly trembling arm and pointed at him, declaring coldly, “Yes, you are afraid but can you let go of my arm?”

“No, I can’t let go..” Guan Yu didn’t care about losing his face. “Just until we go down.”

GuanYu was strong and muscular, his strength was also high. Xiao Li couldn’t break free and even felt a bit of pain. Xiao Li thought for a few seconds before asking, “What song do you like?”

This question was strange and Guan Yu thought for a moment before asking woodenly, “I am a huge Jay Chou fan. I go to every one of his concerts.”

Xiao Li nodded and took out his phone. He opened the music player, found the singer Jay Chou and casually played the song with the highest number of hits. He pressed play and the next second, the prelude of ‘Love Confession’ filled the empty hospital…

He turned up the volume, suppressing the nursery rhyme as melodious music filled the air.

The nursery rhyme ghost, “………”

“Are you afraid now?” Xiao Li put his phone to Guan Yu’s ear.

Guan Yu, “???”

He listened to the familiar music in his ears and under the premise of not hearing the nursery rhyme, Guan Yu really stopped shaking and let go. It was really useful!

Xiao Li continued to play music while putting the mobile phone back in his pocket. He rubbed the place where Guan Yu had grabbed him and said, “If you’re not afraid then continue to walk.”

Guan Yu opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn’t make a sound. He could only close his mouth and follow Xiao Li.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: ?????? You grabbed Xiao Li. I haven’t held him so closely (in reality)

The next second, the little black book. [I noted it down.]

After coming out of the hospital instance, Student Guan Yu suddenly became a ground wrestling fan for a certain period of time. He kept being thrown down to the ground.

Fried: Are you a little girl? Why do you keep falling?

Guan Yu: ???

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