IWBL: Chapter 60

Xiao Li unpacked, drank two mouthfuls and stayed up after satisfying his hunger to give a positive answer to the little yellow book.

He was just somewhat curious about why the little yellow book hadn’t returned in human form. Xiao Li didn’t miss the human form. He was just curious about why the little yellow book, with his teddy-like personality, didn’t ask for credit personally. It was just that Xiao Li wouldn’t ask even if he was doubtful, otherwise, it was hard to guarantee the other person wouldn’t take his inquiry as a sign of love.

The little yellow book got a positive reply and was very happy. 【 If you like, I can always give you night snacks. 】

【 However, this type of food isn’t good. You should eat something nutritious. 】

Xiao Li refused. “No.”

The little yellow book seemed to be very frustrated by his refusal. 【 Why can’t you rely on me a bit more? 】

【 I want you to rely on me so much that you can’t live without my care. In this way, you will kiss me many times. 】

【 However, we are now the opposite. 】

【 I can’t live without you, I depend on you, I fantasize all the time about how to get you and occupy you. 】

【 In fact, you can ask me for many, many more requests. I am far more powerful than you think and I like it when you ask me for things. 】

Xiao Li thought, “Then can you make this barbecue a bit more spicy? How can you think of buying spicy barbecue that has no soul at all?”

Little yellow book: 【 ………… 】

【 …It is because you won’t be able to sleep easily after eating spicy food. You should eat light things before bed. 】

Xiao Li suddenly felt that this type of person was old-fashioned and not young at all, although this might be logical considering he was a ghost. He took a few bites and threw the remains in the trash can. Then the little yellow book shook again. 【 Why didn’t you ask me why I didn’t come back? 】

Xiao Li didn’t answer. He thought it might be because the little yellow book would say it even if he didn’t ask.

【 I’m angry. You don’t care about me. I don’t want to think about you but then I become disappointed with myself. I can’t ignore you. 】

Hey, he analyzed it on his own and this was really a bit cute.

Xiao Li was full and his mood was good. His brain was filled with the little yellow book and he moved his fingers along his hair. “Why didn’t you come back?”

It took a while for the little yellow book to reply. 【 I don’t dare to come back. 】

【I waited for you to come back and bought you a night snack. If I came back to watch you eat then I won’t be able to endure it. 】

【 I would like to accompany you to sleep. I want to hold a hand to your jaw to kiss you. I also wanted to press you against the bed and make that single bed creak. Maybe it will collapse but it doesn’t matter. You will fall on me and I will catch you. 】

【 This fantasy… is too happy. I dare not appear in case I will fall in and no longer be able to climb up. 】

Xiao Li, “???”

This big pervert really thought too much.

The teenager hadn’t said anything when the little yellow book displayed: 【 Can I give you a good night kiss? If not on the lips, the forehead or the back of the hand is okay. 】

Xiao Li was slightly startled. He felt an invisible person in the air bend down and lightly touch the back of his hand. If he hadn’t been carefully paying attention, he wouldn’t have even felt it.

The little yellow book was glowing red. 【 Baby, good night. 】


The next day near noon, there was a shrill scream outside the doctors’ dormitory building.

The reincarnators had broken into the room of Zhang San, the one who died last night, because he hadn’t left his room. They found him dead in his room and he was in a terrible state. His head was completely separated from his body.

Hu Li bent down and covered his body with a bedspread. “Did anyone notice any movements last night?”

“No,” the rest of the group replied as the recalled the difficult night yesterday. “Nothing was heard.”

Hu Li turned his head and asked Xiao Li, “Sherlock, what about you? What did you find in the emergency room?”

Xiao Li lazily raised a hand to his mouth and yawned, a few tears overflowing from his eyes because of the late night. “I saw the split mouthed girl. We did a quick question and answer and once it ended, I did a quick check of the rooms in the inpatient building, coaxing the ponytailed girl to sleep.”

He spoke up to here and suddenly remembered something. Xiao Li pulled out the camera and threw it at Hu Li. By the way, I picked up this small thing and experienced an elevator scare.”

Hu Li, “???”

This was just a ‘by the way?’

The silently listening Guan Yu, “……”

The elevator scare, who was scared? In any case, he didn’t feel that Sherlock was scared…

The reincarnators took the camera and walked into the outpatient building to examine the footage.


It was clearly noon but the daylight outside the window wasn’t beautiful. Rather, it was gloomy with a smoke-like drizzle. The registration hall of the outpatient building was still empty and it wasn’t clear who would come to the soon-to-be-closed hospital.

Several reincarnators sat together in the hall and discussed their next steps.

As captain, Hu Li repeatedly played the camera footage. “According to the contents of the camera, it seems that the hospital patients became evil ghosts. There was a doctor who escaped and wanted to end everything…”

“Was anything seen when searching Fang Qi’s office room. Are there any other clues over there?”

“It was too late. We didn’t look closely and only roughly turned it over.” Guan Yu recalled carefully. “If you don’t feel reassured, you can go and check again. It is just over there in the inpatient building.”

Hu Li mused, “Today at noon, we will go over there to explore again. We also have to leave a few people in the outpatient building.”

Guan Yu didn’t trust Hu Li because this type of person was usually arrogant. It was just that last night left too deep an impression on him and he subconsciously looked at Sherlock. “What do you think?”

Xiao Li’s dark eyelashes lowered as he played with his fingers, using his pen to write and draw on white paper. He heard Guan Yu’s question and asked, “Eh? Well, I’ve almost split them into types.”


Xiao Li had drawn three crooked boxes on the white paper and he handed it to Guan Yu to see.

Guan Yu pondered on Xiao Li’s intention. “Three… three officers? There are three ghosts in there? No, the line is twisted. Um… three toasts with three crows? Crows eating toast? This isn’t right—”

Xiao Li, “…”

He took back the paper, crossed out the three boxes and threw the paper into the trash can. Then he explained, “There are three buildings, the outpatient building, the inpatient building and the emergency department. What do you think they correspond to?”

“Correspond to? Stay, in a hurry and slow and leisurely? Two nights, one day?” Guan Yu became more anxious the more you guessed. “I take the violent path and my IQ isn’t high. Don’t make me guess. I feel like I’m back in high school and my teacher is testing me.”

Xiao Li sighed. “…The past, present and future.”

“The outpatient building is the past, the inpatient building is the present and the emergency building is the future. Therefore, the patients who came to the outpatient building now live in the inpatient building. They come to the emergency department at night because something happens. The past can be ignored but someone must be in the emergency department every night to meet the future.” Xiao Li speculated as he wrote down a few words. “Still, there are some mysteries that aren’t understood. I need some clues, such as why they told me to go on the rounds. I also didn’t find out what happened to the night shift nurses.”

He spoke quickly and the contents were fuzzy. Guan Yu and the others listening felt fuzzy.

Hu Li got straight to the point. “Then why did the ghost head ghost attack us in the outpatient building if it is the past? Surely there shouldn’t be any ghosts in the past?”

“Only allowing people to indulge in the past, do you not allow ghosts to come out?” Xiao Li downplayed the question.

Guan Yu simply replied, “Then what do you think we should do next?”

“Wait.” Xiao Li sat back in the chair, holding the white paper in his hand as he continued to write and draw. “If you are free, you can also look in the outpatient building. There should be some past information.”

The reincarnators were in a turmoil and looked at Hu Li. He was the captain but this time, Hu Li felt extremely complicated. He was obviously the captain but why did he feel he was now listening to the boy’s orders?

Just then, the old man who introduced the reincarnators to the hospital yesterday afternoon entered the outpatient building. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, watching the reincarnators.

“The others are fine.” Hu Li carefully picked his words. “However, we seem to be having a little… supernatural situation. Old man, can I dare to ask if this place is haunted…?”

At present, he wasn’t sure if the old man was good or bad. Hu Li was afraid to provoke this man’s anger and only used testing words, nor did he mention the dead Zhang San. After all, if the old man really called the police and the police drove them out of the hospital, it was equivalent to the task failing and they would all die.

The old man’s expression changed. “You are all highly educated doctors. How can you believe that type of thing?”

“Oh, it isn’t believable or credible.”

“Some things you don’t want to think about or you will be more afraid.” The old man grabbed the white beard on his chin. “Don’t take off your white coat when you are afraid. This white coat is full of righteousness and others don’t dare come close.”

Hu Li was overjoyed. The old man’s reminder was a path to life. He hastily closed the white coat and intended to sleep in it, never taking it off.

Xiao Li sat in place, looking at the old man before suddenly pulling Guan Yu to him and asking, “Do you want to hold him?”

“Ah? What?”

“My gut feeling says he has a problem.” Xiao Li pointed to the old man. “If we can  stun him and threaten his life, he might cough up a lot of secrets.”

Guan Yu, “……”

His facial expression was extremely complicated as he pointed to himself. “Sherlock, my name is Guan Yu, not Dong Zhuo. Doesn’t your conscience hurt to do this to an old man?”

Xiao Li, “…I didn’t say I would really do it. In any case, he isn’t necessarily good or bad.”

Guan Yu’s eyes became more complicated and he sent Xiao Li a ‘don’t speak’ look. Seeing that Xiao Li’s mouth was opening, he tore off a piece of paper and covered this person’s face.

After a few brief words, the old man left again and Hu Li took care of the crowd. Hu Li hesitated for a moment after the old man left before decided to do as Xiao Li said. They would first search the relatively safe outpatient building for clues and then go to the inpatient building.

In the outpatient building.

They were previously frightened by the nursery rhyme sung by the ghost and their people walked with lowered heads. They went from the bottom up, going through each section and flipping through the stack of documents and consultation files on the table to see if there were any clues.

The rain outside the window was getting louder and louder, shrouded the hospital in a type of curtain.

After another corner, Xiao Li suddenly stopped at the back of the group and turned to look behind him. Behind him was the sound of many noisy footsteps, as if he was followed by a group of invisible people.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Li: Um? Do I look like I have a conscience regarding such a thing?

IV ghost/ Mirror ghost/ Split mouthed girl ghost: Absolutely not!

Tan Li: Some 0v0. Xiao Li is a good person.

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