IWBL: Chapter 6

Xiao Li finished the test paper and used the rest of the time to observe the girl with strange behaviour. The girl had finished her test and was counting back and forth in a neurotic manner.

Xiao Li stared at her for a while when an eraser was suddenly thrown from the girl’s oblique front position. It hit her body, and rolled down her knees to the ground, shocking Xiao Li. However, the girl was clearly used to this treatment and she glanced at the student who had thrown the eraser at her

It was a girl with dyed gold hair. She opened her mouth and seemed like she was bullying the other student. “Oh, my hand slipped. Please pass me my eraser.”

The first girl bent over to pick up the eraser when another girl behind her took the opportunity to throw a pen at the back of her hand, making a ‘bang’ sound. The girl bitterly covered the back of her head but didn’t do any retaliatory actions. Instead, she picked up the pen and handed it to the person sitting behind her. This movement allowed Xiao Li to see the nameplate on her chest: Tan Li.

Xiao Li ‘clicked his tongue’, took a pen from his bag and threw it at the girl who previously bullied Tan Li. The girl covered her head and looked angrily at him. He just curved his lips and said, “Sorry, my hands slipped.”

“Who are you?” The girl covered her forehead and stared at Xiao Li.

“I am Lei Feng.” (TL Note: Lei Feng was made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Communist Party through propaganda from 1963 onwards).

The girl, “…”

Her anger was interrupted by Xiao Li and she lost most of it. She mockingly looked between Tan Li and Xiao Li. “New person, are you helping her because you… like her?”

The moment she spoke the last words, she couldn’t hold back and laughed sarcastically. Apparently, she thought this was impossible.

Xiao Li replied, “Lei Feng doesn’t need a reason to help people. How did your teacher teach you? Besides, what’s wrong with her?”

“Her?” The girl looked at Tan Li’s back with disgust. “One day, she said that we have one more person here. God doesn’t let others be close to her, she is a mad woman and probably born mentally retarded. I advise you to stay away from here.”

The girl finished talking with Xiao Li and perhaps it was because she thought of Tan Li’s disgusting part but she closed her mouth and slept on the table.

There was one more person…

Xiao Li thought for a moment before tearing off a small piece of paper from his language book and writing on it: Hello, I want to take the liberty to ask. What happened to you in this class?

Xiao Li turned it into a wad of paper and threw it on the table. Tan Li saw the paper wad on the table and was stunned. It was necessary to know that this piece of paper had directly hit her on the head. The girl slowly reached out for the paper ball, looked at the words and then slowly wrote a sentence on it. Then she threw it back to Xiao Li as usual.

Xiao Li couldn’t wait to open the note and found that the other person had written: One more… go away!

Xiao Li really wanted to go but the teacher refused to let him go. The black-haired teenager continued to write below: How can there be one more?

He threw the note back and this time the girl replied quickly: Go away, stay away from me!

After that, no matter how hard Xiao Li tried,  he couldn’t evoke a reaction from Tan Li. Xiao Li was still struggling when the teacher in front of the podium stood up and came to the first row of seats. “Time is up. Hand in your papers!”

Xiao Li pinched his face and nervously handed in the test paper. He didn’t pick the test provided by the little yellow book.

The teacher collected all the papers and started to quickly mark them at the podium. After five minutes, she picked up the test papers and started to read the results. “Tan Li, 61 points, Sun Zi, 76 points, Han Nan, 93 points…”

Xiao Li waited one by one. His heart couldn’t stop thumping as he waited for himself who was called last.

“Xiao Li, 91 points.” The teacher reported the score with a sullen expression. She looked up from the test paper and spoke regretfully, “It is a pity.”

She left an item on the podium, put away the roll and looked up at the class. “The class is over for today.”

With this sentence, the lights in the classroom went out. Like a switch, all the students and the teacher disappeared without a trace, returning to the darkness of reality. Xiao Li slightly narrowed his eyes, packed up the things on the table, carried his bag and pulled out his phone. He turned on the flashlight and went to the podium to see the so-called ‘reward’ left by the teacher.

The empty podium contained a box of matches. They were ordinary and contained nothing unusual. Xiao Li picked up the box of matches and opened it. There were a few matches lying inside. The black-haired teenager picked one up and held it in his fingertips, looking at it for a while.

This was the so-called reward…

Did this box of matches have the ability to avoid ghost attacks when ignited? Or was it like the little match girl where something could be imagined from a lit match? Or was it a clue…

Clue. This word suddenly entered his mind. If it was an item that needed a match, there was something that he, or they, actually ignored. Xiao Li put the matchbox in his pocket and walked towards the dark classroom door. He had just taken a step when he suddenly stopped.

It was because at the door of the classroom, a white shadow stood brightly. Their distance was very close and he could see the facial senses of the female ghost. He could faintly see that it was a small and cute girl from the classroom but now that person was full of a cold breath.

Xiao Li asked, “Tan Li? Did you write this letter?”

He pulled out the original letter of help, opened it and said, “The words are a bit ugly. You need to practice more next time.”

If Tan Li was a human then her small eyes must be full of doubts.

Xiao Li continued to ask her, “How do you want me to save you?”

The female ghost just looked at him and said nothing. Xiao Li blinked again and she disappeared in front of him. Xiao Li shrugged and stuffed the letter of help back in his pocket, ready to verify his guess.

Then on the way, Xiao Li was walking past the toilet with light footsteps when he heard a slight sobbing echoing from the toilet and a cry for help. Xiao Li stopped, turned around and walked to the female toilet that the sound came from.

The female toilets in the teaching building weren’t too old. The yellow-stained walls revealed a unique coldness and each closed compartment was frightening. The cry came from the last compartment of the female toilets. The voice was thick and low like a man.

It should be… Zheng Yi?

Xiao Li identified the owner of the voice and was ready to go over to see what was going on. He approached step by step, only to hear the crying from the cubicle increase and become louder. Thus, Xiao Li stopped and listened to the person inside breathing more heavily.

Xiao Li, “???”

He was a bit hesitant. Zheng Yi should be inside… what to do? In this environment, could this type of mood exist?

As Xiao Li was feeling sluggish, Zheng Yi inside the cubicle was even more panicked.

He felt that he was too miserable. Not only did he inexplicably come to this haunted place, he someone met a ghost that killed Huang Nina. He and Qian Yiwei fled wildly from the second floor of the laboratory building, smashing a window and jumping out. He hadn’t suffered this type of hardship for all his life but this wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Qian Yiwei had to go to the teaching building. Zheng Yi didn’t dare be alone and had to follow. Then halfway there, they saw a ghost and dispersed while fleeing. Finally, Zheng Yi was alone and had to run into the toilet, not daring to go out.

He was afraid he would meet a ghost when going out and then die in the toilet. This method of death was too bad and his mother would cry!

He stayed here for a long time imagining his death. Then his stomach showed his hunger. As a student, Zheng Yi hadn’t experienced too many things and now he wanted to cry. Still, no matter how much he tried to suppress it, the cry emerged like something caused it.

Then Zheng Yi heard the step of footsteps getting closer and closer to his toilet cubicle, the footsteps becoming heavier and heavier.

Click, click, click.

Zheng Yi felt that his heart would be trampled by these footsteps. He couldn’t control his own voice and cries kept emerging. He thought that perhaps a ghost was outside the cubicle and he was only separated from the ghost by a door. The ghost would break down the door and he would immediately be sent to death.

Thinking about this, his breathing became unstoppably heavy. His eyes stared closely at the door in front of him, waiting for the opening of the door that would declare his death. Then the footsteps stopped.

This short gap made him feel even worse. He was full of thoughts about why the ghost stopped. Was it trying to torture him and make him scared to death? Zheng Yi stroked his chest and his heart jumped intensely as he saw the door slowly push open a seam…

Zheng Yi closed his eyes and subconsciously shouted, “Ahhhhh!”

Then he heard a calm voice, the quiet voice a bit puzzled. “What’s your name?’

The AJ teenager opened his eyes and saw the beautiful and familiar face of Xiao Li! He relaxed at once, his entire face sad and happy. He sighed with relief as he stuttered, “How… how did you…”

Why did he seem like a ghost?!

Xiao Li pushed open the door and looked down at Zheng Yi. “I passed by this place and heard your crying.”

“Why didn’t you call out to me?” Zheng Yi gasped. After the great sadness, he was now in a state of collapse.

Xiao Li replied, “I was afraid to disturb you.”

Zheng Yi: “…”

He looked at the pair of black eyes and waited to cry out, “You were afraid to disturb my crying?” but he had no strength. Then Zheng Yi’s eyes shifted to the mineral water bottle inserted in the side of Xiao Li’s bag and he licked his dry lips. “Can you give me something to drink?”

Xiao Li measured his own status. He hadn’t exercised too much so he wasn’t thirsty. He took out the water bottle and handed it to Zheng Yi. He watched Zheng Yi pour in two mouthfuls before Zheng Yi wiped his mouth and stared at Xiao Li’s bag. “Do you have anything to eat?”

“No.” Xiao Li shrugged and opened the beg, pulling out language books, maths book and homework books. “I only have a smart boat and happy paddles here.”

Zheng Yi: “……”

The author has something to say:

P.S. Xiao Li might be a male student and this is a female school but the ghosts’ discernment ability is bound by the rules. It can’t be seen with the naked eye and can only be killed based on the score of the test paper, otherwise, all males would be unable to pass this instance.

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11 months ago

Xiao Li has a way of scaring others lol