IWBL: Chapter 59

The elevator had moved from the seventh floor to the fifth floor. Now that it opened in front of Xiao Li and Guan Yu, there were only two possibilities.

One was that someone took the elevator down from the seventh floor. Xiao Li had just pressed the elevator button on the fifth floor so there would be a person in the elevator when it happened. Another possibility was that someone previously took the elevator to the seventh floor but didn’t come down or took the stairs. The elevator stayed on the seventh floor until it descended to the fifth floor, in which case, the elevator should be empty.

Guan Yu’s heart was crazily praying that there was no one, absolutely no one inside, when the elevator door completely opened and there was a monster inside.

It looked like a patient because it was wearing a white patient’s outfit. Its head was lowered and its face couldn’t be seen. However, the right side was pushing a small cart with a hanger and an empty bag. The needle was still inserted into the back of its right hand and it was completely in contact with the card.

The needle was connected to the hanging pipe and it was unknown how old the bag of liquid medicine was. The needle tube should return blood but at this time, it was filled with some type of green liquid, not blood.

The elevator was still open and the yellow light illuminated the desperate expression on Guan Yu’s face. He knew that this was a haunted hospital. How could the elevator be normal? This was definitely a big ghost and he would be killed by Sherlock’s actions.

“I am Guan Yu, I can fight three people. I can’t be afraid…”

The young man repeated the name to motivate himself while his hand touched his trouser pocket, ready to use his life-saving item. Compared to his shivering, Xiao Li saw the patient and didn’t run backwards. Rather, he walked inside.

Xiao Li looked at the buttons inside the elevator and the ghost looked at him, extending a left hand. The left hand was also full of needle marks. Xiao Li told him, “Help me press the button for the first floor, thank you.”

The ghost and his cart were too big and Xiao Li couldn’t reach the buttons.

Guan Yu, “……”

How could Sherlock treat the IV ghost in the elevator as customer service?

The ghost was a bit stunned. As Guan Yu looked on with fear outside the elevator, the ghost actually retracted his left hand and pressed the button for the first floor.

Guan Yu, “………”

In addition, why did the ghost really press it?

The young man outside the door didn’t move for a long time. The elevator didn’t sense anybody and the door started to close. Just before it was about to shut out Guan Yu, Xiao Li extended a hand and held the elevator door. He asked Guan Yu, “Aren’t you coming in?”

Guan Yu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He looked at the dark corridor behind him and then the IV ghost next to Xiao Li. “I… I…”

‘Don’t get on, you can bear it alone.’

He hadn’t finished his words when the IV ghost in the elevator was impatient and pushed the cart hard. The wheel of the cart rubbed against the elevator and made a harsh sound.

Guan Yu was shocked by it. The expression in the ghost’s eyes made Guan Yu think he would be killed immediately if he didn’t get on. He took a deep breath, jumped in and hid behind Xiao Li, keeping the maximum distance between himself and the ghost.

As the elevator doors closed and it started to descend, Guan Yu heard Sherlock turn to ask the IV ghost, “Last night, I heard the sound of wheels in the outpatient building. Was that you?”

The IV ghost didn’t nod or shake his head. He just turned his head, staring at his cart without speaking.

Xiao Li continued to ask, “What did you go there to do?”

The IV ghost was a bit restless and started to sway back and forth, hitting the elevator wall from time to time.

Guan Yu was a bit afraid of Sherlock stimulating the ghost. He gently pulled at Xiao Li’s hand and softly whispered in his ear, “Sherlock, do you have 100,000 questions when hanging out with others? Don’t ask, you’ll just stimulate him.”

Xiao Li looked back at Guan Yu and followed his gaze towards the IV ghost. The other hand still had the needle inserted and there was a bandage around where the needle was inserted. The needle moved around with the impact.

“Wait, why is the needle like this?”

Xiao Li frowned like a real doctor. One hand held down the IV ghost’s shoulders while he asked Guan Yu, “Do you have a handkerchief?”

He didn’t have a handkerchief but he had a packet of napkins. Guan Yu closed his mouth, grabbed for the packet of napkins in his pocket and handed it to Xiao Li. Xiao Li pulled out two and pressed them against the ghost’s left hand. He pulled hard, pulling out the needle that had been stuck in the other hand for who knew how long. The needle flew into the air and some yellow-green liquid emerged from the needle, falling onto the elevator floor.

Xiao Li placed the napkins into the IV ghost’s hand. “Press it against your hand yourself.”

The IV ghost, “???”

He stared blankly at the cart he had been forcibly separated from before his senses finally returned.

Xiao Li asked, “What room are you in? Do you want me to send you back?”

He grabbed the cart with his right hand while picking up the needle that was constantly shaking in the air, watching the needle fall still. The elevator reached the first floor from the fifth floor and there was a ding. Then the elevator’s electronic tone spoke sweetly, “This is the first floor.”

The electronic voice had just fallen when the IV ghost used his right hand to grasp the cart and hurriedly pushed it away.

The sound of the wheels sliding moved further and further away. In Guan Yu’s view, the IV ghost seemed to be… escaping from Sherlock.

The young man turn ed and asked Xiao Li, “Aren’t you afraid of these ghosts?”

“Guan Yu, you have to remember, we are doctors. Are there any doctors afraid of their patients?” Xiao Li walked out of the elevator.

Guan Yu kept up with him. “However, they aren’t patients! They are ghosts!”

The young man was wearing a cap and a few strands of dyed yellow hair sprang uneasily from the cap.

Xiao Li reached out and touched his hair. “Do you know the Hippocratic oath?”

Guan Yu hesitated before saying, “I only know the Nightingale oath…”

“Then search for it. All patients should be treated equally and you shouldn’t move away from them just because their appearance is mutilated.”

Guan Yu, “…”

Still, they were really ghosts? Sherlock, wasn’t this person too deep in the play?

Xiao Li didn’t listen to him any longer and waved. Xiao Li didn’t go back to the emergency department and he wasn’t going to search for the right room. It was close to three in the morning and Xiao Li was a bit sleepy. He was ready to go to the doctor’s dormitory to find an empty place to sleep for one night.

Guan Yu separated from him at a corner of the dormitory building and walked back to his dormitory.

He felt like he was dreaming. He had clearly seen a few horrible and cruel ghosts today, especially the IV ghost. If he had met the ghost during the day then he would be scared by the sound of the wheels. However, when he was Sherlock, it was normal (?) and he even returned with his limbs intact.

It was just… horrible thinking about it.

Guan Yu scratched his head and walked back to his dormitory.

Xiao Li’s hand grabbed the door of his dormitory room and he pulled it open. It was just that the moment he opened it, he didn’t walk it. It was because Xiao Li felt there was another person in his room. The man didn’t sit or stand. He was leaning against the door waiting for Xiao Li.

Xiao Li licked his lips. He turned on the light and the lights shone on the man’s face but the man didn’t squint. The man’s face still wasn’t exposed. The little yellow book had been unusually quiet recently and Xiao Li just thought the book was thinking about his words. He didn’t think the other party would be waiting for him in his dormitory.

The man stood up straight and looked at Xiao Li, voice revealing an imperceptible joy. “You are back.”

This sentence made him sound like a husband waiting for his lover to return late. Even the momentum of his body was amazing. Xiao Li took out the little yellow book from his pocket and placed it on the table. Then he closed the door with his feet. “What are you doing here?”

Perhaps this dormitory was too small or perhaps the single bed was too narrow. It was easy to think of some bad things. The man’s throat was a bit dry as he reached out to Xiao Li. “I was afraid that you were hungry after staying up too late. Do you want to eat dinner?”

If the little yellow book had spoken some perverted scripts at this time, the fatigued Xi was likely to kick him. Now the other side was talking about eating…

The man handed him a piece of chocolate and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Xiao Li bowed his head to open the packaging of the chocolate. He found it was the dark chocolate he had been carrying and placed it in his mouth while thinking. He wanted to eat many things and could smoothly say them. However, Xiao Li thought about it and finally chose the two most suitable thigs. “Milk tea to replenish my energy and it is suitable to eat barbecue with this.”

Milk tea with barbecue.

The man, “…”

He didn’t think that Xiao Li would say such a strange match and didn’t respond for a moment.

Xiao Li discovered his silence and looked up. “You can’t do it?”

His tone was light and he sounded a little disappointed. The man changed his tone and gently persuaded. “No, it is just so late and it isn’t good to eat these things. If you like it, the next time—”

Before he finished speaking, he noticed that Xiao Li had shifted his attention away. Therefore, the man changed his decision without hesitation. “…Okay.”

“This is the last time. Next time, it will be something easy to digest.”

Once he finished speaking, his entire body disappeared into the darkness like he teleported.

Xiao Li sat on the edge of the bed and counted the time waiting for the other person to return. The little yellow book’s speed was very fast but he was still waiting for the other person’s arrival after 10 minutes. The food appeared on the table but the man didn’t come back.

There was a line of writing on the little yellow book: 【 Do you like it? 】

The author has something to say:

IV ghost: Where is my body? Why did you get rid of my body?

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Cursed Queen
Cursed Queen
3 months ago

Part of me feels like Xiao Li might be a bit autistic the more I read

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