IWBL: Chapter 57

The emergency room.

The split mouthed woman repeated her question many times. She didn’t get an answer and finally closed her mouth, giving up on the idea of asking Xiao Li about her beauty.

There was a brief silence before the split mouthed woman stated, “I’m thirsty.”

Xiao Li wanted to say, “I’m thirsty too,” but he refrained. As a doctor, he had to put the patient’s needs first. He glanced left and right, not seeing any cups around to hold water. Eventually, he got a beaker from the back of the cupboard, got some cold water from the bathroom and gave it to her.

The incandescent light shining overhead illuminated the split mouthed woman’s face. She looked at the dust on the edge of the beaker and didn’t pick it up. Instead, she put the scarf back on layer by layer.

She was turning around to leave when Xiao Li stopped here. “Wait, you didn’t answer my question.”

The split mouthed woman stopped walking and cast Xiao Li a deep look.

Xiao Li repeated his first question. “How did you get the wounds on your face?”

He pointed straight to the female’s face and the other side’s eyes suddenly changed, becoming full of complaints. The vague voice of the split mouthed woman came from beneath the scarf. “It is time for you to go and check the rooms.”

Having said that, she put her hands in her pockets like an ordinary human and walked out of the emergency room.

Rooms… in the inpatient department? Did this mean tonight’s emergency department would only have one patient?

Xiao Li put his pen that was originally in his pocket into the chest pocket of his white coat and went to the inpatient department.


Compared with the emergency department, the inpatient department was much more depressing. The lights of the corridors weren’t turned on like they were afraid of disturbing patients in the ward. The front desk where nurses were supposed to be on duty was empty, with only a night light to dimly light up the area around it.

Xiao Li went to the inpatient department, pulled out a flashlight and knocked on the door of the first ward. The first ward wasn’t locked so he knocked on it. There were no patients inside.

Xiao Li tried the entire first floor and found no one living there. Finally, he went up the stairs to the third floor of the first ward. He had just knocked on the door to a room when a heavy object dropped.

Xiao Li knocked twice again. “I’m the doctor here to check the room.”

The sound broke the silence and echoed in the corridor.

The moment he spoke, the room was silent. Then it was followed by the sound of footsteps and someone opened the door from the inside. “You… Sherlock, weren’t you in the emergency department? What are you doing here?”

The man in the room was Guan Yu, who was wearing a cap pressed down on his head.

There was still a bit of panic on the young man’s face. The sudden knock on the door had frightened him.

Xiao Li replied, “I came to check the rooms. Why are you here?”

“Check the rooms, do you really consider yourself a doctor?” Due to the afternoon headless ghost matter, Guan Yu had a strong impression of Xiao Li, otherwise, he wouldn’t have necessarily replied. He scratched the back of his duck-like head and explained, “I came here to check for clues.”

Guan Yu had an item that allowed him to not be detected by ghosts. This protected him for a period of time when looking for clues. The disadvantage was that the duration was very short. He only slipped into the inpatient building late at night to see if there were any clues, otherwise, who would want to see the ghosts in the hospital in the middle of the night?

“Did you find anything?”

“Not yet… I only found some useless things. The drawers have no clues.”

Xiao Li nodded to show he understood. He was about to say something when he heard the sound of water droplets from the corridor.

Drip, drip, drip—

It sounded like a tap wasn’t closed, causing water to leak out. Even more bizarrely, the sound of the water droplets lasted less than 10 seconds before disappearing. Then the dripping was once again heard. It seemed like a person was opening the faucet, closing it and then opening it again.

This sound was combined with the darkness in the corridor of the inpatient department, causing Guan Yu to jump with shock. “My item will soon expire, let’s go!”

Xiao Li shook his head, turned his flashlight in the direction of the water sound and walked towards it.

“Sherlock, you… surely you aren’t going over there? Do you want to die?” Guan Yu glanced between the door and Xiao Li’s back. As the other person’s footsteps got further and further away, he gritted his teeth and followed.

Once he ran next to Xiao Li, Xiao Li glanced at him with the flashlight and didn’t speak. The water drops were coming from the toilet at the end of the corridor. The closer they got to the end, the thicker the darkness in front of them and the more the water drops dripped like ink, creating ripples.

They hadn’t arrived at the toilet yet when the light of Xiao Li’s flashlight showed a fleeting person on the wall. Xiao Li quickly followed. The person entered a small room, which appeared to be a resident’s office on this floor. It had a clean table, countertops and nothing was wrong.

“Click.” Something slipped off the table and fell to Xiao Li’s feet. The teenager bent over to pick it up and found it was an old camera. He tried to press the ‘on’ button and as soon as the camera screen lit up, a face appeared on the screen.

It was a male doctor with a white lab coat hung awkwardly on his shoulder. The chest nametag had the words ‘Chief Doctor: Fang Qi.’ He gasped so much that he seemed to be running away. In addition, the video was shaking. The chief doctor held the camera while running, looking back from time to time while gasping. “I don’t know if this video will work but at the last moment of my life, I decided to record it.”

Behind him in the video, there was a heavy crash and many footsteps.

“The thing I want to tell you is that this hospital is a monster concentration camp! The patients here are f*king monsters!” Fang Qi trembled and aimed the camera behind him. The angle wasn’t good so only the blood-stained walls around Fang Qi could be seen. The blood spilled on the wall like special ink painting and the monsters chasing him only occupied a corner of the scene. It was faint and unsatisfactory.

“Ah—” Fang Qi fell.He got up from the ground and looked behind him desperately. Then he didn’t run towards the stairs and instead turned into an office—the place where Xiao Li was currently located. He locked the door and sat on the ground, panting heavily. “I-I will die in a few minutes. If anyone can see this video, you should be my colleague. Please, you must not believe them! They are deceptive and ugly monsters. Hurry to escape! If you can’t escape then go to that place to end everything. That place is—”

The man in the video couldn’t his sentence when the locked door opened in a flash and the lock parts fell to the ground. Fang Qi turned to the door before gritting his teeth, placing the camera on the table and turning it off.

The camera’s video was fixed here.

“Due, where is the place you were talking about?” Guan Yu was urgent and seemed to want to go into the camera to beat up Fang Qi. “F*k, I hate this type of half words the most when watching TV. It is equal to saying nothing.”

Xiao Li looked thoughtfully at the image on the camera and didn’t say anything. Once the video ended, the entire room and corridor returned to the previous darkness. Only the sound of the water was getting louder and louder.

Guan Yu stood worriedly at the door, glancing at the toilet at the end of the corridor. “Sherlock, take the camera and leave. It isn’t safe here.”

Xiao Li put the camera in his pocket and gripped the flashlight again, simply stating, “Go and turn off the water first.”

“…No, it isn’t us who are paying for the water here. What do you want to do with this? Let it flow. It doesn’t matter to us if it is flooded.”

“I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and everyone has a responsibility to save water.”

Xiao Li replied coldly and went to the toilet. He looked up at the sign. The sound of the water was coming from the male toilers. Xiao Li entered the male toilers and found that the faucet under the mirror was opened, water continuously flowing down and causing the entire toilet to become wet.

Xiao Li reached to turn off the faucet and the sound of the water stopped. The water sound was lost and silence suddenly engulfed the toilet. The toilet was a place of extreme yin, especially the hospital toilet. There were hidden dirt and countless yin.

Xiao Li shook the water off his hand and gazed at himself in the mirror. Guan Yu didn’t dare go into the toilet and stood at the door, urging Xiao Li. “Okay, let’s go soon—”

Halfway through his words, he stared wide-eyed like there was a ghost. Then he pointed at Xiao Li’s back. “T-There! There is a ghost behind you!”

Xiao Li heard his words and turned back. He happened to see the back of a person. Yes, the back. It was a girl with a ponytail and she was standing very close to Xiao Li. He almost ran into the ponytail as soon as he turned back.

Xiao Li retracted his gaze and looked in the mirror again. The ponytailed girl wasn’t shown in the toilet’s mirror. He didn’t talk and the ponytailed girl didn’t move. She just stood motionless behind Xiao Li.

“This is the men’s toilet.” Xiao Li was silent for a moment before telling the girl. “The women’s toilet is next door.”

Guan Yu, “……”

She wasn’t coming to the toilet!

The ponytailed girl didn’t move and Xiao Li glanced back at Guan Yu. The young man was looking at him with a strange expression and Xiao Li said, “She is the one who went into the men’s toilet, I didn’t go into the women’s toilet. Why are you looking at me with that type of gaze?”

Guan Yu, “……”

He saw this person as a monster. He started to doubt his world. This was a ghost! How could Sherlock not move with the ponytail right behind him and how could he be worried about the men’s or women’s toilet? Wasn’t this person a monster?

The author has something to say:

Ponytail girl: mmp, I knew it should be the faucet of the women’s toilet. I made a mistake.

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