IWBL: Chapter 54

The time in the instance world was afternoon. It was strange to say since there was a huge sun above them but this  Fenhua Central Hospital still exuded a gloomy feel under the scorching light. They hadn’t entered yet it was chilling.

One of the girls closest to the hospital held her arms and jumped back, shouting, “It is a hospital. The hospital’s yin is the worst. Since being pulled into this world, I have been afraid to go to the hospital in the real world!”

The middle-aged man next to her stared at the tall building in front of her. “A hospital can be considered a classic horror instance. In addition, the real world also has many spirits that are unwilling to return.”

The middle-aged man was bald and his face was smooth. His beard was entirely shaved and his head looked like a boiled egg with the shell stripped off. His entire body exuded a strong flavour.

“We… should we go in to report?” A young boy asked while trembling.

“The safe time isn’t over yet.” The girl beside him answered.

The bald man spoke directly, “My name is Hu Li and I have successfully passed six worlds. The survival rate of reincarnators in a team is higher. After all, being alone in this terrible world means death. Therefore, I hope we can elect a captain.”

Xiao Li had no idea about being a captain but when he first heard the bald man’s name, he couldn’t help holding back a smile.

He didn’t see where Hu Li looked like a fox. He was more like a Tibetan fox. (Hu Li spelt with different characters can mean fox/sly and treacherous person)

The reincarnators except for Xiao Li looked at each other and no one had ambitions to be a captain.

The first girl opened her mouth. “Isn’t it better for Brother Hu Li to be the captain?”

Apart from large organizations or strong reincarnators, very few people were willing to use a team symbol. The money they saved to buy life-saving items wasn’t enough. Therefore, apart from Xiao Li and another girl who looked cold, no one was against joining Hu Li’s team.

Hu Li rubbed his smooth chin with satisfaction. “Then I’ll bear the burden. If you have any ideas then please put it forward.”

The three minutes of safety time was fleeting. Once it reached zero, an old man with a white beard came out of the hospital. He seemed to be the leader here and smiled kindly at people. “You are the new batch of doctors that the dean mentioned? Come, give me your notice. I will take you to the office.”

All the reincarnators handed their hiring notice to the old man and followed him into the Fenhua Central Hospital.

The hospital was cold but there was no one in the outpatient hall. Everyone felt like they were walking in an icehouse. Some women who were wearing relatively thin clothes had chattering teeth and could only hold their arms to warm him up.

The old man ignored it and seemed like he felt nothing. He came with the reincarnators to the fourth floor and pushed open one of the rooms which had many white coats hanging on hangers. “This is the locker room and these are your clothes. Remember to put them on.”

It was so cold here that everyone rushed straight over to get a white coat, their bodies trembling.

The old man then took them to a large office and pushed open the door of the office, which was more like a conference room. The room was large and in addition to a few separate desks, there was a large round table in the middle and a number of chairs.

The old man pointed to the office and said, “This is your usual office. The hospital cafeteria is on the second floor and the dormitory is next to the inpatient department. There are no patients recently so you can figure it out yourself.”

He finished and hurried to leave. Then he seemed to think of another thing and the old man cautioned, “Yes, there must be a person on duty at night in the emergency room for admissions. Don’t forget this.”

-Being in the emergency room at night, this was a hidden killing path.

The reincarnators showed fear and tried to reduce their sense of existence so they wouldn’t be picked to go on duty.

The old man didn’t care about their expressions. He dropped this sentence and hastily left. It was as if he was afraid there was a beast chasing behind him. In the blink of an eye, there were only the reincarnators and unknown patients left.

Hu Li’s expression wasn’t good as he pointed to the round office table. “Or… let’s have a meeting to discuss the situation?”

The group sat down at the table in turn. Hu Li sat near the door. His hands were gripping the table as he spoke. “Those who have any ideas can speak first.”

It was silent. Silence was gold.

After a long time, the first girl who said she was afraid of the hospital spoke. She had told her name to Hu Li while walking here and she was called Bai Yun. She said, “Apart from the nigh duty, there is nothing else we have to do. It is better to stay here…”

“IT’s good, very thoughtful.” Hu Li looked at her encouragingly. “However, we shouldn’t sit and wait. According to my experience, we will be given time to explore. If we don’t seize the opportunity then we can only stay in place and wait for death.”

A young man wearing a cap smiled and opened his mouth. “I thought you would pretend to the newcomers to let them die for you. I didn’t expect you to be a bit like what you presented. Yes, it definitely isn’t possible to wait for death. We can only go around together.”

He spoke so directly that Hu Li’s face turned a bit green but he endured it. “Yes, I think so. It might be more efficient if we explore separately but it is dangerous. Ghosts like to attack those who are on their own.”

Hu Li spoke up to here and glanced at the young man in the cap. “It has been so long and I don’t know your name. You are?”

The youth in the cap raised his chin. “You are now qualified to know my name. You can call me Guan Yu, the second brother of Guan Yu.” (Guan Yu= general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

Another woman spoke at this time. “However, this hospital is so big. How can we check all of it?”

Hu Li replied, “Look at the outpatient building first. The old man brought us directly here and there must be a purpose.”

Another man interjected. “Then we might wish to discuss about who will go to the emergency department tonight before hurrying to check the rooms.”

“Between you… is there anyone willing to go to the emergency department?” Hu Li asked without any hope.

There was silence.

As the others looked away, Xiao Li slowly rolled up the sleeves of his white coat. “I’ll go to the emergency room. I want to see what type of patients there will be.”

Hu Li, “……”

He was dazed for a moment. He didn’t expect someone to actually volunteer when he put forward this suggestion. He was ready to do a random draw!”

“Okay, that’s great. You should be careful in the emergency room. By the way, what’s your name?”


Xiao Li replied when he something felt something touching his leg under the table. He subconsciously touched it and it was a bit hairy. Xiao Li thought it was the little black cat at first but soon changed his mind. It was too cold so the little black cat had been staying in the little yellow book. In addition, the place his hand was touching was too rough. It was more like a person’s hair than fur…

He looked down below the table and saw a face.

There was a floating head and Xiao Li was touching its hair.

At this time, it looked up, exposing a gloomy smile through straw-like hair.

Xiao Li watched it for two seconds before rubbing the hair between his index finger and thumb. Then he suddenly asked, “Your hair is very messy and there is some oil. How long has it been since you washed?”

He wiped his finger on the table, like he was getting rid of the hair that he had touched.

The ghost head, “…”

Perhaps it was due to its surprise but the ghost head floated up below the table, hitting the bottom of the table and making a loud bang.

The reincarnators next to Xiao Li were showing a puzzled expression, not knowing how Sherlock was talking to.

The young man in the cap reacted first. He bent down and followed Xiao Li’s line of sight below the table. He saw the side of the head and his chair moved sideways, making a loud noise as the young man shouted, “What the hell is this?”

The young man’s shout woke up the other person. Hu Li raised his ass and also looked below the table. He happened to be in the direction that the ghost had turned its head in and his mind was blank. He only knew how to scream. “Ahhhh—”

Bai Yun also screamed. She ran to the door of the office and turned the doorknob, only to find that the door didn’t move.

Hu Li pushed her away as he pulled the door handle hard, but the palm of his left hand was patted the door. “Damn, did someone lock it from the outside or is it a ghost? How come we directly encountered a ghost just after entering?”

The group was anxious and someone ran to the window, looking down like he was calculating if he would die or be disabled if he jumped from the fourth floor.

Only Xiao Li was still sitting at the round table as he leisurely looked at the sealed door. Then he bent over to pull up the ghost head from below the round table.

He spoke to the anxious crowd in a relaxed tone. “Don’t be nervous. We are locked up here but it is surrounded by us.”

Everyone, “???”

Say it again, who was surrounding who?

Xiao Li moved the ghost head to the door and tied the hair into a bow, hanging it from the door handle before quietly asking, “Do you know how to open the door?”

He finished the sentence and felt he was a bit impolite. Perhaps Xiao Yuzheng coming back was still affecting him. Xiao Li coughed and added some words to coax it. “Tell me or let us out and I’ll give you a bottle of shampoo? You can use it to wash your hair and smooth it out.”

The ghost head, “…”

Hu Li, “……”

What shampoo? He never heard of a ghost washing its hair!

The author has something to say:

Ghost head: How can a ghost have a chance to wash their hate? if you hate me then you should touch Sister Sadako’s hair!

Xiao Li: Okay, I’ll include it in the constitution.

Sadako: ??? Ghost head, you are harming this old lady! Xiao Li, don’t come over!

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legit wheezing poor Sister Sadako 🤣