IWBL: Chapter 53

Tian Ji returned to the real worldwhen it was daytime. He stood in his own high-end apartment. The young man sighed with relief, took off his gold-rimmed glasses, opened the curtains and the window and nostalgically breathed in the air of reality.

Then he opened his task book and looked at his evaluation level and rewards. Then he opened the forum and searched for the name ‘Sherlock.’ Compared to those who were often ranked at the forefront, the name ‘Sherlock’ was still cold and didn’t have many posts. The main point was in the hottest post about teammates, the post was occupied by Sherlock.

Tian Ji’s gaze was stuck on Xie Lingshi’s compliment. It turned out that this guy was also cursed by Sherlock.

Zhu Yiting: [My impression of Sherlock is… a big family! Really big! HIs mobile phone can fly, he has a doll and in our script, he received a cat. I doubt that he is human? He also likes to abuse ghosts. I still remember the straw person that was burned to ashes by him. I was still holding in my urine and was so scared I had to crouch down on the spot.]

[A cat slave coming to report. You can collect cats in the instance world? Why do I meet horrible and ugly ghosts every time?]

[So awesome? I also want to team up with him and experience the feeling of being flown by a big man QAQ.]

Yongchun: [He is super awesome. I always feel that my IQ was crushed but in fact, I think we still have room for improvement. Sherlock doesn’t have this chance.]

[I was abused and became numb. I was like ‘???’ and later it became ‘hahaha’. It seems that there is something broken.]

Tian Ji gave his fingers a simple hand exercise before starting his keyboard performance. He would use his real name to increase Sherlock’s fame. At first, he wanted to control his tone but somehow, it became a roar when written. [He actually knows Bloody Mary and painted her? A big painter? Still, I can’t understand why he chose to summon her so calmly. He isn’t afraid of this ruthless and unscrupulous evil spirit suddenly turning on him?!]

[Still, he is very powerful, super powerful. The top 10 for the next rankings list must have him. Perhaps he might be able to enter the top five.]

[?? Praise from Tian Ji? Is Sherlock really that 6?]

[I want to be arranged on his team.]

[Upstairs +1.]


Xiao Li didn’t know about the forum matters yet. He had just come back when he received news from the old housekeeper. His hapless father would return the day after tomorrow.

The entire villa had now entered a stage of intense cleaning. Apart from the several Buddha statues in Xu Mei’s room, the rest had been restored to before Xiao Yuzheng left.

Xiao Li sat at the table for a moment to think. Then his WeChat lit up, showing a message from Zheng Yi. [God Xiao, Great God Xiao Li, I saw you on the forum! You came out of the instance? This time you met God Tian Ji? I saw him mention you in the post, hahaha.]

Xiao Li replied to the message. [I just came out. Oh? What did he say about me?]

Zheng Yi didn’t expect that Xiao Li would actually ask this time. He looked at the post written, streamlined it and added exaggeration. [He praised that you are really strong, the best in the world.]

Xiao Li put down the phone after replying to Zheng Yi’s message. He seemed to have made a decision as he wrote a question in the little yellow book. “Is there any rule about the interval between two instances?”

Little yellow book: 【 Random. 】

Xiao Li wrote, “Can I enter again?”

He didn’t want to see Xiao Yuzheng right now and wanted another instance to calm himself down. This time, the little yellow book didn’t reply in seconds. He hesitated before answering: 【 Don’t you want to take a break, find your classmate to play games or something? 】

“No, I don’t want to.” Xiao Li spoke very decisively this time.

The little yellow book didn’t say anything else. Three seconds later, a notice fell from the sky into Xiao Li’s hand.

【 Dear Sir, we are pleased to inform you that you have been hired as the new intern of our company. Please bring this resume to the hospital at 3 p.m. today. 】

It had ‘Fenhua Central Hospital’ on it. Xiao Li gripped the notice and before the transfer, he picked up this phone and simply replied to Zheng Yi: [I’m entering an instance. Talk when I get back.]

Zheng Yi: [……?!]

[Didn’t you just leave an instance??]

Xiao Li: [Reality is annoying so I’m going to relieve boredom.]

Zheng Yi: [……]

Relieve boredom? Go into a ghost instance to relieve boredom? How could he understand this logic? Was this the realm of a big god?

Before receiving Zheng Yi’s reply, Xiao Li had already entered the instance. By the time his vision recovered, his mobile phone had already lost its signal. Xiao Li put his phone back in his pocket, held the little yellow book open to the plot page while looking around.

[Fenhua Central Hospital is the only third-rank hospital in the city. Many foreign guests who live far away have heard the reputation and go into debt to come here and attend the clinic. There was a constant stream of patients every day. Suddenly, one day, some people said there were creatures seen at Fenhua Central Hospital that shouldn’t be found here. The surgical failure rate increased and the hauntings intensified, eventually forcing the dean to close the hospital.]

[Five years later, a businessman from abroad fancied the hospital and was ready to revitalize the Fenhua Central Hospital. Therefore, he recruited a new group of physicians that includes you. I hope you can live to the end. This is my most sincere wish.]

In front of the crowd was the Fenhua Central Hospital.

It was a building complex. There was the ‘inpatient building’, ‘outpatient building’ and ‘emergency building’. There were eye-catching signs and the outpatient building in the centre was the highest. At a rough estimate, there were at least 10 floors

In front of the building stood a team of reincarnators. There were around two dozen people, which wasn’t a small amount. Everyone was holding a hiring notice.

Xiao Li moved his gaze from the rest of the reincarnators to the tasks below the plot introduction.

【 Remaining safety time: 3 minutes. 】

【 Mission:

1. Survival in Fenhua Central Hospital for five days.

2. Crack the truth here.

The above tasks can be optionally completed and after completion, you will be randomly transmitted back to the real world. 】

In addition, there were the usual hidden tasks. To Xiao Li’s surprise, despite the ‘kiss me’ task not being completed, the little yellow book had added two options this time.

【 Hidden Tasks:

1. Kiss me.

2. Try to love me.

3. Try to respond to me.

The above tasks are optional to complete. 】

Xiao Li instinctively focused on the vaguest task three. “What does respond to you mean?”

Perhaps it was due to his relationship with his father in reality but Xiao Li now felt he could be really relaxed in this instance. Even the little yellow book had become clear-looking.

The little yellow book gave an example. 【 For example, when I say that I like you, you can respond to me by saying you like me. 】

Xiao Li cited a counterexample. “What if I say that I don’t like you? Is that a response?”

Little yellow book: 【 …Not really. 】

Xiao Li pointed out coldly. “Then you should change the task to ‘try to promise me.’”

Little yellow book: 【 …Unhappy. 】


Xiao Li once again entered the instance world but in reality, he didn’t know that someone was eying him.

In a quiet room somewhere, a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged to heal. He was pale and his hands covered his chest. His lips were covered with faint blood and he was clearly wounded.

If Tan Li and the little black cat were here then they would recognize him with one glance. This was the middle-aged man who was at the Xiao home, who contributed his ghost and vitality to feed them.

He was clearly healing and there were bottles placed next to him. He picked up a bottle of bright red liquid and poured it into his mouth. The potion was pungent and his face was in pain.

There was a young man around him who clicked his tongue. “ I never expected you to suddenly fail due to miscalculation or inattentiveness, even having your ghost eaten. This city still has such a powerful presence?”

“It is unfathomable.” The middle-aged man opened his eyes slowly, enduring the bitter taste in his mouth. “The female ghost is very intelligent and her sanity doesn’t seem like it has been obliterated. She is very evolutionary. I don’t know what type of senior expert refined her.”

“Senior expert?” The young man showed a strange expression. “According to what I found out, that is the Xiao house and belongs to a businessman called Xiao. He lives there with his wife and children.”

He threw out a stack of photos at the feet of the middle-aged man. “The window you described belongs to his second son, Xiao Li. You are old enough to be his father!”

The middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and picked up the photos on the ground. “Impossible!”

“How is it impossible? It is the truth.” The young man squinted and slowly threatened, “Recently, there have been no experts coming and going from their house. Then Guard Xie, was your assigned ghost really swallowed? Or did you put it somewhere else?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can go over there and give it a try.” The middle-aged man’s face was dark as he put the photos back. “Then you  will know if I’m telling the truth or a lie.”

The young man snorted coldly. “I will naturally go there, Guard Xie. You failed your task so go and get the penalty.”

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Not giving me the opportunity to dream, I’m not happy.

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