IWBL: Chapter 50

The little yellow book might’ve fantasized many times and secretly practiced it in his dreams, but this was the first time he revealed this idea in front of Xiao Li. He was excited and fearful, afraid that the other party would hate him.

He didn’t dare to be fierce and just showed some longing. 【 That way, you can only look at me. 】

【 I can only look at you. This is fair, isn’t it? 】

【 If you don’t want to touch me, I can touch you. I can accept this. 】

Xiao Li wrote, “…I don’t want it either way.”

The little yellow book wasn’t furry and didn’t feel soft like the little black cat. No matter who was touched, Xiao Li just felt like he lost. Xiao Li added, “I think that recently, your thoughts have gone wrong. You should go to a professional institution to correct it.”

【 If you come to correct me and kiss me then I will be well corrected. 】The little yellow book acted like a spoiled child.

Xiao Li originally wanted to scold this person but he hadn’t written it when he suddenly thought of one thing. At the orphanage and Tartarus Manor, the little yellow book’s body had appeared quite diligently. Yet recently, it had only been talkative and the contents of the words were getting more and more worse. It was like he had nothing to do every day and could only fantasize. The little yellow book was unemployed during the day then he could go to write online texts. The little yellow book’s brain hole meant he would never be unemployed if he was a writer.

Xiao Li thought up to here and tentatively asked, “Why haven’t you appeared lately?”

The little yellow book showed joy. 【 Are you caring about me? 】

【 I can show up right away if you want. 】

—Although, there would be a price to pay.

Xiao Li saw these words and felt he had guessed wrongly Perhaps the little yellow book was just shy, which was why he didn’t appear. He immediately refused. “No, forget it.”

The little yellow book sold meng. 【Disappointed QAQ】.

This time, there was even a face symbol!

As the two of them ‘exchanged feelings’, Tian Ji had finished cooking. Together with Wu Tianyi, he brought out four pots of vegetables and sent them to the five university students’ carriage.

The new passengers ate while Tian Ji tried to get some information from their mouths. However, they seemed to have never encountered ghosts in Double-sided Town. Every time Tian Ji mentioned ‘ghosts’, they laughed at him. “Uncle, you wear glasses and look very knowledgeable. How can you still be superstitious? Ghosts, do you think we’re in a horror movie? We aren’t scared.”

Tian Ji was in a trance. “Uncle?!”

‘Don’t say that, it is too impolite.” Liu Sinian saw Tian Ji’s displeasure and immediately came to smooth things over. “Big Brother, I’m sorry, they like to blab. However, if you really believe in ghosts then I suggest that you should read a few more of the core values. Then you attend the class Introduction to Maoism?”

Tian Ji, “…”

He didn’t want to see these rude new passengers anymore! The young man left angrily.

The group of five university students finished their meal and one of the girls—her friend called her ‘Qian Yerong’ had delicate makeup on. She had long black hair and red lips. She took a small mirror out of her bag and looked at the left and right side of her face. She felt that some makeup was removed and told her friends, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Qian Yerong pushed open the door to go to the toilet. Wu Tianyi was guarding their carriage door because she wanted to obtain clues about the ghost and save these people if possible.

She saw Qian Yerong coming out and Wu Tianyi hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?”

Qian Yerong was somewhat wary of her inexplicable hospitality. “Why are you asking?”

Wu Tianyi found an excuse. “The attendant isn’t here and I am patrolling instead of him because I’m afraid a girl will get in an accident. That’s why I’m asking.”

Qian Yerong answered, “The toilet.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, I’m used to being alone. Please stay away from me.” Qian Yerong decisively refused. She had always been courageous and in fact, she was the one to suggest going to Double-sided Town for their graduation trip. She was also responsible for the photos. She looked good and dressed up, meaning she was generally the focus of the group. There were no objections to her decisions and this made her develop a unique temperament.

Wu Tianyi wanted to persuade her but Qian Yerong sped up, her 10cm high heels making a clacking sound on the ground.

The toilet.

Before becoming the ghost train, this Dream Train was a very luxurious train. Therefore, the toilet was well-decorated and had a large, full-length mirror. The warm yellow light illuminated the floor tiles and the toilet cubicles were very spacious. There were special packages for females and the design was quite intimate.

Qian Yerong didn’t come here to go to the toilet. She directly put a small bag on the table, took out her makeup powder and started to reapply makeup on her face.

Once she finished the powder, Qian Yerong took out a new lipstick, leaned forward and added colour to her lips. Then she held a mascara brush. Once the entire process was finished, she put everything back in the bag in a satisfied manner. She turned to face the full-length mirror, looking at herself up and down.

The beauty in the mirror was curvy and her black hair fell to her cheeks. Her appearance would cause passersby on the road to look back.

Qian Yerong was narcissistic and struck a few poses. The girl in the mirror made the same actions and finally, she brushed down her skirt hem, ready to walk out the door. Then her eyes inadvertently skimmed over the mirror and her entire body suddenly stopped.

Just now… the person in the mirror seemed to be… moving in the opposite direction?

Qian Yerong thought she was seeing things and approached the mirror. Her finger touched the mirror and the reflection in the mirror made the same action. Two fingers touched each other through the mirror.

The mirror copy had no problems.

She sighed with relief and tried to move her gaze away. Then in an instant, the beauty changed her thoughts. Qian Yerong clearly hadn’t moved but in the mirror, she smiled and made a gesture to play rock-paper-scissors. Her right fist was high above her head as she made the momentum to show ‘rock.’

Qian Yerong couldn’t believe her eyes and hit the mirror with her fist. “I… don’t believe it! This is a two-way mirror, right? Someone must be f*king with me!”

She was in pain from hitting the mirror and Qian Yerong took a few steps back, her back hitting the sink. This told her that it wasn’t an illusion. It was reality. In the mirror, her raised fist fell and in front of her, it turned into a pair of scissors.

Qian Yerong didn’t respond and stayed in place. In the mirror, Qian Yerong stared at the real one’s right hand. In reality, her palm was on the group and turned over. It was the gesture of paper. Scissors cut paper.

Therefore, the beauty in the mirror changed her expression. She smiled widely and changed from Qian Yerong to a strange ghost.

The ghost stretched out an arm from the mirror towards the frozen Qian Yerong. The moment the ghost emerged from the mirror, it transformed and turned into Qian Yerong. The real Qian Yerong was trapped in the mirror. She struck the mirror vigorously and opened her mouth to say something, but no sound emerged.

The ghost gracefully swept back her long hair and smiled sarcastically at the mirror. She walked out of the toilet, leaving behind the woman’s bag that had fallen to the ground. Halfway back, she happened to meet Wu Tianyi and another female student, Yap Yan, who were walking to the toilet together.

“Qian Yerong, you were gone for so long that I thought your urinary urgency was endless and your legs numb from squatting. I wanted to go and fish you out.” Yao Yan saw Qian Yerong was okay and formed a small fist to hit her.

Wu Tianyi also smiled. “It is good that nothing happened. Be careful in the evening.”

Qian Yerong bowed her head, long hair covering her face. She patted the place that Yao Yan had hit with no expression. “I’m fine, thank you for your concern. My make-up just took some time.”

“Thank you, how can you say thank you to us? In addition, what makeup? You are so beautiful!” Yao Yan went behind her and pushed her towards the carriage. “Quickly, everyone is waiting for you to play Fight the Landlord. If you’re not there then those men will be absent-minded.”

“It is just in time. I’m looking forward to it.” Qian Yerong changed her expression the moment she looked up, a smile appearing on her face.

Wu Tianyi stared at their backs and watched them leave. She scratched her cheek because she always felt something wasn’t right with Qian Yerong. It was a subtle feeling but she couldn’t determine where it was wrong.

She carefully checked the details of Qian Yerong and turned, ready to find the group of big men to ask for their help.


Just as Wu Tianyi and Yao Yan bumping into Qian Yerong, Xiao Li was standing in the carriage where Wu Tianyi and Yu Chao had been. As Wu Tianyi mentioned, there was the sentence that the pen fairy had written:

[You will all die here.]

It was a threat and the pen that wrote it was gone.

Xiao Li checked, didn’t find any traces of the pen fairy and finally crouched down beside this sentence.

“These ghosts know how to be scary.” Tian Ji had been following and thought that Sherlock had found a clue. He saw that Xiao Li was looking at the line and asked him, “Sherlock, why are you looking at this? Is there a secret?”

He might fear Sherlock’s personality but there was no doubt about his ability.

Tian Ji was thinking as he spoke, ‘Is there a problem with the handwriting or position? Is there invisible ink? What secrets can there be? This sentence is so short.’

In front of his expectant gaze, Xiao Li replied, “No, it just doesn’t feel good.”

Xiao Li crossed out the sentence with his hand, thought about it and took out his pen to write a line below.

【 Not necessarily. 】

Tian Ji, “……”

The pen fairy, “???”

He ran so far just to cross out the sentence?

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